72 Best Sushi Bars in Miami

“I was blown away by the small plate selections, extremely creative and beautifully presented. Main entrees were good, but small plates stole my heart ..... Restaurant is very nicely done, with a minimal design, very pretty space with an industrial feel.”

4.6Superb969 Reviews

“This hidden gem absolutely exceeded my expectations! I was blown away by the decor, the atmosphere, the service and most of all, THE FOOD!!! Chef Blanco is amazing and his hands are truly blessed. My partner and I are people who LOVE to eat and while the portions may appear to be small, I promise you they are anything but! The sushi rolls (or as Chef Blanco's mom calls them, Shushi rolls) are packed with so much food, flavor and love, that we could not make it past course 4 (we had 7 in total). The drinks were absolutely amazing and the bartender (Chef Blanco's beautiful partner) was an absolute doll. She was so skilled at making the drinks that it almost felt like a crime to actually drink them.Overall, they get a 15/10 from me. We are already planning our next visit and this time, we will be bringing our whole family!”

4.8Superb290 Reviews

“Absolutely delicious and highly recommend! Take away sushi and it’s the first time that we came here. The service was great, we order a Party Trays for 2, 38 pieces for $33. The sushi was incredibly fresh, and the value is great compared to some other omakase places in the area.”

4.9Superb175 Reviews

“Last night we had an excellent culinary experience as well as service. Starting with Rodrigo the Manager, what a gentleman; we were early for our reservation, we had to wait at the bar, and Rodrigo made our waiting time, marvelous!! Estefania, our waitress and Roman were also excellent!! Definitely, we’ll be back next week. We have already recommended Daek to our friends. (Best Thai food in Miami) ??”

4.7Superb285 Reviews

“Definitely we had amazing dinner with friends here. Super friendly and welcomed staff, high quality food, variety options of sake( I was offered to try small shots to find best taste for me). We tried the omakai experience and it was great decision. Price are acceptable. I would like to put 10 points. Recommend for all my friends.”

4.7Superb268 Reviews

“This was my first time trying Indonesian food.I must say it was Excellent food, a very friendly staff, and a great first exposure to Indonesian food. Recommend and I will be back!Vegetarian options: There are several tasty vegetarian options.Fried tofu was goodSalad was goodVeggie Lumpua was goodetc.”

4.7Superb244 Reviews

“The staff here is always extremely friendly and definitely give off the vibe of consideration and care every time I visit. The food items that I've had there have always been delicious and vibrate the taste buds with joy. Anyone who loves anime and Japanese food will enjoy a place like this.”

4.7Superb185 Reviews

“This is a delightful fusion restaurant that offers a perfect blend of flavors from different cuisines. The creative fusion dishes on the menu, combined with a great selection of sushi, make it a unique and exciting dining experience. The sushi rolls are beautifully presented and bursting with fresh ingredients, satisfying the cravings of sushi lovers. The restaurant's mixologists craft a variety of innovative and refreshing drinks, from signature cocktails to mocktails, adding to the overall enjoyment of the meal. The ambiance is chic and inviting, making it an ideal spot for a fun and memorable night out. Whether you're a fan of sushi or curious about trying inventive fusion dishes, Crudos is a must-visit for anyone looking for a delightful culinary adventure.”

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“We went with another couple to have sushi for dinner. It was excellent and the service was top notch! Our server Brianna was so good! She was so helpful, attentive and friendly! Between the 4 of us we had a lot of different rolls...all delicious!”

4.4Superb1136 Reviews

“One of my go-to places to have really consistent, quality, and delicious food. The sushi is fresh and is traditionally prepared. Everything on the menu is exceptional. I especially love the Chu-toro and O-toro and I get the Japanese uni when they have it. I usually always get the hotate hand roll and the Wabi Sabi bowl (which always looks so beautiful) with their own yummy soy sauce. Soooo good!”

4.6Superb217 Reviews

“I really like this place.. the sushi is so fresh. And you can tell the take pride in there food and work. The only thing that really bothers me is it nearly impossible to order. It seems like every-time I go in there even for take out I can’t place a order. It’s really annoying.. I wish they had another person in there to help. Because I really do love their sushi, but it really sucks to drive up there and be told “no we can’t take your order”.. I wish they could change that.”

4.6Superb213 Reviews

“Had such a great experience for our one year anniversary. We come here often as it’s one of the best sushi spots in Miami. Tomo and the chef team curated an amazing omakase experience for us where they were able to use their creativity for all of the nigiris, hand rolls, etc. Everything from the uni to the wagyu was presented beautifully on each plate and the service and timing was perfectly in sync. Tomo especially is a rockstar and we are excited to come back soon.”

4.9Superb95 Reviews

“I had the most amazing time at this spot! The flavors were incredible and the fish was unbelievably fresh. The toppings and sauces created a flavor explosion in every bite. Not to mention, the portion sizes were generous and left me completely satisfied. The friendly and attentive staff added to the overall fantastic experience. I highly recommend this place to anyone craving a top-notch poke bowl. It's a true culinary gem that shouldn't be missed! Can't wait to come back for more!”

4.6Superb191 Reviews

“Love this place! I have been here twice and it was amazing both times! The ceviche volcano roll is delicious. The fried rice and lomo saltado were also really good. The service is friendly and attentive.Parking: There was free parking available as well, which is great!”

4.5Superb283 Reviews

“First time having the pad Thai and it's a dish with so much potential until they kinda ruined it with so much hot sauce. I asked how spicy it was and the waitress said that "it wasn't that spicy" but clearly it was, to the point that I couldn't really enjoy the dish.The sushi overall is pretty good”

4.6Superb175 Reviews

“This is an incredible experience for people not afraid of trying exotic dishes that will blow your mind away. The food offered was exquisite, presented in all art's esplendor. Every dish was unique, the taste of each sushi piece accentuated by the perfect portion of Wasabi and soy were incredible, I couldn't say I have a favorite because each bite took me by surprise but the Japanese A5 Wagyu Sukiyaki and the amazing Gelato were out of this world. I really enjoyed my time there and recommend the place 100%.Thanks you Hiden, Chef Seijun Okano, Sous Chef Henry Park and our Servers Luis & the lady who were incredibly gentle and attentive to all our needs.”

4.7Superb125 Reviews

“The food here is always good, they are not over priced and have really big portions on their fried rice which you can share between 4 people I feel, love their Lucy Roll and love that they have options to do two different rolls for the price of one.”

4.5Superb245 Reviews

“We have been here maybe 10+ times now because it is SO good. I crave their Panang curry and my husband says their fried rice is the best he’s ever had and he loves fried rice. The family is so so sweet and nice and we even ordered from them safely during the pandemic. Love this restaurant so much, I would recommend to anyone!!”

4.6Superb158 Reviews

“The food was amazingggggg! Our waitress Stephany was extremely attentive and nice! We ordered the lobster buns, jalea de mariscos, tiradito hamachi, fluffy strawberry cheesecake, sake mules and a cappucino to finish and everything was absolutely perfect. Cant wait to come again to try the rest of the menu!! Forgot to take pics of everything cause we just dove in!”

4.6Superb134 Reviews

“Thalia created a warm atmosphere. She spearheaded the beginning to an amazing night from her welcoming enegy to keen eye to great recommendations for our taste.If you are lucky enough to be waited by her leave her nothing less than 25% tip.Great place!Vegetarian options: Plantain roll will make you wanna cheat on your husband cause it was OUT IF THIS WORLD!”

4.4Superb368 Reviews

“Love this place, they always get it right. Today Andres was our server, he was more than attentive. He was also very knowledgeable of the menu and recommended a few items we have never tried. Definitely will be back soon! Highly recommended. Thanks MIYAKO and thank you ANDRES.”

4.4Superb321 Reviews

“Yum!! Got takeout from here for the first time yesterday and it was delicious, fresh and affordable sushi! I got the Victoria roll and 2 JB rolls and i should have doubled that because it was so good they i woke up wanting more today! Can’t wait to come back and eat more and try their Thai”

4.5Superb166 Reviews

“Osaka Miami is pure dining excellence. The only drawback (for me) is understandably necessary in order to achieve this level of quality and ambiance - price. I was blessed by good friends with a gift certificate to eat here - and it was a blessing indeed. It was so good that I would definitely save up and come here again to celebrate a special occasion. The sushi was absolutely perfect, the flavors and sauces were all delicious. The wagyu beef melted in my mouth like butter and even the rice was the best I've had. The service was absolutely outstanding - attentive and informative. I highly recommend this experience of a lifetime.”

4.4Superb263 Reviews

“I first came here when I was 15 years old. I recently went at 54 with my new and beautiful girlfriend. Shibui, is to me, the best sushi place in Miami. The sashimi and nigiri are very fresh and their Uni is off the wall creamy deliciousness. They have a multitude of appetizers and we chose the beef skewers and baby octopus. Their tempura is perfect in thickness and flavor. If you are in the neighborhood you will not regret giving Shibui a visit. They have both traditional floor seating as well as tables and a full sushi bar upstairs.So, after almost 40 years, I keep coming back for the food, atmosphere, and service. A young man by the name of Jake took care of us and if you're lucky enough to get him you'll see exactly how good the service is at Shibui.”

4.4Superb258 Reviews

“Very good place all the ladies are very special when attending a customer food is fresh all the time we go there often at least 3 days a weekVegetarian options: I recommend the vegetable rolls with avocado on top delicious with ginger salad dressing”

4.4Superb251 Reviews

“Went to this place some time ago, expecting not much, but I ended up finding my fav sushi spot, the ambiance is cool, the food is amaziiiiiiiiing, me and my girl love to go to different places down here but since finding this place, every-time we are looking for food, we trust Kam Wow for it”

4.5Superb146 Reviews

“Fantastic omakase experience. Chefs and staff were friendly and engaging, the environment and music was super chill, and the 14 course experience was paced perfectly. The Otoro, Japanese Barracuda and Spanish Mackerel were some of our favorites. Also, the custom Sake glasses they have for you to choose from are the coolest!”

4.6Superb101 Reviews

“My wife and I love good healthy food and the extra-mile attention. This place has never disappointed us; actually, we have been in very fancy and expensive Japanese and Peruvian restaurants, and I can assure you that this place is hugely better than those pricy places. Each dollar that you spend here is totally worth. Juan was the one serving us, and this person, like the rest of the waiters, make you feel better than home. I don't have words to express how amazing his customer service skills are. Juan knows how to gain the heart of his customers.The ambience and music playlist in this restaurant make you disconnect from the craziness and the crowd noise. This place is simply therapeutic.Finally, I can tell you that we are customers for life of this place. It’s that good.Here we are ?What are the odds of listening Salsa Brava of the 70s and immortal classic Boleros in a Japanese/Peruvian restaurant?”

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“You have to try the flat noodles! They are SO good. This place is perfect for lunch. Also, they have a good variety of boba drinks. My reason for not giving this place 5 stars is because the fish soup, one of the most expensive dishes on the menu, was SO disappointing. It tasted bland and was flavorless, the fish also tasted odd. Everything else pictured was good and would recommend.”

4.4Superb232 Reviews

“Title: An Irresistibly Divine Sushi ExperienceI recently had the pleasure of dining at an exceptional sushi restaurant that left me utterly amazed and longing for more. Let me share with you my delightful culinary journey through a review that captures the essence of its exquisite offerings.From the moment I entered, the ambiance captivated me with its tasteful modern décor, showcasing a perfect blend of traditional Japanese elements and contemporary elegance. The warm and inviting atmosphere immediately set the stage for what turned out to be an extraordinary dining experience.The staff radiated genuine warmth and hospitality, promptly guiding me through the menu and providing helpful recommendations. Their knowledge and passion for sushi shone through their attentive service, ensuring that every visit to the restaurant is an adventure in itself.Now, let's dive into their remarkable sushi creations. One phrase comes to mind—sushi perfection. Each piece delighted my taste buds with its masterfully crafted combinations of flavors, textures, and presentation. The sushi chef's attention to detail was beyond compare, evident in every meticulously sliced fish and beautifully arranged plate. The divine freshness of the ingredients was unmistakable, showcasing the chef's dedication to sourcing only the finest seasonal produce.The highlights of my sushi feast included the mouthwatering Toro nigiri, where the buttery richness of the tuna simply melted on my tongue. The standout rolls were the chef's special creation, an artistic fusion of delicate flavors that danced on my palate. The Spider Roll, in particular, deserves a special mention for its perfectly crispy soft-shell crab and the burst of flavor from the accompanying spicy mayo sauce.In addition to their exceptional sushi, the restaurant offered an impressive array of sake and an extensive beverage menu, elevating the overall dining experience. The attentive sommelier effortlessly guided me through the selection, ensuring my sake pairing complemented the flavors of the sushi perfectly.Undoubtedly, this sushi restaurant has proven itself to be a true gem. The combination of unforgettable flavors, impeccable presentation, and heartfelt hospitality seamlessly creates an atmosphere that celebrates the art of sushi-making. Whether you are a sushi aficionado or a curious newcomer, this establishment is bound to leave a lasting impression on your culinary journey.In closing, I wholeheartedly recommend indulging in the divine sushi experience this restaurant offers. Unleash your taste buds and embark on an unforgettable adventure that will keep you coming back for more.”

4.3Superb720 Reviews

“Was glad to have found this place on Google as I eat Latin food on the regular and was in need of something different... I love Ramen and this was definitely one of the best places I've tried! Service was good, took a little long for the food to come out however that assured me that it was fresh.”

4.4Superb212 Reviews

“A must-visit for sushi enthusiasts. Their sushi rolls are beautifully presented and taste incredibly fresh. The fish practically melts in your mouth, and the rice is perfectly seasoned. The menu also offers a variety of other Japanese dishes like ramen and tempura, all prepared with utmost precision. The restaurant has a modern and elegant atmosphere, making it a great spot for a date night or special occasion.”

4.4Superb212 Reviews

“The Miami Spice menu drew me in. So i tried to make a reservation, for 1, but couldn't do it online. So i called... And they don't take reservations for 1, but if there was room i could sit at either the bar or sushi bar. Sushi Bar for 1, please.Dishes arrived mostly one by one, and they were well paced. Dinner started with two dishes - steamed spinach and seabass sashimi. The steamed spinach was covered in a heavy coat of sesame dressing, too heavy for my taste. It was like the spinach had been dragged through a pot of tahini. I was suddenly worried that I'd picked the wrong spot for dinner. The next fish i messed up eating as i misunderstood the instructions. The instructions were given to me twice both times rapid fire. I should have asked a third time and told them to slow it down. I ate the fish separately from the truffle and roe. The truffle and roe should have been on top of the fish. This dish even with my faulty consumption was better than the spinach. I'm still a little worried I'd picked very poorly for dinner.The third dish delivered completed the appetizer course. It was spicy fried chicken. It was good. Maybe dinner wouldn't be terrible.Next came "course two", some salmon nigiri and a spicy tuna roll. They were all good. Not great, but good. Okay, so now dinner was almost good.Now for "course three", corn on the cob plus a beef filet. The corn was tender and delicious, but I didn't enjoy the corn stuck in my teeth. The beef tenderloin was perfectly cooked and sliced into pieces ready to eat with chopsticks. The sauce was delicious...i wanted to lick it off the plate. Dinner was now good.The final course was"dessert", lava cake. The chocolate sauce was plentiful and very hot.I left full. Glad I'd tried Zuma. But i don't have any desire to return.”

4.3Superb574 Reviews

“I have eaten here a few times and an never disappointed. The food is great and creative. There is never a wait to be seated. It is a great small sushi place!Vegetarian options: More so pescatarianDietary restrictions: Have rice free options”

4.7Superb69 Reviews

“The restaurant has limited parking in the back. I ordered the Szechuan boiled fish, I’ve had better. There is definitely room for improvement in terms of service. I visited the restaurant late afternoon and was the only guest. Although the server took my order promptly, she forgot to provide a spoon. In addition, both employees were fiddling on the phone entire time.”

4.4Superb200 Reviews

“This tiny sushi place WOWed me during a recent visit to Miami! I loved the bar/hibachi style setup where you can see the dishes be prepared right in front of you. We spoke with the chef, who was very nice, and he is right from Tokyo - which made the authentic experience even better. The sushi was very fresh and the sake was extremely refreshing on a hot day. Everything was very reasonably priced and my friend even bought some products that were displayed along the wall. There were so many authentic Asian products you wouldn't see anywhere else. In total, this place had great, quick service and served amazing food at an amazing price. Side note: They do not have GF soy sauce but the sushi was so good even without it.Dietary restrictions: Gluten allergy”

4.7Superb68 Reviews

“After going there for over 20 years chef Enomoto does not cease to surprise me with consistently great food. After all this time it’s not about one fish or another. He changes the menu offering new delicious options yet keeps the original recipe for the winners. Service is always prompt and responsive. Makes a difference that he is always there to oversee his always full restaurant. Love this place.”

4.4Superb196 Reviews

“This is the place to go when you want sushi, but you don’t really want the same ole rolls you can get anywhere. These rolls are crafted with detail and layers of flavor.Tried so many rolls but some of my favorites:1. the pork belly bao bun (top bao bun of all time - this pork belly meat and yummy sauce),2. the butter crab roll (huge hand held and filled with flavor - served with a butter sauce)3. and the other was probably the spicy tuna appetizer.ALSOALSO ? the lobster donuts. Don’t tell me you go to Pubbelly and not get the donuts. Such a treat”

4.3Superb442 Reviews

“I came to this beautiful place to eat some sushi. Everything was great. Great environment, great atmosphere, great music, and my waiter LENNY was such a gentleman his service was espectacular. Go and visit the place and ask for Lenny you will not regret !!”

4.9Superb40 Reviews

“Been here about three times and both the food and service have been excellent. Last couple of times I opted for the big island OG and today I chose the Rainbow OG so that I could have both tuna and salmon. As for all the bowls, the ingredients are always fresh especially the protein, veggies and add ons. The sauces are what make the bowls really stand out. The prices are adequate considering the area and the portions are just right. Only issue around here is finding a parking space especially on the weekends. Place isn’t too big but it was a slow day so I’d assume busy days you’re better off taking out. Oh and one more thing, the prep station was very organized and clean and that’s a bonus for me.”

4.4Superb150 Reviews

“Recently dined at Sokai Sushi Bar and can’t believe we have never been here before. So many wonderful food options, presented beautifully, and so delicious!! The ceviche was out of this world. Our server Dani was incredible. She made some excellent recommendations and was very attentive to our dining needs. We had a wonderful experience and will be adding this restaurant to our rotation.”

4.3Superb324 Reviews

“Outstanding experience! We were celebrating my son's graduation and Omakai was the perfect ending of a wonderful day. I want to praise and thank again the chef for the lavish dinner. Thanks to the staff that was so kind and professional. Last but not least the price was absolutely fair considering what we had!”

4.8Superb45 Reviews

“Love this place! The food is amazing and has something for everyone, such a fun eclectic menu. Everything we tried was tasty and prepared to perfection. Cute ambiance and a great place for date night, girls lunch or any celebration. Can’t wait to go back. Recommend the Sushi rolls, tostones rellenos, croquetas, bang bang shrimp, crispy rice and tiraditos. You can’t go wrong.”

4.4Superb134 Reviews

“Great sushi and excellent portion sizes. Usually when I order sushi I don’t feel satisfied. But this place made me FULL, and I don’t necessarily have a small appetite. Will definitely come here more often when I crave sushi and when I only want to eat sushi and get full from it.”

4.3Superb283 Reviews

“Delicious food, great service. We were seated as soon as we walked in. The waiter was very helpful and responsive and answered any questions we had. Our food and coffees were served very swiftly. Everything was delicious. We especially loved the garlic dip and spicy Mayo that was served with the fries.”

4.4Superb129 Reviews

“Cannot express how much I love this restaurant! It is amazing. The food is always delicious, the staff is friendly and always welcoming. And the aesthetics of the place are amazing. I come here 2-3 times a month and I’m never disappointed.I will say their specialty sushi’s are the best and totally worth every dollar. I know some people do come here for ramen, but I honestly ramen is not really their thing. They are definitely more of a sushi restaurant.If you’re wondering what your best options are here is a solid list:Starters: Hiyayakko, Miso soup, Spicy Tekka hosomaki rollSushi: American Dream, BCBS roll, hurricane roll, ninja roll, tuna lovers roll.Kitchen: Katsu-don, pork fried riceDrinks: Ramune, Sapporo, Sakes”

4.3Superb270 Reviews

“High quality fish & ingredients!Recommend to make your own vs. choosing one of the presets.Would come back!Vegetarian options: They do offer vegetarian options!Parking: Parking lot across way seems sketchy. But parking garage available 1-2 blocks away.”

4.7Superb49 Reviews

“Wow! Where do I start? My experience at Ruson was absolutely stellar and I’ll most definitely be visiting again.The prices? Pretty decent. The food? Phenomenal. But, what really stuck out to me was the service.I’ve never had such great service, even at higher scale restaurants. The owner came over and talked to us, she was very friendly and told us more about the area as we’re currently moving in.A waiter that wasn’t even assigned to our table saw us taking photos and asked if we wanted a photo, purely as a courtesy and he even got multiple angles.Our waiter was kind and attentive and the food was out very fast. Overall 10/10 experience :)”

4.3Superb262 Reviews

“All positive reviews are spot on-good food, efficient service, reasonable prices (2023.) Extensive menu offering some hard to come-by (Miami standards) Japanese specialties. 3 stars for the atmosphere, it’s not high on a priority as I mentioned as is the food. Plain vanilla suburban restaurant.”

4.3Superb261 Reviews

“Had the Garlic lover lunch plate for $16 and it was delicious! Perfectly seasoned! If anything, I wanted more garlic sauce because I am a true garlic lover lol. Also had the passion fruit sake drink which was so refreshing! And finished off my perfect lunch with an order of the bonding donuts! Truly a phenomenal hole in the wall lunch location! They also have happy hour from 5-7pm”

4.3Superb238 Reviews

“I would highly recommend J&M Fusion Cuisine to anyone looking for an exceptional dining experience in Miami. Whether you're a sushi lover or a fan of Latin cuisine, you're sure to find something that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more. With its cozy atmosphere, impeccable service, and exceptional food, J&M Fusion Cuisine is a must-visit for anyone in Miami who loves good food.”

4.9Superb32 Reviews

“Such an amazing omakase experience. Yes, it's pricey, but the fish quality is superb and the service is beyond par. They change the menu based on the season and available ingredients. We were lucky to get some firefly squid. The artistry and experience is sooo worth it. Someone commented on the bathrooms, which is just ridiculous. I can't believe someone would complain about them in another review. Absurd. Truly. They were just fine. The fish was buttery and fresh. I can't wait to come back and try their a la carte menu!”

4.4Superb107 Reviews

“This cute little spot serves delicious Asian fusion cuisine in the heart of North Miami. They have a good amount of seating both indoors and outdoors.So when you're in NMB, come sail away with Sushi Bomb's fantastic rolls like their Lobster Bomb (served in a boat) and Island Blast rolls plus their tasty appetizers like the Mini Krab Bombs and Flaming Hamachi. Not only the service is good but the food is absolutely yummy.What we ordered:LOBSTER BOMB - Combination of sautéed lobster, fried lobster & a Lobster RollISLAND BLAST - Salmon, mango, cream cheese & avocado topped with fried white fish, eel sauce, spicy mayo & lite flakesFLAMING HAMACHI - Thinly Sliced Hamachi with Jalapeños on top, Marinated in Ponzu SauceMINI KRAB BOMBS - Fried Kanikrab PastriesCHURRO BOMB - Bomb shaped churros stuffed with ice cream”

4.6Superb52 Reviews

“If you’re looking for the best sushi in town look no further! I’m not one to ever write reviews for culinary experiences but the service and quality of the food provided were out of this world. You read that right, out of this world! Thank me later but you won’t regret making it out to Design District for the best sushi in the 305!”

4.5Superb68 Reviews

“This place has so many sushi roll options to pick from! Today I got the Ike roll and the crunch roll, the rolls are massive. The fried rice had all the proteins, shrimp, chicken and steak. The place has a cute vibe, and the servers were very attentive.”

4.6Superb51 Reviews

“My goodness. I have LONGGGGGG WAITED to make a reservation here, what better timing than marking the end of my 14 Year Miami Stint? Combine that with a good friend's birthday and it's a winning combination!!! Memorable, delicious, enjoyable, intimate, I mean - so so so worth it.”

4.3Superb172 Reviews

“I honestly love this place. I come her almost every week. Service and food is excellent and the prices are perfect for what is served. The prices are not too much or too less. I recommend them to move to another location where it's bigger because the building I go to has a small building but I think they should have a bigger building because they deserve it. Anyways 10/10.”

4.3Superb169 Reviews

“I went with some friends and got the Omakase dinner they offer for Miami Spice, I highly recommend this spot!!The food was phenomenal, sushi is one of my favorite things to eat and this place did not disappoint.The server's were very friendly and the atmosphere very laid back.Very happy! Will return soon”

4.5Superb57 Reviews

“Best place for affordable and delicious sushi. I've been coming here for maybe 8 years now. I moved to Los Angeles a year ago but every time that I come to Miami, I get sushi here with my sister or my mom. It's become a ritual for us, it's our very special spot for a reason. We recommend the Lucky roll, Sexy Mama roll, Manny2 roll, and maybe the Squints if you're feeling adventurous. The Lucky is our top favorite though. They're fast and we also love picking up the sushi and eating it wherever we go, even if we're just going to go home to watch an episode of Ted Lasso or something.”

4.3Superb126 Reviews

“Out of many many sushi places I have been, this place is at the very top of the list.The sushi taste as good as the best sushi one could eat.The place is very clean, fast service, as fast as a fresh sushi roll can be made, very friendly.Highly recommended.”

4.8Superb25 Reviews

“Went for happy hour and despite it not being packed it took forever to get a hold of a server. My friend has severe allergies and we had to wait awhile before we could flag someone down to confirm there was no nuts or gluten in the toppings.”

4.2Good511 Reviews

“Food was great, very fresh sushi and lots of options. The bar is limited but I was happy with the sake! You order online so it’s perfect if you don’t feel like interacting with people. Still great service as everything was speedy and the hostess was lovely!”

4.3Superb105 Reviews

“I love this restaurant! My husband and I have been here 3 times and the food is always delicious, great service as well. It’s become one of our regular spots for sure. As a vegan, I would highly recommend the kale ramen and the orange tofu!”

4.2Good350 Reviews

“What a fantastic place. It was out of this world. The food, the customer services, the decor (not too big of a place but once you try the food, everything is forgotten). I went with the family and we ordered several things and every single one of them hit (was good). Peruvian/Japanese fusion food, and it did not disappoint. From sushi to Arroz chaufa and even the micheladas. They were all grade A. Highly recommend place to eat if your in the area.”

4.2Good265 Reviews

“The food is spectacularly delicious! Definitely try any of the fusion appetizers or mains with guava ?. Luis gave us the best service — very friendly and super attentive to all our requests. Ambiance is laid back. Nice and chill. I will definitely be coming back and asking for Luis.”

4.2Good212 Reviews

“By a happy coincidence (bad service in the Panda Express next door-see review) we became aware of this restaurant when we were looking for an Asian restaurant. Very warm service and very good Thai food. Would love to go back to this restaurant anytime! Kudos to the kitchen and the service staff.”

4.2Good169 Reviews

“Best deals on lunch buffet every Thursday thru Monday, authentic Filipino food for buffet and sushi, noodles dishes are well done deliciously.Loves all dishes at this place! Very much recommended!!! ? ? ?Vegetarian options: Can add tofu with your food, vegetables chopsuey to recommend/vegetables yakisoba with tofu.”

4.3Superb58 Reviews

“I visited The Citadel with zero expectations as it was my first time eating there. I came across Maki-San and ordered a few roles to share with friends and WOW, to my amazement, the sushi and crispy rice was one of the best meals I have had in a long time. I went there almost a week ago and have told all my friends and family how amazing the sushi is here. Although I live 30miles from the restaurant, I can't wait to go back again. Thank you for such a wonderful experience with superb quality and freshness. Keep up the great work!”

4.3Superb53 Reviews

“Three of us visited on an early Sunday afternoon (right when they opened) for happy hour. Ordered mostly from the HH menu but 3 rolls that were on the normal menu, and had only one glass of wine for the table (2 diners weren’t drinking) and the bill was still $180 which seems like a lot for happy hour with barely any alcohol. The food was good though, and service and vibe :-)”

4.2Good128 Reviews

“There’s really been improved level of service and attention that I have noticed from the staff at this place. I'm not entirely sure what has caused this positive change, but it is evident that there have been notable improvements in their overall approach and attentiveness towards customer. I asked for the manager and Ricky store manger came and thanked us, even treated us to a dessert for the good feedback. Recommend this sushi spot 10/10 :)”

4.2Good122 Reviews

“This is one of the best Japanese restaurants in Miami. The vegetable croquettes and salmon Teriyaki are my favorite menu items. They have great sake and sushi as well, honestly you can't go wrong with anything you order here. The staff is friendly and professional, I highly recommend this place.”

4.2Good110 Reviews

“Food was amazing. $35 all you can eat with incredible value. Quality of the fish was good. Ambiance was a little dark in the Restaurant, I needed my flashlight to read the paper menu. I definitely recommend this place if you like sushi. I specifically recommend the volcano roll, basked lobster roll and the muscles.”

4.3Superb39 Reviews
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