McDonald's in Phoenix

McDonald's - 711 W Indian School Rd

Rating: 4.3

711 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85013
(602) 277-5512

McDonald’s is what you expect; however I was on my way to work, made an order though the drive through, then realized I forgot my wallet. They gave me my WHOLE order for free; just asked that I rate them. So that’s awesome! I now go out of my way to go to this McDonalds. Awesome staff!!! I felt so bad, hopefully more

McDonald's - 3501 W Bethany Home Rd

Rating: 4.3

3501 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix AZ 85019
(602) 242-1323

Very nice restaurant. Food is made promptly employees are always very nice. Only issue is there is sometime a few druggies hanging out front but they are harmless.

McDonald's - 750 W Camelback Rd

Rating: 4

750 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix AZ 85013
(602) 265-6722

Clean McDonald's. Nice employees. Mike was a pleasure to take our order. Very nice guy. A little slow to get our little order but best hot fries. And fresh. Thank you for the experience of a better fast food place.

McDonald's - 3721 E Thomas Rd

Rating: 4

3721 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix AZ 85018
(602) 225-9009

The only McDonald's that doesn't screw up my order. Everyone there is always very friendly.

McDonald's - 4505 E Cactus Rd

Rating: 4

4505 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix AZ 85032
(602) 996-1140

Clean and fast. Took my niece and nephew there for a special treat, I haven't been here for over a year. They have updated it very nice, table top game, comfortable chairs. It's a nice upgrade from what it used to look like. Servers bring your order to the table for you which is very nice especially when you have kids.

McDonald's - 6005 S Central Ave

Rating: 4

6005 S Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85040
(602) 276-6518

I enjoy how much this McDonald's has improved. The play place area is my favorite, since I have kiddos. I love the tables for the little one to eat, so cute. The jungle gym is truly made with every kid in mind. From the tiny tots to the large fries. Even I can fit in there which is fun for them but embarrassing for more

McDonald's - 5050 W Indian School Rd

Rating: 4

5050 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85031
(623) 247-6271

This McDonald's was put up not to long ago. This was my first time here, and it was enjoyable. Last time I was in the area, this was all parking lot. A great addition to this corner.

McDonald's - 545 E McDowell Rd

Rating: 3.9

545 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix AZ 85007
(602) 262-2388

I been to many McDonald's and I took my little nephew here, everything was good to burgers and ice cream, customers service was excellent and every employee I came across with was respectful. I know everyone has there negatives and positives on this location but for me it was ok. I would 5 star but it needs to be more

McDonald's - 650 E Bell Rd

Rating: 3.9

650 E Bell Rd, Phoenix AZ 85022
(602) 993-3151

Obviously we all know McDonald's is fast and convenient. I believe the gentleman was the manager. He was kind and sweet, I see why there are so many elderly woman here. He refilled all their coffees table side, which I have never see done in fast food. This man really deserves to be recognized for the pride he more

McDonald's - 1635 E Camelback Rd

Rating: 3.9

1635 E Camelback Rd, Phoenix AZ 85016
(602) 265-2422

its fine I guess. nothing to write about in my diary.thats fo sure guys..... Haha

McDonald's - 1905 W Northern Ave

Rating: 3.8

1905 W Northern Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021
(602) 995-2650

The employee's were great and very helpful they gave me deals for my food when I didnt even ask them if they had deals. There restaurant was clean all through the place even the bathroom. I give this place 5 stars

McDonald's - 2845 W Thunderbird

Rating: 3.8

2845 W Thunderbird, Phoenix AZ 85053
(602) 938-4388

Fantastic customer service. Love their management, Angelina is the best. Kind and compassionate. I'm in at least 4 times a week for lunch. Somedays breakfast. Always A+.

McDonald's - 3323 N 24th St

Rating: 3.8

3323 N 24th St, Phoenix AZ 85016
(602) 956-7710

This is most likely the fastest and best drive thru of ANY fast food restaurant in Arizona, I go there EVERY day for lunch and will drive miles out of my way to go to THIS one! And they are Consistent about it too.

McDonald's - 3130 E Broadway

Rating: 3.8

3130 E Broadway, Phoenix AZ 85040
(602) 232-2828

Honestly I'm not sure why this place gets such bad reviews. There were lots of people in the restaurant when I came in, who almost seemed to be harassing the staff. They were very friendly in asking if I was willing to wait for a pie I had ordered as they were being made fresh. Also, my burger was the best McDonald' more

McDonald's - 1601 E Glendale Ave

Rating: 3.8

1601 E Glendale Ave, Phoenix AZ 85020
(602) 604-8159

Kim is a the nicest and most instinctive employee here! She kindly and socially greets customers as they walk in and helps however she can! She also does the small tedious tasks! True servant leader!! I really do appreciate people who enjoy their job and continue to grow personally and within the establishment! God bless!

McDonald's - 2911 S 99th Ave

Rating: 3.8

2911 S 99th Ave, Tolleson AZ 85353
(623) 907-3022

It's everything you'd expect from a McDonalds. They did however forget my hot mustard for my nuggets, which brings them down a star.

McDonald's - 2305 W Bethany Home Rd

Rating: 3.7

2305 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix AZ 85015
(602) 249-1456

this McDonald's is pretty good quick and always gets the orders correct.. one of the better McDonald's that Phoenix Arizona has

McDonald's - 125 N 24th St

Rating: 3.7

125 N 24th St, Phoenix AZ 85034
(602) 231-0924

Customer service was grest not to mention I went through drive. Thru and was servec in like 30 secs"

McDonald's - 2427 W Thomas Rd

Rating: 3.7

2427 W Thomas Rd, Phoenix AZ 85015
(602) 258-4421

Goood food but i didt get my sauce

McDonald's - 6535 W Happy Valley Rd

Rating: 3.7

6535 W Happy Valley Rd, Glendale AZ 85310
(623) 566-4629

Really great customer service. Young man working the cashier is great. Best service I’ve had at McDonald’s.


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