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Sandwich Shops in Torrance

4.5 - 251 votes

Hours: 8AM - 3PM

1341 El Prado Ave, Torrance
(310) 320-2722

Torrance Bakery

This place is my go-to on weekdays. First time I've ever been a regular anywhere. Good food, friendly staff who remember your name, and short waits.... More reviews

4.7 - 138 votes

Hours: Closed today

5007 CA-1, Torrance
(310) 375-6440

Jack's Pizza & Subs

Amazing Pizza Pasta and Subs who could ask for anything more? Been coming here since I was in High School, love the family business they got going. The v... More reviews

4.6 - 157 votes

Hours: Closed today

2205 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(424) 558-8198

Little Shop of Mary

Like it a lot, since I have to go to the bank once in a while, and if I get the chance I will order the #1 Pork for me and the # 6 Veggie for my wife. Th... More reviews

4.5 - 166 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9PM

21503 Hawthorne Blvd A, Torrance
(424) 999-2141

Urban Plates

Urban Plates is one of the best options for delicious health-conscious meals. They also have good customer service. If you happen to be in the mood for d... More reviews

4.3 - 201 votes

Hours: Closed today

2424 Sepulveda Blvd #4335, Torrance
(310) 891-1229

New York Deli

Great tasting food. Matzoh ball soup, corned beef sandwich on rye ( the best) the pickle ? plus a little bit of macaroni & potato salads. The perfe... More reviews

4.8 - 98 votes

Hours: Closed today

3437 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(424) 247-7057

Hugo's Deli

I live move sandwiches and this place make some great ones. Owner, Hugo, is so incredibly friendly a gracious, while making incredible sandwiches at pit-... More reviews

4.5 - 136 votes

Hours: 7AM - 10PM

21186 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(424) 257-8619

Caps & Corks Liquor - Deli & Grill

I've only been here twice and I'm SO IMPRESSED by the liquor selection, as well as the selection of hand made sandwiches and super friendly staff! More reviews

4.3 - 158 votes

Hours: 11AM - 7PM

1303 El Prado Ave, Torrance
(424) 757-5222

Chado Tea Room

I am giving a 3 star not because I'm not a fan of Chado, I think its a hidden gem of a place to unwind and relax to a delicious confectionery of tea... More reviews

4.9 - 61 votes

Hours: 9AM - 5PM

3566 Redondo Beach Blvd, Torrance
(310) 404-9093

Sausalido Cafe

Spot on, love this place, the owners are super friendly. Must try their breakfast panini and wash it all down with their famous ginger beer More reviews

4.4 - 127 votes

Hours: Closed today

23863 Hawthorne Blvd #5907, Torrance
(310) 378-9999

Di Roma Cucina

Got this lasagna place to go too! 4.5 As opposed to Mickey's Italian Delicatessen's lasagna, Di Roma Cucina's lasagna is a more upscale, m... More reviews

4.6 - 93 votes

Hours: 9AM - 8PM

3690 Newton St, Torrance
(310) 375-3429

Tucker's Market & Deli

I've been coming here since I was a little kid. The sandwiches are always great and they use the great boars head meat. More reviews

4.2 - 149 votes

Hours: 11AM - 7:30PM

4509 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 370-9077

Brazilian Plate House

Really nice service and very generous take out experience. The food was really good, ordered the steak, two appetizers, pudding, a sandwich, and one more... More reviews

3.9 - 192 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 10PM

3829 Torrance Blvd, Torrance
(310) 406-3063

The Habit Burger Grill

I was appalled at the terrible customer service. The cashier was ROLLING her eyes at me repeatedly while taking my order. When i got my onion rings they ... More reviews

4.4 - 111 votes

Hours: Closed today

4215 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance
(310) 375-6188

Wilson Burgers

Breakfast burritos best in town!!! Need cash which is really inconvenient get with the times please... More reviews

3.7 - 200 votes

Hours: 6:30AM - 9:45PM

22940 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 375-4202

Y' Not Burgers

This was my 1st here. I will definitely be back. The food was delicious and the owner is hands on. More reviews

4.5 - 83 votes

Hours: 9:30AM - 5PM

4338 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance
(310) 373-0993

Sub Club Italian Deli

good quality meats and cheese they use boars head. the price is not cheap but like i said the products they use are top notch. have had a few sandwiches ... More reviews

4.8 - 53 votes

Hours: Closed today

21221 S Western Ave STE 120, Torrance
(310) 320-8880

Rae G Cafe

I started working in Torrance not too long ago and my boss recommended this hidden gem. It's a small mom & pop shop and every one is so welcomin... More reviews

4.1 - 128 votes

Hours: 11AM - 8PM

1400 W 190th St Ste A, Torrance
(310) 320-5311

Great Steak

Delicious! The sandwiches, salads, and baked potatoes are fantastic!!Especially if you're on the go- More reviews

4.1 - 122 votes

Hours: 11AM - 3PM

20535 S Western Ave, Torrance
(310) 320-0999

Sandwich Blvd

Came on my lunch break to have a sandwich, reviews said it was good. Had a western and it was so green and oily and disgusting I didn’t want to eat it. ... More reviews

4.2 - 108 votes

Hours: 10:30AM - 7PM

24223 Crenshaw Blvd Suite J, Torrance
(310) 325-1200

Philly's Best

Very underrated. Food was pretty good and at a decent price. I'll go back again. More reviews

4 - 127 votes

Hours: 9AM - 12AM

2780 Pacific Coast Hwy, Torrance
(310) 539-2823


This has to be the best Wienerschnitzel!Fast service, very courteous attendant. And look at that amount of chili!! More reviews

3.7 - 162 votes

Hours: 7AM - 11PM

20305 S Western Ave, Torrance
(310) 328-0992

Fantastic Cafe

I got a patty melt in the drive through and when I got home I was disappointed to see how little amount of cheese there was and hardly any onions at all ... More reviews

3.8 - 134 votes

Hours: 10AM - 9PM

20016 Hawthorne Blvd, Torrance
(310) 214-3306

Jersey Mike's Subs

I must admit im not big on sandwiches but babyyyyyyy let me tell you i had the turkey sub and added bacon . That was the best sandwich i had in my 36 yea... More reviews



3.8 - 128 votes

Hours: 10AM - 11PM

1525 Sepulveda Blvd, Torrance
(310) 530-9148


Very fast and easy havent been here they updated the whole restaurant looks good wish i could have eaten inside in nice new ac More reviews

4 - 102 votes

Hours: 9AM - 12AM

1125 W Carson St, Torrance
(310) 533-9111


Another five star place you're on the way home or going to go home if you want something quick to eat they look like five chili dogs special that th... More reviews

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