19 Best Korean Restaurants in San Diego

Sue’s Korean Kitchen Korean • $
6755 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Korean Bibimbap with Beef
Galbi Short Ribs
Beef Bulgogi
Pork Cutlet
Tofu Soup

“Best korean in New Hampshire! authentic korean. this is not korean bbq, though they do have kalbi. my favorite is soondubu soup, stone pot bibimbap, and japchae. I get it without egg and no meat. i enjoy dining in for the stone pot that crisps the rice, but also enjoy take out. everything is wrapped up good and safe. my family manages a severe nut allergy and eat here safely weekly.“

4.7 Superb109 Reviews
Woomiok Korean • $$
3860 Convoy St ste 113-114, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Seafood Pancake & Braised Beef Short Rib
Spicy Braised Short Rib in Stone Pot
bulgogi over rice in hot stone bowl
Spicy Beef Bone Soup with Brisket
Panko Breaded Fried Dumplings
Beef Bone Broth with Briskets
Woomiok Special Combo
Beef Short Rib Soup
Kimchi Side Dishes
Radish Kimchi

“Today, we are the Bulgogi on rice in a hot pot and the Spicy Beef Stew Soup (also in a hot pot). The meals come with your traditional Korean side dishes. I loved the way the spicy flavors aren’t unbearable. Chasing it with small bits of rice balances out the spices San’s all the delicious flavors of the cabbage and onions. Great service and comfortably cozy atmosphere with the dark decor and Korean contemporary music playing over the sound system.“

4.5 Superb113 Reviews
Jomaru Korean Hot Pot (조마루 감자탕) Korean • $$
4681 Convoy St D, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Pork Bone Soup in Hot Pot
Bibimbab with Hot Stone
Fried Pork Dumplings
Gam-Ja-Tang Large
Seafood Pajun
감자탕 대
Potato Dough
Braised Pork

“Only one server for the whole restaurant with one other server to help deliver the dishes. We arrived just after 3 and left 2 hours later. So in between rush hours, I guess. Still received good services. Different dish in Korea that is being served, and it was delicious. Other side dishes are not worthy of paying extra. Parking is major problem for the establishment for the building with many other businesses.“

4.4 Superb162 Reviews
Bok Bok Dok Asian • $
3960 W Point Loma Blvd Suite J, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Tamarind Chicken Wings
Passion Fruit Lemondae
Garlic Parmesan Wings
Sweet and Spicy Wings
Garlic Egg Fried Rice
Kimchi Fried Rice
Soy Garlic Wings
Asian Coleslaw
Tamarind Chili
Spicy Sandwich

“Jesus did a great job guiding us through the menu and delivering us a great experience. The garlic fried rice and tamarind wings were our favorites but everything we ordered was a winner. It seems like you can go wrong with anything on the menu here! We even tried the soju lychee cocktail which honestly was so smooth and not too sweet. We'll be coming back here often for sure :) thanks Jesus!“

4.8 Superb304 Reviews
Manna BBQ Korean • $$
4428 Convoy St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Hawaiian Pork Belly
Brisket Chadol Sauce
Green Onion Salad
Teriyaki Chadol
Spicy Chicken
Cheese Fondue
Chadol Baegi
Steamed Egg
Corn Cheese
House Salad

“Delicious food and great atenttion“

4.2 Good152 Reviews
Pelicana Chicken SD Korean • $$
7767 Balboa Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Fried Boneless Chicken Half with Signature Sauce
Crispy Fried Chicken
Peli Shaken Fries
Original Fried
Cabbage Salad
French Fries
Onion Rings

“I recommend lemon jin if you don't like the taste of alc but still want to drink alc. I personally thought it just tasted like soda, so I didn't like it much. Ddeokbokki is good, nothing special. I ordered crispy soy half and signature sauce half. The portions are bigger than I thought. The food was very good. It's a good drinking place : )“

4.2 Good139 Reviews
Song Hak Korean BBQ - San Diego Korean • $$
4681 Convoy St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

GOP Chang Small Beef Intestine
Prime Combo 3 Serves 2-3
Gopchang Shortrib Jungol
Kimchi Fried Rice Dinner
Tok Galbi Bibimbap
Black Bean Noodles
Corn Cheese Plate
Songhak Combo
Steamed Egg
Corn Cheese

“Wonderful k bbq, nice staff, love how you can customize what you like to eat enjoyed the scallops and the wagyu beef :) fun times in Convoy district, I also ended up getting pork belly, short ribs, and Wagyu brisket. The tea is yummy as well:)“

4.3 Superb86 Reviews
Cross Street Chicken and Beer (DELMAR) Korean • $
12955 El Camino Real G2, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Cross Street Fries or Tots
Beer Battered Fries
Seoul Spicy Chicken
Chicken Fried Rice
Chicken N Waffles
Popcorn Chicken
Extra Fried Egg
Chicken Fingers
Davanti Burger
Pulled Pork

“My favorite Nashville hot chicken sandwich and tenders!!!!!!“

4.2 Good108 Reviews
All that Shabu Korean • $$
8105 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego

“Miramar san diego location is awful!!! Wont sit you at a table that fits you! 5 people - 4 broths. Watched a table of 8 share 2 burners!!!! People had to share broths!!! Never seen anything like it! Irvine location is way way better!!!“

5 Superb16 Reviews
bb.q Chicken Convoy Korean • $
4344 Convoy St Q, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

bb Q Signature Rice Bowl
Honey Garlic Chicken
Gangnam Style Wings
Korean Fried Chicken
Sweet Potato Fries
Honey Garlic Wings
Kimchi Fried Rice
Soy Garlic Wings
Cheesling Fries
Chicken Wings

“Love this branch of bbq chicken! I recently had it in one of the LA branches and for some reason, it just didn’t taste as good. They also accidentally charged us for a different table’s order but they resolved it promptly and had good service. Nearly finished everything despite only being 2 people.“

4.1 Good104 Reviews
SomiSomi Ice Cream Shop • $
4620 Convoy St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Cookies and Cream with Taiyaki Soft Serve
Green Tea Injeolmi Toast
Green Tea Bingsoo
Ube & Oreo Swirl
Cookies & Cream
Black Sesame
Red Bean

“I didn't understand the ratings until I tried the upside ahboong for myself and it was delicious. The prices are fair and the toppings are unlimited. I see why the lines are long but goes by fast. I returned at opening time on mother's day and groups of people were rolling in after I arrived. I love that they open late!“

4.7 Superb123 Reviews
K. Cuisine Korean • $$
4688 Convoy St #112, San Diego

“It was very satisfying to have a nice Korean hotpot on a chilly night. Their food is pretty delicious, the pork bone hotpot we had is very big, with a lot of meats in it, it is also flavorful. Comparing to other Korean hotpot places like Jomaru, this place is not the best, but not bad at all, it more tastes like a home made. It was a little slow on a Saturday night and they were not even that busy, but their free small dishes came fast and they ate free refilled.“

4.3 Superb28 Reviews
H Mart Balboa Korean •
7725 Balboa Ave, San Diego

“This was my first time trying out this food court. The food here was very tasty and delicious. The korean sides dishes were so good, my favorite was the kimchi radish. I got the beef soup with korean potato noodles, rice, and kimchi and radish kimchi. We would come back if in the area.“

4.5 Superb157 Reviews
Bann Cutlet & Teriyaki Korean •
San Diego
3.7 Good12 Reviews
SOMISOMI Dessert • $
9168 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Taiyaki Nutella Taiyaki Custard
Matcha Ah-Boong Upside-Down
Matcha and Ube Swirl
Soft Serve

““I scream for ice cream”I had Ube and Horchata swirl on a fish cone, and it was absolutely amazing! The combination was divine, and I'm already tempted to go back for another one tonight. Although I was eager to try the pink guava ice cream, it was unfortunately out of stock. Despite that, the service was lightning fast—I got my ice cream in less than a minute! The atmosphere was perfect for a sunny day, making it an overall fantastic experience.“

4.4 Superb76 Reviews
Handoo Korean BBQ Barbeque • $$
4647 Convoy St #104, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Pork Belly 1lb
Korean Barbecue
Beef Bulgogi
Corn Cheese
Steamed Egg
Soft Tofu
Beef Rib

“Good food great customer service fast my go to for Kbbq“

4.2 Good88 Reviews
Bonchon Village Way Asian Fusion • $
6030 Village Way Suite 104, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Sliders
Boneless Wings
Fried Chicken
Spicy Chicken
Chicken Wings
Korean Donuts
Korean Tacos
French Fries

“The young man who was our waiter was very nice and checked on us often. We came for lunch on a Thursday and we were the only ones in the restaurant. It looks like they do a lot of take outs though.I got the lunch combo which came with two drum sticks, and four wings. I chose half and half: soy garlic and spicy.The spicy had a kick and was definitely spicy. So good! The soy garlic was a little sweet but still tasty. The pickle radish side was just a small condiment cup of cubes. The seasoned fries was a better choice.“

4.2 Good81 Reviews
Carmel Sushi Korean • $$
11130 E Ocean Air Dr, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Veggie Tempura Appetizer
Korean Soft Tofu Combo
Modern Sashimi Salad
Super Dragon Roll
Rock N Roll Roll
Dolsot Bibimbap
Spicy Tuna Roll
Nabe Udon Soup
Garlic Edamame
Avocado Roll

“Service was amazing. Very nice workers. Ordered a yakisoba plate which was a great choice. The beef was very tender and the portion was HUGE. Also was recommended the chirashi sushi bowl. The fish did not disappoint. Honestly felt like I was back in Japan. Highly recommend this place! You will not regret.“

4.8 Superb138 Reviews
Prime Grill Korean BBQ & Restaurant Barbeque • $$
4620 Convoy St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Korean Food Side Dish
Spicy Pork Belly
Soft Tofu Soup
Radish Kimchi
Dipping Sauce
Beef Bulgogi
Steamed Egg
Corn Cheese
Galbi Tang

“I absolutely loved my dinner at Prime Grill. The service was great. The meats were excellent. The food never stopped. There was no line. I don’t understand the low rating. Haters are going to hate, but Prime Grill was great.“

4 Good95 Reviews