50 Best Vegan Restaurants in Cedar Park

Cilantro Grill by Sip Saam Thai Hawaiian • $
325 N Bell Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Mango Sticky Rice w Sweet Coconut Milk
Coconut Ice Cream with Sticky Rice
Sweet Sticky Rice w Mango
Cream Cheese Wonton
Beef Thai Fried Rice
Chicken Pad Thai
Chicken Tom Yum
Crab Fried Rice
Fried Calamari
Teriyaki Beef

“Cilantro Grill by Sip Saam Thai offers delicious food from both Thai and Hawaiian menus, with quick service and kind staff. Customers praise the reasonable prices and variety of dishes like pork balls, papaya salad, crab fried rice, calamari, tom kha, and chicken & shrimp pad thai. The restaurant's consistent availability of mango sticky rice adds to its charm.“

4.6 Superb205 Reviews
Soto Japanese and Sushi Restaurant Japanese • $$$
11066 Pecan Park Blvd Suite 402, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Chefs Choice Sushi and Sashimi Combo
Toro Tuna with Truffle
Green Tea Tiramisu
Passion Fruit Tart
Lobster Tempura
Kumamoto Oyster
Truffle Edamame
Agedashi Tofu
Shrimp Tempura
Uni Pasta

“Soto Japanese and Sushi Restaurant, located at 620, is a highly recommended establishment for sushi and other Japanese dishes. The restaurant has been a favorite of many for several years, offering a variety of dining experiences from lunch to dinner, as well as a happy hour menu. The restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere, accommodating families with young children and even pets. The menu offers a wide range of options, with popular dishes including the Chili Hamachi, Tuna Truffle, Miso and Truffle Edamame, Hamachi Apple roll, and Chilean Sea Bass. For non-sushi options, the Truffle Risotto W/A5 Wagyu and Uni Pasta come highly recommended. The dessert menu has also received positive reviews. The restaurant's excellent service is a standout feature, with servers such as Kevin and Alfredo providing attentive and personalized service. The chefs also interact with customers, making the dining experience even more memorable. Overall, Soto Japanese and Sushi Restaurant is a top recommendation for anyone looking for a great sushi and Japanese dining experience in the Austin area.“

4.3 Superb202 Reviews
Sushi Fever Sushi • $$
905 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Kamikaze Hand Roll
Monica Vegas Roll
Spicy Tuna Taco
Yellowtail Roll
Cucumber Salad
Rock and Roll
Sushi Rolls
Great Sushi
Crazy Horse
Miso Soup

“Sushi Fever is a restaurant that offers high-quality sushi with a great variety of options. The sushi rolls have been praised for their freshness and taste, with specific mentions of the "Crazy Horse," "Hawaiian," and "Shrimp tempura" rolls. The staff is friendly, and they offer impressive service. For those who prefer mild spicy dishes, the "Spicy Creamy Ponzu" sauce is recommended, while the "miso soup" has also been highly praised. The restaurant is handicapped accessible and offers options for children, including "fried rice with beef" for toddlers.“

4.4 Superb95 Reviews
Ramen512 Ramen • $
1420 Cypress Creek Road Ste 300, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Karaage and Spicy Edamame
Moshi Sparkling Yuzu Original
Spicy Pork Tonkotsu Ramen
Tonkotsu Chashu Ramen
Signature Shoyu Ramen
Spicy Tonkatsu Ramen
Chashu Rice Bowl
Classic Tonkotsu
Black Tonkotsu
Spicy Tonkotsu

“Ramen512 provides a convenient dining experience where customers can use the "Toast takeout" App for a smoother visit. Orders are swiftly served within 10 minutes. The Spicy Tonkotsu ramen, Chicken Karaage, and Chashu Rice Bowl were enjoyed, with chewy noodles and flavorful broth. The black tonkotsu ramen stood out for its garlic flavor, though more toppings would be appreciated. The welcoming staff, like Alan, offer great service and assistance. The open kitchen allows diners to observe the cooking process. The Black Tonkotsu with Rice and menma were served hot and fresh, with tasty additions like Beni Soga and Scallions. The pork chashu was torched for a charred taste, while the menma was flavorful and sweet. A highly recommended spot for a delicious and satisfying meal experience at Ramen512.“

4.2 Good124 Reviews
Aleidas Restaurant Latin American • $
2011 Little Elm Trail #106, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Arepa Especial Aleidas
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Empanada De Cazón
Pabellón Empanada
Aleida's Sampler
Ground Beef Taco
Shredded Chicken
Burrito Aleidas
Sampler Platter
Arepa Mexicana

“Aleidas Restaurant is a welcoming place with amazing service and yummy food. The staff is friendly and helpful, explaining all the food options. They cook everything fresh, so the food comes out fast. The flavors are excellent, and the Arepas Plate, Arepas Jalapeno Chicken, and Empanada Pabellón were all excellent choices. The owner personally walks customers through the menu. Even if you don't live nearby, it's worth stopping by for a delicious meal.“

4.9 Superb316 Reviews
Scoop & Score Ice Cream Shop • $
111 N Vista Ridge Blvd #202, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip w Peach
Chocolate Chip Cookie Sundae
Mint Chocolate Chip
Raspberry Sorbet
Seasonal Peach
Banana Split
Waffle Cones

“Scoop & Score is a charming ice cream parlor and coffee shop located in Cedar Park. The staff is known for their great service and friendliness. The ice cream stands out for its thick and creamy texture, with exceptional flavors such as the local favorite Black Cherry Chocolate Chip. They also offer seasonal flavors and the option to purchase pints. Prices are somewhat higher, making it an occasional treat for some. The mango sorbet is a hit with kids. The cappuccino is also a popular choice. Overall, Scoop & Score is a wonderful destination for a delicious ice cream experience.“

4.8 Superb97 Reviews
Tacos Las Mamis Tacos • $
1405 W Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Mami's Quesadilla
Mami's Consome
Birria Ramen
Birria Fries
Mami's Taco
Queso Taco
Mami Taco

“Tacos Las Mamis is a restaurant in Cedar Park that offers a vegetarian-friendly menu, including a vegan Birria option in tacos or quesadillas. Their quesotacos and quesadillas are filled with flavorful birria and melted cheese. The tortillas are freshly made, and the service is excellent. This food truck is a delightful discovery, serving dishes like Mami's Tacos, Mami's Quesadilla, and even French fries. It's a great spot for those with gluten-reduced diets.“

5 Superb61 Reviews
1431 Cafe Breakfast • $
601 E Whitestone Blvd Suite 300, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Fried Steak Eggs Benedict
Biscuits and Sausage Gravy
Chicken Fried Bacon Strips
Meat Lovers Omelette
Country Fried Steak
Chicken-Fried Steak
Chicken and Waffles
Blueberry Pancakes
Redneck Benedict
Pumpkin Pancakes

“The 1431 Cafe offers a great breakfast with fast and courteous service. The omelet is notably large and delicious. Gavin, a helpful and attentive waitstaff, contributes to a relaxed atmosphere. The cafe is wheelchair accessible with ample indoor space and parking directly outside. It's a kid-friendly location, making it a suitable spot for various occasions. Highly recommended!“

4.6 Superb156 Reviews


KANE Sushi • $$$
406 W Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Wagyu Fried Rice with Braised Abalone and Dried Spicy Scallop
Hamachi and Salmon Belly
Hamachi Carpaccio
Hamachi Hand Roll
Salmon Oshizushi
Mille Crepe Cake
Matcha Tiramisu
California Roll
Salmon Sashimi
Shrimp Tempura

“KANE is renowned for its title as the "best sushi in Austin," offering an exceptional dining experience. The restaurant's authentic Japanese cuisine, attentive staff, and immaculate atmosphere have earned a top spot among global sushi establishments. Vegetarian options include seaweed salad, vegetable rolls, and edamame.“

4.6 Superb136 Reviews
Jack Allen's Kitchen American • $$
1345 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Chorizo-Stuffed Pork Tenderloin Medallions
Slow-Braised Beef Barbacoa Enchiladas
Pesto-Marinated Crab Stuffed Chicken
Southern Crispy Chicken Sandwich
Buttermilk Fried Chicken Salad
Pimento Cheese and Crackers
Carne Guisada Skillet Tacos
Mason Jar of Pimento Cheese
Smoked Barbacoa Quesadilla
Crunchy Catfish and Slaw

“Jack Allen's Kitchen offers a variety of delicious dishes and drinks, with standout mentions for the cheeseburger, chicken and biscuits, and coffee. The service, particularly from a server named Ethan, is commendable for being knowledgeable and attentive. However, there were some issues with food temperature, order accuracy, and service consistency in some instances. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible.“

4.5 Superb201 Reviews
Rana Indian Cuisine Indian • $
111 N Vista Ridge Blvd #201, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Tandoori Chicken Full
Kesari Malai Kofta
Onion and Potatoes
Chicken Lollipop
Chicken Biryani
Butter Chicken
Gobi Manchurian
Chili Chicken
Tandoori Roti
Palak Paneer

“Rana Indian Cuisine offers a variety of flavorful and fresh dishes, known for their vegetarian options and homely taste. Standout menu items include the Batura, Amritsari Chole Masala, Paneer Biryani, Spicy Paneer Dhaba style curry, Lacha Paratha, Chicken Lollipop, Hara Bhara Kebabs, Kesari Malai Kofta, and Chicken Curry. The restaurant has plenty of parking, friendly service, and a cozy atmosphere. Located in Austin, it provides a unique Indian dining experience, suitable for both dine-in and takeout. With a wide range of delicious dishes, Rana Indian Cuisine is sure to satisfy customers' cravings for authentic Indian cuisine.“

4.5 Superb195 Reviews
First Watch Breakfast • $
1320 E Whitestone Blvd Ste 600, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Vanilla Chai Latte Pancakes
Farm Stand Breakfast Tacos
The Elevated Egg Sandwich
Crab and Avocado Toast
Floridian French Toast
Traditional Breakfast
Ham and Cheese Omelet
Million Dollar Bacon
Morning Meditation
Millionaire Bacon

“First Watch consistently serves great meals with excellent service. The attentive and knowledgeable staff, like Weston and Wesley, provide personable and efficient service. The restaurant offers a convenient online waitlist, allowing for accurate wait times. While the dining area can be loud, the delicious food and friendly servers make for an enjoyable dining experience.“

4.4 Superb370 Reviews
Torchy's Tacos Mexican • $
1468 E Whitestone Blvd Ste 100, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Green Chile Pork Missionary Style
To-Go Torchy's Cherry Limeade
To-Go House Rocks Margarita
Green Chili Queso and Chips
Guacamole & Chips - 1 2
Chicken Fajita Taco
Trailer Park Trashy
BYO Breakfast Taco
Green Chile Queso
Tacos de Carnitas

“Torchy's Tacos is a reliable favorite with good food like green chili queso and yummy tacos. The service is usually on point, and the staff are helpful with great suggestions. While some turnover with bar staff is noticeable, the meals have always been enjoyable. Whether it's for Breakfast or Lunch, the employees are respectful and polite. From Jordan's polite assistance to Jamison's taco suggestions, the staff members like Nathan and the manager are knowledgeable and impressive. Overall, Torchy's Tacos is a fantastic go-to spot for a satisfying meal.“

4.4 Superb261 Reviews
Daichi Sushi and Grill Japanese • $
2051 Cypress Creek Road, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Curry with Pork Cutlet
Yakitori Chicken
Agedashi Tofu
Rainbow Salad
Rainbow Roll
Miso Soup

“Daichi Sushi and Grill is a small, unpretentious restaurant offering a wide selection of sashimi, specialty rolls, and Japanese dishes. With generous portions and reasonable prices, this hidden gem serves delicious sushi, including unique options like the Tomo roll, shrimp puff roll, OMG roll, and kiss of fire. The menu also features non-sushi items, making it a great spot for a satisfying meal.“

4.7 Superb67 Reviews
Levant Cafe & Grill Mediterranean • $
1320 Cypress Creek Road #105, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Lebanese Happy Chickpea Salad
Levant Shawarma Hummus Plate
Shawarma Plate with Hummus
Middle Eastern Baklava
Salad and Basmati Rice
Chicken Shawarma Pita
Galilee Beets Salad
Lebanese Tabbouleh
Grilled Vegetables
Jalapeno Hummus

“Levant Cafe & Grill is a highly-recommended Middle Eastern restaurant in Austin. The eatery offers a vast variety of dishes, showcasing wonderful flavors and fresh, healthy food. Vegetarians and vegans will appreciate the extensive options. The restaurant's menu features unique dishes such as bowls, stuffed pita, and mezze platters. Guests praise the cleanliness, indoor and outdoor seating, and generous portions. The prices may be slightly higher, but the taste is unmatched. Overall, Levant Cafe & Grill is a great destination for those seeking delicious Middle Eastern cuisine.“

4.5 Superb122 Reviews
Rosati's Pizza Pizza • $
800 W Whitestone Blvd B-1, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Thin Crust Pepperoni and Sausage
Chicago-Style Deep Dish Pizza
Sausage & Mushrooms Pizza
Pizza - Rosati's Monster
Chicago Style Deep Dish
Chicago Deep Dish Pizza
Rosati's Dough Nuggets
Cheesy Garlic Bread
Meatball Sandwich
Mozzarella Sticks

“Rosati's Pizza in Austin offers an authentic Chicago-style deep dish pizza that is worth the drive. For those who miss the taste of home, this pizza will not disappoint. The menu also includes an Italian Beef and Cannoli that are highly recommended. The thin crust pizza is a standout, and the "Cheef" specialty pizza is a must-try. With a history dating back to 1983, Rosati's continues to satisfy customers with their delicious and authentic offerings. Be prepared to enjoy the pizza so much that other pizzas may seem inferior.“

4.4 Superb199 Reviews
Leyla's Mediterranean Cafe Mediterranean • $
401 W Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Greek Salad with Chicken
Chicken and Gyro Plate
Chicken Shawarma Wrap
Falafel 6 with Tahini
Beef Shawarma
Large Baklava
Fried Pickles
Chicken Plate
Grape Leaves
Lentil Soup

“Leyla's Mediterranean Cafe is a must-visit spot! The chicken shawarma with hummus is a hit, paired perfectly with their red and white sauce. The kids meal portion is just right for those with a smaller appetite. The warm grape leaves were missed, but the vegan ones with rice hit the spot. The chicken plate is fulfilling, especially with their top-notch hummus and white cream sauce. The fried kibbeh and baklava are delicious, although the baklava could use more nuts and honey. With friendly staff and satisfying meals, this cafe leaves customers full and happy, eager to return for more tasty Mediterranean dishes.“

4.4 Superb117 Reviews
Vittle Vibes Indian • $
2301 Brushy Creek Rd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Loaded Samosa Chaat
Peanut Dry Chutney
Chole Bhatura
Masala Puri
Vada Pav
Set Dosa

“Vittle Vibes is a vegetarian restaurant offering delicious homemade meals and flavorful vegetarian and vegan options. Their Chole Bature is a must-try, and the coconut black eyed peas are also highly recommended. The spice level is well-balanced, and the outdoor seating area is spacious with a pleasant Bollywood playlist. The owners are friendly and eager to suggest dishes.“

4.7 Superb42 Reviews
Santa Catarina Mexican • $$
500 Cypress Creek Road Apt 170, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Guacamole with Corn Tortillas
Enchiladas Suizas
Frozen Margarita
Cochinita Pibil
Salsa and Chips
Chips and Salsa
De Huitalacoche
Chicken Fajitas
Enchiladas Mole
Queso Fundido

“Santa Catarina is a restaurant known for its warm and friendly atmosphere, offering delicious Mexican food. Popular dishes include tacos and ceviche, which are highly praised for their authentic taste. The restaurant is suitable for families with kids as it provides a play area for them. Santa Catarina is located in a strip mall in Cider Park, offering ample parking and making it a convenient location for group lunches. The service is consistently friendly, and the menu features an excellent selection of Mexican dishes. Additionally, the restaurant offers a happy hour with good margaritas, although the size may be considered small for the price. Overall, Santa Catarina provides a positive dining experience with its great wait staff and kid-friendly environment.“

4.4 Superb112 Reviews
Lemongrass by Sip Saam Thai Thai • $
1320 Cypress Creek Road Ste 100, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Green Apple Pompano Whole Fish
Sweet Sticky Rice with Mango
Som Tum Green Papaya Salad
Mango with Sticky Rice
Some Veggie Appetizer
Pineapple Fried Rice
Thai Pork Spare Ribs
Pad Kra Prow Chicken
Chicken Curry Puff
Coconut Ice Cream

“Lemongrass by Sip Saam Thai is a hidden gem serving authentic Thai cuisine. The restaurant offers generous portions of its dishes, including the pad Thai with shrimp, calamari, and shrimp spring rolls. The papaya salad is crispy and fresh, while the Thai coffee is a must-try, served with a choice of sweetness level. The service is quick and quiet, making it an ideal spot for a date night. With its flavorful dishes and pleasant atmosphere, Lemongrass by Sip Saam Thai is definitely worth a visit.“

4.4 Superb105 Reviews
Umiya Cedar Park Sushi • $$
1540 Cypress Creek Road Apt 113, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

K-Pop Spicy Tuna and Soft Shell Crab Rolls
Beef Bulgogi Bento Box
Beef Bulgogi
All the Sushi
Miso Soup

“Umiya Cedar Park is a highly-recommended restaurant that serves fresh and delicious food. The sushi is impeccable, with remarkable presentations and melt-in-your-mouth toro paired with other delicious cuts. The service is flawless, with friendly staff and prompt delivery. The restaurant also offers a variety of sushi rolls and a flavorful curry dish, making it a great spot for a sit-down lunch or delivery.“

4.5 Superb64 Reviews
Blue Corn Harvest Southern • $$
700 East Whitestone BlvdSuite 204, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Blue Corn Crust Crispy Salmon
Corn Bread

“Blue Corn Harvest is a local restaurant that offers a diverse menu featuring dishes like chili and shrimp quesadilla, steak and mushroom quesadilla, and tinga chicken rellenos. Customers praise the fresh and flavorful ingredients, as well as the nice atmosphere. The restaurant is a popular choice for Sunday brunch and lunch, with a menu that caters to various tastes.“

4.4 Superb97 Reviews
Andy's Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop • $
1210 N Bell Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Andy's Turtle Split
Andy's Banana Split
Nutty Waffle Crunch
Frozen Custard
Brownie Sundae
Butter Pecan
Hot Fudge

“Andy's Frozen Custard offers a wide variety of flavors and toppings, from simple vanilla and chocolate to custom concretes. The quality is consistently excellent, with perfectly smooth and delicious custard. The staff is friendly and efficient, providing great service. Visitors from California found it comparable to Baskin Robbins but with a hometown feel, appreciating the personalized service. A customer's favorite is the blackberry concrete. The place is also kid-friendly, offering corn hole toss for everyone.“

4.4 Superb79 Reviews
Noodle Alley Noodles • $
1201 N Bell Blvd suite 100, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Red Braised Beef Short Rib Noodle
Steamed Pork Soup Dumplings
Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken
Spicy Minced Pork Noodle
Hot Pot Beef Noodle Soup
Short Rib Noodle Soup
Dan-Dan Noodle Soup
Fried Spring Roll
Chili Wontons
Shoyu Ramen

“Noodle Alley offers a consistently good experience with quality food at fair prices. The outdoor booths are a nice touch. The noodle bowls, including the beef rib, are delicious and can be customized with extra noodles and hot chili for added spice. The service is always amazing, with quick turnaround and a welcoming atmosphere.“

4.3 Superb156 Reviews
Mandola's Italian Kitchen Italian • $
12100 W Parmer Ln #200, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Fettuccine Alfredo with Chicken Mushroom Peas and Gluten Free
Chicken Parmesan Fettuccine
Gnocchi with Meat Sauce
Spaghetti and Meatballs
Saturday- Beef Brasato
Bruschetta Alla Checca
Italian Wedding Soup
Chicken Alfredo Pasta
Tortellini Modo Mio
Eggplant Parmigiana

“Mandola's Italian Kitchen is a top choice for those looking for delicious food and quick service. Families with kids will appreciate the clean playground, giving parents a break. Vegetarian options like pasta and salads are available. Catering is a breeze with their professional team, even on short notice. The location is convenient with ample parking. The spaghetti and meatballs, Chicken Parmesan, and pizza are highly recommended. Don't miss the freshly made bread with olive oil and basil pesto dipping sauce. Whether dining on a budget or looking to share plates, Mandola's is a must-visit Italian restaurant.“

4.3 Superb149 Reviews
Via 313 Pizza Pizza • $
1335 E Whitestone Blvd Ste 200, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Herbivore Pizza with Jalapenos
Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza
Vegan Gluten Free Pizza
The Classic Cheese Pizza
Hawaiian Detroit Style
Detroiter Gluten Free
Roasted Artichokes
Detroit Style Pizza
Pepperoni Pizza
Cinnamon Sticks

“Via 313 Pizza is one of the best pizzerias in the 512 area, known for its fantastic Detroit-style deep dish pizza. The service is great, and they even took a small pizza off the tab when it came out a little late. The fresh ingredients, delicious sauce, and perfect crust make this a highly recommended pizza spot.“

4.3 Superb135 Reviews
Serranos Cocina Y Cantina Mexican • $$
11100 Pecan Park Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Fried Avocado Taco with Verde Enchilada and Spanish Rice
Legendary Beef and Chicken Fajitas
Chicken Enchiladas Lunch Special
Fresh Chips and Salsa
Chicken Fajita Combo
Chicken Enchiladas
Quesadilla Fajita
Cheese Enchiladas
Sopa de Tortilla
Queso Perfecto

“Serranos Cocina Y Cantina offers delicious Mexican food in a tastefully modern and well-decorated interior. The menu features flavorful dishes, including the mole enchiladas, with tender and soft meat. Portion sizes are reasonable, and the service is pleasant and efficient. While the atmosphere can be a bit loud, the overall dining experience is excellent.“

4.3 Superb112 Reviews
Pho Thanh Nhi (Vietnamese Food) Vietnamese • $
1335 E Whitestone Blvd T100, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai
Grilled Pork Spring Roll
Pho with Brisket
Pho Combination
Thai Fried Rice
Rare Steak Pho
Beef Bahn MI
Noodle Soup
Egg Rolls

“Pho Thanh Nhi, a Vietnamese restaurant, offers an exceptional dining experience. The portions are generous, and the prices are reasonable. The staff are known for their friendly and attentive service. The flavorful broth and consistent quality of the dishes, including the brisket pho and wonton soup, make it a local favorite. The restaurant also serves delicious boba smoothies.“

4.3 Superb99 Reviews
Yak N Yeti Indian • $
200 Buttercup Creek Blvd Suite 125, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Tikka Masala
Nepalese Khana Set
Newari Khaja Set
Tandoori Chicken
Butter Chicken
Lamb Vindaloo
Chicken Curry
Steamed Momo
Sadheko Momo
Palak Paneer

“Yak N Yeti is a restaurant that serves fresh, hot, and tasty food. The staff is friendly and provides good service. The menu offers a variety of dishes with different heat levels, including comforting foods. The mango lassi and naan are particularly recommended. The restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere, making it suitable for families with kids.“

4.3 Superb94 Reviews
The Rice Is Right Food Trucks • $$
2500 W New Hope Dr, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Korean Fried Cauliflower
Korean Fried Chicken Box
Coconut Rice Pudding VG
Vegetarian Fried Rice
Vegan Egg Rolls VG
Rice Cake Skewers
Fried Dumplings
Vegan Eggrolls

“The Rice Is Right offers a variety of delectable Korean-inspired dishes. The Korean fried cauliflower is a standout, with its perfectly crunchy texture and flavorful seasoning. The general tso's stir fry also receives high praise for its deliciousness. Customers appreciate the restaurant's lively food truck area, complete with a bar, lounge, and play space. Overall, The Rice Is Right provides a satisfying dining experience with gluten-free options available.“

4.3 Superb58 Reviews
JuiceLand Juice • $
5001 183A Frontage Rd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Wild Child

“JuiceLand offers a wide variety of juices and smoothies, including the popular Wild Child smoothie, with many flavors and options to customize. The menu also features a range of food options, including vegetarian and vegan choices, and most items are gluten-free and dairy-free. This location, conveniently situated inside Whole Foods, provides fast and friendly service, with staff who are happy to help and take pride in their work. The juices and smoothie bowls are delicious, and the staff often add a personal touch, making for a pleasant and satisfying experience.“

4.3 Superb53 Reviews


CAVA Mediterranean • $
905 E Whitestone Blvd Suite H, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken Greens & Grains Bowl with All Free Toppings Avocado
Rice Bowl with Meat Balls
Chef Curated Veg Bowl
Build Your Own Pita
Lamb Meatball Bowl
Lemon Chicken
Falafel Bowl
Caesar Salad
Rice Bowls

“CAVA is a popular restaurant known for its great-tasting and healthy food options. While the wait times can be lengthy due to staffing issues, the service is generally prompt, and the restaurant offers a good selection of customizable bowls, including vegetarian-friendly options. Customers appreciate the friendly staff and the overall dining experience at CAVA.“

4.2 Good125 Reviews
Local Slice & Juju's Pizza • $
111 N Vista Ridge Blvd #105, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Pizza with Goat Cheese
Brushy Creek Salad
Customized Pizza

“Local Slice & Juju's is a hidden gem that serves delicious pizza and boba. Their pizza dough and ingredients are fresh, and their homemade crust is amazing. They offer a variety of pizzas, including a vegetarian option that is highly recommended. The staff is friendly, informative, and knowledgeable, and they are quick to help with special orders. While the service could improve, the quality of their food and drinks makes this place a great spot for a movie night or takeout.“

4.3 Superb46 Reviews
EurAsia Ramen Ramen • $
1335 E Whitestone Blvd #110, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Eurasia Black Tonkotsu Ramen
Killer Beef Rib Ramen
Spicy Chicken Ramen
Red Tonkatsu Ramen
Back 2 Basic Ramen
Spicy Miso Ramen
Crispy Chicken
Salmon Poke

“EurAsia Ramen offers a variety of delicious ramen bowls with customizable toppings. Customers enjoyed dishes like Unagi roll and tonkotsu red ramen, although some found the pork tough. The restaurant is kid-friendly and wheelchair accessible, located in a shopping strip. With helpful staff and generous bento boxes, it's a go-to spot for a comforting meal. Multiple locations make it convenient for fans of their tasty, filling dishes.“

4.2 Good81 Reviews
The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen - Cedar Park American • $$
1310 E Whitestone Blvd #500, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Creme Brulee and Espresso Doppio
Cheese & Charcuterie Board
Maryland Style Crab Cake
Crispy Brussels Sprouts
Breakfast Bruschetta
Seared Salmon Salad
Spicy Asian Noodles
Sesame Tuna Salad
Fried Calamari
Ahi Tuna Poke

“The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen offers a great dining experience with a pleasing drink selection and wonderful food. The chill temperature of the white wines adds to the enjoyment. The patio, with its beautiful lit trees, is a lovely spot to sit outside when the weather is nice. The staff goes above and beyond to ensure a top-notch experience, as shown by their caring and attentive service. Despite a minor snag, the restaurant came through with flying colors, making a special anniversary dinner memorable and impressive. The attention to detail, fantastic food, and fantastic wine make every visit a delightful experience. The atmosphere is enjoyable both inside and outside, with the only drawback being that dogs are not allowed on the patio. The staff, especially Kristen Byrnes and Kailyn Potter, are highly commended for their exceptional efforts in making guests feel special and cared for. Overall, The Grove Wine Bar & Kitchen in Cedar Park is a recommended destination for a great meal and drinks.“

4.1 Good231 Reviews
Ike's Sandwiches Sandwich Shop • $
1335 E Whitestone Blvd Bldg. S-180, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Sometimes I'm a Vegetarian
Vegan Fall'Ing for Ike's
Silicon Valley
Danger Ranger
Chicken Strips
Fried Chicken
Maya Angelou
Aaron Nunez
Roast Beef

“Ike's Sandwiches is a fantastic place with a variety of delicious subs on the menu, including vegan and vegetarian options. The staff is super friendly and takes their time to make each sandwich perfect. The dirty sauce is fantastic, making every sandwich amazing. Despite its location, the food experience is top-notch, with helpful and friendly staff creating a culinary delight for every customer. Whether you're a picky eater or looking for something new, Ike's Sandwiches won't disappoint.“

4.1 Good91 Reviews
MAD Greens Health Food • $
Lakeline Mall, 13000 Ranch Rd 620 N #102, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Build Your Own Salad
Chipotle Caesar Wrap
Salad Bar

“MAD Greens offers a great atmosphere with delicious, fresh salads. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring your meal is made exactly how you want it. The restaurant is clean, including the bathrooms, making it a comfortable place to grab lunch. With vegetarian options and the ability to customize your salad, it caters to various dietary restrictions. Despite being usually empty, the chill employees provide a stress-free experience. Consistently hitting the spot with their fresh ingredients, MAD Greens is a go-to spot for those craving a tasty and customizable salad.“

4.1 Good66 Reviews
The Toasted Yolk- Cedar Park Vegan • $
14105 Ronald Reagan Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Cowboy Scramble with Hash Brown Casserole
Hashbrown Casserole
Two Eggs and a Cake
Biscuits and Gravy
Breakfast Burrito
Biscuit and Gravy
The Toasted Yolk
Shrimp and Grits
Scrambled Eggs
Alaskan Arnold

“The Toasted Yolk offers delicious food and great Bloody Marys, known for handling crowds well on weekends. The service is commendable, with staff like the professional and friendly "King." The atmosphere is pleasant and clean, and the coffee is popular. However, some dishes like the pancakes have room for improvement, as they were described as dry and tasting like flour. Despite this, the restaurant has a fresh and new vibe, making it a place people look forward to visiting again.“

4 Good191 Reviews
Juju's Boba Drinks And Sweets Cafe • $
111 N Vista Ridge Blvd #105, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Fresh Mozzarella

“Juju's Boba Drinks And Sweets is a local favorite that serves high-quality food and drinks. Their boba drinks are solid, offering a great taste and value for the price. The restaurant is also known for its delicious pizza, with the vegetarian option being a standout. The homemade crust and thin, crispy crust at the end of the pizza are particularly praised. The staff is friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful with special orders. While some customers have noted that the owner could be more welcoming, the quality of the food and drinks makes up for it. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, with spacious seating and artistic walls. Overall, Juju's Boba Drinks And Sweets is a great spot for a movie night or a quick bite.“

3.9 Good39 Reviews
Amy's Ice Creams Ice Cream Shop •
1335 E Whitestone Blvd #200, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Strawberry Shortcake Ice Cream Cake
Chocolate Peppermint Stick
Belgian Chocolate
The Amy's Classic
French Macaron
Cookie Dough
Gummy Bears
Water Bottle
Waffle Cone

“Amy's Ice Creams is a popular sweet treat destination known for its refreshing and clean environment. The staff is commended for being amazing, kind, and friendly, with some even doing cool tricks when asked. The location offers a variety of flavors, including a Shubert flavor and a dairy-free option, as well as unique custom flavors and shakes. The atmosphere is enhanced by good music and great wallpapers. While mainly serving ice cream, there are vegetarian options like strawberry toppings. However, dietary restrictions such as dairy and gluten should be noted. The location has good parking, with a disabled parking spot available. It is a kid-friendly place with easy-to-push doors and low seating, but the counter may be a bit high for young children to see the ice cream. The location is wheelchair accessible.“

3.9 Good71 Reviews
Zao's Chinese Kitchen Chinese • $
1540 Cypress Creek Road #110, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Combination Pan Fried Noodles
Salt and Pepper Shrimp
General TSO's Chicken
ZAO's Egg Fried Rice
Vegetarian's Delight

“Zao's Chinese Kitchen offers a mix of experiences. Some diners miss the previous taste, finding the orange beef watered down and the broccoli tasteless. On the other hand, many enjoy the delicious food with good portions like crab Rangoons, sweet and sour chicken, and egg drop soup. The fortune cookies are also a hit. Overall, Zao's Chinese Kitchen offers a variety of dishes with mixed reviews on taste and portion sizes.“

3.8 Good40 Reviews
Salt N Pepper Indian Restaurant Indian • $
1500 E Whitestone Blvd Suite 100, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Dum Biryani-Jumbo Quarter Tray
Tandoori Chicken Half Chicken
Boneless Chicken Biryani
Tandoor Chicken-Half
Chicken Tikka Masala
Paneer Tikka Masala
Mutton Shorba Soup
Cauliflower Wings
Butter Chicken
Potato Samosa

“Salt N Pepper Indian Restaurant offers a satisfying dining experience. The staff is helpful in suggesting good dishes, and the food is delicious, with standouts like the mandi biryani and whole fish tandoor. The restaurant provides a cozy atmosphere, making it suitable for families with kids. Vegetarian options are available, although it's not a vegetarian-only restaurant. The menu does not explicitly state dietary restrictions, but customers can inquire about them while ordering. The restaurant is wheelchair accessible and has parking facilities, including spaces for the handicapped. Overall, Salt N Pepper Indian Restaurant provides good value for money, with high-quality food and service.“

3.9 Good101 Reviews
Dos Salsas Tex-Mex • $
1600 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Enchiladas Verdes
Chicken Tortilla Soup
Fajitas De Carne
Chicken Fajitas
Chips and Salsa
Brisket Nachos
Carne Guisada
Tex-Mex Rita
Charro Beans
Carne Asada

“Dos Salsas is a popular Mexican restaurant in the Austin area known for its delightful margaritas and attentive service. Visitors praise the large portions and variety of dishes, including brisket tacos and other classic Tex-Mex fare. The restaurant provides a casual, family-friendly atmosphere, making it a great choice for celebrations and casual dining with friends and relatives.“

3.9 Good160 Reviews
Serranos Cocina Y Cantina Mexican • $$
1900 E Whitestone Blvd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Legendary Beef and Chicken Fajitas
Queso and Chips and Salsa
Chile Con Queso
Veggie Fajitas
Refried Beans
Grandes Taco
Pollo Loco

“Serranos Cocina Y Cantina is a top-notch Mexican restaurant with light, crispy chips and fresh, spicy salsa. Customers love their menu, finding it superior to other places. Despite some complaints about slow service and loud music, the staff is always attentive and polite. The delicious fajitas are a family favorite, making this restaurant a must-visit in Austin.“

3.8 Good79 Reviews


Salata Salad • $
1335 E Whitestone Blvd Bldg Q Ste 100, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Multigrain Croissant
Regular Salad
Custom Salad
Small Salad
Mixed Cheese
Salad Wraps
Just a Salad

“Salata is a restaurant that offers a wide variety of fresh vegetables and the option to build your own salad with individual ingredients at a reasonable price. The service is generally friendly and attentive, with a clean and efficient environment. However, some customers find the music annoying and there is room for improvement in terms of table cleaning frequency. Salata is known for its delicious Caesar salad and offers curbside pickup, making it a convenient option for customers. Overall, it is a great spot for those who enjoy customizable, fresh salads.“

3.7 Good53 Reviews
Chada Thai Traditional Taste Thai • $
1335 E Whitestone Blvd Suite T150, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Egg Rolls Vegetarian
Papaya Salad Medium Spicy
Thai Basil Fried Rice
Pineapple Fried Rice
cs6 Crab Fried Rice
Fried Wonton Rolls
Veggie Golden Bags
Pad Pak Fried Rice
House Fried Rice
Cheese Rolls

“Chada Thai Traditional Taste is a popular Thai restaurant, known for its flavorful and spicy dishes. The menu offers a variety of options, with the Thai Basil Fried Rice, Pad Kee Mao, Pad Prik Pao with chicken, and House Fried Rice with beef being some of the favorites. They also have a Papaya Salad that is highly recommended. The restaurant is suitable for those with dietary restrictions, as they can accommodate allergies to egg, dairy, and peanuts. The service is simple and efficient, providing a fast-casual dining experience. However, there have been some inconsistencies in food quality, with some dishes not meeting the high standards set by the restaurant. Despite this, Chada Thai Traditional Taste remains a top choice for many, especially those visiting the nearby Cinemark.“

3.8 Good107 Reviews
Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurant Tex-Mex • $$
4501 183A Toll Rd, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp & Avocado Campechana
Beef Enchiladas Rice Beans
Beef and Chicken Fajitas
Beef and Shrimp Fajitas
Lunch Chicken Fajitas
Tableside Guacamole
Carne Asada & Eggs
Chicken Quesadilla
Chips and Salsa
Tacos Al Carbon

“Lupe Tortilla Mexican Restaurant in Baton Rouge, LA offers a fun and inviting atmosphere with a wide variety of menu options, including a weekend brunch. The restaurant is known for its flavorful food, with dishes seasoned to perfection. Customers recommend asking for Marquis, a knowledgeable and friendly server who provides excellent recommendations. Despite occasional service delays and temperature issues with some dishes, like cold pancakes, the restaurant has potential with its ambiance and diverse menu. The outdoor patio is spacious and kid-friendly, making it a great dining spot for families.“

3.8 Good141 Reviews
Smoothie King Juice • $
909 E Whitestone Blvd Ste. B, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Veggie Apple Kiwi Kale
Daily Warrior
Angel Food

“Smoothie King is a consistent and awesome place with great staff and fast service. Customers love the friendly and kind workers who even make personalized drawings on cups. The smoothie bowls are worth the price, full, and satisfying. Specific employees like Lyvia and Arianna are highly recommended for their kindness and helpfulness. The environment and service make this location a preferred choice over others.“

3.3 Good28 Reviews


Chuy's Tex-Mex • $
4911 183A, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Taco & Enchilada Combo
Chicken Fajita Nachos
Chuy's Famous Ritas
Hatch Green Chile
Tres Leches Cake
Frozen Margarita
Chips and Salsa
Chips and Queso
Steak Burrito
Refried Beans

“Chuy's is a popular spot with a convenient curbside ordering system. The restaurant is known for its complimentary chips, salsa, and creamy jalapeno with to-go orders. The beef fajita salad is a fan favorite, although the lettuce mix can be inconsistent. The service can be hit or miss, with some staff members, like Derik, providing excellent attention, while others fall short. Unfortunately, some customers have experienced a decline in food quality and service, including mistakes with special requests.“

3.8 Good156 Reviews
King Noodle Vietnamese • $$
500 Cypress Creek Road #100, Cedar Park

Customers` Favorites

Vermicelli Charbroiled Pork
Vegetable Spring Rolls
Sesame Chicken Dinner
Teriyaki Chicken
Round Steak Pho
Crab Rangoon 6
Sesame Chicken
Orange Chicken
Vegetable Pho
Egg Drop Soup

“King Noodle is a popular restaurant with a reputation for great service and friendly staff. The food is consistently fantastic, with dishes such as the porkchop in warm glaze/sauce, sweet & sour chicken with fried rice, and crab rangoon being particular standouts. The mesmo soup is also praised as the best in town. While one reviewer had a disappointing experience with the tofu, citing a weird taste, the overall consensus is that King Noodle is a great spot for a satisfying meal.“

3.6 Good62 Reviews