McDonald's in Colorado Springs

McDonald's - 5450 Tutt Blvd

Rating: 4

5450 Tutt Blvd, Colorado Springs CO 80922
(719) 591-8541

Wonderful food, good atmosphere, and a play place so the adults get some peace and quiet. The only thing that's wrong, is the employees. They act rude and are very slow.

McDonald's - 1575 Space Center Dr

Rating: 3.8

1575 Space Center Dr, Colorado Springs CO 80915
(719) 597-1499

Freshly remodeled this went from sad to happy. Staff is still amazing as always.

McDonald's - 535 Airport Creek Point

Rating: 3.5

535 Airport Creek Point, Colorado Springs CO 80916
(719) 574-3477

You guys rock my order got messed up last night and I'm a happy guy you guys made it right this evening with my wife came through about 930 last night you guys were packed in the drive-through we got home our order was wrong guys made it right without question even apologize several times what I told her more

McDonald's - 8120 Voyager Pkwy

Rating: 3.5

8120 Voyager Pkwy, Colorado Springs CO 80920
(719) 593-0511

Have you ever put a mcdouble and hot and spicy together and they have the best fast food ice cream cone. However, they often don't get my order right and the ice cream machine seems to be down a lot. Probably because they have the best fast food ice cream!!!

McDonald's - 1244 Academy Boulevard North

Rating: 3.5

1244 Academy Boulevard North, Colorado Springs CO 80909
(719) 596-1977

The food here is good. Shakes are good also. People are friendly. If u r hungry eat there

McDonald's - 434 West Garden of the Gods Road

Rating: 3.5

434 West Garden of the Gods Road, Colorado Springs CO 80907
(719) 599-8774

After seeing how horrid the service is at other McDonald's this one got a fresh look in my eyes. The service you get at the one off of voyager is absolute garbage. The staff here, including Matt are always awesome. Food is always made fresh upon request. The staff is more than accomidating. Definitely a five star more

McDonald's - 3021 Colorado Avenue

Rating: 3.5

3021 Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80904
(719) 444-0132

The supervise Usif is terrific. He really knows how to take care of his customers! The restaurant was clean. The food was good but, with a friendly smile made it better!

McDonald's - 704 Otis Circle

Rating: 3.4

704 Otis Circle, Colorado Springs CO 80915
(719) 597-4858

McDonald's - 1824 South Nevada Avenue

Rating: 3.4

1824 South Nevada Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80906
(719) 633-1171

Its McDonald's. Dont have anything to add that everyone doesn't already know. Same food as any other McDonald's. Employees are fast, so that really cuts down on the possibilities of experiencing a negative visit. I always go through drive thru, so I can't speak for the inside of the restaurant.

McDonald's - 2705 Janitell Road

Rating: 3.3

2705 Janitell Road, Colorado Springs CO 80906
(719) 538-0075

I can't exactly remember the team members names but he has all the tattoos hes very friendly and gets you moving quickly through the line I was new to town and he helped me with directions easily.

McDonald's - 3201 East Platte Avenue

Rating: 3.3

3201 East Platte Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80909
(719) 632-9505

Top notch service right here. Very clean eating area. In the day's of poor customer service. It's refreshing to see one go that extra mile. Watching Keenan taking and hustling the order out to those waiting on their orders. He could have easily shouted my simple coffee order out from behind the counter, instead he more

McDonald's - 3535 Hartsel Dr

Rating: 3.3

3535 Hartsel Dr, Colorado Springs CO 80920
(719) 266-9772

A very kind man bought my son breakfast. I burst out in tears and hugged him. It was the nicest thing someone has done for me in a long time. He explained it was his 71st birthday and he wanted to do something nice. It reminded me to be nice.

McDonald's - 510 North Murray Boulevard

Rating: 3.3

510 North Murray Boulevard, Colorado Springs CO 80915
(719) 573-1711

This place sucks!! Service is terrible!! 3rd time in a week I've been here and they are rude, you sit in drive thru or lobby like you're at a 5 star restaurant waiting for 27 min on your order!! Staff plays and makes fun of customers!! Crappiest McDonald's I've ever visited!! Will not ever go back here!!

McDonald's - 2515 S Academy Blvd

Rating: 3.2

2515 S Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs CO 80910
(719) 392-8249

clean and the staff was very friendly! Food was fast and fresh! Play place was great my kids loved it!

McDonald's - 5765 Constitution Ave

Rating: 3.2

5765 Constitution Ave, Colorado Springs CO 80915
(719) 637-0393

Love this location. One of the cleanest and fastest. The food is almost always fresh, hot and accurate. The employees are refreshingly professional and incredibly friendly.

McDonald's - 390 South 8th Street

Rating: 3

390 South 8th Street, Colorado Springs CO 80906
(719) 635-5281

I love this place!!!! The girls here are always so nice. I've never been inside but the drive-through is always on point. And food is always great to

McDonald's - 765 West Baptist Rd

Rating: 3

765 West Baptist Rd, Colorado Springs CO 80921
(719) 481-8742

Y'all need to look and complain about other things in life except for restaurants not meeting up to your standards you got understand the clientele of people that they get hired is kids now do you remember being a kid and not doing your job properly gay they're young they're learning some first job it is McDonald's more

McDonald's - 207 North Wahsatch Avenue

Rating: 3

207 North Wahsatch Avenue, Colorado Springs CO 80903
(719) 634-7589

Lobby is always clean even with the traffic from the local high school. Staff is always helpful and polite when entering, ordering, and most times leaving while in my wheelchair. Food basically always tastes fresh, and presents just as advertised. There are some exceptions to the rule that prevent McD's as being more

McDonald's - 324 East Fillmore Street

Rating: 3

324 East Fillmore Street, Colorado Springs CO 80907
(719) 375-8380

I have not been to a McDonalds for over a year but this one was a pleasant surprise! Freshly remodeled from the ground up but the best part were the employees did not act like pouting entitle teens who didn't want to work. You can order at a screen and go sit down. An employee, I think Brandon, showed me how to more

McDonald's - 4801 N Academy Blvd

Rating: 3

4801 N Academy Blvd, Colorado Springs CO 80918
(719) 598-4982

I am an ubereats delivery driver. This McDonald's has been the fastest to get orders to me I have experience so far in Colorado Springs. Even when the customer is wrong they still go above and beyond to make them happy. You guys rock!


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