McDonald's in Tampa

McDonald's - 4818 S Manhattan Ave

Rating: 4.2

4818 S Manhattan Ave, Tampa FL 33611
(813) 837-3974

Kinda busybut it was lunch time so duh but one of the ice machines was out of ice but whatever very great food it was my moms bday lunch so i got food for her my son my hubby and myself we loved it all thanks

McDonald's - 6192 Gunn Hwy

Rating: 4.2

6192 Gunn Hwy, Tampa FL 33625
(813) 264-4048

Another good Mickey D.

McDonald's - 5393 Ehrlich Rd

Rating: 3.8

5393 Ehrlich Rd, Tampa FL 33624
(813) 961-5152

We haven't gone to McDonald's for breakfast in a long time. I list homes for 1% in and around Tampa. So we took a break and went here and really enjoyed it.

McDonald's - 1520 W Kennedy Blvd

Rating: 3.8

1520 W Kennedy Blvd, Tampa FL 33606
(813) 251-6495

This McDonald's was pretty busy the food wasn't too bad only reason why I'm giving it 4 stars is because the employees made you feel welcome the french fries could have been better but the ice cream topped it off

McDonald's - 8002 Citrus Park Dr

Rating: 3.8

8002 Citrus Park Dr, Tampa FL 33625
(813) 792-2776

After church band rehearsal, we wanted McRibs sandwiches. It was later in the evening. They had the meat but not the right sized buns. At least they had the meat. (The McDonald's on Ehrlich Rd. did not even have the meat.)

McDonald's - 104 W E Bearss Ave

Rating: 3.8

104 W E Bearss Ave, Tampa FL 33613
(813) 962-8573

Get the quarter pounder with cheese and Mac sauce they make them fresh

McDonald's - 926 W Fletcher Ave

Rating: 3.8

926 W Fletcher Ave, Tampa FL 33612
(813) 960-9109

Service was FAST! Staff was friendly, clean, and very helpful. The space was inviting and its location exceptional to get in and out. Food was hot and the freshest I've had from Mickey D's....

McDonald's - 7350 W Waters Ave

Rating: 3.8

7350 W Waters Ave, Tampa FL 33634
(813) 884-6992

Brand new McDonald's conveniently located at waters and Armenia. Been a long time coming but that's a perfect spot for a McDonald's. Right beside it there is a church's chicken too. Its in a plaza where which also has a spot for plasma donation, Amscot, Chinese food spot and a winn Dixie right along with e few other more

McDonald's - 2205 E Fletcher Ave

Rating: 3.7

2205 E Fletcher Ave, Tampa FL 33612
(813) 971-4775

This place has a good drive through. One of the drive through workers has a great sense of humor. I would love to come back.

McDonald's - 8402 N Armenia Ave

Rating: 3.7

8402 N Armenia Ave, Tampa FL 33604
(813) 350-4011

Sandwish and large coffee quick service tax includes $2.60... I'm loving it

McDonald's - 6013 E Dr Martin Luther

Rating: 3.7

6013 E Dr Martin Luther, Tampa FL 33619
(813) 621-5961

I just wish restaurant "MANAGERS" would teach their employees an old fashioned concept called: "CUSTOMER SERVICE"!!! Start out by greeting people with simple things like "Hello"! Then tell the cutomer HOW MUCH! ...and use simple words like please and thank you!

McDonald's - 4009 N Armenia Ave

Rating: 3.7

4009 N Armenia Ave, Tampa FL 33607
(813) 876-0707

Great place just check ur stuff right before u leave

McDonald's - 3515 S Dale Mabry Hwy

Rating: 3.7

3515 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa FL 33629
(813) 839-6651

This is a great location. It's in the heart of a location where it's one of the only things open at a certain time of the night. It does get extremely busy and the drive through is crammed packed full of cars. The line does move slowly, but the staff stays very friendly and are great.

McDonald's - 10019 E Adamo Dr

Rating: 3.6

10019 E Adamo Dr, Tampa FL 33619
(813) 252-3716

Its McDonald's, good service if you dont go past 12. It is nearly impossible then if there is a line

McDonald's - 7909 W Hillsborough Ave

Rating: 3.6

7909 W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa FL 33615
(813) 884-0229

Tbh: It's was good but they took way to long to get my order but I did get my meal shortly after so I'm pretty happy.

McDonald's - 2101 E 13th Ave

Rating: 3.5

2101 E 13th Ave, Tampa FL 33605
(813) 248-5194

I wish things were hotter and tasted more fresh, but it's consistent, fast, and accurate for the most part.

McDonald's - 19080 Bruce B Downs Blvd

Rating: 3.5

19080 Bruce B Downs Blvd, Tampa FL 33647
(813) 977-0076

Here every morning getting 4 breakfast burritos and mild sauce.

McDonald's - 15698 N Dale Mabry Hwy

Rating: 3.5

15698 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa FL 33624
(813) 962-2667

Service was great. Place was clean. Parking lot used as a cut through as speeders was a concern.

McDonald's - 10410 N Dale Mabry Hwy

Rating: 3.5

10410 N Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa FL 33618
(813) 961-8952

This McDonald's is by far the best. I try my hardest to eat healthy and stay away from fast food but it never fails when I pass this side of town to stop at this McDonald's. Their food at this location upholds the greatness all McDonald's use to have! Fast service crispy yummy fries

McDonald's - 920 E Fowler Ave

Rating: 3.5

920 E Fowler Ave, Tampa FL 33612
(813) 971-8922

I definitely see improvement here! Last couple of times I've ordered my orders have been correct and fresh! Customer service is better too!


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