27 Best Dive Bars in New Orleans

“This bar came up on my google maps when I was searching for something in the neighbourhood close to our hotel on the edge of the Irish Channel area. What a find! There was only locals in here - we had to wave at a camera to get in! Friendly bunch and a superstar behind the bar - we didn't get her name but she was hilarious and really made the evening for us. My husband was a bit unsure as we were walking here as we were basically walking through neighbourhood of residential houses but then there was the bar on the corner - would never have come across it otherwise! We came back a second night and unfortunately that's the only time we managed a return visit as we had other things planned, but would definitely recommend finding this place to anyone staying in the Garden District/Irish Channel areas.”

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“If you are ever on the West Bank in NOLA.....you have to try this place. It has been there forever and my dad used to go there when he was stationed in NOLA while serving in the Marine Corp. and that was back in the 70's. Try their bloody marys. They are my fav!”

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“‘Let me take you to my favorite new bar,' says my fun seeking Sista. Walking in New Orleans on a hot sticky crowded sunny day, my Sista sees a neatly tucked away bar from the dirty street, peaks her pretty head through and is drawn into the luxuriously well air conditioned darkly lit bar. What a surprise treat! $5 great Bloody Mary with vegetable infused vodka and pickled okra (see photo). Awe. Hits the spot. My Sista has good taste and she was right. This was exactly the cool a$$ spot we needed to retreat, ingest nice drinks, and enjoy fun friendly interesting camaraderie building barkeep all in serene comfort and fun vibes that resemble a nice ole bar we would like to be a regular. I'm upset we don't have more days to come back to this bar. Claire's Pour we will be fly back just to see you soon. I promise.”

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Original Slap Burger
Burger Menu

“They have delicious vegan burgers and fries as well as the regular meaty kind. Super delicious and made to order. Great staff and Bob's Burgers on the TV while you wait. The bar is a relaxed neighborhood hang as well. All fun and delicious!Vegetarian options: Vegan (safely made) burgers and fries.”


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“I live near this bar it’s one of my favorite places in New Orleans if you ever get a chance to get to New Orleans stop here on a Friday or Saturday night you will not forget it with the live bands. One of the best places for you and your friends to hang out.”

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Great Tacos

“If you are looking for a friendly hole in the wall to stop and have an inexpensive drink, the frozen Irish coffee is great. The bartenders are friendly and helpful. I often stop here on a hot afternoon for a cold drink and a place to sit to drink it. The vibe is low key. It's never so loud I can't hear my conversation partner. The tables are at bar height which might be an impediment to people using wheelchairs, and there is no food, but if what you want is a drink and a calm place to sit and drink it, try Molly's.”


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“Awesome spot. Caught the ferry across from New Orleans to Algiers Point and whilst walking around the area came across this bar. What an absolute gem. The air conditioning advertised on the exterior signage actually refers to the open windows. Brilliant! Frequented by tourists and locals alike., always a good sign.”

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“Amazing place with awesome bartenders and the owner is super kind. The new space is absolutely gorgeous with a marble bar, a backyard space with pool tables and picnic table seating with tons of games to play. Also if you’re here, make sure to say hi to Oreo, the bunny!”

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Finnish Long Drink

“Is a great neighborhood/dive bar. Like most neighborhood bars, it can also tend to be cliquey, but as stated before, it's also a laid-back divey bar. Most people still have zero reservation about chatting it up with a friendly or interesting face. The bartenders will pour the same whether it is an old regular or a new transplant looking for a bar to have a few beers at not too far from the house.”

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Ultimate Loaded Nachos
Peanut Butter Burger
Red Beans and Rice
Crab Cake Bites
Whitney Special
Monkey Burger
Shrimp Creole
Tater Tots
Shrimp PO

“Great place and service. Tenders, fries, and honey mustard were great but the 16$ loaded nachos were meh. Kinda disappointed that they seemed like stadium nachos with cheap circle chips and nacho cheese. Perhaps I expected more for 16 bucks like triangle tortilla chips and shredded real cheese. Idk just seemed like high school football nachos”


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“If I were forced to name the one quintessential New Orleans dive bar, the Chart Room would have to be at the top. Great and very friendly service, liberal pours and a great grungy atmosphere. This place has it all. This is a cash only bar, but with an ATM in house. A primarily locals bar that anyone should fit right in to. Most people love it and if you get the concept chances are you will too.”

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“Gotta have lots o luck even before entering this place.Vegetarian options: Many options for vegetarian liquors and beers.Kid-friendliness: The kids had a blast. The rides in back kept the kids entertained for hours.Wheelchair accessibility: Just have to watch the first step.Dietary restrictions: Many dietary restrictions for all.”


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“Amazing place to visit! Another place that we wanted to go to fell through so I found High Grace and I was not disappointed! Jason was absolutely amazing! Great atmosphere, great service, and great drinks. The drinks were beyond reasonably priced, it was hard not to just keep downing them! We would have stayed even longer but we were on a time crunch and needed to get to a reservation. 100/10 will be coming back again if I come back to New Orleans!”

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“Awesome dive bar for live music and cheap drinks. CASH ONLY.No food, but the St. Roch food market is right next door with plenty of options.1 pool table and several pinball machines.If you don’t love dive bars, this might not be the place for you.You can also get a hair cut and a beer for $15 on Tuesdays 8pm-12.”

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Crawfish Etouffee
Crawfish Fritters
Debris PO Boy
Shrimp Poboy
Shrimp Gumbo
Snow Cone
Red Beans

“I've been going here for about a year. This place has the best debris fries in the city & I'm willing to argue about it, lol. (Ask for extra cheese, and add some Crystal's to top it off *chef's kiss*!) Haven't tried anything else. CONSISTENTLY kind, and courteous service from bar staff, and chef/owner. Dive bar priced drinks, perfect for late night eats after a night on the town.”

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“Smaller venue with a great atmosphere, the bar tender was incredible, the stage area was small but allowed for a really intimate experience watching the bands play. One of the only venues that books metal and hardcore shows so if your goal is to listen to metal and meet like minded people this is your place!”

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“One of the best dive bars in New Orleans. It’s a dog-friendly bar that has an unparalleled ambiance and cheaply priced drinks. The outdoor area is such a great vibe and I always bring friends from out of town there. Some of my favorite nights out have been spent there, and will be returning for many more.”

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“Was visiting New Orleans from Michigan. Hated Bourbon Street, but man this place was awesome. Everyone was very inclusive and relaxed. After only going there two nights there were many of the people who knew my name, and were quick with a welcoming attitude. It's one thing to be part of the hospitality industry, but it's another thing to actually employ hospitality in practice. Of all of the places I went in New Orleans, this is the one place I will be coming back to on every return trip.”

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“Great place for live music and hanging out!! Went there after the World Naked Bike Ride and was it a blast. Band was great, staff was even better. I didn't eat, but bought a friend a burrito. I swear it had to weigh 2-3 pounds. Looked awesome and heard taste matched the looks. Will definitely return and post pictures next time.”

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Peanut Butter Burger

“This is confusing. The original Yo Mama’s was great, but permanently closed in 2016. In 2019 someone other than the original owners reopened in the same place with the same name but soon changed to Port St. Peter. This also closed and about two years ago it reopened as Ya Moma’s this has now also closed and as of September 2023 the building is barred up. Reading back through the old ratings it’s pretty obvious Google is no aware of any of this. ?Vegetarian options: Permanently closed for nowDietary restrictions: Permanently closed for nowParking: Free on street parking and paid lots nearbyKid-friendliness: Permanently closed for nowWheelchair accessibility: Permanently closed for now”


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Voo Doo Daiquiri Aka Purple Drink
Hurricane L Voodoo Drink R
Voodoo Daquari
Cherry Bomb

“From an atmosphere perspective, this place is awesome. You feel like you're in a 1700s pub. The building just looks cool. That said, the purple drink / voodoo Daiquiri is just ok. I suspect it gets better on hotter days, but it basically just tastes like grape Gatorade slush. A decent drink in its own right, but nothing that is too memorable. You'll remember more about the place than the drink.”

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“If you know me you know I love a good dive bar and one did not disappoint. You know you found one when the soap dispenser is a condiment dispenser. The service was great. The drinks were on point. The atmosphere was everything you want in a dive bar. It was great. I highly recommend it.”

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Half and Half

“Party dive bar. Great place to grab a drink while everyone else is in the more club like spots. Bartender was friendly and fast. Crowd was having a great time. Love all the little decorative details in this spot. Irish because they have and Harp but don't expect anything else that's not domestic. Bathroom exists but use at own risk. If you are hanging in this area you probably don't mind just happy to have one. Overall I liked Boondocks, just a solid small bar with solid vibes.”

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“Markey’s Bar is the second oldest family run bar in New Orleans! A landmark in the Bywater Roy Markey has continued the tradition of three generations making this a must do in New Orleans! Raise a pint of Guinness and enjoy the local crowds”


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“Definitely one of my favorites in the neighborhood, Lydia and Denise always make me feel like I'm at home. Everyone here just seems to want to have fun and throw back a few drinks after work. Cash only doesn't bother me but some people prefer cards and they have an ATM inside so you don't have to go anywhere if you forgot your bills at home. The ceiling has some pretty cool decorations too! I swear I see something new everytime I go”

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“Awesome staff and real good pours. Caprese sandwich is so good I'd stab a guy for one! (Note, I haven't yet. YET.)EDIT it's been a year since I reviewed Pirogues. I'd still stab someone for a caprese, but also I'd kick someone in the shins for thier Seasoned Fries. They are that good! Also try thier daiquiris. Wanna know a secret? The chef is a master sushi maker. Go try it and report back. You won't be disappointed!”


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“I love the aesthetics of this outdoor venue. The new additions and overall new set up is really nice.As with most places post Covid, service was slow with the hookah. The attendants were really running though trying to ensure parties had what they needed.Additionally, the alcohol selection was minimal. The venue was out of stock of many popular spirits and had no champagne.Women did get in free on Sundays.”

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