29 Best Ice Cream Shops in Richmond

bubs and Gracie's Ice Cream and Cookies Ice Cream Shop •
7214 Hull Street Rd N, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Then Die Situe Caramel
Mint Pretzel Strawberry
Cheesecake Per Slice
Honey Blackrasberry
Honey Blackleberry
Cookies 12 Pieces
Cookies 3 Pieces
Banana Chocolate
Banana -Greatnuz
Chocolate Mint

“We were looking for a place to take our grandson and daughter-in-law out for ice cream. We heard that Bubs and Gracie's Ice Cream and Cookies was really good, so we decided to try it. It turned out to be a great choice. The ice cream was delicious, and the service was excellent. I spoke to the owner and found out that the shop is family operated. We enjoyed the experience so much that we'll definitely be back!“

4.9 Superb107 Reviews
Oh Mochi Richmond Dessert • $
900 W Franklin St, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Korean Corn Dog with French Fries
Korean Corn Dog with Potatoes
Fruit Pebbles Mochinut
Chocolate Mochi Donut
Strawberry and Mango
Potato Mozzarella
Original Rice Dog
Ramen Corn Dog
Lychee Jelly
Mochi Donuts

“Visiting family brought me to this adorable place. It felt so welcoming the second I walked in. Everyone working there was super friendly, and the food? Absolutely perfect! I'd definitely recommend it to anyone - it's a solid 10/10 from me!“

4.7 Superb146 Reviews
Ruby Scoops Ice Cream & Sweets Ice Cream Shop • $
120 W Brookland Park Blvd, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Flight of Flavors

“Probably my favorite ice cream in Richmond!I just love how the flavors are sometimes experimental, always exciting, thematic, and most of all they are FLAVORFUL ?I get kind of annoyed when places say an ice cream is, for example, matcha flavored or Thai tea and it barely tastes like it- here it's unmistakable like the flavor is super powerful and tastes like the real thing (that passionfruit sorbet is heavenly)Love you guys!“

4.6 Superb74 Reviews
DeLuca Gelato Ice Cream Shop • $
1362 Gaskins Rd, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

7 Hilla Sampler

“This place is the best interesting cold treats in my life. WHICH I am old. Myolder son & his Da are purists. Yet they love they both tasted Raspberry Balsamic. Lennon-chello/blueberry sorbet there are no words. If I could, I would work for I work get paid in pint.“

4.9 Superb52 Reviews


Scoop Ice Cream Shop • $
403 Strawberry St, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Brown Sugar Cookie Dough
Mint Cookies and Cream
Goat Cheese & Fig
Chocolate Truffle
Ice Cream Flight
Creme Brulee

“The ice cream is delicious and I highly recommend it! There were a variety of flavors including gluten-free and vegan options. Additionally they changed scoop to avoid cross contaminations for those with celiac disease. The outdoor benches were also perfect seating for the sunny day!“

4.8 Superb61 Reviews
Ellie's Hot Dogs & Ice Cream Hot Dogs •
3312 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Steak & Dog and a Chilli Dog
Cup of Chili
Custom Dog
Kraut Dog
Chili Dog
Slaw Dog
Rva Dog

“I just found Ellie’s hot dog about a week ago and I have been craving those buttered bun hot dogs ever since. This is my new favorite spot. Its close to my job and I will try to get over there as much as possible. If you are by the Diamond and you want a great dog, this is the place to go, hands down.“

4.8 Superb57 Reviews
Gelati Celesti Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
1400 N Arthur Ashe Blvd, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Salted Caramel Gelato
Chocolate Decadence
Birthday Cake
Cookie Dough
Waffle Cone
Just Ask

“Gelati Celesti is a staple in Richmond for having one of the best ice cream! and I completely agree with that. Sadly, i found out about this place when we already moved out from Richmond. But! every time I visit Richmond this is a must stop for me to go! I think I have been to 2 or 3 of their locations and both of them deserves 5 stars! from the surrounding, employees and the top quality of ice cream they have, they are indeed a number 1 spot for ice cream. I do not even care if its cold outside, I will tell my sister to go here to get ice cream! they also have different flavors to choose from and to be honest, I do not remember what my favorite flavor is but I have tasted a few and they are all good! you will not go wrong here since they use the best of the best ingredients here and all of their locations are so cute! I think my favorite location is the one close to scotts addition but like what I said all their locations are great!“

4.7 Superb63 Reviews
Westray's Finest Ice Cream Ice Cream & Frozen Yogurt • $
214 N Lombardy St, Richmond

“My little sister took me here while I was visiting her for a day. I tried the Gold Rush, and it was undoubtedly one of the best ice creams I've ever had. We bought two pints for the road. I had a chance to talk to Westray as well; he was very kind and patient answering all our questions. I would highly recommend if anyone is in Richmond.“

4.7 Superb56 Reviews
Crumbl - Bon Air Bakery • $
2003 Huguenot Rd Ste 103, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Chip Cookie Peach Cobbler Cookie
Birthday Cake and Strawberry Shortcake
Raspberry Lemonade Cookie
Cookies and More Cookies
Milk Chocolate Chip
Red Velvet Cupcake
Breakfast Cookies
Mallow Sandwich
Smores Cookie

“Great CUSTOMER SERVICE , DELICIOUS COOKIES, FRIENDLYS KIND ATMOSPHÄRE,Cookie Elves are soo adorable!!!Dietary restrictions: Options are greatParking: Easy convenientKid-friendliness: The Cookie elves are making cookies fresh daily!!Wheelchair accessibility: Access very easy“

4.6 Superb80 Reviews
Gigi Tea Time Bubble Tea • $
1355 W Broad St, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Honey Oolong Milk Tea
Pineapple Jelly
Lychee Smoothie
Taro Smoothie
Mocha Smoothie

“Stopped in after the Irish Festival. Got a mango smoothie with boba, and my husband got a mocha smoothie with boba. It was so good as always. I have been going here for years and wish I lived closer. My husband and I both agree that the sound of the straw pulling in the last drops of our smoothie is the saddest sound ever. It means it's all gone. ?Parking: Park on the street for free or park in Kroger across the street and walk over.“

4.8 Superb40 Reviews
Gelati Celesti Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
8906 A W Broad St, Richmond

“Will never go to another ice cream place again! If not for how amazing this ice cream is (which it is and I recommend the pumpkin ginger bread) then 100% for the service. BobbyJean helped us out with a bunch of samples and some recommendations! Can't wait to go back!!“

4.7 Superb46 Reviews
Blue Cow Ice Cream Co. Ice Cream Shop • $$
7017 Three Chopt Rd, Richmond

“In Henrico's heart, an ice cream gem,Best in town, a true diadem.With inclusivity as its bright guide,Lactose-free options, served with pride.Flavors range, from tried to new,Adventurous or classic, a varied view.A haven for all, where choices invite,Each scoop a joy, for every appetite.“

4.5 Superb60 Reviews
Smallcakes Richmond, Va Bakery • $$
11516 Busy St, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Design Cupcakes
Custom Cupcakes
Birthday Cake
Pup Cakes

“Really wonderful first experience!! I’ve never heard of the franchise before and the baker working was so patient while I was joyfully overwhelmed by so many amazing flavor options!! The baker was also so present for our entire interaction and was giving me all the information I was curious about.. even blessed me with the little tip on how to get the cupcakes home in perfect condition. The cupcakes are stunning, I know they’re going to be delicious but even if they weren’t, the customer service here sold me well enough to come again. I really just walked in for birthday dog treats and left with 4 cupcakes ??“

4.5 Superb55 Reviews
Gelati Celesti Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
3004 Stony Point Rd, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Almond
Chocolate Chip
Coffee & Cream
Butter Pecan

“Great gelato, just so expensive. Desperately waiting for them to bring back the lemon morningberry flavor.Also more than once I’ve been pretty blatantly ignored for the employees to help people who have come in after me. I don’t think on purpose, but annoying that it’s happened several times.“

4.5 Superb51 Reviews
The Treat Shop RVA (Jahnke Rd) Donut Shops • $
6114 Jahnke Rd, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Funnel Cake with Powdered Sugar
Specialty Donuts
Apple Fritter
Cotton Candy

“The ladies here are fantastic! It’s a family owned and operated small business. They provided wonderful, customized service to make sure I got exactly what I wanted for lunch! And it was QUICK! Before I found them, I only had sit down options that would take 50 minutes and was in a hurry due to being on a tour with limited time for lunch. Thank you so much for the hospitality! And the food was DELICIOUS!!“

4.4 Superb80 Reviews
Ray's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard Ice Cream Shop • $
3039 Lauderdale Dr, Richmond

“Ray's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard is one of my favorite ice cream places here in Virginia. There are many flavors and toppings to choose from. The ice cream is tasty and the texture of the custard is buttery soft. In addition, the staff is friendly and quick. It’s important to note the seating is restricted to outside, and there aren’t many seats available. I usually eat my ice cream in the car or take it home. I definitely recommend Ray's Italian Ice & Frozen Custard as it’s delicious!“

4.5 Superb41 Reviews
Dalia's Ice Cream & Bakery Ice Cream Shop • $
7310 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Pan de Muerto
Fine Cake

“This place is awesome ? I loved, loved the cakes they are so good, it is something very difficult to find a great cake. The owner is very nice and the staff are very nice as well service wise it's amazing I recommend this place 100%This place is amazing, I loved it, but I loved it very much. Their cake is very delicious. If you are looking for a delicious tres leches cake, this is the perfect place. The owner and her employees are very good, the attention is impeccable. I recommend them 100%, their ice creams are good, they last a long time without melting quickly, they are great.“

4.4 Superb63 Reviews
Gelati Celesti Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
5808 Grove Ave, Richmond

“The staff was friendly and cheerful and the “sea turtle” was as heavenly as the worker said. Also a kid dropped their ice cream and started crying and the workers were quick to replace it. A+ service. They also were playing Joji so extra star ♥️“

4.6 Superb27 Reviews
NarWhals Rolled Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
3313 W Cary St, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Reese's Cinnamon Toast Crunch Peanut Butter Drizzle
Cookies and Cream with Whipped Cream and Sprinkles
Cookies and Cream Mint Chocolate Banana Boat
Rolled Ice Cream with Raspberries and Oreos
Rolled Ice Cream and Sorbet
Strawberry Ice Cream
Strawberry Drizzle
Peanut Butter Cup
Chocolate Drizzle
Cookies & Cream

“Only place I could find in or near Richmond that does rolled ice cream. If you haven't had it it's delicious and definitely worth trying. They also do classes where you can come in and learn how to do it yourself with your family!!“

4.4 Superb48 Reviews
North End Juice Co. (Church Hill) Juice • $$
2400 Jefferson Ave, Richmond

“I was visiting a friend in Richmond and she took me here. It's a really cute place with smoothies and juices. There isn't a place to sit, instead you order at the window. The pricing is reasonable as well. I got a smoothie they had on the menu with banana and almond butter. I don't remember the name but it was fantastic. I was craving it the whole next day. Will definitely be back the next time I'm in town.“

4.5 Superb30 Reviews
Charm School Study Hall Ice Cream Shop • $
4930 Forest Hill Ave Suite D, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Pineapple Dole Whip
Vanilla Soft Serve

“OMG! The Banana Pudding Sundae is Soooooooo good. I love even the regular vanilla but when they have specialty flavors I definitely try them!Parking: Parking is limited..... but I've always been able to find a place. People are coming & going because it's take out only“

4.4 Superb40 Reviews
Crossroads Coffee & Ice Cream Coffee Shops • $
3600 Forest Hill Ave, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Breakfast Burrito

“This place is unassuming, but as far as to-go breakfast is concerned, it is much better than I expected. I had probably the best breakfast burrito I have ever had anywhere (I added tomato and avocado to it), the breakfast sandwich on a bagel was pretty good, as was the thai coffee and the latte. One thing was outstanding (the burrito) and the rest were just slightly above average. The online ordering system was convenient as well.“

4.3 Superb54 Reviews
One Way Cream & Goodies Ice Cream Shop •
407 N 1st St, Richmond

“Great customer service and such a variety of flavor options. This ice cream shop is unlike no other as the flavor pairings are not as "common" as one may think. You can either choose ice cream scoops or you can get a milkshake, I went with a milkshake and got it infused with fruit loops and cheesecake bites which was such a yummy combination . Additionally, I took off one star for the price...it was $10 plus tax and they only offer one size for the milkshake which seems to be an equivalent to a small so hopefully they offer more sizes in the future.“

4.5 Superb16 Reviews
Bruster's Real Ice Cream Ice Cream Shop • $
9101 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Banana Split
Hot Fudge

“Spectacular! Wonderful! Ice cream with unique and incomparable flavors!!! My favorite Vanilla ufss! Of another level!!!! I'll be back!!! / Spectacular! Wonderful! Ice cream with unique and incomparable flavors!!! My favorite Vanilla ufss! Of another level!!!! I'll be back!!!“

4.2 Good50 Reviews
Minilandia Dulcería Y Nevería Michoacana Ice Cream Shop • $
4062 Crockett St, Richmond

“This place is really amazing! Their piñatas are cute too. A nice selection of snacks and was excited when I saw a few chip brands I like. I recommend the rusa, taki esquites, and the mango raspado de mango! The only reason why I put 4 stars was because the 2 ladies working were completely rude to me and were talking bad about me and thought I couldn't understand them. Also my de mango was missing a few things but I came maybe 2ish hours before close so I can understand being annoyed to make a few things but come on now just be nice please.. Being rude gets you nowhere in life. Love this place though!“

4.4 Superb14 Reviews
Bev's Homemade Ice Cream & Café Ice Cream Shop • $
2911 W Cary St, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Cookies 'N' Cream
Espresso Oreo
Butter Pecan
Waffle Cone

“Check the hours before heading over. The shop has free 3 hr street parking outside if you get lucky. The side has a ramp into the shop. We didn't see much of the bakery today, but the ice cream satisfied two kiddies and a grown up(espresso Oreo). There is a restroom for customers only. Quite a few shops on this street didn't have restrooms. The waffle cones are the familiar brand of "Joy". The shop has many seats and tables inside. The view is Byrd Theatre and the cool shop Bygones. I could imagine myself spending a couple of hours enjoying desserts, coffee, bakery,... here.Parking: Free 3 hr street parking if you are luckyKid-friendliness: Kid's size ice creamMy kids love themWheelchair accessibility: The side of the shop has an outdoor ramp up into its side door.“

4.2 Good40 Reviews
Kilwins Richmond Ice Cream Shop • $
3115 W Cary St, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Double Waffle Cone Waffle Bowl
Puppy Scoop and Regular Scoop

“OK Yall another Hidden Gem. My hunny brought me here for Valentines Day 2024. Well whenever reviewing a Candy spot I usually start with the fudge. NOW before I say this know that I am very picky I had the Chocolate and the Salted Carmel Fudge. Both were good, just not great and it had a funky aftertaste that I could not quite but my hand on. But I also got a Cashew Bear Claw and that was amazing let me tell you. I want to come back and give some other candies and truffles a try.“

4.2 Good39 Reviews
Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams Ice Cream Shop •
3500 W Cary St C150, Richmond

Customers` Favorites

Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks Pint
Buttercrean Birthday Cake
Salty Caramel and Buckeye
Buttercrisp Waffle Cones
Maple Soaked Pancakes
Bramble Berry Crisp
Wildberry Lavender
Salty Caravel
Lemon Bar

“It's obvious this ice cream is the bee's knees! Baby, it's also the cat's meow! Fresh--of course it is! It's Jennie's! If you have ever paid $7+ for a pint on the grocery store, then you KNOW getting it fresh is an entirely new experience. Who lets you sample and with actual sample size little spoons? Jennie's! Who makes your want to close your eyes and throw you head back in pure ecstasy? You guessed it--Jennie's! I know, I know--you are going to argue Bruster's or ColdStone, or even Blue Bell has the best ice cream...I challenge you to go or buy Jennie's ice cream. I PROMISE you...nothing is better than this ice cream right here. In fact, I will sit right here until you go and see for yourself what I'm talking about. Go ahead...I'll wait...“

4.1 Good65 Reviews
Lucky mart Ice Cream •
8401 Staples Mill Rd, Richmond

“I visit this store everyday when coming home from work. Great customer service and consistent professionalism. We can all choose to go to any store to buy products, but the great level of customer service is what makes the difference in an overall great experience.“

4.2 Good10 Reviews
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