11 Best Korean Restaurants in Lynnwood

“This is our third time eating at Modoo. All three times hit the spot for us! The service was always over our expectations - we were never out of tea (free drinks). All the waitresses were always attentive and friendly. The food was tasty and delicious. Banchan dishes were fresh and refillable.”

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“it's a corndog... if you like them you will like these if you don't probably not for you. if I were to go back I would pick up an all cheese filled one for my wife and a spicy beef for me and the "potatoes" seemed a little to gimmicky to try again. also I think they got the sauses wrong because the cheese sause was very sweet.”

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“Chops is one of my favorite places to eat in Lynwood, I haven’t seen anywhere like it. Their Asian fusion burritos are scrumptious and I will almost always go out of my way to eat here if I’m in Lynnwood. My personal favorite is their flaming boar burrito, it’s the perfect combination of ingredients, allowing for a perfectly moist flavorful and slightly spicy burrito (btw it’s not the spiciest it’s pretty mild so don’t get it thinking your going to burn your mouth off, it’s a pleasant tingle).”

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“Went with a group of 6 on a Friday night about 9:00PM. Great to find a place open later, an upbeat atmosphere and GREAT Korean Fried Chicken. Ordered the Galbi, Spicy and Regular chicken. Others in our party tried Soup, Tteokbokki, and Kimchi fried rice and were very happy. Even though they were very busy we were served promptly by knowledge staff who were very pleasant, patient, and Edgar to please. Rare these days! The manager ‘G’ was also working hard, and made sure everyone in our party was taken care of and happy with our meal. They didn’t have much beer to choose from this particular night, but they did have a variety of Soju and Rice wine. Great spot anytime, but especially late a night when nothings ever open. Will definitely be back!”

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“This place is located inside the G-Mart. It isn't a fancy sit-down restaurant, but rather, a nice, cozy food court :) We ordered the spicy ramen and combo katsu (snow cheese and spicy garlic). The ramen was not bad - but as many mentioned, if you're looking for an authentic Japanese ramen, this isn't your place. It tasted great! Just with more of a korean flair to it. But, the katsu on the other hand - was phenomenal. The snow cheese was probably our favorite - I believe underneath the cheese they put some sort of curry sauce that was so flavorful. Definitely will be coming back- the price was also very reasonable considering all the inflation!”

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“Used to eat here often before the pandemic, when it was still dine-in. Proprietor is a kind and generous woman and food was always delicious, if a bit on the starchy side (heavy sauces). Best part was (and still is, imo) they have very good noodles in black bean sauce, which, while extremely popular in South Korea, is maddeningly hard to find in the Seattle area. In Korea it is to people there what pizza is here.”

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“Food was so and so, but I liked the atmosphere here. The green melamine plates and bowls bring back my middle school and highschool nostalgia. Instagrammable interior is definitely a plus. To us, all their food seemed to be overpriced for the street food, but everything is expensive these days; it was understandable.”

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“Solid meal hidden inside the grocery storeEverything is cooked fresh and tasty. We always get multiple orders of kalbi. The pancake is yummy with the sauceLove the banchan that comes with it: kimchi, cucumber, radish, potato, bean sprouts. quite the spread!Been here every time we visit Seattle. Good food with good pricing ?”

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“Wanted Korean food before my flight back but seemed to have very bad luck as we visited multiple Korean restaurants that day only to find out that they were closed for one reason or another. Hyang Mi was our final stop before we were thinking to just give up but thankfully, they were open. We were a bit hesitant as there was no one there, but we were hungry so we just went for it.For the two of us, we ordered one order of the #16 (half and half) - black soybean noodle and spicy seafood noodle soup. It turned out to be a good portion size for the two of us and allowed us to try more than one thing. The lady working the counter was really nice and attentive. The flavors of the noodles were good and the noodles themselves had a nice chewiness to it. Definitely worth checking out if you like Korean/Chinese food.”

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“Not a bad experience but the reviews that say they have the best chicken? It was good, but we’ve tried better. Their chicken wasn’t dry but their batter is different. I was excited to see that they had creamy onion chicken after moving from the East Coast and trying that dish from a popular Korean restaurant there. The creamy onion chicken didn’t meet my expectations. The onions were over cooked and the sauce was in a medium sized container— for a whole chicken order, I was expecting a larger container.”

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“I got the white kimchi, sesame chicken, sweet and sour pork (Korean style), beef japchae, and spicy dukbokki!Everything was perfect. Big portions and super flavorful without being too heavy.Sweet and sour pork are prepared Korean style with wood ear mushrooms, carrot, and pineapple. If you’re looking for the more Cantonese version or red sauce, this is a Korean style restaurant.Dukbokki is not too spicy with a great red pepper sauce and tasty fish cakes. Super chewy rice cakes. Would buy again.Def get the japchae with beef. The beef adds sweetness and savory flavour to the noodles.I will be back to try more menu items.”

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