32 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in San Diego

“Very good atmosphere, service was excellent. However the food was mediocre. I have been to a lot of vegetarian Vietnamese places and this one doesn't quite get the taste right. I ordered Hue style noodle soup, but the broth didn't have the right flavor or umami.”

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“Good food. Husband approves as well. He loved the “chicken” with broccoli. I’m not a great fan of the texture of the vegan chicken as I’ve had better. The papaya salad was good but when I ordered a mild spice level 2, it burned my mouth so bad I thought I was eating a level 20…??. So be warned about spicy if it’s not your thing. Also, like any city, parking is problematic. Good food and good service overall so I can’t complain.”

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“We came in midday during the week and were the only table sat in the restaurant with a few other customers coming in for pickup/to go orders. The server was attentive but not overbearing and had good recommendations based on our questions.It was my first visit and got the popular neatloaf plate and was very happy with my choice. It reminded me of a mix between meatloaf and stuffing which are two things I love to eat.”

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“This lovely Thai restaurant has a large variety of beautiful and delicious vegetarian / vegan versions of all the favorite Thai dishes, plus some others we had never heard of. I ate here about 6 years ago and have always had a delicious meal ever since. It's in a slightly less crowded neighborhood so parking is not usually too much of a problem. Highly recommend, even non-vegetarian / vegan friends who have eaten here love it.”

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“We like True Foods for many reasons, mostly due to healthy, tasty options. It seems the portions have gotten smaller, including the extra protein added to our favorite meal (ancient grains bowl). Perhaps we just had a couple of less generous portions the last few visits and it's not an overall change. The servers are typically warm and conversational but not so much last night. We made our reservation through Open Table with the comment that it was our anniversary, but apparently no one at the restaurant knew this? In spite of minor disappointments, we will continue to enjoy going to True Foods.”

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“I had heard much praise about Northside shack before I visited and it lived up to its reputation. The acai bowl is awesome! I can't wait to go back when I'm hungrier and eat a bigger serving! The fruit is very fresh and the sorbet was tasty. Adding some peanut butter made it even better. This is now on my list to visit every time I come to San Diego!”

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“Tacotarian is somewhere you definitely want to try if you're in the area. We tried a few of the options since we like variety.We ordered the platter with one of each: carne asada, al pastor and Barbacoa, then we also got the birria platter. Both were amazing. We really enjoyed the birria and the Barbacoa the most out of the taco choices.You get your choices of 4 different hot sauces: tomatilla, mild, barbecue and habanero hot.I highly recommend going the variety route so you get more of a flavour landscape.Then to finish it off, we tried the arroz con leche and the fried Oreos. The leche was just the right amount of sweetness and cinnamon, so good honestly. Especially after the spicy tacos. The Oreos were so delicious, they come with a coconut base vanilla ice cream that is perfect on top of the Oreo cookie.Worth the trip to get over there, we went on a Friday midday, parking was nearby. Free for 30 minutes and the restaurant has ample seating and a nice ambience. The server was very friendly, and you don't have to wait long for your food. Though if you do it's very much worth it. Will definitely be coming back again.Vegetarian options: Vegan options. Entire place is plant based.Parking: Parking is alongside the road beside the restaurant can be hard to find depending on time of day.Wheelchair accessibility: Restaurant has an open door almost like a garage door level with the street so a wheelchair can easily enter.”

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“Very pricey, but the vegan pizza just can't be beat; that's coming from a long-term vegan.According to my non-vegan family members, the dairy pizza is pretty mediocre, but I still stand by the vegan pizza being 10/10. Definitely give it a try. They don't use Daiya (that disgusting dairy-free cheese I'm sure everyone's painfully familiar with)---no! They use the premium stuff, hence why it's likely so pricey.As for the crust, I love it. Some people are used to more plain, unseasoned crust, so it does require a bit of an acquired taste, but I am personally a big fan of it. It's thin but very savory, leaving a nice aftertaste.Overall, really yummy pizza for fellow vegoons. :) The workers are cool, too, and the place is cute.”

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“I ordered from door dash and the food was SO good. The nirvana burger was so flavorful as well as the samosas. I was intrigued in the chickpea tacos and im glad I went with my gut because it was good too. The sauces are different for me but it was really good as well , especially the coco cilantro sauce !”

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“Hadn’t been to Woodstock’s in at least 7-8 years. That was a darn good pizza last night. After Covid we haven’t been impressed with many food establishments. After a long day at the beach we were drained. But, the pizzas were awesome! Good crust/dough, toppings flavorful, and we ate every bite. Not sure what it cost but worth it. Please don’t change what you’re doing. We will be back.”

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“We're from out of town and stopped passing through. Wish we lived closer ? Delicious. All of my kids loved it. We tried a little bit of everything. Gyro spot on, beef and chicken so good but the Hummus ?...we could never get enough! Service was quick and friendly. Novelty sodas were fun to try too! Wish they had somewhere this good in E. Valley AZ?!”

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“Although I've ordered takeout from the North Park location a few times, this was my first time at Loving Hut Mira Mesa. My boyfriend and I went there before catching a movie nearby, and we had a wonderful time! We ordered the Kung Pao and the Nashville Hot Crispy.The Nashville Hot Crispy stole the show. I could taste the maple from the coleslaw, the smokiness from the crunchy bacon, and the creamy ranch all at the same time, on top of the amazingly crispy fillet. SO GOOD! I am already craving another one.The Kung Pao was also delicious. The sauce was a delightful, well-balanced blend of tangy, savory, and sweet. The soy protein had a meaty, crispy texture that was immensely satisfying. And the dried red chilies were HOT! LOVE IT! Come to think of it, I don't think peanuts were included in the dish, but I didn't miss them. The inclusion of red peppers and zucchini was nice.The waiters were very nice, and the place had a peaceful vibe. Our food came out quickly, which was appreciated since we were a bit crunched for time before the movie. Overall, we had a lovely time there. I highly recommend giving Loving Hut Mira Mesa a try!Vegetarian options: All vegan :-)”

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“Excellent thai food. Great place to have lunch. Delicious food, fast service. Lunch sets are value for money.Vegetarian options: Vegetarian options are availableKid-friendliness: Family and kids friendlyParking: Street parking in frontWheelchair accessibility: Ease to access”

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“A vegetarian staple joint that has been around in San Diego for years. They no longer have a wait staff after everything changed for the world which reduced a bit of the charm of the restaurant a bit. The food is still wonderful and their vegan sushi is still amazing.Vegetarian options: Everything is plant based!”

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“This is the best food in the world period! I am transported to Ethiopia every time I eat there, Ababu and the whole family are very friendly and happy to host. I love it and you will too. Try out the Awash special it's mouth watering good. ?”

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“The food was great! Flavorful, large portions, great variety in the vegan special. The service was stellar as well. Our server was attentive without breathing down our backs, presented the platter, then plated it for us going over what was what. The ambiance was great, cool air conditioned dinning area, clean and calming environment. Not a single thing bad about this experience and dinner here.Vegetarian options: Large vegan menuParking: Street parking. On university and off the Main Street”

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“Came here with my family for dinner on Wednesday shortly after they opened. They were not busy, and we had free choosing one where to sit. The nephews wanted to sit at the table with floor seating. The rest of the family, being old, sat at a regular table. We were served water right away, which they provide large glass bottles to pour your own. We were thirsty, and they switched out the empty bottles with cold filled ones. I would say Nepali food is most similar to Indian, but Nepali food is a mixture of Indian, Tibetan, and other Asian cuisine. We ordered Samosas and Mo-Mos (Chicken and yak) for appetizers. For main meals, we ordered Butter Chicken, Chicken Korma, Lamb Korma, Chom Mein, and different naans. The curry comes with rice. Everything was really delicious! Great flavor and a lot of spice (heat and taste). We learned all the cooks are from Nepal, which is cool. There was a lot of food, more than we expected, so we took leftovers home. The place is well decorated, and I like that they have the floor seating to have the traditional seating. Parking is free and shared with the other stores in the small plaza. I would definitely come back, especially how close it is to the house.”

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“The person at the counter that took my order was really great and helpful. The egg, cheese, and bacon bagel is great. It was my first time trying a Knish so not sure if the mashed potato on the inside is supposed to be really dense and dry, but that's what mine tasted like. I'd get the bagel sandwiches again but I couldn't recommend the Knish.”

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“Wow! My first time visiting this restaurant and the whole vibe blew me away. Very calming and beautiful atmosphere. Staff was personable and helpful. And the food...oh my goddess! This food was outstanding! Colorful and bright, tasty and so filling, prepared to perfection. I am already studying the menu for me next visit. Even if you are not vegan (which I am not), this is a restaurant you must experience. Excellent, 5 Star and Thumbs Up!Dietary restrictions: Definitely saw gluten free options on menu.”

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“Will dream about it when I go back home. That's how good it is. Potato dill salad side on point. Other people in my party want to go back and order this burger even though the other food was also good. If you are around and in the mood, highly recommend.”

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“A bit expensive but discounted for anyone who's working in the building. There's a garden outside full of fresh vegetables that they use in their menu. Great coffee and food. If you have a little girl who loves pink and tea parties, it's even better.”

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“Great little hidden cafe! Located on the 4th floor inside the civic center (must enter building). Tucked away in the back as you enter the 4th floor. Very decently priced food (best priced food I could find on Google maps for breakfast/lunch in the area) and nice options!”

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“A great vegan restaurant. You order at the counter and they bring the food to you. It would be a lot nicer if you actually got served. Especially, for the prices. Don’t expect to find any parking nearby, but that’s normal for little Italy. Plenty of seating, indoors and outdoors. No reservations needed.”

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“Absolutely love this place. Its a drive-thru only (or pick up) vegan spot with all your favorites, similar to Plant Power. There isn’t any indoor seating or restrooms that I know of, but if you need something quick that doesn’t matter. The carob date shake is absurdly delicious and I come here to get a buffalo “chicken” wrap all the time. Their loaded fries are also so good. Can’t go wrong.Vegetarian options: All veganKid-friendliness: Great kids menu optionsParking: The drive-thru is part of a paved parking lot with plenty of parking if you want to pick upWheelchair accessibility: Drive-thru or pick up (first floor) only - no stairsDietary restrictions: They have a couple gluten-free options as well”

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“I haven't had a dosa masala since being in Malaysia and was happy to find this place one day when I was at a brewery nearby. It was delicious! The staff was helpful to make sure our order was vegan. The coconut chutney that came with the dosa was amazing”

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“Spices in curry was great! Spicy level was as expected! Service was prompt!Royal India’s lamb biryani has a lot of favorite by adding cumin and fried onions bites. It has good portion of lamb pieces. However, I usually like saffron on biryani rice and a little drier texture.Restaurant has indoor and outdoor seatings and is spacious with nice decoration.Will go back and try other dishes.Vegetarian options: Many vegetarian options”

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“I just moved to San Diego from the LA area and Corner Thai kitchen was one of my first meals here. I didn't expect to find my local thai spot on the first try! This place is a must try. We started with a cup of the wonton soup. It was so delicious and you get 4 decently sized wontons filled with meat and shrimp. The soup was very delicious with fresh veggies. We ordered the pad Thai and spicy fried rice. Both were good. As far as spice level goes, I said level 2 for the pad Thai but that tasted spicier than the rice, which we ordered at a 5. The sever was attentive and friendly, and there are about 3 booths inside with a few tables, and plenty of outdoor seating. I will definitely be back here.”

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“This was our first time eating here and I already know we will be going back. The service was fast and friendly, the food was delicious or rather, Veggilish!!! The price was super reasonable and overall, it was an excellent experience. There were many options for already made bowls and plenty of opportunities to create one's own. The variety of sauces available are definitely worth trying out, I liked their peanut sauce the best!”

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“Was in old town looking for a snack and this is a great spot. Love that it's located in the cute food hall. They have little tables and couches around to sit. The corn in the cup is actually really good (add hot cheetos) I also bought some spicy gummies and they were pretty good.”

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“Street food style build your own pasta . Very fresh ingredients, feels wholesome. Portion sizes are similar to any mall cafe. Signature combination pastas listed in the menu are great already. Gnocchi with garganzola Fondue is a must try if you are into white pastas.Vegetarian options: Three vegetarian sauces to choose for pasta.Kid-friendliness: You can get seated next to ICE rink. Kids get excited to watch skating while dining.”

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“Really a great place. Menu is big but ask staff and use most popular items as benchmark! Lots of vegan meats that are clearly different based on the dish— chicken in stir fry is deliciously fried v sautéed in a noodle dish. Really friendly staff and lots of deserts thought we didn’t get to try. Flavors/textures are great.”

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“Hands down, the most spellbinding pizza joint we’ve ever been so lucky to stu*PIZZA*-ble into - right in the heart of sunny San Diego! Oh, the taste will have your heart do a joyous little skip! The deliciousness? Makes our insides do the hokey pokey and give out a standing ovation.These folks create pizza like they just plucked sunshine, surf and the San Diego ambiance, kneaded it into an exquisite dough and behold- your paradisiac pizza!Can pizzas do magic tricks? Well folks, sprinkle a bit of suspense because...*drum roll*This place SERVES magic on a platter. Sworn. Truth. High pie-ve!”

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