McDonald's in Phoenix

McDonald's - 3501 W Bethany Home Rd

Rating: 4.5

3501 W Bethany Home Rd, Phoenix AZ 85019
(602) 242-1323

Very nice restaurant. Food is made promptly employees are always very nice. Only issue is there is sometime a few druggies hanging out front but they are harmless.

McDonald's - 711 W Indian School Rd

Rating: 4.3

711 W Indian School Rd, Phoenix AZ 85013
(602) 277-5512

McDonald’s is what you expect; however I was on my way to work, made an order though the drive through, then realized I forgot my wallet. They gave me my WHOLE order for free; just asked that I rate them. So that’s awesome! I now go out of my way to go to this McDonalds. Awesome staff!!! I felt so bad, hopefully more

McDonald's - 4505 E Cactus Rd

Rating: 4

4505 E Cactus Rd, Phoenix AZ 85032
(602) 996-1140

Clean and fast. Took my niece and nephew there for a special treat, I haven't been here for over a year. They have updated it very nice, table top game, comfortable chairs. It's a nice upgrade from what it used to look like. Servers bring your order to the table for you which is very nice especially when you have kids.

McDonald's - 3721 E Thomas Rd

Rating: 4

3721 E Thomas Rd, Phoenix AZ 85018
(602) 225-9009

The only McDonald's that doesn't screw up my order. Everyone there is always very friendly.

McDonald's - 6005 S Central Ave

Rating: 4

6005 S Central Ave, Phoenix AZ 85040
(602) 276-6518

I enjoy how much this McDonald's has improved. The play place area is my favorite, since I have kiddos. I love the tables for the little one to eat, so cute. The jungle gym is truly made with every kid in mind. From the tiny tots to the large fries. Even I can fit in there which is fun for them but embarrassing for more

McDonald's - 1601 East Glendale Avenue

Rating: 4

1601 East Glendale Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85020
(602) 604-8159

As always Mickey-d is good but lots of carbs delious but not nutrishis

McDonald's - 1635 East Camelback Road

Rating: 3.8

1635 East Camelback Road, Phoenix AZ 85016
(602) 265-2422

Very clean inside and utilized available Wi-Fi. The new order board system was easy to use and convenient. Food was prepared to order and timely.

McDonald's - 1905 W Northern Ave

Rating: 3.8

1905 W Northern Ave, Phoenix AZ 85021
(602) 995-2650

The employee's were great and very helpful they gave me deals for my food when I didnt even ask them if they had deals. There restaurant was clean all through the place even the bathroom. I give this place 5 stars

McDonald's - 2911 South 99th Avenue

Rating: 3.8

2911 South 99th Avenue, Phoenix AZ 85353
(623) 907-3022

Great service my breakfast was done in like 5 mins. This one girl up front named patricia took my order and she was so nice and everything came out just like i wanted:)

McDonald's - 6145 N 35th Ave

Rating: 3.7

6145 N 35th Ave, Phoenix AZ 85017
(602) 249-2704

Its McDonalds. Nough said. :-)

McDonald's - 3130 E Broadway

Rating: 3.7

3130 E Broadway, Phoenix AZ 85040
(602) 232-2828

Pretty good McDonald's, almost always fast, the order is made how is ordered 95% of the time, my biggest complaint is the freshness of the food. It's not fresh half the time, if they fixed this and made it fresh all the time, I'll make it 5 stars (if everything else remains as good as it is). The interior is modern, more

McDonald's - 125 North 24th Street

Rating: 3.7

125 North 24th Street, Phoenix AZ 85034
(602) 231-0924

McDonald's - 3323 N 24th St

Rating: 3.7

3323 N 24th St, Phoenix AZ 85016
(602) 956-7710

This is most likely the fastest and best drive thru of ANY fast food restaurant in Arizona, I go there EVERY day for lunch and will drive miles out of my way to go to THIS one! And they are Consistent about it too.

McDonald's - 6535 West Happy Valley Road

Rating: 3.7

6535 West Happy Valley Road, Phoenix AZ 85310
(623) 566-4629

My daughter had a taste for McDonald's fries and a soft-serve ice cream cone, so we went swung by here on our way home from doing some errands.The drive-thru was lightning fast, and we were back on the road in seconds!Sweet!

McDonald's - 750 W Camelback Rd

Rating: 3.7

750 W Camelback Rd, Phoenix AZ 85013
(602) 265-6722

Despite the surrounding area and the homelessness they appreciate everyone that comes in through their door. I went in for my usual cup of coffee and wasn't disappointed. Coffee is great the cashier is friendly and the service was efficient, fast and on spot.

McDonald's - 650 E Bell Rd

Rating: 3.6

650 E Bell Rd, Phoenix AZ 85022
(602) 993-3151

The wait was long, even though we ordered as soon as we entered. This was made up for with hot food and a sincere apology. Somebody in the drive thru ordered a ton and slowed down everything.

McDonald's - 545 East McDowell Road

Rating: 3.6

545 East McDowell Road, Phoenix AZ 85007
(602) 262-2388

Uber eats.. Order food and I bring it fast as possible and just hoping for the big tip just saying you tip pizza guy all the time so what's the difference... Just saying whatever!

McDonald's - 1850 S 7th St

Rating: 3.6

1850 S 7th St, Phoenix AZ 85034
(602) 252-4532

Great place to hang out and grab a quick snack.

McDonald's - 3434 W Union Hills Dr

Rating: 3.5

3434 W Union Hills Dr, Phoenix AZ 85027
(623) 581-9800

Seriously what can be said about McDonald's that hasn't already been said. I love McDonald's I love their cheeseburgers I love the Big Mac I especially love their hotcakes and sausage. I don't know why but I do believe they're the best pancakes on the planet bar none.

McDonald's - McDonald's

Rating: 3.5

McDonald's, 5050 West Indian School Road, Phoenix AZ 85031
(623) 247-6271


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