10 Best Coffee Shops in Grand Rapids

“Went to Grand Rapids for a wedding. We stopped at this little place that was a Google search of "Places to eat near me." Can I say... OMG!!We went to the restaurant for breakfast. I could smell wonderful smells outside... but when you walk in, you are immediately taken aback by the wonderful aroma of bacon. Now, you don't have to eat it to appreciate the smell of it.Anyway... you pass by the kitchen on your left where you can see everyone hard at work prepar...”

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“Tea but on a whole 'nother level! My wife needed a specific tea and they had many more options besides the one she was hunting for. Organic tea, not covered with "natural flavors" or in toxic tea bags.They have a small tea bar so you can walk out with a cuppa. They also have some nice sundries and handmade gifts.”

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“Pros: the food was very flavorful. I like the atmosphere. The drinks cocktails were very good. I would recommend Bistek con pimienta!Cons: I wish their were more options for dinner like the tapas places in Spain. I wish they had oxtail. I didn’t feel like I was in Spain when eating the dishes which that’s what I was hoping for. I wish the Chicken and chorizo dish had some veggies or rice with the dish for what the cost of the dish is. I can’t complain about the cost bc gra...”

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“You will find some of the best coffee in Grand Rapids here. I personally love their flavored coffees and they are second to none. Very reasonably priced and knowledge and helpful staff!”

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“I go every morning. I do not like that they blatantly ask customers if they'd "like to leave a tip"..... but everything else is perfect. They should really stop making their employees ask customers about tipping though ? but I LOVE THIS PLACE!!! (yeah I tip every time but jeez stop asking me)”

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“Kaffeine is awesome. I work out of the cafe and it’s a great spot for it. The lattes are awesome as well, highly recommend the iced lattes because they arent just milk they have a great espresso flavor.Staff is always incredibly friendly, thanks for the great experience!”

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“Craig is an artist, both coffee and the store design ! The place is absolutely stunning ! He has a great knowledge on coffee and it is the home of ‘ Saturday Coffee Experience ‘ . Their coffee can also be found in the Fulton street market. Their Dark roast Pour over is very good. Yet to try their signature Red Eye espresso blend.Please encourage local businesses ?? especially the ones with a lot of passion & commitment.”

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“Lantern is an awesome coffee spot in Grand Rapids with fantastic vibes and some truly impecable coffee. They do a great job fostering a calming and open environment, nestled amongst the older buildings of the city. It’s a great spot to stop by on a walk, study, catch up with friends, or have a working afternoon out of the office. With additional seating downstairs, you’re likely able to find a seat. If not, the city is only steps away (and your fresh coffee can help get yo...”

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“Quiet and peaceful despite being busy. Honestly, it's one of my favorite coffee shops I've ever been to. Unapologetically Christian, but you don't feel like you're walking into a church. Just a fantastic, friendly, relaxing spot with great coffee, delicious sandwiches, and really friendly employees who's smile and conversation will make anyone's day better!Highly recommend”

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“When you walk into SHC you'll probably walk up to the counter and stare at the large board behind the barista. So many great drinks to choose from, coffee or tea based.However, while these all are fantastic, at some point, you should just try an espresso here.Why? Because sugar, cream, and flavor can hide what is at the heart of a coffee drink...coffee. But an espresso shot will tell you much about the place, the bean, and the service.As a scorpio, I may be biased, bu...”

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