McDonald's in Detroit

McDonald's - McNamara Terminal A

Rating: 5

McNamara Terminal A, 1 Detroit Metro Airport, Detroit MI 48242
(734) 247-4366

What can I say. Comfort food

McDonald's - 14271 Gratiot Ave

Rating: 4

14271 Gratiot Ave, Detroit MI 48205
(313) 521-4212

Not bad. Same food as every Mickey D's, just not enough staff. I went a couple months ago n they weren't serving anyone around 7 am cause they had no workers!!! Guess noone showed up!

McDonald's - 20405 Conant St

Rating: 4

20405 Conant St, Detroit MI 48234
(313) 368-2660

They let me side with 14 cent man a friend tells me his mother told his sister to pay the utility bill cuz she want heat and she became ignorant and he pay that bill for year and nothing said. That great to get blessing

McDonald's - 1000 Mack Ave

Rating: 3.8

1000 Mack Ave, Detroit MI 48207
(313) 832-4100

The service here is always organized and speedy. They always prepare your order as you request. Great McDonald's here

McDonald's - 13500 Linwood St

Rating: 3.7

13500 Linwood St, Detroit MI 48221
(313) 865-1272

The staff was very helpful and friendly. Would of give 5 stars if they would do the chicken mcgriddles for breakfast love them! Hate that they didn't have them. The boy that took our order said "that they sounded really good". He probably made himself one that day!

McDonald's - 15321 Wyoming Rd

Rating: 3.7

15321 Wyoming Rd, Detroit MI 48221
(313) 342-1274

Clean facility and fast service only down side is that its located in the fenkell and wyoming area can be a little shetchy depending on the time of day and its a little slow . This Mcdonalds has an indoor play ground for children . very good service

McDonald's - 19840 Van Dyke Ave

Rating: 3.7

19840 Van Dyke Ave, Detroit MI 48234
(313) 891-8707

Speed of service was great. The food was hot and fresh. Cashier was very friendly.

McDonald's - 8825 E Jefferson Ave

Rating: 3.7

8825 E Jefferson Ave, Detroit MI 48214
(313) 822-6607

This location served good food, and treated me well. Dining in was fast and proper.

McDonald's - 14204 W 7 Mile

Rating: 3.6

14204 W 7 Mile, Detroit MI 48235
(313) 341-0230

This place is always busy. But they are very fast. My food is always fresh. Hot fries!! And my burgers are always made the way I order it. I've never had a bad experience here.

McDonald's - 4235 Woodward Ave

Rating: 3.6

4235 Woodward Ave, Detroit MI 48201
(313) 832-2449

Fast service. Great staff. The dining room was very full, bit I guess that's because the crew works hard and the food is nice and fresh. Had a good experience over all and would be glad to come back.

McDonald's - 2889 W Grand Blvd

Rating: 3.5

2889 W Grand Blvd, Detroit MI 48202
(313) 871-5821

Fresh food but not fast service too many young adults working.

McDonald's - 18403 Grand River Ave

Rating: 3.5

18403 Grand River Ave, Detroit MI 48223
(313) 837-9040

So to start yes the wait was long but friday morning so no surprise. Good news is the food was fresh. Apple cinnamon donuts were amazing. Very satisfied overall.

McDonald's - 17121 Livernois Ave

Rating: 3.5

17121 Livernois Ave, Detroit MI 48221
(313) 861-5200

Love this McDonald's. Clean dining room, and restrooms. The staff was exceedingly helpful and there was zero attitude, which is kind of rare in a fast food establishment so close to 8 mile. Please, this is not racism. I'm only comparing this McDonald's with the other places I've been to near here, where I was meet more

McDonald's - 13676 Grand River Ave

Rating: 3.5

13676 Grand River Ave, Detroit MI 48227
(313) 739-6784

It's a nice earth greenhouses effect so lovely ladies until tomorrow good day.

McDonald's - 21640 Grand River Ave

Rating: 3.3

21640 Grand River Ave, Detroit MI 48219
(313) 532-3780

Allowed me to use the bathroom and good service. I recommend this McDonald's

McDonald's - 15550 W McNichols Rd

Rating: 3.3

15550 W McNichols Rd, Detroit MI 48235
(313) 836-1424

When i say my food is hot and good thank you for the good service the drive thru cashier who working. 11am she bomb very nice

McDonald's - 4200 Conner St

Rating: 3.3

4200 Conner St, Detroit MI 48215
(313) 499-2289

Fresh,hot food fast service no lines, polite customers service.

McDonald's - 10400 Gratiot Ave

Rating: 3.3

10400 Gratiot Ave, Detroit MI 48213
(313) 571-4141

This place sells burgers and fries and salads and wraps and all manner of rapidly prepared foods that tend to give me a terrible stomach ache (maybe from eating too fast). Their fries have a distinct yellow colour (likely from something being added). The interior of this and all MacDonald tends to be quite nice, well more

McDonald's - 6003 West Vernor Hwy

Rating: 3.3

6003 West Vernor Hwy, Detroit MI 48209
(313) 849-3070


McDonald's - 6876 Michigan Ave

Rating: 3.3

6876 Michigan Ave, Detroit MI 48210
(313) 842-2694

I come here all the time, really quick service!


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