McDonald's in Mesa

McDonald's - 1460 W Southern Ave

Rating: 4.2

1460 W Southern Ave, Mesa AZ 85202
(480) 464-7647

Very nice & clean place. They have kiosks to order food from. They have a play area for the kids. The have two lanes to order from in the drive thru. The staff was nice. You need to ask to go to the restroom so they can open the door.

McDonald's - 1955 South Stapley Drive

Rating: 4

1955 South Stapley Drive, Mesa AZ 85204
(480) 633-2606

faster than the regular McDonalds I have been too . Great service and awesome teamwork.

McDonald's - 4505 East McKellips Road

Rating: 3.7

4505 East McKellips Road, Mesa AZ 85215
(480) 641-9032

Unusually hard working guy behind the counter gets work done. Also every time I'm there the food is fresh.

McDonald's - 146 W Baseline Rd

Rating: 3.7

146 W Baseline Rd, Mesa AZ 85210
(480) 461-4221

I really love the Filet-O-Fish at McDonald's. I like the burgers also. The only thing that bothers me about most of the McDonald's I visited is that they just throw the sandwiches together like they don't care. They don't take time to put it the stuff on it right. If the piece of cheese is hanging off the side and more

McDonald's - 2001 North Country Club Drive

Rating: 3.6

2001 North Country Club Drive, Mesa AZ 85201
(480) 835-7054

The food is so amazing omg the fries and and Oreo McFlurry heck to the yas. I'm trying to get enough words to meet the word count. Have a nice fay

McDonald's - 411 N Val Vista Dr

Rating: 3.6

411 N Val Vista Dr, Mesa AZ 85205
(480) 641-6044

They Never Screw up. Great Managers. Place really handles a Lunch rush with no problems.

McDonald's - 1213 S Greenfield Rd

Rating: 3.5

1213 S Greenfield Rd, Mesa AZ 85206
(480) 218-6267

I always get espresso drinks at McDonald's...they're pretty good and the service is always great. My only complaint is the wait time. It almost always takes so long I have to park and wait. Wish they could figure out more efficient way to make them.

McDonald's - 9145 E Apache Trail

Rating: 3.5

9145 E Apache Trail, Mesa AZ 85207
(480) 984-8064

Wait was worth my fresh nuggets and fries!

McDonald's - 2665 S Alma School Rd

Rating: 3.5

2665 S Alma School Rd, Mesa AZ 85210
(480) 897-0394

Newly renovated and it was definitely worth the long wait. Now there is an open layout and seems to be more spacious. The playroom is way cooler than the old structure. There are also touch screen kiosks to order and pay for your food yourself. Employees are great and one of the managers( Eduardo ) has been especially more

McDonald's - 6131 E Southern Ave

Rating: 3.5

6131 E Southern Ave, Mesa AZ 85206
(480) 854-1136

A great little McDonalds for a quick bite to eat before or after your Wal-Mart shopping. Never had any major issues here. Sometimes it can be a little slow, but it's a very small McDonalds so I'm understanding of that.

McDonald's - 2130 W Southern Ave

Rating: 3.5

2130 W Southern Ave, Mesa AZ 85202
(480) 833-5761

While this McDonald's is usually very busy and frantic the service is almost always provided with a smile. I have always been treated well and professionally . The employees are all young but very nice. I wouldn't say they are the best McDonald's but they do try. I usually get the same thing and it's more

McDonald's - 909 N Dobson Rd

Rating: 3.3

909 N Dobson Rd, Mesa AZ 85201
(480) 668-5747

McDonald's are pretty much even keel across-the-board except when it comes to service. This particular McDonald's towards its customers excellent, Superior Service and the food is always piping hot. Also, one of the very few that bring the food to your table for you.

McDonald's - 857 N Dobson Rd

Rating: 3.3

857 N Dobson Rd, Mesa AZ 85201
(480) 733-4010

Great fast food place. You can know place your order in a extra cashier kinda thing if you have a credit or debit card without having to wait in the cashier lines.

McDonald's - 1350 S Power Rd

Rating: 3.3

1350 S Power Rd, Mesa AZ 85206
(480) 807-2595

The cheeseburger was nice and hot. The fries were seasoned perfect

McDonald's - 1250 S Country Club Dr

Rating: 3.2

1250 S Country Club Dr, Mesa AZ 85210
(480) 835-6054

Stopped in there the other day and really enjoyed my lunch. I really like how McDonald's puts the calories for the individual meals on their menu. a lot of companies are starting to do that and I really like it.

McDonald's - 358 E University Dr

Rating: 3

358 E University Dr, Mesa AZ 85201
(480) 835-9012

Play center is very updated. They also have screens where you place your order instead of having to stand in line. You can still place your order with a human if you'd like. Food was the same as every McDonald. Good things that stood out: updated and clean, play area has many options. Bad: have to ask for ketchup and it' more

McDonald's - 2035 S Ellsworth Rd

Rating: 3

2035 S Ellsworth Rd, Mesa AZ 85212
(480) 357-7685

Every time I stop here I order the $6 King Box with the Whopper with cheese fresh off the broiler. Love BK!

McDonald's - 1606 S Signal Butte Rd

Rating: 3

1606 S Signal Butte Rd, Mesa AZ 85209
(480) 984-4324

This place is great.....I xant believe that people get on here and talk about rude staff and let me guess you bought $1 hamburger and want to be treated like your red lobster....get a life

McDonald's - 6748 E McKellips Rd

Rating: 3

6748 E McKellips Rd, Mesa AZ 85215
(480) 324-1150

Food was good. Got to use one of those terminals. Those terminals are not replacements for humans. They're in addition to. Or at least that's what I think. Food tastes like it always does, which is exactly what you want when you go to McDonald's. Staff was polite. The young lady who handed me my food had a more

McDonald's - 1212 W Main St

Rating: 3

1212 W Main St, Mesa AZ 85201
(480) 834-9585

The place looks great and the staff is very nice. They are helpful and never rude and the order is always correct.


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