McDonald's in Columbus

McDonald's - 2 Easton Oval #200

Rating: 4

2 Easton Oval #200, Columbus OH 43219
(614) 418-3300

A simple McDonald's. Clean, friendly

McDonald's - 3411 Cleveland Ave

Rating: 4

3411 Cleveland Ave, Columbus OH 43224
(614) 268-3381

What can I say that I haven't in earlier posts about this place. The kids love McDonald's. It's an American staple. Personally, I prefer Burger King's fries.

McDonald's - 760 Bethel Rd

Rating: 3.8

760 Bethel Rd, Columbus OH 43214
(614) 442-0033

Bathrooms were clean, food was good, they are really pushing the self serve ordering kiosks....but friendly.

McDonald's - 1377 Harrisburg Pike

Rating: 3.7

1377 Harrisburg Pike, Columbus OH 43223
(614) 274-2551

The restaurant was clean service was fast the food was hot. It has been newly remodeled.

McDonald's - 1074 Gemini Pl

Rating: 3.7

1074 Gemini Pl, Columbus OH 43240
(614) 796-1840

This is the most efficient mcdonalds in columbus and the people are very nice.

McDonald's - 901 N Wilson Rd

Rating: 3.7

901 N Wilson Rd, Columbus OH 43204
(614) 279-7699

Everything was great! Person on the speaker was friendly, first person at the window was also nice and funny, and the person handing me the food was polite as well however I did not get my apple juice with my kids meal. I simply parked my car and went inside and another gentleman had no problem with giving me my apple juice, more

McDonald's - 3550 E Broad St

Rating: 3.7

3550 E Broad St, Columbus OH 43213
(614) 237-2776

It did the job... cashier/manager was extremely nice ..ordered a grilled chicken wrap and got a breaded chicken wrap instead but other than that the service was great

McDonald's - 2441 Lockbourne Rd

Rating: 3.7

2441 Lockbourne Rd, Columbus OH 43207
(614) 497-0364

Quick service. Order was correct. Staff polite and professional.

McDonald's - 1006 S High St

Rating: 3.7

1006 S High St, Columbus OH 43206
(614) 443-8512

Conveniently located south of downtown, the restaurant is surprisingly quick based on the amount of patrons it services every day. Always clean and friendly inside the store. There is always a large gaggle of older gentlemen telling stories in the restaurant.

McDonald's - 1661 Morse Rd

Rating: 3.7

1661 Morse Rd, Columbus OH 43229
(614) 261-9400

The food is always good you always know what you're going to get. I'm not a big fan of the kiosk where you order your own. I'd rather go to the counter. Which they do let you go to the counter still so I'm all right with that.

McDonald's - 2091 E Dublin Granville Rd

Rating: 3.6

2091 E Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus OH 43229
(614) 846-6447

Good place to eat. Nice location 👍

McDonald's - 3600 W Dublin Granville Rd

Rating: 3.6

3600 W Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus OH 43235
(614) 799-9625

Good burgers 🍔 and french fries 🍟

McDonald's - 1589 W Broad St

Rating: 3.5

1589 W Broad St, Columbus OH 43222
(614) 274-9494

Ehh not sure why but service was fast but food quality was mediocre.

McDonald's - 8555 Orion Pl

Rating: 3.5

8555 Orion Pl, Columbus OH 43240
(614) 847-4489

Solid location with polite staff. They keep the facility really clean as well.

McDonald's - 2520 S Hamilton Rd

Rating: 3.5

2520 S Hamilton Rd, Columbus OH 43232
(614) 759-1696

This place, that is (McDonald's) has always been a very wonderful place to go and have some great food and drinks, along, or with family, or with freinds, and it's a great place to meet new people.Also i like that i can have a queit time to my self when i need to read, or check my email even to listen to a little music.

McDonald's - 4131 Morse Crossing

Rating: 3.4

4131 Morse Crossing, Columbus OH 43219
(614) 418-7047

Their services was quick, but customer service SUCKED. the order taker did not want to be doing her job. She had a bit of an attitude. The manager at the pick up window was too worried about talking to other employees inside about their schedule to really pay attention or make up for the first windows rudeness. The more

McDonald's - 4640 E Main St

Rating: 3.4

4640 E Main St, Columbus OH 43213
(614) 863-6631

Yummy McDonalds really has aweso me food thank you McDonalds

McDonald's - 7557 Worthington Galena Road

Rating: 3.3

7557 Worthington Galena Road, Columbus OH 43085
(614) 785-0294

Great night manager, always makes sure orders are correct, food looks good, and great attitude.

McDonald's - 3746 Riverside Dr

Rating: 3.3

3746 Riverside Dr, Columbus OH 43221
(614) 326-3663

McD has always got me impressed by its fast services

McDonald's - 6914 E Broad St

Rating: 3.3

6914 E Broad St, Columbus OH 43213
(614) 864-6023



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