34 Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Chicago

Sochi Saigonese Kitchen Vietnamese • $$
1358 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Slap Yo Mama Crab Fried Rice
Roasted Eggplant and Rice
Shaking Beef -Side Salad
The Original Banh MI
Original Spring Roll
My Mom's Cheesecake
Short Rib Clay Pot
Seared Duck Salad
Chicken Curry
Chicken Wings

“The food is outstanding....so fresh and interesting. Kudos for the very good service we received. Our only concern is the noise level that makes it difficult to hear the person across the table. If the noise level could be lowered, this place would be golden!“

4.3 Superb219 Reviews
Nhà Hàng Vietnam Restaurant Vietnamese • $
1032 W Argyle St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Beef Pho with Bean Sprouts Lime Mint Leaves
Mint Leaves with Bean Sprouts
Gỏi Cuốn - Spring Rolls
Combination Egg Noodle
Banh MI Bo Kho
Chicken Pho
Egg Roll
Goi GA

“Favorite pho on argyle. Dare I say best pho in the city? Always consistently delicious and I’ve been coming here for 10 years. Service can be a little slow depending on when you go. I haven’t tried anything else on the menu so order at your own risk. But the pho takes me back to eating pho in Vietnam.Plot twist: I’ve never been to Vietnam.“

4.5 Superb81 Reviews
Phodega Pho • $
1924 W Division St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fried Crispy Chicken Skins
Vietnamese Style Eggrolls
Hainan Style Chicken Rice
Combination Chicken Rice
Spicy Chicken Banh MI
Hainan Fried Chicken
Fried Chicken Rice
Pho Chay Vegan Pho
Beef Pho Pho Bo
Phodega Fries

“Super cool place. It's a part-Vietnamese restaurant and part-convenience store with Asian snacks. It's in a pretty hip neighborhood. The pho broth was decent but wasn't as flavorful as other pho broths I've had. Still tasty. The thing I liked is that they used slightly thicker pho noodles. The salt & pepper fried chicken skin was a little bland, but fried perfectly. It went well with the hot sauce. My favorite dish was the Hainan chicken. It was poached to perfection and tasted delicious with the 3 sauces. The rice was addicting and the side soup made sure things weren't too dry. 4/5 for food, service, and environment.“

4.5 Superb114 Reviews
Danang Kitchen Vietnamese • $
1019 W Argyle St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Bánh Khọt Tôm Trứng CÁ
Shrimp & Pork Fried Egg Rolls
Grilled Shrimp Vermicelli
Spicy Beef Noodle Soup
Tofu Noodle Salad
Bun Bo Hue
Vegan Pho
MI Quang
Bun Cha
Pho Tai

“I enjoyed a late lunch with Hen Banh Da (Clam Salad) and Mi Quang. Clam salad was everything I imagined it to be and mi quang was underwhelming — lacked flavor and yellow rice noodles were overcooked; I had to add more fish sauce for flavor.Attentive service. I will try this place again and order other offerings.“

4.6 Superb77 Reviews
MK NOODLE PHO Vietnamese • $
3341 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Pho with Steak Brisket and Meatball
Pho with Steak Brisket and Tripe
Pho Steak Brisket & Meatball
Nem Nuong Spring Rolls
Fresh Spring Rolls
BBQ Pork Banh MI
Cajun Fried Rice
Singapore Noodles
Banh MI Sandwich
Chicken Wings

“Food taste delicious and authentic. You be surprise how many pho restaurants food does not taste authentic. Love the fact you can place your own order using the tablet and don’t have to wait for a waiter to come take your order which means faster service.“

4.7 Superb96 Reviews
Saigon Sisters Vietnamese • $$
567 W Lake St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Banana Brown Butter Cake
NEMS Imperial Egg Rolls
Beef Pho with Meatballs
Sweet and Spicy Chicken
Grilled Baby Octopus
Green Papaya Salad
Spring Rolls Tofu
Bun Cha Hanoi GF
Vietnamese Ramen
Whole Branzino

“Amazing place, the food is top notch for Vietnamese cuisine, the ambience is nice and relaxing, and also the owner, Daniel, who made us laugh and made us feel so welcomed. You can tell the restaurant is there to serve an experience to their customers. No wonder there are so many 5 stars.We are definitely coming back, and would recommend this place anyone.“

4.7 Superb237 Reviews
Nhu Lan Bakery Bakery • $
2612 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp and Veggie Spring Rolls
Beef Brisket Pho
Lemongrass Tofu

“Longtime customer of this beautiful place full of hardworking people who love food just as much as I do, they just recently were able to give themselves a much deserved facelift and continue to provide amazing service and food that will always have a special place in my heart!!Vegetarian options: Vegetarian Lemongrass, Tofu“

4.5 Superb62 Reviews
Nhu Lan Bakery & Sandwiches Sandwich Shop • $
4810 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Vietnamese Lemongrass Chicken Sandwich
Traditional Vietnamese Sandwich
Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
Lemongrass Tofu
Roasted Meats
Grilled Pork
1 Sandwich
BBQ Duck

“All the time we stopped by and shopped here, we were not disappointed, and it's been quite a few times. My family like this place every time they stop by. Their barbecue duck and pork are always fresh, and their vietnamese sandwiches are some of the best one on the area.“

4.7 Superb55 Reviews


VinTea Bubble Tea • $
818 N State St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Brown Sugar Boba Milk Tea
Pineapple Smoothie
Signature Banh MI
Lychee Green Tea
Chicken Sandwich
Beef Fried Rice
Lychee Popping
Grape Smoothie
Passion Fruit
Signature Pho

“Absolute gem. It’s just one of those hole in the wall restaurants that have food that’s to die for. I got the pho tai nam (if I’m not butchering that) and the broth is one of the most flavorful broths for pho I’ve ever had. The meat was generous and not fatty . They have an adorable upstairs seating area as well. Their bubble tea was fantastic too! The boba is cooked perfectly and the tarp milk tea is smooth and sweet :)“

4.7 Superb93 Reviews
Vietfive Coffee - Chicago Coffee Shops • $
1116 W Madison St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Vietfive Banh MI Sandwich - Original
Banh Pate so Viet-French Puff Pastry
Caphe Sua Coconut Condensed Milk
Barbecue Pork Banh MI Empanadas
Iced Ube Latte with Coffee
CA Phe Sua Oat Milk 12oz
Vietfive Iced Ube Latte
Soft Serve Ice Cream
Banh MI Sandwiches

“VietFive exceeded any expectation I could have for a coffee shop. Passion exudes from every corner of this business - from the merchandise, the store design, the employees, and most importantly the products. Their Vietnamese coffee tastes amazing with a process you can see done for yourself. No Cafe du Monde bite here, as they collect beans direct from Vietnam. The banh mi empanada and the ube donuts also make for some great eating! You will be doing yourself a favor by stopping in and being part of what will surely be a successful coffee enterprise that changes the narrative on what makes a coffee shop exceptional. You’ll go for the coffee and stay for the vibe. Do yourself a favor and check them out!“

4.6 Superb124 Reviews
Phở Năm Lúa Vietnamese • $
6261 N McCormick Blvd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Stir Fried Ong-Choy with Tofu
Hue-Style Beef Noodle Soup
Spicy Crispy Chicken Wings
Combination Fried Rice
Shrimp Spring Roll
House Special Pho
Seafood Pho Tai
Pho DAC Biet
Bo Tai Chanh
Bun Bo Hue

“Seated immediately waited on immediately food came out hot no sooner than we ordered it. Ordered the fried shrimp spring rolls, I definitely should have ordered more they were good hot crispy so flavorful. The pho broth was amazing the shrimp fried rice was absolutely delicious. I would definitely come again.“

4.5 Superb68 Reviews
HaiSous Vietnamese Kitchen Vietnamese • $$$
1800 S Carpenter St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Caramelized Fish Sauce Wings - 6pc Wing
Papaya Salad - Haisous Beef Jerky
Vietnamese Coffee Cream Puff
Hanoi Style Grilled Pork
Vietnamese Rice Pudding
Vegetarian Papaya Salad
Confit Eggplant Salad
Grilled Baby Octopus
Vietnamese Egg Roll
Garlic Fried Rice

“I can not speak highly enough about this restaurant. Our first time coming here I proposed to my now wife. We came back here as it was the 1 year anniversary of my proposal and 1 month anniversary of being married. We were so excited to come back, and when our server (Liz) came to our table she paused and said she remembered us and then clicked that she was who helped me with the proposal one year ago. We were blown away that she remembered. Beyond that though, the food here is incredible. We got to try the grilled meat platter, which they did not have when we were here last. By far though, the wings are the best thing on the menu. That's not to take away from anything else, but I have been dreaming about these wings since last year. If you come here, do yourself a favor and make sure to get one order or the wings. The staff at HaiSous are just as incredible as the chefs. If you are looking for quality Vietnamese food, you will not find anywhere better to go in Chicago.“

4.3 Superb203 Reviews
Tank Kitchen & Bar Vietnamese • $$
4706 W Irving Park Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Vegan Shredded Papaya Salad Small
Chicken Curry Noodle Soup
Fresh Spring Rolls G
Coconut Milk Mussels
Tank Extra Large Bow
Shrimp Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Pancakes
Fried Rice

“Got drinks, appetizers, and soups on a Monday evening. Absolutely excellent service, incredible portions and flavors. Highlights included matcha boba, crepe, coconut mussels and curry noodle soup. The pho was DIVINE will absolutely be returning! A new favorite neighborhood spot!“

4.4 Superb93 Reviews
Sunset Phở Caffe Vietnamese • $$
2856 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Lemongrass Soup
Cevapcici Spring Rolls
Sunset Special Pho
Vegetarian Pho
Rare Beef Pho
Beef Pho Tai
Egg Rolls

“I never know what to expect with fusion restaurants but this place does each culture proud. We split the massive vegetarian pho and still had leftovers! The pho had a perfectly balanced mix of bok choy, cabbage, bean sprouts, carrots and mushrooms, but the icing on top was the perfectly fried tofu that became soft and savory as soon as I took a bite. My one and only minor critique is that the pho broth was a TINY bit salty The place is entirely family run, and it’s easy to see how much passion everyone has for the food; the Vietnamese chef and her Jugoslavian husband/general manager, as well as her sister, are all so kind and knowledgeable about the cuisine. Plus they have a pho card, which I’m sure will be used up quickly when I’m next back!“

4.6 Superb86 Reviews

MK Boba

MK Boba Bubble Tea • $$
3341 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

“Food taste delicious and authentic. You be surprise how many pho restaurants food does not taste authentic. Love the fact you can place your own order using the tablet and don’t have to wait for a waiter to come take your order which means faster service.“

4.8 Superb34 Reviews
Umamicue Vietnamese • $$
2758 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Bricket Bang MI X Egg Rolls X Crab Rangoon

“We had the Prime Brisket, Smoked Blue Crab Rangoon, Potato Salad, Smash Cucumbers and shared. Honestly I wish I would have not had to share the Prime Brisket. Everything was beyond delightful! The owners were so warm and friendly!! I can't wait to go back. I hope they are able to open a restaurant at some point! The Spilt Milk bar is beautiful.“

4.7 Superb26 Reviews
VN Tofu & Fast Food Vietnamese • $
1024 W Argyle St, Chicago

“Truly a hidden gem! I never would have found this place if it wasn’t for google maps :). They had so much good stuff in here. I got the banh bao (still warm), banh gio (freshly steamed), banh tieu, some eggrolls & some flan! I loved that the banh bao was full of hard boiled egg & sausage & they didn’t skimp on those fillings. The banh gio was still super warm when I got home and hour later. And OMG the flan was the bomb!!! It was so silky & smooth. I think it’s cash only but totally worth it & the cashier was super nice. I didn’t try any of the tofu & soy products this time but they looked good. Everything was fresh. Will definitely be back to get my viet snacks & sweets fix. Come early to get more of a selection.“

4.8 Superb21 Reviews
4 Seasons Vietnamese • $
4755 S Ashland Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Rice Noodle Soup with Shrimp and Pork
Rare Steak and Meatball Pho
Pork Vermicelli Noodles
Combination Beef Pho
Chicken Fried Rice
Shrimp Fried Rice
Grilled Pork Chop
Grilled Pork

“Best Vietnamese we've ever had, hands down. Everything was freshly made, which meant a wait for the food, but nothing to complain about. It was well worth the wait. If you plan to eat in, know that there are very few seats. Cash only! A gem in the middle of a rough area.“

4.6 Superb54 Reviews
Ocean Grill & Bar Vietnamese • $$
1826 S Canal St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Sun GÀ Chiên Nuoc Mam - Fried Chicken Cartilage
Pho Tai Nam - Rare Beef & Brisket Pho
Crispy Fried Egg Rolls 2
Spring Rolls 2
Beef Soup
Goi Cuon
Hot Pot

“Yes, their menu could use work (instead of take out menus). Yes, it may look a little hole-in-the-wall-like. But dang this food is good. Having lived in Socal many years, this gave me Westminster/GG vibes. Why this place has empty seats is beyond me. Must check this place out.“

4.3 Superb69 Reviews
LD Phở Vietnamese • $
4722 N Kedzie Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

MI Thai Xao Chay w Egg Tofu
Vegetarian Dumplings
Bun with Chicken
Goi Cuon Chay
Chicken Pho
Noodle Salad
Seafood Pho
Beef Pho

“It's their broth. You might not expect a place this good to be where it is, but there you are. The key to great pho is the broth, and theirs is rich, flavorful and never oily. They don't use the same for each, so if you order chicken, it will be different from the beef. The bowls are on display right by the door, be sure to take note. A "small" is more than enough. The appetizers I've tried so far are great. They do have a full meal menu beyond just pho, and I can only assume it's good. But when I crave pho that's in my area, this is where I go, and I'm so happy that it's this good“

4.5 Superb47 Reviews
King Pho Vietnamese • $
5414 W Devon Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fresh Spring Rolls 2 pcs GF
Fried Shrimp Rangoons 4pcs
Banh Xeo Vietnamese Crepe
Pho with Cooked Beef
Shrimp Fried Rice
Lemongrass Pork
Filet Steak Pho
Pho Meatballs
Pork Banh MI
Chicken Pho

“I love it here so much! Pho is phenomenal along with their hot tea and bobas! I’m never disappointed. They have friendly staff and the food comes out so quickly! Always a hands down, no brainer choice for Pho and definitely will keep coming back :) thank you so much!“

4.4 Superb69 Reviews
Saigon Phở Vietnamese • $
3222 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Hue Style Beef Noodle Soup Bún Bò Huế
Vietnamese Pancake Bánh Xèo
Spring Roll 2 Gỏi Cuốn
Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Saigon Pho Special
Vegan Pho Pho Chay
Bun Bo Hue
Egg Roll
Bun Cha

“Had a wonderful dinner here!!!! We were not served by the robot BUT IT WAS VERY EXCITING!!!I had the crunchy noodles and they were delicious, once I figured out how to eat them. I had them with chicken and they were good!My friend had seafood rice soup, others mentioned but the seafood was cooked a bit longThe spring rolls were delicious and I loooved the peanut sauceAlso very good thai ice tea!“

4.4 Superb66 Reviews
Phở Việt Vietnamese • $
4941 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Grill Pork with Rice Noodle
Spring Roll and Pho 40
Pho Bo Vien

“price was fair, food was aiight. maybe cuz we came an hour before closing. didn't offer high chair for our toddler. pork chop took forever n came out warm. asked for certain drinks the man said their too busy. Def try other restaurants nearby next time in chi town.“

4.2 Good61 Reviews
Banh Mi City Vietnamese • $
1518 W 18th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Traditional Vietnamese Pho with Beef Brisket
Shrimp Spring Rolls
Seitan Spring Rolls
Lemongrass Chicken
Banh MI Sandwich
Lemongrass Tofu
Sweet BBQ Pork
Peanut Sauce
Potato Chips
12 Oz Pop

“This is one of the most underrated great food spots in Pilsen. They are always so kind everytime I come in, the portions are huge, and the ingredients fresh. I usually get the pork banh mi and a side of the wonton soup. The spring rolls and peanut sauce are fantastic as well.“

4.4 Superb64 Reviews
Dong Ky Vietnamese restaurant Asian • $
4877 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Salt N Pepper Shrimp
Spring Roll

“Returning tomorrow after about ten years or more. The restaurant is very tight between tables so it wasn’t handicapped friendly for my late mother who loved this place prior to being on a wheelchair, which is one reason why we stopped going there. Cleanliness was another issue, especially the washroom. I hope the restaurant has improved.“

4.4 Superb54 Reviews
Hoanh Long Vietnamese & Chinese Restaurant Vietnamese • $
6148 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Rare Beef Pho and Singapore Noodles
Rare Beef & Meatball Pho
Pork Chop over Rice
Crab Rangoon
Spring Rolls
Fried Rice
Bun Bo Hue
Hu Tieu

“I’ve been getting food from here (mostly carry out) for more than 10 years and the food is still delicious! One of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants. My husband loves their pho, my son loves their pork over rice, and my favorite is the sate soup and noodles. The staff there are very nice too! Thank you Hoanh Long!Just writing this review is making me hungry! hehe“

4.4 Superb52 Reviews
Viet Fusion Vietnamese •
3236 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Cánh Gà Chiên Nước Mắm
Chim Cút Chiên Bơ
Chim Cút Rang Me
Spring Roll
Hot Pot

“New spot in the neighborhood! Restaurant’s decor is simple yet very roomy, an ideal spot for those who dislike to be enclosed or squished. It’s family owned restaurant so the atmosphere was very comfortably and quiet.Food was phenomenal, fresh and delicious! But most importantly reasonable priced. The service was friendly and fast. We had Pho and broth was rich and aromatic filled with lots of toppings. We also had Bo La Lot which was beautifully presented. Then we also had Bun Cha Ha Noi, amazing and authentic. Bun bo hue was delicious. I can say that all dishes taste great. It’s must try restaurant!“

4.6 Superb19 Reviews


Bambu Dessert • $
5010 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

French Macarons
Pandan Waffles
Coconut Combo
Fruit Addict

“This is the only place you’re going to find such customizable Che in Chicago, or really at all.When I come from out of town I always try to stop here because it’s so delicious Thank you guys for bringing such a refreshing and healthy dessert to the area.I hope Che becomes just as popular as bubble tea one day!Vegetarian options: All drinks are vegetarian friendly and most drinks are vegan friendly as well“

4.2 Good35 Reviews
Lotus Banh Mi Vietnamese • $
200 W Adams St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Ginger Chicken

“This is one of my favorite loop lunch locations. I get a sandwich and chips every time I go and it's consistently good. I've probably been over 20 times at this point. The people working there are kind and efficient. One thing I love about Lotus is that they always play soft jazz ambient music. It just makes for a very relaxing lunch break.“

4.4 Superb34 Reviews
Pho No.1 Brewing Co. Brewpubs • $
7958 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Rib Eye Steak Beef Noodles Soup Phó
Vermicelli Noodles Shrimp Salad
Filet Mignon Beef Noodle Soup
Crispy Crab Rangoon
Shrimp Spring Roll
Beer Flight 10
Meatball Pho
Papaya Salad
Chicken Pho
Beef Soup

“We tried Pho no. 1 Brewing tonight and we were really happy with it! We’ll be back again for sure! The Pho was a little sweeter than I expected, but it was my first time having it so I wasn’t sure what to expect. The beef skewers, egg rolls, and wings were amazing. All four of us left full and happy! Definitely recommend!“

4.1 Good69 Reviews
Pho Le 777 Vietnamese • $
6257 N McCormick Blvd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

777 Specialty Grilled Meat Vermicelli Noodle Salad Bun DAC Biet
Pho Special 777 Soup P DAC Biet
Half Roasted Duck
Lemongrass Pork
Beef Short Ribs
Seafood Pho
Spring Roll
Egg Roll
BBQ Pork
Pho GA

“This is my new place for all things Viet food! They have a SPECTACULAR selection of standard and niche vietnamese dishes. They have a really good selection of vegan dishes as well. Service is top tier with rly attentive/ friendly staff. I stopped by because the place next door was closed and it was the best decision! If you're used to the curt and oftentimes downright rude staff from the pho place next door, you're in for a treat here. Give them a try!“

4.3 Superb59 Reviews

Pho 888

Pho 888 Vietnamese • $
1137 W Argyle St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Pork Spring Rolls
Grilled Pork Banh MI
Rice Noodle Soup
Served with Rice
Pho Tai Nam
Bun Bo Hue
Soup With

“It was a delicious lunch that had me tempted to get more spring rolls. I don't really even like going up north like that, but I'm willing to right back up there to eat some more of their food. That pork Bahn mi, it was the pork one number 148, was delicious. The fresh, crisp, and flavorful veggies with the tender pork were a party on my taste buds. I even enjoyed the heat of the jalapeños. Got some pho to take home and have for dinner tonight.“

4.3 Superb51 Reviews
LC Phở Restaurant Vietnamese • $
2739 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Salt and Pepper Calamari
Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio
Veggie Pho with Tofu
Spring Rolls

“All in all I thought that this place had a really nice atmosphere and that the staff was kind. I think my only problem was the food (i had the pho with all the kinds of meat, which while good wasn't hot enough to fully cook the beef or even fully defrost it in a good amount of time, which resulted in my trying to heat the broth in the microwave as to speed up the process. I will note that I had gotten it to go and am not sure if it is a better situation when dining in, and honestly, I imagine it would be.“

4.3 Superb50 Reviews
Little Vietnam Restaurant Vietnamese • $
1132 W Bryn Mawr Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fresh Vegetable Spring Rolls
Vermicelli Rice Noodle Bowl
Pork Vermicelli Rice Bowl
Beef Pho and Egg Roll
Lemongrass Chicken
Vietnamese Crepe
Lemongrass Tofu
Combination Pho
Papaya Salad
Chicken Pho

“This little gem of a restaurant has hands down the best Vietnamese food on the north side of Chicago. I crave the beef pho and shrimp spring rolls at least once a week. Don’t go to Argyle Street. Come here! The pho on Argyle Street is salty and dark. The pho broth here has been cooked for hours. and is perfect. And BYOB too! You won’t be disappointed. Family owned….run by a lovely lady and the cooks are her aunt and uncle.“

4.3 Superb48 Reviews
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