50 Best Chinese Restaurants in Chicago

Chef’s Special Cocktail Bar Cocktail Bar • $$$
2165 N Western Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Dan Dan Noodles with Peanuts and Pork
Mapo Tofu with Ground Pork
Dry-Fried Green Beans
Vegetable Spring Roll
Dried Chili Chicken
Wontons in Chili Oil
Dry Chili Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken
Cashew Chicken
Mongolian Beef

“Small footprint with a ton of people coming, so get here early and wait for them to open it check for reservations or some kind, otherwise you'll definitely be waiting!Great atmosphere, great service, and absolutely delicious food. Highly recommend the dry pot chicken as the spices and oils have that great numbing and continuing heat. Only tried one specialty cocktail, but it was top notch as well.Parking: Saturday evening, lots of space on the street for parking. That's a wildly variable thing for an n of one, though.“

4.7 Superb112 Reviews
Duck Duck Goat Chinese • $$$
857 W Fulton Market, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Duck & Goat Spring Rolls
Xi'an Goat Slap Noodles
You Win Some You Dim Sum
Dan Dan Slap Noodles
Duck Fried Rice - 23
Mango Coconut Cloud
Spicy Sticky Wings
Scallion Pancakes
Char Siu Pork Bao
Chongqing Chicken

“I came here with a large group and we had a preset menu so that limits a bit my evaluation of the food. But overall it was very good. The food highlights were the duck & goat soup dumplings, the goat slap noodles, and the chongquin chicken; the Peking duck was good - just not enough meat on it for the number of pancakes they give you; the veggie rice and crab rangoon were just ok.I’d definitely try to go back with a smaller group.“

4.4 Superb561 Reviews
MCCB Chicago Chinese • $$
2138 S Archer Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Boiled Fish Fillet in Spicy Szechuan
Chengdu Spicy Dumplings
Green Beans with Garlic
Chicken Fried Rice
Dry Chilli Chicken
Orange Chicken
Mongolian Beef
Spicy Wontons
Mango Shrimp
Crab Rangoon

“Walking through New Chinatown we stopped to give this place a try, especially after seeing the Michelin awards poster for multiple years in a row. The wait was about 1hr and seating was very limited so plan ahead. Now once we were seated the service was fast and food came out in a timely manner.For the food I had mixed feelings, but want to start with saying that the food was good and very enjoyable. My only observation was that it was not a super flavorful taste ( little on the lightly seasoned side) but the texture and quality was on point. I had mixed feelings because I was expecting a bit more punch of flavor, especially since the Michelin ratings definitely grabbed our attention. Now the "pros" side of this is that you can eat alot of the food and not feel overwhelmed since flavor was more on the tamed side.That being said we enjoyed our meals and ordered multiple unique dishes and didn't feel overwhelmed. Walked away very satiated. Would definitely recommend with family style eating. Pork belly and dumplings were amazing!“

4.5 Superb118 Reviews
3 Little Pigs Chi Chinese • $
1150 S Wabash Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Original Salt & Pepper Fried Chicken Sandwich
Salt & Pepper Sweet & Sour Chicken Combo
Salt and Pepper Chicken with White Rice
Orange Chicken Box with Sauce Cup
Salt N Pepper Chicken Sandwich
Salt Pepper Chicken Sandwich
Lemon Pepper Fried Chicken
Hot Honey Spicy Chicken
Half Order Crab Rangoon
Sweet and Sour Chicken

“Im usually very happy with their food but this time I was very disappointed and in disbelief how bad the experience was this time with food. I order the bbq char siu was very dry and honestly seemed old. I order two rice box half and half but both were 90% salt&pepper. Hardly any sweet and sour chicken.“

4.6 Superb160 Reviews
Yao Yao Chinese •
230 W Cermak Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

yaotao choy sum 上汤菜心 份
Sour Pickle Fish Fillet
Cucumber w Jellyfish
Yao Yao Fish Fillet
Yaoyao Pickled Fish
Chicken Egg Rolls 2
White Cut Chicken
Spicy Chicken
Crispy Pork

“I'm giving 4 or of 5 stars based on food taste preference. I ordered shrimp fried rice, spring rolls, Crab Rangoon, and pork pot stickers. Food was hot and fresh. Parking was free in front there's a step to get in so not wheelchair accessible. The restaurant was clean, I would order from here again.“

4.6 Superb82 Reviews
Qiao Lin Hotpot - Chicago Hot Pot • $$
2105 S Jefferson St Suite A, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Single Pot Half and Half Triple Flavor
Chongqing Crispy Pork Stick 酥肉
Crispy Pork Sticks with Peppercorn
half & half 鸳鸯锅half
Half and Half Hot Pot
Tenden Marinated Beef
Coarse Potato Noodles
Golden Chicken Soup
Mushroom Broth
Hot Pot Bowl

“First time there. Great experience, no disappointment. Meat ordered served are fresh, as well as the vegetables. Simple varieties of snacks and desserts but were good, love them. Thus restaurant is highly recommended.Parking: The free parking lot is located across from the restaurant.Wheelchair accessibility: They have an accessibility ramp for wheelchair, it's so convenience.“

4.5 Superb221 Reviews
MingHin Cuisine Chinese • $$
2168 S Archer Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

iced hong kong style milk tea 冰港式奶茶
Shredded BBQ Pork with Pan-Fried Udon Noodles
minghin special fried rice 名轩招牌炒饭
minghin's shrimp dumpling 名轩虾饺皇
Minghin's BBQ Combination Platter
Chiu Chow Style Marinated Duck
Mango Pudding 香芒冻布甸
Beef on a Stick 4 牛串 4
sesame chicken 芝麻雞
Chicken Fried Rice

“Restaurant in China Town of Chicago .There are a lot of choices.The big fresh fish made in different way are really good ?I had the dumpling and goyza very good ...Also the friderice was very good but just too big for one portion ...I would have the possibility to order small plate of the dishes in the way to try little bit of more different taste ...Of course with less price ...The price are little bit too high I think to be a Chinese restaurant.But quality is good and the quantity also are big ..“

4 Good224 Reviews
BITES asian kitchen + bar Chinese • $$
3313 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Soft Shell Crab Sliders
Basil Cream Mussels GF
Duck Confit Yakisoba
Avocado Katsu Bun VT
Jumbo Shrimp Shumai
Bites Pad Thai
Signature Rolls
Roast Duck Bun
Chicken Wings
Crying Tiger

“This is a dope spot in lakeview that has a great vibe, with good cocktails and food. It has a low key vibe but still buzzing on the inside. Service is great and they make you feel right at home once you walk in. Food is good. I think I need to go back and try a few other selections. Tried their signature beef rib ramen and it was good I just might not be the biggest fan of soup type dishes. The rib didn’t have that much flavor to me but was still good ramen. What I loved most was the Smoked brisket chow mein and the Short ribs. They were amazing. We tried their meatballs and I do not recommend them. Completely overcooked. Shrimp wontons were Fire tho!! I will forsure be back to explore their menu more. Definitely check this spot out! Highly Recommended!!“

4.6 Superb221 Reviews
Shang Noodle Chicago Streeterville Chinese • $$
215 E Grand Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup 招牌台湾牛肉面
Steamed Soup Dumplings Steamed Soup Dumplings
Fried Spring Rolls 2pcs 炸春卷 2pcs
House Special Chow Mein
Everything Fried Rice
Honey Sesame Chicken
Jjamppong Noodle Soup
Shang's Wonton Soup
Mongolian Beef
Spicy Chicken

“Delicious little hidden spot. Great drinks and atmosphere. Mapo tofu was very spicy with real Sichuan that make your mouth numb. The lo mein noodles are top tier.Vegetarian options: Menu has some labels and some options to make item vegetarian. Some vegan options but ask waiter about egg.“

4.3 Superb120 Reviews
Shanghai Terrace Chinese • $$$
108 E Superior St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Lobster and Chicken Dumpling with Black Truffle
Steamed Pork Dumpling Shanghai Style
Traditional Peking Duck
Golden Shrimp
Bok Choy

“Of course, Shanghai Terrace has gotta be top notch as it's part of the Peninsula Group right? I gotta say though this go round, top notch feels like an understatement.Been here several times before and have been wanting to go again several times in the past year and a half but kept having to cancel our reservations till one day we didn't.The service aspect was exceptional. I've never had any problems with service here but this time, they made what has already been fantastic service into exceptional.See, in the past while the service has always been top notch, there has always been this very slight robotic character to it; not this time. This time, their service did not feel robotic at all. They were very engaged, made fantastic recommendations and took care of us really well.The food I mean; there's nothing not to like about it. We had some vegetable dumplings which were simply out of this world. We had a salad which was terrific. We ordered the happy rice (God I need to find out which region of China that comes from and get a recipe. It is GOOOOOOOD) and the noodles with all the meats which too was just amazing. The only thing that was not on mark was the crispy tofu. The first round that came was a little undercooked so we had to send it back. While the second time was cooked right, the outer layer seemed very different than what they have done in the past. The seasoning was a bit off and the outer layer was just thicker and crispier. Other than that though, this place rocks.“

4.4 Superb175 Reviews
Royal Highness Zhu 朱椿 Chinese •
1217-1219 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chengdu Beef & Veggie Mix Hot Pot
Chengdu House Special Spare Ribs
Chengdu Glass Noodle Hot Pot
Chengpu Glass Noodles Mixby
Beef Noodle in Spicy Broth
Tomato Beef Noodle
Beef Noodle Soup
Pork Dumplings
Sweet Noodles
Family Soup

“Authentic. Chinese. Street. Food!!! Here you can indulge in the flavors of food from ChenDu, which is the capital of Sichuan, in China! The spices and flavors in the dishes are so tasty. Here’s what I tried: Tempting Bon Bon Chicken Fiery Spicy Fries Delights Hot & Sour Fern Root Noodles Wholesome Wonton Chicken Soup Single Choice Hot Pot w/imitation crab meat Three Cannons ChengDu Osmanthus Cake Mango Soda Drink 芒果少女心 The Bon Bon Chicken was my favorite! It was so many flavors at once with the chili oil, soy sauce, slight sweetness and sesame oil. The Wonton chicken soup is so warm and comforting and the dumplings are made in house. I love how airy and modern the space is; there is room for big groups - which I really like. Put them on your list to visit and tell em that Bri from Planes and Plates sent you!“

4.7 Superb105 Reviews
Sun Wah BBQ Chinese • $$
5039 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chinese Broccoli with Oyster Sauce
Whole Peking Duck Dinner
Eggplant in Garlic Sauce
Beijing Duck Dinner
Hot and Sour Soup
Duck Fried Rice
Mongolian Beef
Beef Chow Fun
Roasted Pork
Duck Noodles

“The Peking duck three ways is the absolute move. The fried rice is good The egg rolls are excellent and the Chinese broccoli and bok choy are the bomb. They were low on beers as far as selection but everything else is always top notch here. Make sure you get a reservation because they can sell out of duck fairly quickly“

4 Good127 Reviews
D Cuisine Chinese • $$
2723 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Siu Mai Pork and Shrimp Dumpling
Pan-Fried Turnip Cake
Chicken Feet
Sticky Rice
Beef Chow
BBQ Pork
Dim Sum
Chow Fun

“Food was hot, flavorful, and served fast! Automatic tea with the table which was SUPER good. BYOB, but there’s a Target across the street and they provide glasses. Seems like a popular local and tourist spot. Def recommend!Wheelchair accessibility: Two relatively wide doors to get through on a slight ramp, but I witnessed both a wheelchair user and cane user navigate the doors and restaurant with no problem. Staff was attentive to holding doors, pulling out tables, and asking if they needed anything else for their meal.“

4.4 Superb129 Reviews
Lao Peng You Chinese • $$
2020 W Chicago Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Beef Noodle Soup 13 Beef & Cilantro
Pork and Dill Dumplings in Broth
Milk Tea with Herbal Jelly
Handmade Dumplings in Soup
Pork and Chive Dumplings
Silken Tofu Appetizer
Teydet Wood Ear Salad
Mushroom Noodle Soup
Chicken Noodle Soup
Cucumber Cilantro

“It's been ~4 days since we ate at Lao Peng you, and I still can't stop thinking about it. We heard about this place through watching The Bear, and it definitely lived up to the hype! We ordered the pork & dill dumplings, and the Dan Dan noodles, and it's honestly hard to pick a favourite. One thing to be mindful of is that the dill flavour was very strong in the dumplings (I love dill so this wasn't an issue, but thought it might be worth mentioning). My husband and I shared these two dishes and found them to be more than enough for the two of us at lunchtime. I wish I lived in Chicago so I could come back more often and try more of the menu!“

4.2 Good114 Reviews
Xi'an Cuisine Chinese • $
769 W Jackson Blvd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Szechuan Style Twice Cooked Pork 回锅肉
Eggplant w Garlic Sauce 鱼香茄子
stir-fried chewy noodles 炒拉条
Hand Pulled Noodle Soup with Lamb
Braised Beef Noodle Soup
Cumin Lamb Flatbread
Biang Biang Noodles
Sliced Potatoes
Mongolian Beef
Chili Chicken

“So freaking good! If you usually only order fried rice and orange chicken, do yourself a favor and try the authentic Chinese Xian dishes instead TRUST ME. I got the lamb noodle soup which was so flavorful, reminds me of my grandma’s cooking. It’s one of my favorite dishes from China and it’s rare to find it in Chicago especially. Also love the cumin lamb flatbread which is also one of my favorite foods. It’s slightly on the saltier side than I would like, I think the cumin already brings out enough flavor.I also tried the Biang Biang noodles which were VERY. Filling, I wasn’t hungry all day afterwards and skipped my dinner.Wish it was a bit more affordable, it got a bit pricier over the years but still affordable compared to west loop / downtown prices.Pickup is a bit inconvenient as they don’t bring to your car if they’re busy and there’s nowhere to park and stop in front of their store.“

4.5 Superb83 Reviews
Chef Xiong - Taste of Szechuan Szechuan • $
2143 S Archer Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Braised Chicken w Potato over Wide Noodles Szechuan Style 蜀香大盘鸡
spicy beef fried noodle 137 香辣牛肉炒面
eggplant w garlic sauce 116 鱼香茄子
Twice Cooked Pork Fried Rice
Xinjiang Style Sauteed Beef
Chinese Broccoli Dry Pot
Mapo Tofu with Pork
Stir-Fried Cabbage
Dry Chili Chicken
Hot and Sour Soup

“Update:I guess things have really changed!!! Not great and not even good. Biggest issue, we received 2 incorrect dishes than what was ordered. Portions were smaller and food was very sloppy.Hot & sour soup was very smoky, almost burned tasting.9 months ago: Our family voted, best Szechuan restaurant in the country!After trying several across the US over the past few years, this is a gem for Chicago. You don't want to miss it.The food here is hot, fresh, and loaded with flavor!“

4.5 Superb82 Reviews
P.F. Chang's To Go Chinese • $
213 W Hubbard St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

GF Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Honey Chicken and Fried Rice
Handmade Pork Dumplings
Chang's Spicy Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken Bowl
Crispy Honey Chicken
Sesame Chicken Bowl
Signature Lo Mein
Sesame Chicken
Mongolian Beef

“Josh was very kind and patient helped me to my 1st time eating at p.f Chang's to go and I must say the Mongolian chicken bowl was filling delicious and he made sure I had everything I needed to enjoy the dish before returning to Michigan ❤️“

4.3 Superb163 Reviews
Bowls of Rice Asian Fusion • $
3517 N Spaulding Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Sesame Aioli Chicken Rice Bowl
Crispy Sesame Aioli Shrimp Rice Bowl
Crab Rangoon

“Went to try this place for my 1st time. When I went in I wasn't sure if I was in the right place. They have construction going on inside and there wasn't a name on the building or inside. Felt confused if I was in some type of office warehouse or something not sure. But I have to admit their food was amazing ?. They have so many choices to pick from. I definitely will be going back to try different plates. The price for the bowls is fair not over priced.“

4.8 Superb69 Reviews
Wonder Chop Chinese • $
2418 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

General TSO's Chicken Combo Fried Rice
Chicken w Kung Pao Sauce
Chicken Lo Mein
Szechuan Chicken
Beef w Broccoli
Orange Chicken
Mongolian Beef
Sesame Chicken
Beef Broccoli
Crab Rangoon

“I went in because I was craving affordable sushi and wanted to try a new place. To my surprise no sushi offered at this time :( Oh well. I was suggested the lunch special. It was a good deal and was fresh. General Tso's Chicken- The chicken was juicy with a nice crisp breading. The sauce was tangy, sweet and spicy! Yum :) The rice had a really good onion flavor with the right wok char. Not greasy and will leave you feeling good and satisfied. As for the location I found free street parking across the street. The place was quiet and clean.“

4.7 Superb80 Reviews
Pingpong Asian • $$
3322 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Fortune Cookie
Vegetable Dumplings V
Fortune Cookies
Panang Curry
Crab Rangoon
Lettuce Cups
Tom Yum Soup
Roast Duck
Egg Roll

“I’ve gone here multiple times and done takeout multiple times. It is honestly a favorite neighborhood gem. The service when dining in is truly great and some of the best in Lakeview!! The food is always consistent and the atmosphere is quite adorable…great for friends or date night - either way! Thank you to the staff! A young gentleman was our server twice and he was phenomenal.Favorites: Shanghai Lo Mein & Mongolian Beef“

4.5 Superb74 Reviews
Go 4 Food Chinese • $$
212 W 23rd St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Pork Belly with Preserved Vegetables
Manila Clams w Black Bean Sauce
Salted Egg Yolk Shrimp
Salt and Pepper Shrimp
Millionaire Fried Rice
Seafood Tom Yum Soup
Chili Fusion Lobster
Salt and Pepper Pork
Crispy Chicken
Dungeness Crab

“Ordered takeout and everything was amazing!! Would highly recommend checking this place out, we tried a bit of everything. The seafood was fantastic and very fresh tasting, the beef was very flavorful and juicy, and the chicken was super crispy. Would love to go back to try the chili fusion shrimp and crab rangoon next time!“

4.5 Superb132 Reviews
Szechuan Corner Chinese • $
2910 N Ashland Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

orange chicken 橙皮雞
Three Chili Chicken
Mango Smoothie
Dry Chili Beef
Sesame Chicken
Spicy Dry Pot
Fried Rice

“The chili chicken was one of the best entrées I’ve had in the last 10 years. Their food is fantastic every time that we’ve been there and the service cannot be beat. This is a great family owned establishment and there’s no reason to go to any other Chinese restaurant in the city of Chicago Stars.“

4.6 Superb91 Reviews
Furama Restaurant Chinese • $$
4936 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chinese Broccoli Oyster Sauce Small
Fried Sesame Ball Dim Sum Selection
Live Maine Lobster 龍蝦
BBQ Pork Bun 叉燒飽
Egg Custard 蛋撻仔
Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
Sesame Balls 煎堆
Assorted Dim Sum
Mongolian Beef
Sesame Chicken

“We went to furama for dim sum & drag! delicious dishes with lots of vegetarian options and fun drinks. Beautiful big room, perfect for the event! Employees were helpful and accommodating for dietary restrictions. Will definitely be returning!“

4.2 Good83 Reviews
2AM Izakaya Sushi •
2218 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken Skin 烤鸡皮
Uni and Amaebi Sweet Shrimp
Salmon Uni and Ikura
2am House Noodles
Spicy Tuna Roll
Sushi Deluxe
Grilled Squid
Crab Rangoon
Dragon Roll
Crazy Roll

“Not bad! Food and service were both good, nothing to complain about but not amazing. We got beef skewers and scallop skewers and they were a little tough and chewy. We enjoyed the sushi more, the fish was fresh, although the rice tasted slightly cold/refrigerated, which I don’t love. We had the tuna on chip appetiser which was probably our favorite since the tuna was so fresh.“

4.6 Superb86 Reviews
Dolo Restaurant and Bar Chinese • $$
2222 S Archer Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fried Flat Rice Noodles with Beef in Soya Sauce
Fried Shrimp Dumplings
Dolo Seafood Combo
Sesame Spare Ribs
Egg Custard Bun
Spring Roll
Mango Crepe
Dim Sum

“I got some insider information that this is one of the better dim sum places, and it did not disappoint! I was part of a larger group (7 people) so we actually got a private room which was super nice. The only reservation system is a little weird (only Monday-Thursday available to reserve online), but I just called a couple days in advance and that worked out. Dolo has a nice selection of dim sum options, especially congee. There were so many unique ones to choose from! The preserved egg congee was great, and you can't really go wrong with any of the dim sum. We ordered a couple vegetable dishes which were also great (not too oily/salty). Compared to other dim sum restaurants, I think Dolo leaned toward having less salty in general, which I loved. Would highly recommend!“

4.2 Good79 Reviews
Haidilao Hot Pot Chicago (海底捞火锅) Chinese • $$
107 E Cermak Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

tomato soup base 番茄火锅
Hot Pot with Four Soup Base
Miyazaki A5 Wagyu Ribeye
Crispy Pork Appetizer
Mango Yogurt Drink
Mushroom Soup Base
Mixed Vegetables
Tofu Assortment
Spicy Soup Base
Haidilao Hotpot

“We went to visit my grandma in Texas recently and we decided to try Haidilao in Frisco. How about 10 stars!! Soup was amazing and friendly staffs. Employee Mei was amazing! She made us felt at home and really took care of my daughter Maylee. Highly recommend Mei.“

4.4 Superb178 Reviews
Minghin Cuisine Chinese • $$
215 E Ohio St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce
Minghin's Shrimp Dumpling
Fried Noodle Crispy Beef
Dim Sum Shrimp Dumpling
General TSO's Chicken
Baked BBQ Pork Buns
Mix Veg Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice
Crispy Pork Belly
Hot and Sour Soup

“Was seated immediately w/o a reservation, even on a very busy Saturday night. Service was lightning-fast, barely had time to sit down before water and hot tea was already delivered. Amazing selection of dim sum, ordered a variety of dishes and was more and more pleased with each dish as it arrived.Cannot recommend this place enough.“

4.2 Good161 Reviews
Happy Lamb Hot Pot Hot Pot • $$
2707 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fried Buns with Condensed Milk
Mushroom Combo Platter
Happy Lamb Hot Pot
House Sesame Bun
Baby Bok Choy
Golden Cabbage
Tomato Broth
Natural Prime
Lamb Wontons
Lamb Skewer

“Such a fun dining experience with so many options and unique items to try.I actually recommend doing the a la carte menu because you can still leave feeling really full and get a good variety for even less than the all-you-can-eat price.I really enjoyed the lively atmosphere for dinner (but we did have to wait a while), so if you are looking for the dining experience minus the bustling atmosphere, lunch is the way to go!Some of our favorites were the sliced lamb, quail eggs, fresh noodles, broccoli, and mushrooms.“

4.2 Good146 Reviews
Han 202 Restaurant Chinese • $$
605 W 31st St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Smoked Salmon and Kale Salad
Salt and Pepper Calamari
General TSO's Chicken
Lobster Fried Rice
Shanghai Dumpling
Walnut Tartlet
Lobster Tail
Rack of Lamb
Shrimp Toast
Cheese Cake

“Han 202 is a little known secret in Bridgeport. Truly a gem worth visiting if you are looking for a culinary experience featuring dishes packed with flavor, creativity, and skill. We've been frequenting this family owned and operated restaurant since it opened and have always had a memorable experience. The wine listoffers a variety of price points to fit any budget, all high quality, and some beautiful bottles rarely seen on a list.The food and the owners are the star of the show. From the Foie gras terrine with marmalade, shanghai dumpling, soft shell crab with sweet & sour chilli sauce to the the rack of lamb with Bonito plum sauce and the duck breat with szechuansauce..the pictures can't truly capture what you'll enjoy..just go there! You won't regret it.Parking: Plenty of street parking available.“

4.9 Superb37 Reviews
Yummy Yummy Noodles Chinese • $
2334 S Wentworth Ave UNIT 105, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Beef Shank Tendon and Tripe Noodle Soup
Crab Rangoon 6 酥炸蟹角
5 Spice Beef Shank Noodles
Shrimp Wonton Noodle Soup
Beef Brisket Noodle Soup
Mongolian Beef
Beef Chow Fun

“-1 star because the place smells like cigarettes and my brisket was wayyyy too fatty with not much meat.4 stars because the food came out fast and the broth was pretty good. Wanton (pork/shrimp) was one of the best wanton I ever had. Waitress was friendly and was very patient with the next table who arent Chinese and had a LOT of questions. Their beef shank is very tender and well marinated so I definitely recommend that over brisket (pictured). Price is on the low side. I will visit again :-)Side note: I was very thirsty after this meal.“

4.5 Superb74 Reviews
New Furama Restaurant Dim Sum • $$
2828 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Pork and Shrimp Shumai
Sauteed Spinach
Pork Dumpling
Beef Funn Roll
Shrimp Balls
BBQ Pork Bun
Fried Shrimp
Dim Sum

“Food always delicious!!! Service always delivers-they are the complete package!!!Food delicious hot and reasonably priced. Service is tops, ambiance is very relaxing non rushed and constantly given refills and you can enjoy at leisure Always my place for dim sum“

4.5 Superb74 Reviews
Saint's Alp Teahouse Chinese • $
2157 S China Pl, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Beef Tenderloin Fried Rice or Spaghetti
Golden Crab Rangoon w Sweet
Lemongrass Chicken Wings
Hot Almond Milk Tea
Beef Chow Fun
XO Sauce

“Try the spicy lamb stirred fried with thin cilantro. It’s a personal favorite of mine. I asked for it to be mildly spicy and it was done perfectly tender and just a hint of spiciness. We also had eggplant fish fillet chow fun (thick noodles) and golden stirred fried tofu. All of these are excellent. Not too heavy in the sauce and you can taste the actual food that’s in it. The chow fun was slightly too soft— but still delicious. More firmness would be perfect. Over all 4.8 stars so I round it up to a five. 4 stars for the atmosphere as seating near the door is not recommended. We went on a cold day and waiting guests kept the door open and made our food cold. I had to tell them to close it myself. The host was too busy.“

4.5 Superb45 Reviews
Friendship Chinese Chinese • $$
2830 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Friendship Egg Rolls or Vegetable Spring Rolls
Teriyaki Salmon with Tempura Scallops
Seafood Pot Stickers or Pot Stickers
Sidewalk Noodles with Garlic Shrimp
OH Wow Cashew Chicken Long Beans
Spicy Garlic Shrimp Fried Rice
Star Anise Short Ribs Lo Mein
Fried Rice Hong Kong Style
Honey Glazed Walnut Shrimp
Mandarin Orange Chicken

“What a lovely marvel - a mid century modern, quietly spacious Chinese restaurant with a select menu that fits in a small, two page flyer. The service was super friendly and gracious, all questions answered. We had a small dim sum lunch and each dish was prepared to order, some of the best I've had - steamed shrimp dumplings, bbq pork bau, sticky rice with pork wrapped in a leaf and steamed. Even the subtle music - beautiful jazz singing - made us happy. I so want to come back to this gem next time I'm in CHI.“

4.4 Superb98 Reviews
Peking Mandarin Restaurant Chinese • $
3459 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Spiced Fried Chicken Wings Hot 12pcs
Jampong or Spicy Noodle Platter
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Seafood Noodle Soup
Three Seafood Soup
Sweet and Sour Pork
Shrimp Fried Rice
Hot & Sour Soup
Mongolian Beef

“Also known as Asawon, my family has been coming to Peking Mandarin for decades. This is one of the few remaining classic Chinese-Korean restaurants that serve a lot of Chinese-American food and a handful of Chinese-American dishes that are enormously popular among Koreans. They also serve excellent champong, a classic spicy seaweed soup that is not too dissimilar to menudo, sans the tortillas. The trio of dishes we usually get are the spicy chicken wings aka lollipop wings (also available in boneless pork here), sweet and sour chicken (tan sauce, vs. the orange sauce in the American Chinese version), and black bean noodles. Last time we also threw in Mongolian Beef, which was surprisingly outstanding. Not sure if it was just a lucky day but the beef was infused with a smoky wok hei, unlike most Mongolian Beef dishes that are usually kind of watery and bland. I also like the black mushrooms & tofu, a classic Chinese American dish. The popular wings can sometimes be a little overcooked but the thick spicy sauce is usually on point. The primary competitor, Great Seas down the street, might have slightly better wings in a thinner more nuanced sauce, but the black bean noodles here are more generously sauced and slightly better, I think. I go back and forth between which restaurant that I prefer. My spouse prefers Great Seas wings but my family prefers Peking Mandarin for the other dishes and overall. They have large tables and are used to serving large groups, especially on weekends. The service is just fair and can be almost non-existent when they are busy. Be patient and bring cash. The decor is outdated but people here are regulars who come for the food, not to be impressed by interior design. This is one of the Chicago pillar restaurants devoted to food, not trends. I feel like those keep closing - let's keep this one open.Parking: Parking can be tight - we usually manage to find a spot in the diag spaces on St. Louis south of Lawrence.“

4.5 Superb69 Reviews
Noodle Creations Chinese • $
2312 S Archer Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Vegetarian Crispy Noodles
Seafood Noodle Soup
Beef Noodle Soup
Chicken Yakisoba
Lollipop Wings
Wonton Noodles
Fried Chicken
Bowl of Fire
Chicken Pho
Bingo Tea

“We heard the place had great noodles and they did not disappoint. The waiter was great, he was patient and explained the entrees. Our food came out quickly. The ramen and noodles were delicious. The shrimp tempura had a light crispy batter. We have been back several times to eat here. There is plenty of indoor parking“

4.3 Superb65 Reviews
Minghin Cuisine Chinese • $$
1234 S Michigan Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp Dumpling with Pea
Pan Fried Pot Sticker
Noodle & Fried Rice
Crab Rangoonies
Style Dumpling
Orange Chicken
Beef Chow Fun
Spring Roll
Egg Roll
Dim Sum

“I cannot stop thinking about the pork fried rice! Everything was daintily chopped and perfectly balanced. Next level delicious. However, the roast duck dim sum was not crisp and mostly bones. On a side note, there are two dining rooms; we were led to the tiny stark one although the finer of the two was not busy….“

4.2 Good84 Reviews
Tony's Chinese Food Chinese • $
3312 W 63rd St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chef Special Beef Fried Rice
Combination Fried Rice
Classic Korean Bibimbap
Green Pepper Steak
Chicken Fried Rice
Shrimp Fried Rice
Combo Fried Rice
Chicken Lollipop
Chicken Biryani
Orange Chicken

“Really, really, really great Chinese food! Everything is made fresh and made at order..Seen how everything is made with real and fresh ingredients is amazing! Honestly, my whole family talked how is better than other restaurant we gone around town.Check out the pics for your self and see how delicious it looks! A must try in Chicago Lawn AreaOwners are nice..You won’t regret it!“

4.7 Superb42 Reviews
Yao's Cafe Chinese •
601 W 43rd St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Sweet & Sour Chicken
Chicken Fried Rice
Orange Chicken
Mongolian Beef
Egg Foo Young
Crab Rangoon
Sesame Beef
Egg Roll

“I am very picky about my Chinese Food.. I would travel to Oak Park from Chicago South side for food, since trying the food here… I must say the food is excellent, clean energy and nice space… staff nice and food is always fresh…Vegetarian options: Everything nice“

4.5 Superb62 Reviews
Dongpo Impression Chinese • $
228 W Cermak Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

double fried pork intestine 干煸肥肠
Meizhou Chili Chicken 眉州辣子鸡
龙抄手 sichuan wontons
Beef Noodle Soup
Smoked Tea Duck
Skewer Hot Pot

“Dongpo Impression is one of the best Sichuan restaurants in the city with a no-frills family-style vibe and very friendly service. Among the dishes we tried, the Sichuan wonton, Dry Chili Chicken, and Sichuan string beans were our standout favorites. The smoked tea duck was also very fragrant though with a slightly lighter flavor profile. It was a satisfying meal overall, and the flavors of the dishes were spicy yet well-balanced.“

4.6 Superb49 Reviews
Hing Wang Chinese • $$
1122 W Wilson Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Large Combination Fried Rice
B B Q Pork Fried Rice
Shrimp Egg Foo Young
Chicken Fried Rice
Shrimp Fried Rice
Beef Fried Rice
Mongolian Beef
Crispy Wings
Tofu Chicken

“Genuinely my favorite hole-in-the-wall in all of Chicago. We don't need to talk about how much I've been here - it would embarrass you because you've never been that committed to anything. You don't go here to hang; you go here to slap exactly $17 in cash on the counter, tell them you came to pick up a large order of BBQ pork fried rice, and then leave to go and house that on your own because you deserve it goddammit. Seriously though, this place has no vibe, just take your magical tasting food and go home with it. They put all their effort into flavor and don't need to be bothered by how their restaurant made your insta story look. This also may seem expensive for fried rice, but this is some of the best stuff in the city, and one order is easily two meals - they heap the portions so big that it barely fits in the container Note: There's an ATM if you forgot cash“

4.5 Superb58 Reviews
Chengdu Impression Restaurant 成都印象 Chinese • $$
2545 N Halsted St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Boiled Fish Sichuan Style
dandan noodle 担担面
Dry Chili Chicken
Twice Cooked Pork
Crispy Eggplant
Sichuan Wontons
Fried Rice
Fish Soup

“In Chengdu, the dumplings taste great and are so authentic that they are endlessly memorable. In addition to dumplings, their grilled fish is also very good and delicious. The deliciousness of the dumplings is especially worth mentioning, every bite is the ultimate enjoyment for the taste buds.At Chengdu Image, the dumplings are incredibly delicious and authentically flavored, leaving a lasting impression. Besides the dumplings, the grilled fish is also quite good, with a delightful taste. The deliciousness of the dumplings deserves special mention, as each bite offers a supreme pleasure to the taste buds.“

4.2 Good70 Reviews
Wentworth Seafood House Chinese • $
2229 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Mix Seafood w Chinese Green Vegetable
Baby Clams in Black Bean Sauce
pot stickers 4 煎锅贴
Steamed Largemouth Bass
Golden Egg Yolk Shrimp
Salt & Pepper Egg Tofu
spring rolls 2 春卷
Shrimp Dumpling
Mongolian Beef
Walnut Shrimp

“This is a great stop for those exploring Chinatown in Chicago. The seafood is fresh - and even alive! The oysters were massive and delicious. The roast duck was an all star at the table. Explored with the jellyfish, which was perfect with chili sauce. The tofu and mushroom dish with bok choy is a must. Their dumplings are so filling and perfectly crafted with the herbs and meat.“

4.4 Superb70 Reviews
Szechuan Bistro 炳哥川菜 Chinese • $
2002 S Wentworth Ave B10, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Szechwan Style Noodle with Chili Sauce 四川凉面
Stir-Fried Fatty Beef w Chili Pepper 鲜椒肥牛
Chicken with House Special Chili Sauce 口水鸡
Chicken w House Special Chili Sauce 口水鸡
peppercorn fish fillet 炳哥招牌藤椒鱼
Dan Dan Noodles and Chili Oil Chicken
House Special Chicken 怪味鸡
House Special Kung Pao Chicken

“Had their 沸腾活鱼 and it was delicious! You can definitely taste the freshness of the fish filet plus the whole dish was spicy and flavorful.Do not let the location (basement of the mall) and the appearance of the store fool you, they make some delicious Szechuan dishes.“

4.7 Superb35 Reviews
Lan's Chicago Chinese • $$
1438 W Cortland St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Fried Rice
Orange Chicken

“One of the best experiences I've ever had dining. Jimmy the owner is an absolute legend and made us feel like family from the second we walked in. If you're a local from the city or thinking about visiting from the suburbs please make the trip. We'll be back very soon!“

4.5 Superb51 Reviews
China Fast Wok Chinese • $
2020 N California Ave #8, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

General Tao's Chicken Dinner Special with Chicken Fried Rice
Beef Lo Mein

“Must order. We are Chinese in the neighborhood and first time order. Unbelievable their food better than the restaurant in Chinatown. So delicious and good price. The restaurant is clean and good customer service. We will order again and again . Thank “

4.8 Superb30 Reviews
Shang Noodle & Asian Small Plates Chinese • $$
1101 S Wabash Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Taiwanese Beef Noodle Soup
Steamed Soup Dumplings
Seafood Noodle Platter
Everything Fried Rice
Deep Fried Pork Belly
Classic Fried Rice
Shrimp Shumai
Egg Drop Soup
General Tsao

“Visiting from Dallas and this food is awesome! The flavor is bold - the right amount of spice and garlic. I think this is the best Kung Pao we have ever had. Can’t wait to eat here again because everything going to other tables looked amazing!“

4.1 Good89 Reviews
Emperor's Choice Chinese • $
2238 S Wentworth Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

cantonese roast duck w bone half 粤式烧鸭 半只
Fortune Cookies & Almond Cookies
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce
Emperor's Egg Rolls
Emperor's Choice
Egg Foo Young L
Mongolian Beef
Egg Foo Young
Orange Chicken
Peking Duck

“I've lived in Chicago for over 70 years. The last time we visited Chinatown was over 10 years ago. We decided to check out Emperor"s choice restaurant on Wentworth/Cermak. The best decision ever. Hank was a awesome waitperson! He even brought out 5 different noodles for me to pick out the one I wanted. From drinks, appetizers, and main entrees, everything was delicious and worth the price which was quite reasonable. We'll be back!“

4.3 Superb90 Reviews
Tom Lee's Chop Suey Chinese • $
4660 N Western Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Fried Rice
Crab Rangoon
General Tao
Egg Roll

“delicious, consistent, good portions, hole in the wall. their orange chicken is a bit different from panda but in my opion, better, especially if you order them spicy. very friendly staffs too, if you don't know what you want they can always make great recommendations.“

4.5 Superb48 Reviews
Take a Bao Eats Asian Fusion • $
3517 N Spaulding Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Spicy Aioli Chicken Bao
Cinnamon Sugar Bao-Nut
Ponzu Chili Chicken Bao
Crispy Pork Dumplings
Crab Rangoon

“the food is always incredible, perfectly light and filling at the same time! The crispy chicken aioli baowich always wins and the creative baonuts hit the sweet tooth without knocking it out. I cant recommend this place enough, amd so far I've only done delivery! huge soft spot for being the first bit of food I was able to keep down and enjoy on a very sick day. THANK YOU FOR AWESOME, COMFORTING, DELICIOUS FOOD!“

4.4 Superb61 Reviews
Dai Yee's Asian Kitchen Chinese • $$
4131 N Rockwell St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Pan Fried Pot Stickers
Chicken with Broccoli
Vegetable Egg Rolls
2 Bar-B-Q Pork Bun
Shrimp Fried Rice
Beef Fried Rice
Mongolian Beef
Orange Chicken
Won Ton Soup
Beef Broccoli

“Every time I have ordered delivery from here the food is delicious and packed with care. I have tried the sesame chicken, cashew chicken and the crab rangoons- all delicious. This has become a new favorite takeout spot for consistently good food.“

4.3 Superb79 Reviews
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