16 Best Burger Restaurants in Richmond Hill

Burger Factory Hamburger •
1480 Major Mackenzie Dr E, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Cheeseburger Mac and Cheese Bites
Grilled Chicken Fillet Regular
Grilled Chicken Fillet Combo
Juicy Lucy on Fire Regular
The Utility Chicken Combo
Double Juicy Lucy Regular
Juicy Lucy on Fire Combo
Ultimate Steak Sandwich
The Utility Steak Combo
Crispy Chicken Regular

“I was upset because I didn't come to this place sooner for the Juicy Lucy. I usually drive by thinking nahh I could go to one of the regular fast food chains, but I thoroughly enjoyed the meal. It wasn't too much to the point where I hate myself or not enough where it felt like this was a donation, this went full out Goldilocks and I would have gladly fought a family of bears to finish the burger.

Parking: I didn't really sit in the parking lot expecting to write a review about it like a psychopath. I arrived, saw there was parking and that was it.“

4.6 Superb185 Reviews
Woody Wood Burger Burgers • $
8950 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

20 Wings with Honey Garlic Sauce
Egg and Bacon Cheeseburger
Woody Wood Burger Combo
Traditional Poutine
Sweet Potato Fries
Portobello Burger
Burger and Fries
Mushroom Burger
Steak Sandwich
Chicken Burger

“Always worth the drive. Friendly staff and fantastic food“

4.5 Superb233 Reviews
Grill Gate Hamburger • $$
10185 Yonge St #3, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Modified Philly Steak Sandwich
Cheeseburger 021 Tehran Burger
Guacamole Cheeseburger
Crispy Coated Fries
Spicy Mushroom
Chef Pizza

“Again, excellent as always, I wish I could give a higher rating, I tried every single one of their dishes and today I came with some foreign guests and it was really wonderful. When I came to leave comment tonight, I read some of the comments. You talk about the food quality, but with the work pressure and busyness of this restaurant, it will be very good if we can understand their employees.“

4.5 Superb100 Reviews
Grillies ( Richmond Hill ) Tex-Mex • $
10626 Bayview Ave, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

3 Tacos with Your Choice of Protein Tortilla and Fillings
Grilled Killer Burrito
Montreal Steak Burrito
Shredded Beef Burger
Double Cheese Burger
Grilled Killer Burger
Veggie Patty Burger
Pulled Pork Burrito
Bacon Cheese Burger
Pulled Pork Burger

“I love the tacos and super friendly people“

4.7 Superb173 Reviews
Joe's Hamburgers Burgers • $
10825 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Greek Salad with Chicken Shawarma
Chicken Shawarma in a Pita
Chicken Shawarma Sandwich
Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Hamburger and Fries
Joe's Big Burger
Shawarma Dinner
Fresh Cut Fries
Shawarma Plate
Garden Salad

“The falafels at this restaurant are incredibly tasty, bursting with flavour. Joe, the owner, sets a welcoming atmosphere with his kindness and friendliness, making customers feel right at home. The staff members are equally helpful and friendly, ensuring a pleasant dining experience from start to finish. Overall, it's a delightful place to enjoy delicious falafels (and more) and excellent service.“

4.4 Superb63 Reviews
Habibz Corner Halal • $
883 16th Ave #8, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Double Cheeseburger with Added Beef Bacon
Chicken Sandwich with Mozzarella Sticks
Double-Double Double Cheeseburger
Sweet Chilli Chicken on Rice
Chicken and Rice with Salad
Gorilla Fries with Cheese
Chopped Cheese Sandwich
Vegan Plate with Fries
Butter Chicken Poutine
BBQ Chicken on Fries

“I tried this place for the first time this week, I got the sweet chilli chicken on rice and a cheese burger. The cheese burger was nothing special and not something I would order again, but it wasn't bad by any means. The chicken on rice though? Jesus Christ that thing slapped. It was soooo good. When they first brought the dish over, it looked exactly like something I had received at Osmow's previously (but smaller), so I instinctively gagged a little, but it ended up being incredible. I would definitely recommend it and order it myself. Their pricing is fantastic too, you'd be looking at the $10-11 range for a single serving of any rice dish.“

4.6 Superb174 Reviews
Fresh Burger Hamburger • $
9206 Leslie St #4, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Double Fresh Burger Combo 2
Cheeseburger Poutine
Caramelized Onions
An Double Burgers
Burger and Poutine
Primeburger Combo
California Fries
Mushroom Melt
Prime Burger
Fresh Fries

“came here with a couple of buddys and got burger combos. got the cali fries which i did not enjoy and asked for them to sub it for something else as i only had a bite and couldnt eat the rest. they provided an awesome poutine to sub it! thank you!“

4.2 Good62 Reviews
Harvey's Burgers • $
13008 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Kids Jr Cheeseburger Combo
Chicken Strips with Fries
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich
Regular Classic Poutine
Poutine Bacon Double
Rotisserie Chicken
Original Burger
Veggie Burger
Angus Burger
Apple Pie

“On the days I go to eat here, I have the most pleasant experience, not just in the delicious burgers and onion rings, but also the fact that the staff are so friendly, and sweet, even to someone who looks like me. I see how friendly they are to everyone. Remembering the orders from regulars, even if they order online. The ee people are an example of the standard of eating at a fast food place, and a great reminder of what it felt like when I was a child, eating here with my twin brother, and where even my dad, financially conservative, would order at least 3 burgers. Too Good to eat just one.. thank you ladies, for treating my twin, me and others as friends and enhancing our experience with these good foods..

Vegetarian options: My brother and i had limited ourselves to not eating meat for lent. I was so surprised with the veggie burger. My bro and I had to check our burgers a couple of times, wondering if our orders were mixed up. The veggie burgers are so incredibly delicious, and they taste so close to an actual beef burger.. God provides! Lol

Kid-friendliness: The ladies i see there are so sweet, it is easy to see the children loving their naturally caring demeanor

Wheelchair accessibility: So the closest thing I've seen in this case is walking with a cain, which unfortunately, included me at one point. They are kind enough to bring the food to you“

4 Good89 Reviews
Toppings Hamburger • $
1285 Elgin Mills Rd E #16, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

1lb Honey Garlic Wings
Bacon Cheese Burger
Chicken Burger
Jerk Chicken
Large Pizza
BBQ Chicken

“The meal was enjoyable overall! I tried both the jerk chicken poutine and the pizza. I'd suggest going for the pizza; while the jerk chicken reminded me of store-bought canned jerk mix and was a bit too seasoned for my liking. We waited about an hour for our food. I'd still be willing to return and try other items from the menu.“

4 Good53 Reviews
Harvey's Burgers • $
11000 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Buffalo Chicken Salad with 20oz Soft Drink
Large Chicken Bacon Ranch Poutine
Regular Buffalo Chicken Poutine
Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Combo
Buffalo Chicken Wrap Combo
Buffalo Chicken Nuggets 5
Big Harv Original Combo
Crispy Chicken Wrap
Angus Burger Combo
Deep Fried Pickles

“I visited the store on monday and last Saturday through drive thru and had a very good experience with the girl Athira. She took my orders and had a friendly service with her. She always reconfirm my orders and gave my foods quickly. Welcomes with a cute smile and truly professional in dealing with the customers. The best Drive thru experience.....“

3.8 Good65 Reviews
Harvey's Burgers • $
8865 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Angus Burger Combo
Angus Beef Burger
Veggie Burger
Onion Rings

“Make your burger. Your way. Does not discriminate those who don't want cheese and mayo automatically on their burger.I go to mcdonalds or anywhere else and I need to remove half the disgusting toppings they have there by default, then they have the audacity to up charge me on extra lettuce, or tomatoes, onions, pickles... where's the downcharge when I remove toppings?? Amirite????Harveys will always have my business.May I also note that this harveys location is not the OG... it used to be located just north of 16th Ave (north of the nofrills and former loblaws), and I believe this was Canadas first Harveys location. A condo building now occupies that property and I guarantee that there's not 1 person in that condo that knows they now live on the site of Canada's first Harveys location.“

3.7 Good58 Reviews
Chicken N' Dough Express Chicken Wings • $
10737 Yonge St Unit 6, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Messy Chicken Wings with Fire Fries
Chicken Sandwich
Fried Chicken
Smash Burger
Honey Garlic

“I ate from this place for the first time, chicken wings are seasoned just the way I like it the meat is tender moist and flavorful, the fries are the best I've had. Welcome to the hood.“

4.4 Superb84 Reviews
Chef Burger & Breakfast Hamburger • $
8910 Yonge St, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Hot Dog Mushrooms and Cheese
Chicken Burger with Cheese
Brain-Tongue Mix Sandwich
Brain and Tongue Sandwich
Calf Tongue Sandwiches
Lamb Tongue and Brain
Barley Soup Small
Burger with Fries
Bandari Sandwich
Cutlet Sandwich

“I tried their tongue and brain sandwich last night. It was super delicious. Amazing service and real taste of Persia. Will be back soon!“

3.6 Good90 Reviews
Jack's Richmond Hill Bar & Grill • $$
155 York Blvd, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Ye Olde Faithful Macho Nachos with Chicken
Garlic Pan Bread with Cheese
The Original Chicken Fingers
Micro Brew Fish N' Chips
Ultimate Chocolate Cake
Asiago Chicken Bow Ties
Jack's Garlic Pan Bread
Truffle Parmesan Fries
Miso Sesame Tuna Bowl
Thick-Cut Bruschetta

“Celebrated my son's 8th birthday here. Our waiter was amazing; very attentive and assisted my request for our birthday cake. Food was great, especially the wings. We had a party of 6, all ordered something different and everyone enjoyed it. I love the fact that fountain drinks are refillable for free and the tip actually goes to the waiter, it's not pooled and divided amongst everyone (I asked the waiter before tipping).“

4 Good224 Reviews
Sunnyside Grill Richmond Hill Breakfast • $
10620 Yonge St Unit 11, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Traditional Breakfast
Breakfast Poutine
French Toast

“The food is excellant and friendly staff. The best breakfast in Richmond hill.“

4.5 Superb42 Reviews
The North Taiwanese Cuisine 老北肉羹 Taiwanese • $$
360 Hwy 7 Unit 3, Richmond Hill

Customers` Favorites

Taiwanese Oyster Soup and Vermicelli with Pork Intestine
Egg Pancake with Pork Floss
House Thickened Pork Soup
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken
Minced Pork Rice Bento
Taiwanese Pork Bun
Beef Noodle Soup
Pork Noodles
Fried Tofu

“Delicious food, reasonable prices! They have vegan/vegetarian options which is great for me. I always get the vegetarian noodle soup which is very hearty and has mock meats that are very good. We've been here 3 times now! My husband also loves the meat soup noodle options.“

4.1 Good104 Reviews