50 Best Bakeries in Baltimore

Cookies By Design Bakery
7698-B, Belair Rd, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Gift Basket

“Cookies By Design is a highly acclaimed restaurant that consistently provides excellent customer service and delectable cookies. Customers praise the company's responsiveness, attention to detail, and ability to deliver orders promptly and in perfect condition. The cookies are not only visually stunning but also exceptionally fresh and flavorful, making Cookies By Design a top choice for those seeking a memorable culinary experience.“

4.9 Superb100 Reviews
Common Ground Cafe Cooperative Cafe • $
3543 Chestnut Ave, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Nova Breakfast Sandwich
Sausage Egg and Cheese
Snickerdoodle Muffin
Blueberry Muffin
Hampden Special
Egg Sandwich

“Common Ground Cafe Cooperative is a welcoming restaurant that offers delicious food and friendly service. The cafe is known for its iced vanilla chai latte with almond milk and generous portions. They have various muffin options, including vegan and gluten-free choices, which are a big hit with customers. The staff is warm and friendly to all, including children. Vegetarian options are available, such as custom sandwiches made to order. The cafe has a community-oriented atmosphere and opens earlier than most spots. Dietary restrictions are accommodated, and the artistic crowd, retired, pet parents, community activists, and families are all welcomed equally. The cafe's sunny patio is perfect for gatherings and meetings.“

4.1 Good95 Reviews
Harmony Bakery Bakery • $
3446 Chestnut Ave, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Kale Caesar with Cashew Caesar Dressing Capers and Walnut Parmesan
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Morning Glory Muffin
Cake by the Slice
Mock Crab Cakes
Lemon Lavender
Vegan Crab Cake
Birthday Cake
Chickpea Tart
Spinach Tart

“Harmony Bakery is a must-visit destination for anyone, with or without dietary restrictions. This masterful operation serves phenomenal food that is consistently delicious and reasonably priced. The menu boasts out-of-this-world flatbreads, quiche, and jammy desserts, including unparalleled donuts. The mock crab cakes are a standout, with their tender, mustardy flavor. Harmony Bakery is also a great option for special occasions, offering beautiful and delicious sheet cakes in various flavors. The friendly and patient staff, combined with the peaceful atmosphere, make it an ideal spot to stop for some sweets.“

4.9 Superb80 Reviews
Midnite Confections Cupcakery Bakery • $$
1051 S Charles St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Midnite Cupcakes
Banana Pudding

“Midnite Confections Cupcakery offers a delightful experience with delicious and fresh cupcakes. The welcoming atmosphere and delectable smell make it a must-visit spot. Despite a slightly less enthusiastic service close to closing time, the overall experience is rated highly. The Banana pudding cupcakes are particularly recommended and leave a lasting impression.“

4.9 Superb49 Reviews
Ovenbird Bakery Bakery • $
300 S Exeter St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Lox Bagel with Capers & Cream Cheese on Everything Bagel
Raspberry Cheesecake Danish
Chocolate Chirp Cookies
Blueberry Lemon Scone
Traditional Croissant
Breakfast Sandwich On
Whole Wheat Sourdough
Chocolate Croissant
Baltimore Sourdough
Seasonal Danish

“Ovenbird Bakery offers a delightful experience with lovely staff, an open kitchen, and delicious food. Their almond croissant takes an Italian twist with cream filling. While some customers have experienced ordering issues, the bakery's food and coffee are consistently delicious. With great service and a welcoming atmosphere, Ovenbird Bakery is a must-visit spot in Little Italy.“

4.6 Superb160 Reviews
Motzi Bread Bakery • $
2801 Guilford Ave, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Focaccia with Tomatoes and Urfa Chili
Focaccia w Za'Atar
Croissant Special
Pain Au Chocolat
English Muffins
Cinnamon Raisin
People's Loaf
T Shirt

“Motzi Bread is a highly regarded bakery, known for its delicious croissants, focaccia, and baguettes. The establishment is committed to ethical sourcing of ingredients and maintains high standards in all aspects of its operations. Customers can enjoy a variety of vegetarian and vegan options, including English muffins, granola, and breads. The owners are praised for their friendliness and commitment to the local community. The bakery's products are described as fresh, earthy, and astounding, with a clean and welcoming atmosphere. Standout menu items include the zataar focaccia and the locally sourced and milled grains used in their breads. Overall, Motzi Bread is a beloved community staple, known for its excellent service and high-quality products.“

4.8 Superb58 Reviews
Dulceology Bakery Bakery • $
1138 S Charles St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Dulce De Leche Cake
Chocolate Alfajor
Donuts Available
French Macarons
Churro Cronut
Birthday Cake
Key Lime Pie
6 Inch Cakes
Baked Donuts
Tres Leches

“Dulceology Bakery is a popular establishment known for its delicious pastries and desserts. Customers can expect excellent service, with employees going out of their way to help, such as setting aside desired items for customers who call in advance. The bakery offers a variety of items, including huge, flaky donuts with a croissant texture and a selection of flavors like the popular Classic glaze and Creme Brulee. Other items include Funfetti macaroons, not too sweet and a top seller, and cream puffs with mildly sweet cream. The quesadillas are unique, resembling mini corn muffins with cheese. The bakery has a charming atmosphere, reminiscent of a local Italian bakery, with a small seating area by the window. Parking is available on the street. It's recommended to arrive early as popular items may sell out.“

4.7 Superb81 Reviews
Maillard Patisserie Bakery • $
3528 Chestnut Ave, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Croissant
Almond Croissant
Apple Strudel
Lemon Tart

“Maillard Patisserie is a charming bakery known for its delicious and beautifully presented pastries. The staff is friendly and helpful, offering assistance in selecting from a wide variety of baked goods that rotate regularly. Prices are reasonable, with standout items including a buttery, flaky pastry, a mushroom and spinach galette, and a ham and cheese croissant, all of which can be warmed up in an air fryer for a delightful treat. While the interior has limited seating, Maillard Patisserie is an excellent option for those in search of high-quality pastries, whether for a special occasion or a regular breakfast spot.“

4.8 Superb56 Reviews
6709 York Rd, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Croissant
Spicy Pepperoni
Mushroom Pizza

“Baltoz Bakery in Baltimore is renowned for its exceptional pizza, featuring an excellent crust made from years of sourdough practice and the very freshest ingredients. It's not a traditional eat-in restaurant, with only a few long tables and high chairs for those waiting for take-out. Popular choices include the spicy pepperoni and chicken pizzas, with a crust that perfectly balances crispy, chewy, and charred qualities. While pricy, the quality justifies the cost. The pizza is thicker than NY style but airy, with good sauce. Note that Parmesan comes by default on the Pepperoni. Parking can be challenging, but a free lot is available across the street.“

4.7 Superb67 Reviews
VS doggy treats Bakery • $$
8861 Paddock Ln, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Pup Cakes Single
7 Dog Cakes

“VS Doggy Treats is a must-visit for pet owners! They offer amazing customer service, accommodating last-minute orders with fresh and delicious cakes like the strawberry and peanut butter one. Your furry friend will love it!“

5 Superb25 Reviews
Cinnaholic Bakery • $$
3739 Boston St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Strawberries & Cream Roll
Apple Pecan Pie Roll
Caramel Apple Pie
Very Berry Roll

“Cinnaholic is a restaurant known for its soft cinnamon buns with generous toppings. Customers can expect generous helpings of cinnamon, apples, and icing on the cinnamon apple bun, providing a hot, soft, and sweet experience. The blueberry bun received high marks for freshness and flavor. The restaurant offers a wide variety of options and combinations, all of which are vegan. Customers have praised the great service and ambiance, making it a recommended spot for those visiting the area. The coffee served is also enjoyable. A standout feature is the wonderful smell that greets customers upon entering the establishment.“

4.9 Superb28 Reviews
Kanom Cafe Bakery • $
3811 Canterbury Rd Store Unit 2, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Raspberry Mousse

“Kanom Cafe serves freshly prepared drinks and delicious pastries, including exceptional croissants and cappuccinos that surpass big name brands. The bakery cafe offers a dog-friendly patio area and provides wonderful service, making it a highly recommended spot to visit in Baltimore.“

4.7 Superb44 Reviews
Aunt Kelly's Cookies Bakery • $
857 N Howard St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Butter Crunch Cookies
Butter Pecan

“Aunt Kelly's Cookies on Howard St in Mount Vernon offers insanely good cookies like Butter Crunch and Butter Pecan. Customers appreciate the convenient location, great prices, and friendly staff. Perfect for gifts or large orders, the seamless process and incredible taste make Aunt Kelly's Cookies a highly recommended local business.“

4.8 Superb33 Reviews
Codetta Bake Shop Bakery • $$
809 Light St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites


“Codetta Bake Shop is a highly-recommended bakery that offers rich and delicious treats for any occasion. They provide attentive and polite service, and their baked goods are consistently good. From cheesecakes to Oreo cakes, their desserts are a hit with customers. The bakery is woman-owned, making it a fun and empowering experience to order from. With reasonable delivery charges and gorgeous presentation, Codetta Bake Shop is the perfect choice for any celebration. Their oatmeal cream pies are a particular favorite among regular customers.“

4.6 Superb43 Reviews
kt's treats Bakery • $
6719 Belair Rd, Baltimore

“KT's Treats is a beloved establishment known for its exceptional service and delectable treats. The owner is praised for being friendly, reliable, and accommodating, even offering last-minute services. The bakery offers a variety of goods, including homemade drinks and puddings, but the show-stopper is the Pineapple Upside Down cake, which is moist and flavorful. The bakery is family-friendly and hosts inclusive events, such as cake decorating, karaoke, and children's activities. The cake decorating class is also a popular offering, with instructors like KT providing personalized guidance. With its wide range of treats and events, KT's Treats is a must-visit destination for anyone with a sweet tooth.“

4.9 Superb19 Reviews
New York Bakery & Crepes Bakery • $
239 S Broadway, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Banana Bread Pudding

“The New York Bakery & Crepes offers a delightful selection of sweet treats, from the beloved Tres Leches Cake to the scrumptious Waffles with Fruits. The establishment also serves a great breakfast menu and exceptional coffee. Customers praise the bakery's traditional style and attention to quality ingredients, as well as the friendly and accommodating service.“

4.7 Superb27 Reviews
Ovenbird Bakery Bakery • $
3925 Gough St Suite #2, Baltimore

“Ovenbird Bakery is a restaurant known for its amazing pastries, incredible service, and delicious coffee. The bakery has a wide variety of pastries, with personal favorites being the hazelnut fig shortbread and the lemon shortbread cookie. The scones are also popular for being fluffy and buttery. The sandwiches are fresh, hot, and packed with flavor. The bakery has plenty of vegetarian options and is able to accommodate dietary restrictions. The restaurant has a warm, eclectic, and inviting vibe, making it a great place to work, read, or socialize. Parking can be a challenge due to limited street parking. The bakery has a ramp for wheelchair accessibility. The bakery also serves as a popular third space for the community. The sandwiches and English muffins have been praised for their taste and quality. The restaurant also offers a selection of alcoholic beverages.“

4.5 Superb52 Reviews
Cakes In The City LLC Bakery • $
212 W Read St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites


“Cakes In The City LLC offers a delightful experience, with notable dishes including the "Banana Pudding" and "Banana Pudding Dream". The boutique pastry shop is cozy and adorable, with a sweet owner who can create custom cakes with creative designs. The bakery is a treat to visit, with a possible addition of coffee soon.“

4.6 Superb33 Reviews
Pitango Bakery + Cafe Bakery • $
903 S Ann St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Assorted Croissants
Rustico Sandwich
Caprese Sandwich
Fresh Focaccia
Red Sandwich

“Pitango Bakery + Cafe is a restaurant with chain-store vibes, yet offers a better selection and quality than competitors like Panera. The harbor location provides a pleasant atmosphere. Vegetarian options are abundant, including a vegan-friendly focaccia bread, and there are many non-meat dishes available. The sandwiches are highly praised, although they are on the pricier side. An iced latte with alternative milk costs nearly $8. The croissants and sandwiches have received positive remarks for their delicious taste. During peak hours, the restaurant can get crowded with long lines, and could benefit from additional seating. The staff, including an individual named Erin, are commended for their outstanding customer service and friendliness. The charcuterie/cheese platter is a popular choice, praised for its delicious taste and attractive presentation.“

4.4 Superb80 Reviews
Baked In Baltimore Bakery • $$
6848 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Sweet Potato Cake
Chocolate Cake

“Baked In Baltimore offers a variety of fabulous baked goods, despite the lack of items displayed in the showcase. Customers may need to inquire about available treats, such as the delicious sweet potato pie. The atmosphere is welcoming and the sweet potato cheesecake is highly recommended, along with other tasty options like the strawberry and coconut cakes. The desserts are sweet, as expected, making it a great stop for those with a sweet tooth.“

4.7 Superb24 Reviews


Bonjour Bakery • $
6070 Falls Rd #2233, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Mini French Pastries Picked Up on Walk-In
Sticky Buns with Walnuts & Raisins
Swiss Cheese Filled Croissant
Chocolate Mousse Cake Slice
Little Cakes and Stuff
Almond Croissant
Rose Latte
Mouse Cakes

“Bonjour is a cute little bakery on Falls Road with delicious French pastries. While the customer service may lack enthusiasm, the food makes up for it. The quiche is yummy, though a bit runny, and the carrot cake is delicious. They offer a few gluten-free options, but not many. It's a busy spot, so be prepared to wait a bit. Unfortunately, it's not wheelchair accessible, but if you can make it there early, you'll be rewarded with beautiful and very tasty treats that go quickly.“

4.4 Superb78 Reviews
Fenwick Bakery Bakery • $
7219 Harford Rd, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Cake

“Fenwick Bakery, a Baltimore classic for over a century, offers the freshest and most delicious pastries like pecan rolls, peach cake, crumb cake, marshmallow donuts, small cakes with jelly, fruit danish, cakes, and cookies. With a history of quality baked goods, this bakery is a must-visit to satisfy any sweet tooth. Despite parking challenges due to bike lanes, the adjacent parking lot makes it convenient for customers to enjoy the top-notch treats at Fenwick Bakery.“

4.5 Superb40 Reviews
Pariser's Bakery Bakery • $
6711 Reisterstown Rd, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Topped Donuts
Birthday Cake Trifle
8 Fresh Fruit Pies
Blueberry Muffins
Mini Eclairs Dozen
Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Babka
Cheese Danish

“Pariser's Bakery is a must-visit for delicious treats. They offer a wide variety of kosher bakery goods, including donuts, Danishes, muffins, cupcakes, challah, cookies, coffee cakes, kichels, and buns. They accommodate dietary restrictions, such as no nuts and sesame, and are kid-friendly. With over 30 types of donuts during Chanukah season, this bakery is a treat-lover's paradise.“

4.5 Superb30 Reviews
Crust by Mack Bakery • $$
201 E Pratt St #2075, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Vanilla Bean Chocolate Chip Cookies
The Good Morning
Blueberry Scone
Crab Pastry
Crab Pie

“Crust by Mack is a highly acclaimed restaurant that consistently exceeds customer expectations. The prices are described as very fair, offering an excellent value proposition. The menu features a variety of savory and sweet options, all of which are praised for their exceptional quality. The crab pie, egg and biscuit, and salmon grits are highlighted as standout savory dishes, with the salmon grits receiving particular acclaim for their flavorful and well-balanced preparation. The vanilla chocolate chip cookies and other desserts, such as the strawberry tart and sweet potato crust, are also mentioned as must-try items. The restaurant's atmosphere is described as relaxing and open, with spectacular views of the Inner Harbor and an adjoining outdoor balcony. The staff is consistently praised for their friendly and great service. Overall, Crust by Mack is a highly recommended dining destination, offering a delightful combination of delicious food, reasonable prices, and a welcoming ambiance.“

4.4 Superb43 Reviews
Pekara bakery Bakery
506 W Cold Spring Ln, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites


“Pekara bakery offers an array of delicious croissants, with the raspberry and espresso flavors being highly recommended. Their bread has the perfect balance of crusty shell and soft crumb, including a delightful carrot cake. The pizza is a standout dish, reminiscent of Naples-style pizza. A local gem with excellent, multicultural baked goods worth returning for.“

4.5 Superb27 Reviews
Woodlea Bakery Bakery • $
4905 Belair Rd, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Shortcake
Chocolate Cake
Birthday Cake
Vanilla Cake
Sheet Cake

“Woodlea Bakery is a beloved institution with a long history. Known for its delicious bakery items and friendly staff, it's a neighborhood gem. The bakery offers a wide range of treats, including donuts, cakes, and other sweet treats. Despite being busy, the staff remains attentive and courteous.“

4.3 Superb82 Reviews
Patisserie Poupon Bakery • $$
820 E Baltimore St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Spinach Quiche and Quiche Lorraine
Lemon Tart & Strawberry Cake
Mango Pineapple Cake
Spanish Fruit Cake 8
Raspberry Tarts
Royale Cake
Pear Tarts
Apple Tart

“Patisserie Poupon is a restaurant known for its delicious desserts and pastries. Popular items include tiramisu, canelés, cookies, plain and chocolate croissants. The location offers great, no-frills lattes made with high-quality espresso and milk. The restaurant is praised for its kind staff, particularly the French manager who goes above and beyond for customers. However, some customers have noted subpar service and undercooked canelés. Parking is available on the street with meters. Overall, Patisserie Poupon is a recommended spot for authentic French pastries and a pleasant customer experience.“

4.3 Superb78 Reviews
Crispy Bagel Co Bakery •
230 N Franklintown Rd, Baltimore
4.7 Superb14 Reviews
The Avenue Bakery Bakery • $
2229 Pennsylvania Ave, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Poppay's Yeast Rolls
Sweet Potato Pie
Bread Pudding
Cinnamon Roll

“The Avenue Bakery is a popular spot, offering delicious treats that remain consistent over time. Their signature Poppy Rolls are a standout, with a wheat roll alternative available for those with dietary restrictions. While some items may be out of stock, the bakery's friendly staff and affordable prices make it a great destination. Additionally, their pies, such as the Peacan and Sweet Potato, are highly praised.“

4.4 Superb29 Reviews
Café Dear Leon Cafe • $
2929 O'Donnell St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Cream Cheese Blueberry Muffin
Crab and Egg Salad Sandwich
Egg Tart Almond Croissant
Ham and Cheese Croissant
Ham and Cheese Crescent
Everything Croissant
Hazelnut Focaccia
Frittata Sandwich
Salmon Focaccia
Ispahan Danish

“Café Dear Leon offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with a cozy patio area and friendly team. Enjoy fresh baked goods and specialty drinks like amazing vanilla lattes in the morning. Note that indoor seating is limited, but outdoor seating is available. Parking can be found on nearby streets before 9 am.“

4.9 Superb81 Reviews
Keyaira Kakes Bakery •
7 N Calvert St, Baltimore

“Amazing customer service, amazing product, amazing prices! I highly recommend! I will continue to use Keyaira Kakes for all my kids birthdays and all events I host. I have never been more happy and satisfied! Keep up the amazing work! You’re gonna go far! Thank you for such an amazing experience ❤️“

5 Superb7 Reviews
Cake On Wheelz Bakery Bakery • $$
2712 W Cold Spring Ln, Baltimore

“Cake On Wheelz Bakery is a local gem that offers a delightful dining experience. The staff is warm and welcoming, with servers like Noah and Ashley who go above and beyond to ensure a pleasant visit. The menu boasts a great variety of options, including dairy and gluten-free choices, and the kitchen staff produces excellent dishes that arrive in a timely manner. The atmosphere is inviting, and the restaurant's attention to customer service is evident in the personalized approach of its staff. Whether you're a local or just visiting, Cake On Wheelz Bakery is a must-visit spot that will not disappoint.“

4.4 Superb24 Reviews
Morning Mugs Coffee Coffee Shops • $
15 W Hughes St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Coffee and Blueberry Muffin
Chocolate Chocolate Chip
Banana Chocolate Chip
Banana Blueberry
Blueberry Crumb
Birthday Cake
Fresh Brewed
Cinnamon Bun
Iced Latte

“Morning Mugs Coffee, conveniently located near the Baltimore Convention Center, offers a variety of drinks, including a matcha that's more milky. The staff provides excellent service and a fun discount card game. Voted best coffee shop, it's a cozy spot to enjoy a chai latte with friends or a delicious treat. With friendly employees and a relaxing atmosphere, it's a must-visit neighborhood gem. Dietary restrictions like non-dairy milk options are also available.“

4.8 Superb109 Reviews
Vaccaro's Italian Pastry Shop, Little Italy Bakery • $
222 Albemarle St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Cappuccino Vacucaro's Style
Chocolate Dipped Cannoli
Chocolate Hazelnut Cake
Brownie Lovers Sundae
Trio of Mini Cannoli
Overstuffed Cannoli
Italian Cookies
Medium Gelato
Cannoli Cake

“Vaccaro's Italian Pastry Shop in Little Italy is a must-visit spot in Baltimore. Known for their extraordinary food, especially the paninis and Italian pastries like pasticciottis. The friendly service and quality products make it a top choice. It's an amazing place for great coffee, over-the-top desserts, and delicious gelato with generous portion sizes. Whether you stop by for lunch, drinks, or dessert, you'll be impressed by the accommodating staff and the house cappuccino. A Baltimore institution that is worth a visit!“

4.2 Good146 Reviews
Yia Yia's Bakery Bakery • $$
9415 Philadelphia Rd, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Cheesecake
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry Crunch
Red Velvet Cake
Birthday Cake
Wedding Cake
Carrot Cake

“Yia Yia's Bakery is a must-visit for its delicious desserts and reasonably priced treats. The bakery offers a wide variety of sweets, including baklava, carrot cake, and strawberry cupcakes. The staff is friendly and welcoming, with a gentleman at the counter having a wonderful upbeat personality. The bakery's desserts are highly praised, with some even rivaling those from other popular spots like Double T Diner.“

4.2 Good141 Reviews
The Cheesecake Café Bakery • $
8200 Perry Hall Blvd, Baltimore

“This is My New Favorite Place!!!This cheesecake and the owner are awesome! I've been there every night this past week buying some of the most delicious cheesecake I have ever had in my life! ?? Do the smart thing and listen to your inner mouse and your toes will definitely curl up when you taste any or all of these ( i think coffee mug sized ) delicious delightful treats! @TheCheesecakeCafe #OreoIsMyFav #1Taste #Delightful #Delicious #SoGood #TheCheescakeCafé“

4.5 Superb15 Reviews
Rosendorff’s Bakery Bakery • $
1111 Greenwood Rd, Baltimore

“Rosendorff’s Bakery offers delicious cakes, cookies, and bread. Located inside 7 mile market, they provide personalized cakes and cupcakes, including a crowd favorite strawberry shortcake. Customers praise their excellent customer service, with one mentioning a positive experience with a communication issue that was resolved impressively. Highly recommended for baked goods and service.“

4.6 Superb11 Reviews
Sion's Bakery Bakery • $$
303 Reisterstown Rd b, Baltimore

“Sion's Bakery is a great kosher bakery in Pikesville MD, known for its fresh pastries and personalized cakes. The service is quick, friendly, and professional, with a hard-working crew behind the scenes. Customers have praised the delicious taste of their baked goods and the care put into presentation. The bakery also offers personalized cakes and cookies, with printed pictures that meet expectations. Additionally, they go above and beyond by organizing special orders, like Chanukah donuts, with exceptional customer service. Sion's Bakery is a fantastic independent bakery that impresses with both its food and service.“

4.5 Superb14 Reviews
Panaderia Y Pasteleria B. Navarro Bakery •
4600 Eastern Ave, Baltimore
4.4 Superb13 Reviews
Bakers Express of Maryland Bakery •
6400 Seaforth St, Baltimore

“Nice crew here. Saw me pull in and ran out to check my destination, immediately put me in a door. Pretty tight to maneuver and it will be a blindside 90 to get in the dock. Wasn't busy when I showed up. I can see how it could be a nightmare if it was though. Started loading me within minutes of hitting the dock. I did arrive about 45 minutes early.Assume there is no overnight parking from how small the place is and they also have day cab drivers that work here so they park all their trucks in the lot at night“

5 Superb4 Reviews
Estiatorio Plaka Greek •
4718 Eastern Ave, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Fresh Warm Bread with Olive Oil
Fried Zucchini & Greek Salad
Classic Greek Salad HH
Greek Roasted Chicken
Barbounia Red Mullets
Smoked Aubergine Cold
Bougatsa French Toast
Fresh Catch of Today
Baked Feta in Phyllo
Bread and Olive Oil

“Estiatorio Plaka offers a beautiful, light, and modern venue with Greek accents. The food, including roast chicken, braised beef, salmon, and salad, is consistently delicious, and the attentive service from a friendly staff ensures a pleasant dining experience. Customers often return for the exceptional cuisine and lively atmosphere.“

4.6 Superb269 Reviews
Kneads Bakeshop & Café Bakery • $$
506 S Central Ave, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Two Eggs Any Style w Baby Greens & Heirloom Potatoes
Creme Brulee French Toast
Egg and Cheese Croissant
Baltimore Brew Doughnut
Croissant Egg Sandwich
Breakfast Sandwich
Iberico Ham Toast
Almond Croissant
Shrimp and Grits
French Omelette

“Kneads Bakeshop & Café is a charming venue with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The food is a highlight, with some dishes being outrageously good. The bakery selection is a particular standout, with donuts being a must-try. While service can be uneven, with some servers being slow or forgetful, the staff is generally great and willing to make amends. Overall, Kneads Bakeshop & Café is a solid choice for a meal or snack.“

4.1 Good228 Reviews
Marantos Bakery Bakery •
244 Pearl St #65, Baltimore

“I work for a restaurant that orders bread from Maranto 3-4 times a week. We ran low on bread and had to make an emergency order. It was too late for them to deliver to us, but they were quick to offer their open door for me to come on down and pickup whatever I needed.“

5 Superb2 Reviews
Near East Bakery Bakery • $
2919 Hamilton Ave, Baltimore

“I was a bit thrown off by how empty the store looks, but they have quality food and the owner is super friendly and helpful. I bought some Arab pantry items, spices, olives, hummus, frozen falafel. The olive oil is insanely good and very reasonably priced. I’ve always wanted to try preserved lemons so I picked them up there. There’s much more that I want to try (different pickles, halawa) that I’ll come back for. Check it out!“

5 Superb2 Reviews
Berger's Cakes & Cookies Bakery • $
2900 Waterview Ave, Baltimore

“A Baltimore staple and good reason for it! If you have not had a Berger cookie then you cant say you're from Baltimore. Many things change but Berger Cookie is one thing that has not and that is a testament to their recipe and how great the cookies taste. Great cookies and a great company!“

4.3 Superb8 Reviews
Vaccaro's Italian Pastry Shop, Canton Square Bakery • $
2919 O'Donnell St, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Italian Cookies and Cream Snickers Vanilla Holy Cannoli
Chocolate Topped Cream Puff
Assorted Cookies
Cannoli Cake

“Vaccaro's Italian Pastry Shop in Canton Square is a must-visit destination for dessert lovers. With a vast selection of sweet treats, including cookies, biscotti, cheesecake, and gelato, this pastry shop has something for everyone. The friendly staff provides a warm welcome, making it a lovely spot to stop by. Try their signature items like the chocolate cannoli cake, raspberry napoleon, and cannoli cookie, and enjoy the classic Italian pastry experience.“

4.1 Good73 Reviews
American Hearth Bakery Bakery •
1013 Wilso Dr, Baltimore

“Tremendous changes have happened in this company since the new owners took over the company. Our restaurant has been a client of American Hearth Bakery for many years, however, in the past couple of years, the bakery had many issues with the product's quality and services. We are happy now that all the issues were resolved with the new ownership. Fresh bagels and pastries are delivered on time and the owners are super nice and helpful. Special thanks to Alex and the team for all the great work and improvements!“

4.3 Superb6 Reviews
Cup Love Bakery • $
2928 O'Donnell St #5079, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Biscotto Butter Crunch Cupcake

“Cup Love is a popular spot for delicious and fresh cupcakes. The owner is known for being friendly and welcoming. The cupcakes are moist and flavorful, with a variety of flavors to choose from, including Biscotto, vanilla, and cream cheese. The Butter Crunch and Salted Caramel cupcakes are particularly popular. The shop also offers FroYo and has a cozy atmosphere with limited seating. The staff is knowledgeable and friendly, making it a great spot for takeout or a quick bite. With a focus on dietary restrictions, Cup Love offers options for vegans and those with allergies, making it a great choice for anyone looking for a sweet treat.“

4.1 Good38 Reviews
Cinnaholic Bakery • $
727 W 40th St Suite 137, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

DIY Toppings Bar - Cinnamon Rolls Per Person
Build Your Own Cinnamon Roll
Strawberry Cinnamon Roll
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Cinnamon Bun
Cake Batter

“Cinnaholic is a popular destination for sweet treats. Their cinnamon rolls arrive warm and are a great value. Cookies are soft and moist, and the blueberry lemon cake is a standout, with fresh blueberries and a sweet glaze. The Campfire S'more is a decadent dessert, though best enjoyed early in the day. This vegan-friendly bakery is known for its warm atmosphere, friendly staff, and creative desserts that are hard to believe are milk- and egg-free.“

4.1 Good34 Reviews
Vargas Bakery Bakery • $
274 S Highland Ave, Baltimore

Customers` Favorites

Birthday Cake

“Vargas Bakery is a well-known bakery offering a wide variety of pastries and custom cakes for celebrations. Their tres leches cake is particularly popular. While there may be a language barrier if you don't speak Spanish, customers find the bakery to be a great value, with a medium-sized cake priced at $40, serving 8-15 people. However, parking in the area can be challenging. One satisfied customer described their birthday cake, which featured kiwi, peaches, and strawberry slices on a whipped cream icing, as delicious.“

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