McDonald's in Indianapolis

McDonald's - 5935 Madison Ave

Rating: 3.9

5935 Madison Ave, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 791-8002

It was fine. I got a biscuit and egg and a small frappe'. It took a few trips before this one to have them figure out how to put an egg on a biscuit and leave off the sausage and horrible pretend cheese.I don't eat meat anymore and if everyone knew what they do to meat before you eat it, no-one would eat it. It's gross!😵

McDonald's - 9851 E Washington St

Rating: 3.9

9851 E Washington St, Indianapolis IN 46229
(317) 898-1156

Good most the time...they forget to put salt on the fries.

McDonald's - 3021 Southeastern Ave

Rating: 3.9

3021 Southeastern Ave, Indianapolis IN 46203
(317) 631-3484

Today's experience stood out tremendously compared to most days I've visited there. We had great speedy service followed by an enormous amount of hospitality. There was an kind older woman who went above and beyond to assure our time there was superb. She had the kids'play place in tip top condition and an amazing attitude.

McDonald's - 1934 Shadeland Ave

Rating: 3.8

1934 Shadeland Ave, Indianapolis IN 46219
(317) 356-1153

Clean store helpful staff Great customer service fresh food

McDonald's - 7000 Graham Rd

Rating: 3.8

7000 Graham Rd, Indianapolis IN 46220
(317) 842-1467

Good service and quick drive thru. Pleasant voice while ordering and service was fast during an active lunch rush. Workers were nice.

McDonald's - 2830 S Madison

Rating: 3.8

2830 S Madison, Indianapolis IN 46225
(317) 784-4492

As far as mcdonalds go this is the best. Fast service with hot food.

McDonald's - 2230 S Sherman Dr

Rating: 3.8

2230 S Sherman Dr, Indianapolis IN 46203
(317) 788-1326

Great staff. They seem very authentic in that they want to give you good service. In all my years visiting this place, I've never had a bad experience.

McDonald's - 3501 W 86th St

Rating: 3.7

3501 W 86th St, Indianapolis IN 46268
(317) 872-3953

Fast lunch sevice. Drive thru much faster but i always go in

McDonald's - 7911 US-31

Rating: 3.7

7911 US-31, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 882-1991

Yummy food. Accurate with my order 85% of the time and honestly when you think of how hitting 3/10 hits in Baseball makes you a "good player," I'm willing to take my chances. Waits aren't too bad....really dope bathroom....overall it's a good Mickey D.

McDonald's - 2524 County Line Rd E

Rating: 3.7

2524 County Line Rd E, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 888-6258

I did not know until this trip to McDonald's about the senior coffee! It was great to learn of that being available. My friend and I were there in a rather busy time, we got our food quickly, and it was very good

McDonald's - 3649 S Keystone Ave

Rating: 3.6

3649 S Keystone Ave, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 780-1184

Can't go wrong with McDonald's Foods always good cheap prices sweetie is amazing and so is there triple cheeseburgers for only 2 bucks can't beat it

McDonald's - 3515 S Post Rd

Rating: 3.6

3515 S Post Rd, Indianapolis IN 46239
(317) 862-0904

Burgers , frys, and shakes oh no, new bacon on big mac and quarter pounder with cheese must try it looks good love the ice tea

McDonald's - 3745 N Post Rd

Rating: 3.6

3745 N Post Rd, Indianapolis IN 46226
(317) 897-2687

I ordered their new bacon smokehouse dbl burger...IT WAS AWESOME! To be honest I didn't expect it to have been THAT good but it really was. It was big and tasty...not dry. I would definitely get it again. Good job McD's!

McDonald's - 5030 Southport Crossing Pl

Rating: 3.6

5030 Southport Crossing Pl, Indianapolis IN 46227
(317) 859-9760

Best fish sandwich I've had in a while. Not dry, but very juicy.

McDonald's - 6056 W 71st St

Rating: 3.6

6056 W 71st St, Indianapolis IN 46268
(317) 297-3912

Long drive thru wait but order was hot fresh and correct

McDonald's - 2425 E 38th St

Rating: 3.6

2425 E 38th St, Indianapolis IN 46218
(317) 546-3681

Very polite and the lady at the register even asked how my day was going. Didn't have to wait long for my order. Food came right on time, and they even put napkins in the bag without me asking!!!

McDonald's - 3435 W 16th St

Rating: 3.5

3435 W 16th St, Indianapolis IN 46222
(317) 632-3863

Pure perfect customer service and fast in and out and also they are very nice and allowed a homeless man eat in a warm place without judging him unlike other businesses if i could give give over 1000 stars best believe I would!!!

McDonald's - 9536 N Meridian St

Rating: 3.5

9536 N Meridian St, Indianapolis IN 46260
(317) 846-7038

The food was good and the staff were hard-working and polite. The inside of the restaurant was really quiet even though it was more than halfway full. Clean restrooms and dining area.

McDonald's - 6830 West 38th Street

Rating: 3.5

6830 West 38th Street, Indianapolis IN 46254
(317) 291-5600

Always a good visit. Food was fresh and staff was super friendly. This is my prefered location.

McDonald's - 3828 W Morris St

Rating: 3.5

3828 W Morris St, Indianapolis IN 46241
(317) 241-6219

Friendly service. Was a little slow but they were really busy. Food was good and hot so I was pleased. One of the better stories I've been to locally.


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