15 Best Sushi Bars in Elk Grove


Fujiya Japanese • $$
9328 Elk Grove Blvd #100, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Teriyaki Bowl
Grasshopper Roll
Sashimi Moriawase
Spicy Miso Ramen
Stuffed Mushroom
Lion King Roll
Tonkotsu Ramen
Elk Grove Roll
Mixed Tempura
BBQ Albacore

“Food there was simply amazing. For my ramen bowl, I got a bit of extras because it was my birthday so why not treat myself. ??The bento was good too. Don't judge but I definitely love food and how much I eat goes to show just that. The drinks there was a bit expensive, but it was worth trying. Loved it.Our server was a bit behind in terms of keeping up even when I had made a reservation for a group of 9. I'd assume they'd be a bit more prepared in terms of handling larger groups but it is what it is. No sweat. ?“

4.6 Superb131 Reviews
ebisu sushi Japanese • $$
2513 W Taron Ct #180, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Double Toro Roll
Assorted Sashimi
Sushi Super Combo
Chicken Teriyaki
Elk Grove Roll
Chefs Sashimi
Salmon Sashimi
Fresh Oysters
Pork Tonkatsu
Spyder Roll

“Come here and you get good food with fresh fish and generous portions. The fish isn't sliced razor thin like lots of other places. Service was great and attentive. The dining room was really clean. We started with the Sushi Tacos. Tasty and lots of fish. It was served on a square of tempura green beans. The Hokkaido roll and EG Specials were excellent and we ended with green tea cheesecake. I'd definitely recommend.“

4.4 Superb95 Reviews
Umai Bar & Grill Bar & Grill • $$
8973 Grant Line Rd #100, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Bacon Wrapped Scallops
Spicy Garlic Edamame
Softshell Crab Roll
Chicken Teriyaki
Teriyaki Chicken
Nigiri Sampler
Spicy Tuna Roll
Grant Line Roll
Agedashi Tofu
Lamb Lollipop

“The only thing that keeps this from being a five star review is the fact that I had reservations and still had to wait 20 minutes to be seated. The food , atmosphere, and staff are outstanding. The place needs to be expanded, that was the reason for the wait.“

4.4 Superb93 Reviews
Mikuni | Elk Grove Sushi • $$
8525 Bond Rd, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Chef's Choice Sashimi Platter
Beni Sake Sockeye Salmon
Chocolate Lava Cake
Teriyaki Chicken
Chicken Teriyaki
Flaming Shrooms
Incredible Roll
Shrimp Tempura
Garlic Edamame
Barbecue Tuna

“This was the second time I came to this Mikuni and both were takeout but the service was very good. My food came out faster then expected, the extras i.e. napkins, chopsticks and sauces were placed in my order. When I got home, and opened my container, my lobster roll looked really hoody and most of all tasted amazing. This is definitely my go to spot. ????“

4.3 Superb111 Reviews
Mizuki Sushi Sushi • $$
7440 Laguna Blvd #98, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Left to Right Tempura Deluxe Citrus Roll Baked Salmon Salmon Skin hr
White Dragon on the Right Citrus Roll Middle Keko Left
Assorted Sashimi
California Roll
Shrimp Tempura
Alaskan Roll
Spider Roll
Vegan Roll
Miso Soup
Sexy Roll

“Sushi rolls were amazing! Great prices! Incredible flavor! Be prepared for a long wait (nearly an hour for 5 rolls). Our server was terrible! Not only did he start his greeting with not wanting to be there, but he never bothered to check on while we waited. He never asked once if we needed more water or needed anything else during our visit. He didn't even say good night or thank you when we paid our bill. He truly didn't want to be there. Luckily, the host was sweet, and the food was great!“

4.2 Good268 Reviews
Raw Sushi Bar lounge Japanese •
8280 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Fried California Roll
Spicy Hamachi Sashimi
Spicy Garlic Edamame
Dante's Inferno Roll
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Golden Shrimp Roll
Chicken Teriyaki
Mochi Ice Cream
Spicy Tuna Roll
Keeping It Raw

“This place has amazing sushi! I thought it was overpriced when reading the menu, but their rolls are huge. I took a client out for dinner and it was perfect for that. Great ambiance. Not too noisy to talk, but just noisy enough to let you know that you're in a popular place. Really big and expansive, but somehow kinda Kozy. This was some of the best sushi I've had, and I eat a lot of sushi all over the west coast. When I am back in the area, I'm definitely going back.“

4.2 Good190 Reviews
Yoshi Japanese Restaurant Japanese • $
9174 Franklin Blvd, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Futomaki and Scallop Roll
California Roll
Salmon Sashimi
Pork Belly Don
Rainbow Roll
Toro Sashimi
Tonkatsu Don
Miso Soup
Tuna Roll
Oyako Don

“This is easily the best sushi spot in Elk Grove. Amazing food, fair price point. Good service. High quality. This place never disappoints. They are small so hard to get in sometimes and the atmosphere is good just quaint. Highly recommend this spot. Ordering to go is good too, So I can still get in ?.“

4.4 Superb52 Reviews
Sushi Bar Sushi • $$
12602500080000, Elk Grove

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5 Superb9 Reviews
Kintaro Sushi Bar Sushi • $$
8355 Elk Grove Blvd Ste 100, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Salmon Skin Hand Roll
Chicken Teriyaki Kid
Baked Salmon Roll
Sushi Dinner Box
Teriyaki Salmon
Pork Chow Mein
Sesame Chicken
Happy Roll
Chef Nigiri

“Decent place, the restaurant itself seems a bit outdated, no booths seating, good food and service. One minus on my visit was the miso soup not hot when it came out. Quite disappointing in cold weather. All other food was good. We tried pot stickers, sesame chicken, princess deep-fried roll and Katalina roll. Recommended.“

4.2 Good48 Reviews
Fish & Things Poke Bar Sushi • $$
7423 Laguna Blvd #300, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Ahi Poke Crispy Tacos
Mixed Poke Bowl
Sushi Rice

“I found this place because I was craving poke after a long shift at work. I am so lucky that I came here because it did not disappoint. The young lady, which I believe her name was Yun, was very helpful and provided an excellent service. Despite my indecisiveness, she did not give any hints of rushing me, but instead gave recommendations. I ended up ordering a bowl with her recommendations and it was very delicious. The one thing that I look for in terms of quality when it comes to these specific types of food industries is the customer service. The service was great which is why this will be my go-to place.“

4.1 Good63 Reviews
Jang Goon Sushi & Korean BBQ Sushi Bar • $$
9671 E Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box
Fantastic Sushi Rolls
Sushi Combo A
Pork Bulgolgi
Beef Bibimbap
Ninja Roll

“Wow! Just Wow. The sushi was absolutely delicious! They went out of their way to accommodate us. I'm so glad we found this place. Try the chefs sushi specials, you won't regret it. My wife said the poke bowl was amazing, and me and my son decoured about 4 different sushi rolls, the firefighter was our favorite. Thank you guys, we will be back.“

4 Good46 Reviews
Fukuro by KRU Japanese • $
1 Sky River Pkwy, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Sushi Rolls

“Fukuro by KRU in Sky River Casino is a great Japanese restaurant with reasonable prices. I have tried the rainbow rolls and hamachi nigiri here. They’re very fresh and delicious. The gentleman who works at the cashier counter is very friendly. I like the dining room at Fukuro by KRU. It is very comfortable and I really enjoyed my sushi there.Parking: You can find parking at the rear parking lot much easier.Wheelchair accessibility: There is no problem with a wheelchair at all.“

3.8 Good16 Reviews
Satori Sushi & Teriyaki Grill Japanese • $
8451 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Salmon and Teriyaki Chicken Bento Box
Seafood Tempura Shrimp
Satori Special Roll
Chicken Teriyaki
Sushi Roll

“I like everything except their tempura seems batter mostly and no panko breading. The frying oil probably needs to be replaced as all the fried foods were on the dark side. The Tonkotsu sauce is not a tonkotsu sauce from what my taste buds are telling me. The rest of the food is very good and the wait staff are attentive and polite.“

3.8 Good64 Reviews
Fuji | Sushi Sushi • $$
8473 Elk Grove Blvd, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Seaweed Salad and California Rolls
Salmon and Hamachi Sashimi
Chinese Food Part of AYCE
Salmon Skin Hand Roll
Mixed Sashimi Platter
Ikura Salmon Roe
Zig Zag and You
Shrimp Tempura
Chicken Wings
Fried Oysters

“It has been a while (years) since I’ve been here but I came back after my wisdom teeth surgery and it was the best decision. Fuji is a cozy sushi buffet you get high quality food and service without feeling self conscious. I sat at the bar with the sushi boat, I tried pacing myself because my eyes can be bigger than my stomach but I easily cleared a dozen plates and then some before I tapped out.Kid-friendliness: Nothing special but it is a family restaurant at the tables there’s space if your kids get active but use caution during dinner time.“

3.8 Good93 Reviews
Kobe Steak & Sushi Sushi • $$
9134 E Stockton Blvd, Elk Grove

Customers` Favorites

Filet Mignon and Lobster with Garlic Fried Rice and Vegetables
Steak Chicken Shrimp and Fried Rice Chicken
Shrimp Chicken and Fried Rice
All You Can Eat Sushi Lunch
Wagyu Kobe Steak Hibachi
Hibachi New York Steak
Stuffed Mushroom
Hibachi Scallop
Elk Grove Roll
Pink Lady Roll

“Such a FUN first-time experience! The customer service was on point, they were very welcoming! Our Chef was so entertaining, from the Big Fire to warm up the stove-top to catching Broccoli in our mouth! It was a VIBE! We had a party of 12 and, even my three year old son was enjoying it! We will definitely be returning in the future! I highly recommend! 10/10 on service and Food! The food was Delicious!!!Kid-friendliness: The Chef really made my children excited! Made them feel involved with the entire "meal show" . Lol“

3.5 Good89 Reviews
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