29 Best Coffee Shops in Lancaster

“Came here on Labor Day at 12:30pm (thanks for being open!) There were a lot of people working on their computers I would assume from the surrounding college. We were fortunate enough to find some seating outside, while there were space inside, everyone kind of seemed in grind mode. Service was pretty straightforward for coffee shop. The aesthetic is very hipster coffee shop vibes and decor is admirable. They do not make their own syrups however, I do believe they make their little snack choices (vegan cakes and snack stuff) in house. There seem to be a lot of coffee bean choices and some yummy drink specials. I chose the cappuccino at first but was given a 12 oz latte like drink that was too exciting. The espresso didn’t really carry through my choice of milk: oat (although I did ask for whole milk-no biggie though.) I later purchased a cup with peanut brittle syrup and ice to make an iced latte. The flavor of the syrup was a nice addition and carried the coffee. My friends caramel iced coffee was average. Good coffee flavor but not too aggressive and on borderline of water-like in my opinion. I was appreciative of the condiment bar they had for the coffee including simple syrup. The coffee cake my friend got was a little underwhelming and dry, but the vegan blueberry coffee cake with pecans was quite delicious and flavorful. I received it cold in wrapped in saran wrap, so it’s most definitely a great workplace/take out coffee shop. Would be a pleasant place to return to. Thanks guys :)One double shot cappuccino with oat milk, and a blueberry vegan pecan cake thing came to 11 dollars.”

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“Hark, noble patrons, attend my rhyme,To La Dolce Vita Courthouse Bakery I sing,A realm of sweetness, where one's heart shall chime,In this delightful abode, my praises shall ring.Within these walls, a haven doth abide,Where treats of heavenly taste are wrought,A bakery's treasure, where dreams coincide,With confections so divine, they can't be bought.The bakers' hands, skilled as ancient art,Craft pastries and breads, a wondrous display,Each morsel a masterpiece, a work of heart,That transports the senses to a blissful array.The ambience, a tapestry of old,A bakery, where coziness and charm unite,With hearth's warmth and stories to be told,One lingers in delight, from morn till night.As a poet, I am moved to proclaim,La Dolce Vita, a paradise on Earth,Five stars I bestow, with honor and acclaim,A bakery of enchantment, of infinite worth.”

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“Absolutely one of the best diners that my dad and I have been to so far in Pennsylvania, the food was absolutely delicious and our server Kaleigh was very polite and was working hard.For starters we had the "Mexican Cheesestake Fries" for the appetizer and it was amazing aside from the delicious toppings the fries were nice and crispy as well.I had ordered the "Four Piece Broasted Chicken" and it was absolutely delicious the skin had a wonderful crisp to it and seasoned nicely. For my sides I had the corn nuggets which was like little fritter bites with corn chowder filling it was absolutely delicious, I also had a simple side of cottage cheese and a French Onion soup it was okay.My dad had ordered the seniors "Country Fried Steak w/ Sausage Gravy" and it was big and my dad loved it, I had tried a piece and it was amazing, it was flavorful, very tender and the sausage gravy was mouth wateringly delicious. The sides my dad had ordered were the corn nuggets which he also had enjoyed and a cup of chili.All and all my dad and I had enjoyed our late lunch there and will be coming back.”

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“We recently visited SQ1 on a trip to Lancaster and couldn’t recommend this coffee shop enough! We had their whipped matcha, a seasonal item therefore it may not be available when you visit, and it was delightful. Service was swift and friendly and the interior was clean and welcoming. We look forward to coming back!”

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“We love Splits and Giggles. As a vegan family that lives just up the street we appreciate your vegan options. It is however extremely disappointing when you walk up for vegan ice cream and all that is left is sorbet. Please consider having a second vegan ice cream flavor or at least a back up of the current flavor on the menu. We just left as you are currently without any vegan options…. We love to support your business, please help us do that!”

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“Definitely one of my favorite breakfast spots I’ve ever been to. The French Toast Crepe doesn’t really sound like it would blend well together, but it tastes fantastic. Smoothies here are great too (the small is plenty big), and have a organic taste.”

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“My order was completely correct, on time, a nice cool temperature, packaged perfectly, and I received napkins and utensils as requested. The cakes and macarons are delicious. They also offer dairy and GF options, as well as dog treats. I would definitely recommend and I will order again in the future.”

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“This was our next stop on our coffee trips. Easy to get to and parking was close. Near the Central Market as well. Hubby and I opted for the dark chocolate mocha lattes, which was recommended by the barista. Staff is pleasant. It was a good, flavorable roast. And it's the first shop that actually gave us latte art, which I love. We did not get any food items here. This is a high end coffee experience.”

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“There's coffee, there's good coffee, there's really good coffee, ad then there's Lancaster County Coffee Roasters' coffee. This stuff is the best out there. Such a wide range of flavors and strengths. The eggnog coffee is a real treat!”

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“First time trying rolled ice creams in the USA. The shop is located at a quiet corner hidden and can be missed easily.The shop is cozy from inside and has a nice street view from inside. Good aesthetic for photo shoots.Their ice creams flavors are pretty much what you get everywhere, but the ice cream making technique is what makes them stand out. Service is very good and almost no wait time. I tried the red rose ice cream and it was delicious.”

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“Food was great and a welcome alternative to the offerings at the hotel we stayed at, which was just a stone’s throw away. Cute walk-up window and benches for sitting on the sidewalk. We came at a good time on a Sunday, but a line formed soon after us and there was a a bit of a wait. Don’t go if you’re in a rush.”

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“Best latte I've ever had - the espresso and crema were so rich and smooth without a hint of bitterness and the foam was perfectly silky and creamy. Their granola with yogurt and fruit was a nice large portion and made a perfect breakfast to fuel a Saturday adventure. Also tried the cinnamon roll muffin (definitely more cinnamon roll than muffin, which is what I wanted) and it was delicious!”

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“New Holland Coffee cafe is an absolute gem for coffee enthusiasts. From the moment you step in, the aroma of freshly brewed coffee engulfs you, creating an inviting atmosphere. The baristas are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about their craft, consistently delivering exceptional cups of coffee that are rich, balanced, and expertly prepared. The cozy ambiance, adorned with rustic decor and comfortable seating, makes it an ideal spot to unwind or catch up with friends. The menu boasts an impressive variety of coffee options, from classic espresso-based drinks to unique specialty blends that are as delicious as they are Instagram-worthy. With its friendly staff, delectable treats, and impeccable coffee, New Holland Coffee cafe is a must-visit destination for any coffee lover.”

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“Me and my boyfriend came here today are first time! It was exciting, new, and very cool! Also sweet and generous!! The donuts are amazing and well put together and they ask if it looks good, so kind! Coming from someone who is very picky with donuts they taste fresh, and well cooked! We are Definitely coming back!”

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“Order one of everything and share with friends because there is not a bad option on the menu. The peanut butter pie is rich but not overpowering. The blueberry pie filling is chock full of blueberries, and the grape hand pie had me wondering if I'd ever even tasted grapes before. Next time I want a chicken pot pie.”

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“This is the best coffee shop in Lancaster! Their coffee is so smooth and delicious, I’ve never had a drink here I didn’t like! The staff is so warm and welcoming, it feels like such a friendly and safe place to hang out!Vegetarian options: Love that they have a large variety of alternative milks and do not up charge for them!”

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“My family was there on 9/3/23. My experience was amazing, and the coffee☕️ was great!!I plan to visit when we travel back to Lancaster. New fav coffee shop!!Parking: Private parking lotWheelchair accessibility: Handicap ♿️ parking available.It is very easily accessible.Dietary restrictions: I ordered oat milk for my carmel ice latte ?”

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“I believe our barista was named Angel, but I'm probably wrong. She was so sweet and professional. She gave us wonderful recommendations; so great we went to visit her and the market location the next day. Bought a pound of beans to take back to Memphis.Will be making this a regular stop when we move north.”

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“This place is such a special treat for me when I'm in the vicinity and catch them during open hours. Their coffee is just the BEST and the server we see every time is super knowledgeable about various coffees, I enjoy learning more about them. They have a lot of syrups overall, but I really appreciate the wide variety of sugar free options. So, so good!”

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“I was so excited to hear about this shop opening in the spring and it lived up to expectations during my first visit. The bagels are excellent, soft on the inside and a nice flavor variety. We went around 11 on a Saturday and they were sold out of a few bagel flavors. I've been told they have a pretty intense line in the morning before opening, but online ordering is available which can expedite any wait. They also make donuts upon ordering which I can't think of too many others that do it - these are the best donuts I've had and the price for a dozen is a steal. I am so impressed by this little shop and would highly recommend it.”

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“So yummy! Took my 4 year old out for breakfast and we loved it here! My girl got a pancake and yogurt with fruit. I got the street corn hash. Highly recommend the hash! The pancake was shaped like Minnie which was a big hit with my 4 year old. 10/10 can't wait to go back!”

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“The vanilla Chai tea latte here is just fantastic. I haven't eaten anything here ever but the menu seems so creative. They had a special that was a grilled cheese with peaches... Sounded delicious. Not sure if they have gluten free options for their food but if they do, I'll definitely give it a try.”

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“One of the best in terms of taste and quality. The homemade pita is amazing. They serve good portions but don't expect to bring back home leftovers. Everything tastes fresh.The people working there are very friendly, nice, and helpful.The price is on the higher side, but you get what you pay for. And it is worth it!”

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“It's such a cute place! Their menu is simple but diverse. Indoor and outdoor seating available. I never had the chance to visit when they were located on Queen, but my belly is delighted to have finally made their acquaintance ?Parking: Located in a neighborhood with mostly street parking. Be prepared to circle the block and potentially walk a minute or two to reach COQ. Bring your parallel parking A game with you.”

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“I got the red bean slush and it was very tasty. But drink it as frozen as you can, cuz all the beans settle to the bottom on a hot day! And the tip thing I saw mentioned on other reviews, they point to it on the screen so you can finish your transaction, not to shame you into tipping. You can pick no tip on the screen. Good experience overall.”

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“We went in to get coffee to go and the staff there was so super friendly. We did not wait very long before we play start order and I was surprised at how quickly the drinks came out. Iced coffee was very very very good. I really wanted to get take out, but I wasn't even hungry I just wanted to try the food but I'll definitely be back for it!. The atmosphere is beautiful the perfect place for brunch.Vegetarian options: The menu had a lot on it for people that are vegan or gluten free I mean a lot I mean I might need to go back there just to get that food.Dietary restrictions: They had vegan egg and they also had gluten-free bread that you could substitute on anything and even some of the items were created just as vegan.Kid-friendliness: There were a lot of children there seated for breakfast or lunch with their families. There didn't appear to be a kids menu, but for breakfast or lunch it was a great menu that any age would enjoy.”

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“Being I’ve only lived 7 miles away from Lancaster all my life and thought I knew about every coffee roaster within 20 miles or so I just recently found out about Gerhart coffee. I took a chance and got their Peru single origin and long story short it’s very very good coffee indeed. I think I found my new go to roaster lol. Ty Adam for your assistance with my first visit and your suggestion with the Peru is extremely tasty to say the least see you guys soon☺️☺️”

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“All vibes, no cap! Love Jessie and this team of amazing baristas! Minority owned. The only second location coffee shop in the Outlet Mall. Good options for vegans, would love to see more! Apart of the Lancaster History and Breakfast Walking Tour on Tuesdays!”

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“Stopped at drive thru for special coffee and a bagel with cream cheese. Everything bagel was ok, but not an everything. It lacked the rock salt which makes it a true Everything and signifies it is made on site. I believe their bagels are probably shipped in and mass produced.”

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