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Hook & Anchor Seafood
3305 Newport Blvd Ste. A, Newport Beach

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“I had seen a review of the Hook & Anchor a few weeks ago, and since I was on my own this weekend (daughter was at church camp), I thought I'd give it a try.As you enter the restaurant, you realize that you can order at the counter or just take a seat, and a waitress will get to you. There are only half a dozen tables and one super long table for large groups. This is a first come, first served setup. I intended to get my order to go, so I ordered what the location is known for, the lobster roll and fries, but then I added a side of veggies as well.The roll comes in two variations, the 4oz. Or the 6oz. Keep in mind, the pricing is based on daily fish prices, so it's not cheap, $30+ for the 4oz., $58 for the 6oz the day I went. I'd recommend the 4oz. for your first time unless you luv Lobster and don't mind spending that much for a sandwich. Since it was my first time, I went all out with the 6oz.The sandwich itself, I must admit, is pretty damn good. It's served not on a standard roll per se, but on what is more like a King's Hawaiian roll for hotdogs. It's grilled, so they outside is crispy and a little buttery. The inside is so stuffed that it's almost like they use an ice cream scooper to fill it. There is much delicious ? goodness. Now, they also offer a tangy mayonnaise style sauce, but I'm not sure it's needed.I was very impressed with the sandwich, but the veggies left me wanting by comparison. Maybe that side can be rethought so it does not diminish the sandwich. Now that I have experienced the sandwich I can say definitively that the 4oz is the call, unless your really hungry.I sit here stuffed writing this review, and I'm content with the experience and the food ?. If you like Lobster and want to try something new, this should be a bucket list destination.Parking: The restaurant is at the end of block and the last building on the right if your heading west (towards the beach) the parking entrance is just after the building amd it curves around to the left with many spaces.“


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