22 Best Coffee Shops in Alameda

“The day before Thanksgiving, I was able to waltz in at opening time and purchase several beautiful epi baguettes and indulge in an amazing almond croissant. The tiny shop front belies the larger bakery to the rear as their products go out to other locations richer in display area but paupers in oven space. A past reviewer had disparaged the lack of labelling of the display section which has since been rectified -no, no sandwiches. The ladies commandeering the register and displays were kind, attentive, and friendly and put some real effort into making me a pour-over coffee- which I only indulged in because there was no line. The fresh delivery of palettes of organic bread flour outside their door that morning verified the claim of all organic bread (though pastry flour is more of a mystery). There is a certain minimal indulgence towards the gluten sensitive crowd, but seriously, an entire alternate business could set up in town to take up the torch for our gluten avoiding friends and neighbors. Business opportunity knocking, -anyone? The almond croissant was buttery, flakey and perfectly laminated, the filling generous and enriched with an additional flavor alongside the almond that still escapes me but was delightfully memorable and intriguing. We are grateful to have Feel Good on our shores and their goods on our tables.”

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“Stopped here for a coffee and a restroom stop. The mocha we ordered was delicious- just the right mix of strong and slightly sweet. The bathroom was very clean, too. The person at the counter was very friendly. They were just closing up but did not rush us at all. In fact, they urged us to check out the back patio (which was sunny and pleasant, with music and a fountain). We will definitely come back for the food and maybe a glass of wine.”

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“What an awesome place! If I lived in Alameda I would definitely be a regular here.The coffee is great and the people who work here are kind (especially the gentleman who helped me when I spilled some of my latte today).They literally put a smile on my face this morning. Thank you.Ps their house made sauce ?”

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“Looking for a pick me up after eating some delicious Italian food, we stopped by The Prescher's Daughter to grab a cup of coffee and chu chu board of meats and cheese. The staff was friendly and attentive. Little to no wait to get seated and order our goodies. There was live music to help set the atmosphere of the place. All in all a fun time to be had no alcohol required... But I did partake lol.”

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“"Jay's Coffee Teas and Treats" is a small cafe in Alameda's Morton Station. They offer coffee, teas, sandwiches and bakery items. It's a very neatly organized place, with small tables inside. I was there thirty minutes before closing, and the lady made an effort to fill orders. I ordered a large coffee. They were sold out, so she made the coffee fresh for me. The other customer asked for a sandwich, and they made it "on order" in the kitchen. This extra effort and friendly service will earn them my repeat business. Located near the A-1 Market, near Benton St & Encinal Ave. Street parking”

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“What a nice café! We loved having breakfast there. The food is very good and all freshly made and served by the cook himself. Also the service was very friendly. We would come back any time, if we would live here. We can only highly recommend the café.”

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“Look at this wine glass - picture was taken before I took a sip - do you find it as hilarious as I do?I ordered a veggie everything bagel with salmon added to it. It was very tall and packed with toppings, ate half of it and took the rest home. Delicious!Service was great and music choice is soothing.”

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“I live on “the island” and CC is my go-to coffee shop. The place is chill, tastefully decorated, servers are pleasant, bright, and overall fantastic. Prices are more than reasonable and most importantly their coffee is pretty good. The only challenge I have is their power strip along the underside of the bar bc it can’t hold up weight (or power bricks) due to gravity. Regular plugs are fine.”

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“Coleyworld approved! ?Best coffee in Alameda for sure! Been coming here for years for the Raspberry White Chocolate Mocha! They also have delicious and freshly made sandwiches! Love walking around the market to pick up a few things after a quick coffee and snack break!”

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“Sweet neighborhood cafe with various teas and coffee-based drinks, nice selection of pastries and sandwiches and unique other items. Congee and specialty quicheParking: Street parking only. Depending on the time your frequent the cafe. They close at 2pm”

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“I recently went to Julie's Coffee & Tea Garden in Alameda. It is hands down my favorite coffeeshop on the island & easily one of my favorites in the entire SF Bay Area as I put it up there w/ the Timeless coffeeshops in Oakland & now in Berkeley along w/ in The Center Teahouse in the Haight in the city. Although I love the smell of roasted coffee beans the only caffeine I consume is the trivial amounts in good quality dark chocolate on occasion as Dr. Andrew Weil would say an ounce a day! So the offering of hot drinks at Julie's are eclectic from coffee, espresso, tea lattes, & hot chocolate. They also have iced drinks such as iced tea & iced coffee. They have quite a few unique speciality drinks including ginger lemon brew, several types of kombucha which are lovely probiotic elixirs. They also have lavender lemonade which would be great in the warmer months that will be here soon enough. They even have hard beverages such as wine, beer, & cider. I am big into herbal tea & the selection of loose herbal teas here is dialed. I went w/ the Vitality Late w/ oat milk, no honey added & topped w/ cinnamon. This drink is a rejuvenate & strengething ayurvedic tonic made w/ ashwaganda & macha. I paired the hot drink w/ a organic vegan Mexican chocolate cookie. The hot drink was quite alright & could feel the vitality from it. The vegan cookie was a nice treat to have it with. Besides beverages Julie's also serves food w/ a menu offering great for brunch. Julie's is dedicated to sourcing organic & locally grown ingredients. The food menu is veg-friendly w/ many vegan & gluten-free offerings clearly labeled as such. I look forward to trying some of their sweet or savory offerings on a future visit as the Lacinato Kale & Red Cabbage Salad looks great as does the sweet potato hummus! Being a city slicker I love the shift of paradigms to the bucolic atmosphere of the unique tea garden. Julie's would be a great place to bring your laptop to get some work done remotely w/ the focused energy of a coffeeshop or catch up on studying for students yet please know that on weekends Julie's is unplugged from 8am to 2pm as no laptops or WiFi is permitted. The cafe & tea garden is also cellphone-free. Kudos for Julie's for having this unplugged time as feel it is important to unplug at times in our Bobby Digital Modern Times. Although I think technology is great....it is a balance!”

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“Great little place. Visiting from Ohio. The Pho was delicious. Gave generous amounts of all meats in soup. Also plenty of throw in vegetables. Service courteous and not over attentive. Owner took his "early dinner" as we were leaving. Was funny not bad!!! Also my niece got a delicious and generous banh mi the previous day. I'll recommend to anyone!!!! Keep up the great work”

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“We hired Whisk Creations to bake a single tier Wedding Cake for us and cupcakes for our guests. They presented our cupcakes beautifully on the day of. We received multiple compliments from guests on how delicious the cupcakes were. Thank you Henry and Whisk Cake Creations for creating a simply beautiful and delicious cake.”

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“My wife and I had turkey paninis, which were excellent. We took a burger home to our adult son, which he reported as excellent.They were open for carryout only but the pleasant young man working the window ( likely noticing my wife's mobility challenges) offered to run the order out to our car when it was ready. Wait time was about 15 minutes as they had a few other orders ahead of us. Awesome service and great f ood!Parking: East side of the building”

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“With a mix of emotions swirling within me, I feel compelled to share my review of the beloved neighborhood café I'm reluctantly bidding farewell to. A recent change in my job location means I won't have the pleasure of visiting this delightful spot anymore. Nevertheless, I can't help but sing praises for this hidden gem and the experiences I've had here.What truly sets this café apart is the exceptional service provided by the dedicated staff. The owners, in particular, go the extra mile to make every customer feel welcome and valued. Even during the chaotic morning rush and bustling mid-afternoon lunch hours, their attentiveness shines through. They consistently have my order ready, striking a balance between efficiency and quality.Now, let's talk about the café's offerings, which are nothing short of delightful. Whether you're a coffee aficionado or a lover of delectable pastries, this place has it all. As you step inside, the inviting aroma of freshly brewed coffee instantly awakens your senses. The coffee itself is rich, flavorful, and expertly crafted, making it the perfect way to kickstart your day.As I bid farewell to this café, it's with a sense of gratitude for the memories it has given me. The combination of excellent service, carefully crafted beverages and pastries, and a cozy atmosphere make it stand out from the competition.To anyone who has the chance to visit this neighborhood café, I wholeheartedly recommend giving it a try. Whether you need a quick caffeine fix or a peaceful spot to unwind, this café has got you covered. Treasure each moment you spend here, as it truly is a haven for coffee lovers and food enthusiasts alike.Parking: Plenty of parking.”

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“Was at the park with my family and decided to stop by for a drink. I ordered a Mocha Frappuccino with Almond milk and it's super delicious! The drink was so good, my husband and I drank it too fast before I could get a before photo. The owner was very kind and friendly, she made us feel at home, 10/10 all around!”

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“I'm not sure why there are so many negative reviews for this place. I thought it was great! Kind employees, fast service, clean bathroom and sitting area, and even after a large group came in they were able to keep up their quick and good service. Their selections aren't as big as some other places, but they have very good warm tea and unique topping options. Would definitely recommend.”

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“Donuts are amazing here Super soft and interesting flavors all the time Drinks are good too. I tried taro latte pistachio latte and customized fruit tea Was deliiiiciiiioooouuuusss Super cool location and place Very nice inside Service is good. I liked it more the last time I went”

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“Dear coffee aficionados,I am writing to share with you a truly remarkable experience I recently had at Peet's Coffee in Alameda, California. This particular encounter transcended the realms of ordinary coffee enjoyment; it was a divine connection that stirred my senses and touched my soul.From the moment I stepped into the cozy ambiance of Peet's Coffee, I was enveloped in a soothing atmosphere that felt like a sanctuary for my weary spirit. The fragrant aroma of freshly roasted beans mingled with a sense of tranquility, instantly transporting me to a place of pure bliss.In these extraordinary moments, I had the pleasure of crossing paths with a barista named Diana, whose expertise and passion for her craft were unmatched. Diana's unwavering commitment to excellence shone through in each meticulously crafted beverage she prepared, turning every visit into a transcendent experience.Let me take a moment to sing praises for the white chocolate mochas that Diana created for me on three separate occasions. With each visit, Diana managed to surpass the previous masterpiece, delivering a level of perfection that seemed almost otherworldly. The rich, velvety texture of the white chocolate combined with the perfectly balanced espresso and frothy milk created a symphony of flavors that danced upon my palate with divine grace.It was evident that Diana's talent was not limited to her technical skills alone. Her genuine warmth and genuine interest in ensuring my complete satisfaction made each interaction a delight. She not only served coffee but also extended a gentle kindness that left an indelible mark on my heart.As I reflect on these encounters, I am reminded of the words of the ancient poet Rumi, who said, "Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love." Within the walls of Peet's Coffee in Alameda, I found myself drawn to the love and passion that Diana poured into each cup she created.To the entire team at Peet's Coffee, I extend my deepest gratitude for fostering an environment where such exceptional experiences can occur. The dedication to quality, the commitment to hospitality, and the genuine care for customers like me make Peet's Coffee not just a place for caffeinated delights but a sanctuary for the soul.In conclusion, if you find yourself in Alameda, California, do not miss the opportunity to visit Peet's Coffee and bask in the divine flavors crafted by the talented hands of barista Diana. Prepare to embark on a journey of taste, warmth, and transcendent joy that will linger in your heart long after your last sip.With gratitude and caffeinated blessings,”

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“Jim's is an established diner that's been around forever and is most often full. It's quality diner food with exceptional breakfast standards and some surprises. The food is great, the wait staff is friendly and efficient, the restaurant is clean, the decor is nothing fancy but you're going to Jim's for high end atmosphere. You're going for the food and the conversation with your party. The open kitchen is great .”

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“I see some bad reviews recently and I honestly cannot relate at all. I’ve only experienced good service here, and I’ve been a customer for 5 years! I always have a chat with the employees while ordering / paying. Brendon is very kind and always makes sure to ask me how work is going, and remembers details from our past conversations. I’ve seen this behavior with the other regulars too - they really go above and beyond. I’ve always felt that Bagel Street values their customers and community. They even have an Instagram where they post the photos taken with their regular customers. Maybe if the people leaving bad reviews were to value the workers here as people, more than just someone to make them a bagel, they would see a difference in their experience. A lot of creative people work here and have more introverted personality until you approach them with kindness. Yes they sell out of bagels, but that’s because they’re so much better than any other places in Alameda. My sandwiches are always piled up thick, unlike other shops where I get a thin sandwich with hardly any topping. Bagels are a breakfast thing, if you’re coming after 12pm yes they will be sold out of a lot of flavors but even the plain and basic bagels are still good. Some people wrote in their review “they don’t make enough for the demand” but honestly, these workers are coming in at 4-5am to make hundreds of bagels each day. It would be bad for business to add additional work hours to make more bagels, when those bagels will end up in the trash if people don’t buy. It’s better for the business to sell out than it is for them to have waste. Maybe you should care more about local business owners and family run businesses, to have grace and understanding for their perspective. If they sell out, manage your disappointment like an adult and just go elsewhere, then come earlier next time to get what you want! It’s not that hard people…”

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“Living in LA and SF for many years, I know how hyped up, expensive drinks can end up being disappointing. Their ube Vietnamese coffee is not one of these drinks. Reasonable price. Amazing taste, NOT just aesthetic. Should be featured. The only sad thing is when I'm visiting Bay Farm and they're closed on Sundays, but I respect it.”

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