McDonald's in Orlando

McDonald's - 6927 Silver Star Rd

Rating: 4.4

6927 Silver Star Rd, Orlando FL 32818
(407) 295-1001

I've always enjoyed this McDonald's. The food is great and the service is outstanding.

McDonald's - 5218 Silver Star Rd

Rating: 4.2

5218 Silver Star Rd, Orlando FL 32808
(407) 298-5950

This location is awesome..the staff is very nice n pleasant..Always greeting the customers with a smile and making them feel happy and welcome..I would greatly recommend this location to anyone!

McDonald's - 8060 S Orange Ave

Rating: 4.1

8060 S Orange Ave, Orlando FL 32809
(407) 855-6273

Check the food before you leave if going though the drive thru. As long as you do that, you're fine.

McDonald's - 2944 S Kirkman Rd

Rating: 4

2944 S Kirkman Rd, Orlando FL 32811
(407) 296-6265

Love their quick drive thru service....and the $$ menu is so affordable for Seniors...

McDonald's - 830 S Orange Blossom Trail

Rating: 4

830 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32805
(407) 648-1846

II just returned from Iraq after 51/2 yrs....was very impressed of all staff having sensitivity training,mostly the MGMT is very accommodating to all customers, including the and family eat there everyday at the same time .GYSGT/USMC/RET.

McDonald's - 5401 Altamira Dr

Rating: 4

5401 Altamira Dr, Orlando FL 32819
(407) 345-9477

Visited today, staff were happy and helpful. Was quiet busy but staff wiped the tables quickly, we ate in the restaurant was clean and was given a quick service.

McDonald's - 11382 US-441

Rating: 4

11382 US-441, Orlando FL 32837
(407) 240-7594

This 1 McDonald I'll say surpasses all in Central Florida. Being a father of two teenagers who are always hungry (!) and it's very convenient for me to stop by in a McDonald to pick up some snacks (burgers...).

McDonald's - 6875 Sand Lake Rd

Rating: 4

6875 Sand Lake Rd, Orlando FL 32819
(407) 351-2185

We enjoyed the atmosphere of course because it was kid friendly. Our only negative critique would be the ordering inside. You are required to use the kiosk. And with 6 people, 4 kids it’s a bit much to navigate. You get a number and find a seat while the waitress brings you your order. They are very clean and have a more

McDonald's - 14902 Narcoossee Rd

Rating: 4

14902 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando FL 32832
(407) 251-9921

Drive thru was fast food was hot and fresh, staff was on point and friendly even got a upscale with 2 apple pies. Every McDonalds should be as good as this one.

McDonald's - 5890 S Orange Blossom Trail

Rating: 4

5890 S Orange Blossom Trail, Orlando FL 32809
(407) 855-0423

The cashier who took my order, was awesome!!! He got my order perfect, he is so friendly, he is cleaning the store also, and asked me if I needed anything, to let him know. That is customer service !!!Ruben is his name 😀

McDonald's - 10701 Narcoossee Rd

Rating: 4

10701 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando FL 32832
(407) 273-3552

McDonalds on Narcoossee. Excellent customer service. Clean and friendly restaurant. Mornings,Cashier Mr. Jose, an asset to this establishment. Always cheerful and wanting to help. Courteous and professional.

McDonald's - 2701 E Colonial Dr

Rating: 4

2701 E Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32803
(407) 898-6879

Good people. Friendly atmosphere. Etc

McDonald's - 4294 N Alafaya Trail

Rating: 4

4294 N Alafaya Trail, Orlando FL 32817
(407) 658-0579

still gas af recommend the big mac. 8==D

McDonald's - 2503 N John Young Pkwy

Rating: 4

2503 N John Young Pkwy, Orlando FL 32804
(407) 299-4291

In the 3 years I've lived in Orlando, this is the ONLY location that I've been satisfied with my visit. The staff is prompt and friendly, and all of our food was hot and fresh. Thank you!

McDonald's - 7055 Narcoossee Rd

Rating: 3.9

7055 Narcoossee Rd, Orlando FL 32822
(407) 218-4031

McDonald's is the Best Place to get any kind ND of Drinks for a Buck. Also they're the Only Veteran Friendly Place I know of to date.

McDonald's - 4075 Millenia Blvd

Rating: 3.8

4075 Millenia Blvd, Orlando FL 32839
(407) 226-1622

Located in a difficult area to get in/out of, they seem to close their second drive-thru lane often. Service is fast and efficient though. Wish the outside areas were cleaner, better maintained, and had better lighting.

McDonald's - 16920 E Colonial Dr

Rating: 3.8

16920 E Colonial Dr, Orlando FL 32820
(407) 568-5085

Love the ladies that have worked a long time management keeps food fast and friendly!!! Thank You for making our McDonalds nice!!!

McDonald's - 1505 S Semoran Blvd

Rating: 3.8

1505 S Semoran Blvd, Orlando FL 32807
(407) 207-4285

cheap food and the scene here is great. Visited on Sat I believe. The bill won't break you.

McDonald's - 3804 L B McLeod Rd

Rating: 3.8

3804 L B McLeod Rd, Orlando FL 32805
(407) 426-9898

Honestly I’m not even exaggerating the vibe in there in so dope it feels like a little family soon as you walk in. The greetings and their approach is amazing

McDonald's - 9814 International Dr

Rating: 3.8

9814 International Dr, Orlando FL 32819
(407) 345-8996

I have special dietary needs. I can't have dairy or gluten. I am limited as to where I can go to eat. I was able to get the food I needed, specially prepared and with no hassles. We went there twice and was quite satisfied.


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