5 Best American Restaurants in Platte City

“Great local diner style cafe with exceptional food and service. Our server was also very knowledgeable and helpful regarding food sensitivities. Highly recommend!Dietary restrictions: They were happy to accommodate dietary restrictions and very knowledgeable regarding gluten sensitivity.”

4.7Superb433 Reviews

“Excellent food. First time trying it here, and we loved the atmosphere and the pizza. The crunchy-yet-chewy crust is unique, and the overall restaurant style is distinctive and high quality. Would definitely recommend.”

4.2Good207 Reviews

“This is the first time I've ever been to a Culver's. I was pleasantly surprised by the clean environment, great service, a very tasty food. Food. I definitely would recommend this Culver's to anyone.”

4.1Good189 Reviews

“Gillian and Karah were great. They were super busy when I walked in, but I still had my food in front of me before most drive thrus have a bag out the window. As always at this location great service, great food and a clean restaurant.”

4Good201 Reviews

“This photo is *after* I started eating my cranberry salad that I ordered at Tanner's. Hanna was a great waitress. I requested the cranberry salad without the bacon or bleu cheese, just a vegan salad...and check out how fresh these greens look! Thank you Hanna!Vegetarian options: I recommend the cranberry salad and just take out the bacon and bleu cheese”

3.3Good238 Reviews
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