41 Best Cocktail Bars in Montreal

“No menu, the bartender asks what flavours you like and will tailor a drink to you. They do work with a shadow menu and hidden guidelines on how to do this, so there's always some consistency. The drinks and spirits were high quality and had some nice twists. Used quite a few bitters to get the interesting flavours.The space is well designed. Small and intimate, but mirrors make it seem much larger.Our bartender on the night was very young, but talented, having worked also in Hong Kong and Singapore already.”

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“I didn't go to this bar a long time ago. And I recently did. And there cocktails were still very amazing. Service was too notch. Everyone at the service was very friendly and professional. There cocktails were very delicious ?. I would definitely go back. This is a very casual bar with simple cocktails. So it's perfect for dates, hang out with friends or family. I highly recommended.”

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“If you find the exit near El Pequeño, you'll see the duck.It's an underground bar, literally. A small menu, but some interesting options. They warned us that one we ordered was spicy, and they were not wrong. It was also punchy with flavours and a fun drink. As it diluted, the flavours changed and the spice took longer to hit the tongue. We also had a creamy cocktail to sooth the palette, which was tasty and flavorful.”

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“Beautiful restaurant, amazing and knowledgeable staff. the restaurant is really beautiful. they all have high chairs around the bar, so I recommend to definitely book in advance. no kids which is amazing for people who has no kids and wants to enjoy their drink. amazing food. everything we ordered came out great. did I say the interior was beautiful?”

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“Tony, the bouncer, made our experience 10/10. The vibes were incredible, the drinks were alright but Tony made the experience 5 stars. From the minute we got to the front of the line up until we were seated at the bar he insured that we had the best experience possible. I hope this man gets a raise.”

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“Great small rum bar, somewhat connected to the Cold Room. Cozy, intimate atmosphere. Best rum selection we've seen in Montreal. Great rum cocktails, and the bartender can also improvise off-menu. We had amazing chats with him about different rums and he's super knowledgeable.”

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“Wonderful place for a romantic drink on the water. Cozy inside or two lovely sitting areas on the bow or the stern. Great selection of drinks and cocktails. ??Will definitely be going back before they close for the winter!Parking: There are ample paid parking spaces around the Atwater market.”

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“What really takes a restaurant from good to great is the service. Everyone here was super lovely and it goes without saying that the arepas was delicious. It’s my new favourite restaurant in the neighbourhood!Will definitely be coming back and bringing more friends.”

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“We fell upon this gem while waiting to go see a comedy show nearby. The service was super friendly, the atmosphere was upbeat and fun (with a live singer/guitarist playing in the background), and the food was exceptional and not over-priced for the quality we got. I highly recommend their home-made pizzas baked in a wood-burning oven, the grilled octopus appetizer, and the chateaubriand with wild mushrooms for two was perfectly cooked and tender. They also make a kick-a$$ cocktail with vodka, chartreuse and basil. Will definitely be coming back!”

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“Food was amazing. The barranco ceviche was so good and savoury, the fish was so fresh it almost melts in your mouth. The cocktails were also very good. I chose La Nusta and it was served in a cute tiki glass; its was sweet and super tasty. Everything is very reasonably priced. The music was mostly latin/reggeaton wich is so fun and the restaurant was well decorated and very colorful and cute.”

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“Their drinks are excellent. Getting the larger glass is worth the money and does make you feel a little buzzed at the end. Nice patio seating, excellent service, and drinks were served fast. Very highly recommended for tourists looking for great drinks, a nice atmosphere, and overall excellent, friendly service - a good quantity for the price.”

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“Friendly staff. The drinks had a great balance of flavors. I had a taste of the Rosa, Justine and Sylvia, all very different and also very good. My favorite out of them was the Justine that an evolutive flavor to it starting sweet, followed by the chartreuse and with an end slightly amer.The olives were surprisingly so good with its paste-like coating.”

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“One of the best speakeasy bars I have been to in Montreal. The drinks tasted distinct from any other bar, in the sense that they made good use of Japanese ingredients to follow the theme. The snacks were perfectly seasoned and went perfectly with the drinks. I will definitely come back for more!”

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“Ive had the Mamao and the Aloa cocktails, they were both flavorful and well mixed. The combination of flavor stands well together. The ambiance of the place is warm, cozy and decotracted. The staff is beyond friendly, they welcomed you at entranced and goodbye at exit. Also received water without asking. Great place, I strongly recommend it to anyone.”

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“What a reliable, always pleasant, always tasty addition to Monkland! Like a slightly better version of home cooking that you spent a lot of time on but don’t prepare or have to do the dishes! The young waitstaff are always nice, have only eaten on the terrasse, the pasta with truffle oil is yummy and the huge salad to share after is full of delicious things. Glass of Sauvignon Blanc and it’s a perfect summer evening.”

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“Love love love this spot! Went once with a couple friends and kept coming back!I love bringing new people here to gossip over incredible wine and pizza! The interior is cozy and ambient but if you can get to the patio for sunset or when the moon rises, it’s spectacular!”

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“We had an absolutely fabulous time here with our friends. The atmosphere was stunning, but what made it really special was our fantastic and wonderful bartender Shannon, who totally made our evening! She is an absolute love, she was extremely helpful, she made several out-of-menu drinks for us, did her above and beyond for us and made it totally memorable! She works Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays, so please make sure to come see her, you won’t regret it! 10 out of 5, best of the best!!!!!”

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“Excellent food! Get the Thai green curry for sure. Great atmosphere. Staff was super friendly and attentive as soon we walked in. Excellent flavours. (Did not order any fancy cocktails but our seating at the bar allowed us to see the care and attention to detail the bartender put into his creations. )Would definitely return here next trip to Montreal”

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“This place lives up to the hype. Just the naan alone is state of the art stuff - do try the cheese naan, it is not simple nan with melted cheese on top - it is stuffed and it is maddeningly delicious. For a healthy brunch, try the dish with root vegetables - both exotic and healthy!”

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“Overall it was very good. Nice, intimate setting on the quieter end of St Paul. The balsamic alongside shortrib was a bit much IMO, I had to take care to avoid drowning the tender, flavorful meat in such a strong (and generously-served) sauce.Absolutely loved the steak tartare, probably the best I've ever had and every restaurant we ordered the dish in the following week paled in comparison to Barroco. Served with sobrasada, I think almonds?, machego & sherry with pickled mustard seeds...it was perfectly executed IMO. I was afraid it'd be overpowering but not at all. A highlight of the trip for sure.”

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“This bar is sooo cute. I love the ambience. the servers are really nice. Service is quick and for the times I’ve went, the drinks came at the same time as my food. The only thing is, I wish they had more finger food options.. but what they do have I enjoy and what’s perfect is they only stop serving food at 2:30AM. Drinks are good as well, they don’t go short on the alcohol which is great because that’s the whole point :D”

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“What a great bar!! Ambience, music, drinks, service, everything is 10/10. I had ‘a tale of two chilies’ and ‘Santiago sling’ which my bartender Simon suggested. Both drinks were fantastic. Simon was very friendly and the service was top notch. He even gave me a complimentary shot which was so nice of him to do. Can’t wait to visit again. Please don’t miss this gem!”

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“The door is next to the pizzeria Fugazzi. You'll know you're in the right place when you see the fluorescent stripes.Interesting vibe and atmosphere. Fun play on tiki drinks. Of the cocktails we tried, both seemed to go on a flavour journey, developing and changing in your mouth. Tasty and well balanced.Could definitely come again and spend more time here.”

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“The burger & steak was so delicous . Me & my friends were there . We loved the environment . Quiet & lovely . I recommand this place 5/5 . Thanks to the Server who took care of us & to the Chef also who made the awesome & delicous food for the client . ??”

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“Bar Sparrow is a true culinary haven, where food and cocktails seamlessly blend to create a remarkable dining experience. The moment you enter, you're greeted by a warm and inviting atmosphere, setting the stage for a memorable evening.Their cocktail menu is a testament to mixology expertise, boasting a wide array of inventive and delicious concoctions that cater to all tastes. Each sip is a delightful journey of flavors, leaving you craving for more.But it doesn't stop there! The diverse food menu at Bar Sparrow is equally impressive, offering a delightful range of dishes from comforting classics like fried eggs with sausage to the exquisite pleasure of huîtres (oysters). The chefs excel in their culinary skills, ensuring that every dish is a gastronomic delight.What truly sets Bar Sparrow apart is the commitment to quality and attention to detail. Every ingredient is carefully selected, and the combination of flavors is thoughtfully curated, resulting in dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious.The friendly and attentive staff add to the overall experience, making you feel right at home and ensuring that every aspect of your visit is flawless.Whether you're looking for a spot to enjoy a relaxing evening with friends or seeking a place to impress with exceptional food and drinks, Bar Sparrow is the ultimate destination. I can't recommend it enough for those seeking a culinary adventure that will leave a lasting impression! ?? ?️?”

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“There is no other word to say that this place is SUPER ESPECTACULAR !!!! omg!! You have to try the hamburguers! The taste is so great! Delicious! I had the La Parcera hamburguer. You definitely has to come to this place! Great food, great ambience, superb service! 100% recommended.”

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“C'est la deuxième fois que j'y vais, le service était bon, les serveuses étaient présentes et avaient une belle attitude. Nous avons essayé plusieurs drink/cocktail comme le tornado, berri-nice, daiquiri et ils étaient tous bons. La nourriture est bonne et goûteuse, par contre c'est un peu cher pour la quantité, mais c'est environ le même prix dans tous les resto-bar dans le genre de tout façon. Pour finir l'ambiance est bonne c'est beau et la musique sonne bien. En bref, c'est un bon endroit qui mérite au moins que vous y alliez une fois.”

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“Le Boulevardier Restaurant exceeded all our expectations, providing a fantastic evening. We had the tasting menu, and everything was delicious.One standout dish that still lingers in my memory is their rabbit pie – a true masterpiece of flavour and execution. And as if that wasn't enough, the Tiramisu that concluded our meal was unparalleled, setting a new standard for this classic dessert. The restaurant was cozy and elegant; the service was excellent. Emily was attentive, explained each dish upon serving, and gave us some wonderful ideas to shop in Montreal. Thanks to Nicholas and Emily for their outstanding service that added a personal touch to the evening. It seems their tasting menu changes often for the best seasonal items. Le Boulevardier is a gem that promises an extraordinary dining experience. We will definitely come back again.”

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“amazing vibes! my friends and i got there around 8 on a thursday and they were very accommodating (we were 6). the jazz music was so soothing and the drinks were delicious! i had the white russian and my friends had the espresso martini and the the la plumme. the waitresses were the sweetest and we had the best time! the bathrooms were also great for pictures and just for hanging out”

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“This restaurant if I could I would score 12 out of 10!The food is complex in flavours, fresh, well made, fair price, they change their menu often, amazing service… this place is a hidden gem!I cannot give complements enough to talk about this restaurant! Is definitely one of my top 5 in Montreal!Congrats to the chef, you go above and beyond in the experience of eating and exploring flavours!Thank you for giving me this lifetime experience!”

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“An all-around excellent bar to visit when you're in the area. The atmosphere is so soothing and calming, the drinks are on another level, and the staff is very friendly. The bartenders are world-class professionals and you can tell they have a passion for this. If you can't find street parking, there's a $12 parking garage just around the block on Milton with the on-foot exit/entrance just about facing Bootlegger.”

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“Love the ambiance, there is art everywhere so it's a fun dining experience, and you can actually have a conversation with your friends, I appreciate that the music is not loud. Food is super good, some plates better than others, and some a bit overpriced for the portion (like the fried eggplant for instance or the oysters). You've got to try their tartaki it's delicious! If you're looking for a fun artsy dining experience, this is your spot! (if you're vegan this isn't the place for you. It's vegetarian friendly)”

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“This was our very 1st visit, so as we only stopped by for drinks after dinner elsewhere, we haven't yet tried the menu... My mango cider was refreshing, as was my spouse's mojito, though. & we'll definitely return, as every staffer we interacted with was welcoming, enthusiastic, entertaining & sincerely friendly, yet professional. It's a great indoor space with terrific ambience and a terrassse too.”

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“I often vaca in MTL and I found this place in 2016. I was drawn in by the floor-to-ceiling front windows that open entirely in good weather. I had a couple of pints of Coup de Grisou and fell in love with the beer and the bar. I sat by the window with a book, stayed for 90ish min and no one harassed me to hurry up and leave like happens in some places. Now I return a few times every year and I've never had bad service or an unfriendly server. Their terrace is superb and it's the best location to people-watch.”

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“Quaint club in the heart of the city with a dining room up top, the club is apparently a renovated basement pool and the atmosphere is quite unique, great music, good lighting and the smaller sized space allows for a more intimate kind of vibe.”

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“Very unique vibe of this small jointGood coffeeCompetitive pricingI spent one hour reading a book and cup of coffee- there is a very special vibe of this placeThe service was friendly and ambience was welcoming.lot of locals got to this placeLocal Favourite spot for casual coffee and more.10/10 - Highly recommended”

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“I recommend this bar if you want an intimate meeting, causal, fun and trendy place to take a drink.Also they have improved their service tremendously since last time I went 4 years ago. Me returning was about the ambiance. Now I want to go back if I can whenever I can. Price were fair and food is good.”

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“Very nice place, great armosphere great DJ, amazing choice of songs, food was great. The sound during the performances could be improved, there is too much bass and not enough mid range so it's hard to hear the voice of the singers even for people who sing with a powerful voice.Place was packed, so typically you will be able to sing only 2 songs max if you're there from the beginning to midnight.We had a fantastic time at this place and we will go back.”

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“I just had brunch in this cute place. The food was excellent. But what I really liked was the people. They were incredibly kind and happy to answer all my questions. If your order is taking a bit longer than expected it’s probably because they are busy preparing the order of a big group. They do not do reservations but If you plan to visit the place in a big group call a little in advance to ask how things are looking.”

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“Been walking by this place for a few months and have been dying to check it out. Popped in for a quick drink on a Thursday before another engagement and so glad I did! The ambiance is fantastic, the staff is really friendly and unpretentious and the selection is wonderful! I grabbed a glass of Prosecco and it was some of the best I’ve had! The music was phenomenal (and this was before the DJ showed up!). Would really recommend for a drink and would definitely go back to try the food.”

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“Massive selection of beers for decent prices!On a Saturday, expect it to be busy the entire evening, but it isn't too overcrowded all the same. Seating by the door in winter also isn't too cold.If you stay late enough, you might be lucky to see the disco ball turn on ✨️”

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