39 Best Asian Fusion Restaurants in Chicago

PLANTA Queen Vegan • $$$
413 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Potato Truffle Dumplings
Brownie with Ice Cream
Japanese Sweet Potato
Avocado Lime Tartare
Cold Peanut Noodles
Chili Peanut Noodles
Bang Bang Broccoli
Singapore Noodles
Matcha Cheesecake
Torched & Pressed

“Have been here multiple times and it has been amazing every time, it is 100% my favorite restaurant. The food is amazing, and the atmosphere of the restaurant is stunning. Consistently have great service and amazing servers. Will visit every chance I get while in the city. :)“

4.5 Superb306 Reviews
KYOKU SUSHI Sushi • $$$
2518 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Sashimi Night
Black Widow
Miso Soup
A5 Wagyu
HI Jack

“Great service paired with very affordable sushi options for the size of the portions, and you can't go wrong with a sake flight!I hope more people come here, we came on a Thursday and we were the only people in there at 8p which was sad given how good everything was.Our server was so nice and all of the food came out quickly.Apps:-We started with the Wings and Gyoza and both were fineSushi:-We did the windy city and Hi Jack and we loved both of them and the rolls were huge!Drinks:-$25 for Sake flight is great!We will def come back but I hope more people start to support them.“

4.2 Good126 Reviews
BiXi Beer Brewpubs • $$
2515 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Pot Stickers with Shrimp Pork and Cabbage Contains Gluten Shellfish Allium Soy Sesame and Egg
Vietnamese Egg Rolls with Pork Shrimp and Wood Ear Mushroom Contains Shellfish and Allium
Spicy Fried Chicken Sando
Bao Cheeseburger
Chicago Beef Bao
Chicken Gong Bao
Vietnamese Curry
Scallion Pancake
Beef Fat Fries
Drunken Noodle

“Delicious food, unusual beers and cocktails, and beautiful decor. The kolsch, crepe and Rangoon Royale were especially good.“

4.2 Good92 Reviews
Wagyu House by The X Pot Chicago 和牛自助火锅烤肉 Hot Pot
1147 S Delano Ct East, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Torched A5 Wagyu Nigiri 2pcs A5和牛寿司
American Grain-Fed Wagyu Ribeye Steak
wagyu brisket 8oz a5和牛牛腩
Wagyu Fried Rice 和牛炒饭
sashimi platter 刺身拼盘
Wagyu Dumplings 6 Pieces
Korean Beef- Shabu Shabu
Seared Wagyu Nigiri 2pc
Deluxe Sashimi Platter
Wagyu Beef Fried Rice

“Great quality and a beautiful atmosphere!“

4.5 Superb231 Reviews
Three Dots and a Dash Cocktail Bar • $$
435 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Prime Beef Skirt Skewers with Passion Fruit Mustard
Kalua Pulled Pork Sliders
Prime Skirt Steak Skewers
Three Dots and a Dash
Hanali Spring Rolls
Thai Fried Chicken
Trader VIC Mai Tai
Mahi Mahi Tacos
Crab Rangoon
Pu Pu Platter

“Had an awesome time. Thanks you great service“

4.4 Superb384 Reviews
Lost Reef Lounge Cocktail Bar • $$
964 W Belmont Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Roasted Beet Hummus
Mezcal Cured Salmon
Lost in Manhattan
Ahi Tuna Tartare
Chicago Sunburst
Steak Sandwich
Beef Tartare
Noodle Salad

“Atmosphere, service, food, drinks..... everything was great. Highly recommend.“

4.6 Superb153 Reviews
Sushi by Bou - Gold Coast Sushi • $$$
1244 N Dearborn Pkwy, Chicago

Customers` Favorites


“Got the 60-min Bougie Experience (17-courses for $100) - the sushi was fresh and delicious! Only con is that the nigiris served were pretty small and we were still hungry at the end and ordered a bunch of a la carte items after.Get the a la carte Big Mac (Toro + Scallop + Uni) - absolutely scrumptious!Absolutely beautiful restauraunt, perfect for dates.“

4.5 Superb118 Reviews
Monster Ramen Ramen • $$
3435 W Fullerton Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Peach Yuzu Sparkling Green Tea
Miso Wagyu Ramen Shio Tokusei
Cucumber & Wakame Salad
Miso Yasai Vegetarian
Taking Beef Gyoza
Steamed Dumplings
Shoyu Plus Ramen
House Shio Ramen
Monster Ramen
Loaded Gyoza

“Somehow got lucky and got seated as we walked in. A quick summary:1.) Ordered Sen Cha tea, beef gyoza, and Monster ramen. Everything was cooked to perfection and tasted great. Only thing I didn’t like was the limited menu add on options compared to some other ramen places around Chicago.2.) Parking can be difficult to find in the area when it’s busy.3.) Service is top line. They refill waters/tea and clear dishes so fast. Dessert menu came immediately after the main course.“

4.4 Superb138 Reviews
MOMO FACTORY (Lake View) Himalayan/Nepalese • $
3202 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Luscious Tikka Momo Spice Flavor Dumpling
Butter Curry Masala Momo
Jhol Momo Dumplings
Momo Chilli Chicken
Steamed Dumplings
Chicken Steam Momo
Chicken Chow Mein
Chicken Jhol Momo
Chicken Fry Momo
Manchurian Momo

“Tasty food, my son likes it so we go again and again there.“

4.5 Superb96 Reviews
NoodleBird Asian • $$
2957 W Diversey Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Half Charcoal Chicken 半只炭火鸡
Minced Soy Sauce Beef Rice Bowl
Arroz Gordo the ¨Fat Rice¨
Smoked Mushroom Chili Crisp
Curry Vegetable Samosas
Pork & Ginger Dumplings
Park Ginger Dumplings
Portuguese Egg Tart
Seared Duck Breast
Fat Rice Bowl

“Food ranged from INCREDIBLE to meh. The pork and ginger dumplings were some of the best I've ever had - so flavorful. But the cabbage salad was just like, pieces of cabbage with little texture or flavor. Oatmeal cream pie was so satisfyingly salty and sweet.Order at the counter vibes was great, as were the prices.“

4.5 Superb86 Reviews
Del Seoul Korean • $
2568 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Tofu Hotpot Haemul Soontofu
Seoul Style Street Dumplings
Bulgogi Banh MI Sandwich
Seasoned Gamja Fries
Steamed Dumplings
Kimchi Fried Rice
Kalbi Bento Box
Bibimbap Regular
Spicy BBQ Pork
BBQ Pork Taco

“Friendly atmosphere, good fast service and good food too.“

4.4 Superb101 Reviews

Mott St

Mott St Asian Fusion • $$$
1401 N Ashland Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Miso Caramel Brownies
Thai Style Papaya Salad
Mott Burger with Egg
Wok-Smoked Gai Lan
Char Siu Pork Belly
Mango Sticky Rice
Garlic Fried Rice
Skirt Steak Kalbi
Everything Wings
Everything Sauce

“Such a great place! A must try restaurant!“

4.2 Good198 Reviews


Kapitan Malaysian • $$
2142 N Clybourn Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Roti – Curry Chicken
Singapore Noodles
Hokkien Char Mee
Satay Chicken
Rendang Beef
Fried Rice

“We love Malaysian food especially Peranakan! The portions are American hahaha but it's okay. The Char Kway Tiau, Nasi Lemak, Satay, Ayam Masak Merah etc., etc., etc. Just great food and the owner engages with patrons. Oh yes, Chili Crabs finger licking good“

4.4 Superb82 Reviews
Sando Street Japanese • $
1547 N Ashland Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Matcha Creme Sando with Strawberries
Gyoza Pork & Vegetable Potstickers
Popcorn Chicken Fried Chicken
Japanese Sweet Potato Chips
Shokupan Japanese Milk Bread
Gyoza Vegetable Potstickers
Side Mild Chili Aioli
Crispy Eggplant Bowl
Side Katsu Sauce
Tamago Sandwich

“I was so excited to try this place and I can’t say they disappointed. The menu is mostly the sandwiches with a few other things thrown in. I really enjoyed my sandwich and their house sweet potato chips. My only complaint was that I felt like the prices were a teeny bit on the high end for what you get overall. Employees very very friendly and I was served right away. The interior is a bit dark so I don’t see myself ever dining in, but my experience was great for takeout!“

4.5 Superb59 Reviews
Perilla Korean American Fare Korean • $$$
401 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Traditional Korean Pancakes with Soy Vinaigrette
Korean Fried Chicken Wings
Blistered Shishito Peppers
Marinated Short Rib
Silken Tofu Stew
Scallion Pancake
Grilled La Galbi
Fried Dumplings
Hot Stone Bowl
Pork Dumplings

“I loved “Perilla” …Please do not think of this as your typical Korean BQ grill/Restaurant. This is the most excellent Korean BQ restaurant I have ever been in and I have been in quite few over the years both in Korea back in the day and in the USA…Tomba⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️“

4.1 Good185 Reviews
Furama Restaurant Chinese • $$
4936 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chinese Broccoli Oyster Sauce Small
Fried Sesame Ball Dim Sum Selection
Live Maine Lobster 龍蝦
BBQ Pork Bun 叉燒飽
Egg Custard 蛋撻仔
Steamed BBQ Pork Bun
Sesame Balls 煎堆
Assorted Dim Sum
Mongolian Beef
Orange Chicken

“This is definitely some of the better dim sum I’ve had. I’m not sure what it’s called but my favorite one is like shrimp amd egg and it’s a little toasted. And the custard tart is so good. The crust is so flaky“

4.2 Good78 Reviews


Holu Steak House
2101 S Jefferson St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Japanese A5 Wagyu Phoenix Dumplings
Domestic Frenched Prime Lamb Ribeye
Kumamoto Oysters with Uni & Caviar
Wild Mushroom Cappuccino
Blue Fin Tuna Omakase
Wild Jumbo Tiger Prawn
Wagyu Caviar Tartare
Lobster Fried Rice
Seafood Platter
Meat Paradise

“top notch service and extremely high quality meat“

4.6 Superb343 Reviews


Oiistar Japanese • $$
1385 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fried Garlic Chicken Sambal or Sweet
Fastfood Foggy India Pale Ale
Black Garlic Tonkotsu Ramen
Spicy Garlic Shoyumen Ramen
Berkshire Pork Belly Bun
Spicy Miso Ramen
Tempura Shrimp
Tuna Carpaccio
Tonkatsu Bun
Creme Brulee

“Quick friendly greeting and seating on a cold, wintery evening. The place was busy but the service was prompt and accurate. Excellent quality food and large portions. And you'll probably never be short of soy sauce per your taste.“

4.6 Superb105 Reviews
Sushi Hall Sushi Bar • $$
2630 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Garlic Udon Noodles
Nine-Piece Sashimi
Shishito Peppers
Togarashi Fries
Veggie Tempura
In N Out Roll
Sashimi Dinner
Spicy Tuna
Spider Roll
Miso Soup

“Excellent sushi in Lincoln Park. Staff is fabulous. We were treated like gold in the back cocktail room. A hidden gem!“

4.5 Superb140 Reviews
Phở Năm Lúa Vietnamese • $
6261 N McCormick Blvd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Stir Fried Ong-Choy with Tofu
Spicy Crispy Chicken Wings
Hue-Style Beef Noodle Soup
Combination Fried Rice
Shrimp Spring Roll
House Special Pho
Seafood Pho Tai
Pho DAC Biet
Bo Tai Chanh
Bean Sprouts

“Super fast, solid quality Pho in a cute, no frills restaurant. Rating 9/10 | Cost $13 a bowl Pros: Speedy, simple, tasty, good variety. Cons: None Dropped in for dinner and from seat to food was less than 5 minutes. The interior was cute and simple, the staff were polite and quick. The food was above average and very worth the price and the speed. If you eat fast you could be in an out in 20 minutes. Plenty of parking and some unique menu items like caramelized catfish so I plan to come back again! Exactly what you need when hung over or just hungry.“

4.5 Superb79 Reviews
P.F. Chang's To Go Chinese • $
213 W Hubbard St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

GF Chang's Chicken Lettuce Wraps
Honey Chicken and Fried Rice
Handmade Pork Dumplings
Chang's Spicy Chicken
Kung Pao Chicken Bowl
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Crispy Honey Chicken
Sesame Chicken Bowl
Signature Lo Mein
Spicy Tuna Roll

“Decided to drop in and order food after watching John Oliver’s piece on how Grubhub and others cut into the margins.I’m happy I dropped by because Vito was really helpful, provided some employee suggestions on sauces, which I would not have had through the apps.The service was quick, friendly, and portions were good. If most to go experiences were like this I could see myself dropping in to take out food more often instead of ordering through delivery apps.“

4.3 Superb187 Reviews
Sunda - River North Asian Fusion • $$$
110 W Illinois St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Chicken Bao Buns & Pork Bao Buns
Signature Crispy Rice - Wagyu & Tuna
Signature Crispy Rice - Spicy Tuna
Crispy Eggplant Bao Buns - 4pcs
Crispy Brussels Sprouts Salad
Shiitake Edamame Dumplings
Lemongrass Beef Lollipops
Oxtail Pot Stickers
Red Dragon Roll
Spicy Edamame

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4.2 Good487 Reviews
Seoul Taco Korean • $
738 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Nachos with Corn Tortilla Chips Queso Blanco Green Onion Roasted Sesame Seeds Kimchi and Sour Cream
Burrito with Kimchi Fried Rice Lettuce Cheese Carrots Green Onions Sour Cream and Seoul Sauces
Bowl with Bulgogi Beef and Fried Rice
Korean Cheesy Corn Elote Quesadilla
Tacos and Kimchi Fried Rice
Sweet Potato Waffle Fries
Spicy Pork Gogi Bowl
Spicy Pork Burrito
Gogi and Waffle
Kimchi Slaw

“All the Korean food that I love is all in a burrito! They have kimchi fried rice as the base and you can pick your protein. I got the spicy pork and thought the spice level was jus right. If you're really sensitive to spice I would try a taco because the kimchi fried rice might be too spicy. It took under 10 minutes for 2 burrito orders and the workers were friendly. I would recommend stopping by because it's so cute inside.“

4.4 Superb94 Reviews
Niu Japanese Fusion Lounge Japanese • $$
332 E Illinois St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Honey Sesame Chicken Bento Box
Japanese Fried Rice
Tuna Poke Roll
Seaweed Salad
Sexy Mexican
Godzilla Roll
Crab Rangoon
Spice Girl
Pad Thai

“Our waiter Kong was so attentive and very helpful with choices from the menu since this was our first time eating at this restaurant. The sushi was amazing! We had the Crab Wontons, Tokyo Tonkotsu Ramen, the Lobster fried rice, Rock N Roll, Spice Girl, and the Spicy Cowboy rolls. The atmosphere, staff, and food will definitely have us coming back when we are in town!“

4.4 Superb86 Reviews
Pingpong Asian • $$
3322 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Fortune Cookie
Vegetable Dumplings V
Singapore Noodles
Fortune Cookies
Panang Curry
Crab Rangoon
Lettuce Cups
Tom Yum Soup
Roast Duck

“I always enjoy dining at Ping Pong. The food is always amazing and the staff is very attentive. They also have a nice wine selection and creative cocktails.“

4.4 Superb81 Reviews
Minghin Cuisine Chinese • $$
215 E Ohio St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Stuffed Bean Curd Skin with Pork & Shrimp
Spare Ribs with Black Bean Sauce
Minghin's Shrimp Dumpling
Fried Noodle Crispy Beef
siu mai 柱黄蒸烧卖
Dim Sum Shrimp Dumpling
General TSO's Chicken
Baked BBQ Pork Buns
Chicken Fried Rice
Mix Veg Fried Rice

“We had a good experience. Good food and friendly staffing.“

4.2 Good168 Reviews
Happy Lamb Hot Pot Hot Pot • $$
2707 N Clark St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Fried Buns with Condensed Milk
Mushroom Combo Platter
Happy Lamb Hot Pot
Fried Lamb Shank
House Sesame Bun
Imitation Crab
Golden Cabbage
Baby Bok Choy
Tomato Broth
Natural Prime

“The best hotpot I’ve ever been to in Chicago, IL.The whole restaurant was filled with large groups of people. Love the tomato and original broth. We got the all you can eat option and the lamb and garlic beef tasted great. I was able to reserve on the website with my group of 8 without any problems. Quick and good service!“

4.2 Good155 Reviews
urbanbelly Asian Fusion • $
1542 N Damen Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Lemongrass Chicken Dumplings
Spicy Korean Rice Cake Soup
Korean BBQ Beef Dumpling
Lemongrass Chicken Bowl
Korean BBQ Beef Bowl
Shoyu Mushroom Ramen
Hot Chicken Bao Buns
Chicken Katsu Bowl
Coconut Curry Pho
Soft Boiled Egg

“I was walking around before my concert and looking for food to eat, I entered and was immediately greeted by the staff, I believe his name was JP. He was very nice and gave wonderful recommendations about their menu. Would come back again to try other things on the menu!“

4.2 Good96 Reviews

Sushi X

Sushi X Japanese • $$
1136 W Chicago Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Crab Rangoon
Spider Roll
Buddha Roll
Sushi Rolls
Pollo Loco
Red Dragon
Spicy Tuna
Honey Roll

“Some of the best sushi my girlfriend and I have had in Chicago. Never had a bad meal!“

4.3 Superb49 Reviews
Trike Thai Noodles (Three Wheels Noodles) Thai • $
2339 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Drunken Noodles with Chicken
Golden Curry Noodle
Spicy Udon Noodles
Crab Rangoon
Panang Curry

“great variety of noodles and vegetables. the service was perfect, on a busy Saturday night.“

4.4 Superb35 Reviews


Bonchon Chicken • $
2163 S China Pl #1f, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Soy Garlic Chicken Wings
Korean Fried Chicken
Soy Garlic Wings
Pickled Radish
Seasoned Fries
Chicken Katsu
French Fries
Spicy Wings

“Good portions, delicious food and cozy environment“

4.1 Good76 Reviews
Brightwok Kitchen and Catering Asian • $$
21 E Adams St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Looks Like Eggs to Me
Everyday Eat Right
Eat Right Stir Fry
The Crunchy Crave
Creamy Cashew
Crispy Egg

“We ordered/scheduled ahead for a team lunch. I ordered a medium-spice BYOB with chili coconut curry sauce, white rice, tofu, onions, green kale, purple cabbage, and edamame. The bowl was delicious and a good lunch portion, however it needed more sauce as some parts of the bowl was dry. I got a medium spice level but could definitely go for hot next time as this didn't have any spice. It leaves you feeling full and healthy. Overall, I would go again and maybe try the rice noddles.“

4.2 Good36 Reviews
Wakamono Japanese • $$$
3313 N Broadway, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Sashimi Arrangements
Shrimp Tempura Roll
Baked Scallops
Wakamono Roll
Seaweed Salad
Peter Parker
Crab Wontons
Agedashi Tofu

“Fabulous sushi rolls & nigiri! The shishito pepper appetizer was amazing! Great ramen dishes! And the service was exceptional! ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐“

4.1 Good54 Reviews
Seoul Taco Tacos • $
1321 E 57th St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Nachos with Corn Tortilla Chips Queso Blanco Green Onion Roasted Sesame Seeds Kimchi and Sour Cream
Burrito with Kimchi Fried Rice Lettuce Cheese Carrots Green Onions Sour Cream and Seoul Sauces
Waffle Fries with Cheese and Extra Beef and Gochujang
Korean Cheesy Corn Elote Quesadilla
Spicy Pork Gogi Bowl
Sweet Potato Fries
Spicy Pork Burrito
Steak Taco
Spicy Pork
Side Taco

“My cousin and I decided to check this place out. She had the tacos and I had a Gogi Bowl with spicy pork. Delicious. Atmosphere is very chill. And it’s in a great location near the University of Chicago. The service is fast. I would go again once I return to Chicago. Perfect balance of food.“

3.8 Good63 Reviews
Silver Spoon Thai Restaurant Thai • $
710 N Rush St, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Lunch Special Pad Thai
Basil Fried Rice
Baby Egg Rolls
Chicken Satay
Tofu Pad Thai
Peanut Sauce
Tom Kha Soup
Satay Chicken
Spring Rolls
Sticky Rice

“Great Thai spot downtown to grab a quick lunch. Stopped in on a Thursday afternoon, and there were quite a number of tables filled up. Still was able to grab one relatively quick. Had the lunch special, Spicy Drunken Noodles + Fried Tofu appetizer. For the price, it's a great lunch and filling, especially when you consider what's around. Definitely recommend it if you're feeling spicy!“

3.8 Good107 Reviews
Hermosa Restaurant Asian Fusion • $
4356 W Armitage Ave, Chicago

“I know alot of people enjoy the Cambodian chicken sandwich and I recommend it, one big tasty sandwich.“

3.5 Good14 Reviews
Seoul Taco Asian Fusion • $
1422 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Gogi Bowl with Steak
Kimchi Fried Rice
Queso Blanco
Bulgogi Taco
Seoul Torta
Steak Tacos
Kimchi Slaw
3 Tacos

“My favorite item is the burrito with bulgogi steak. It comes with kimchi fried rice, sour cream, cheese, and salad mix. The sauce is super good, and the steak is sweet and tender. The kimchi fried rice has a great mild flavor, not too sour from the kimchi. It's about $17 after tax, which is pricey but worth it when the craving hits. I got the 32oz horchata for $4.50 before, it's a great deal and probably enough for four servings. It came with a lot of nice so if you're storing it for later, you should dump the ice so it doesn't get too watered down. I've only done takeout ordering online on their website and I have no complaints. The food is prepped quickly. There are some seats inside if you care to dine in.“

3.7 Good58 Reviews
The Angry Crab Wicker Park Seafood • $$$
1308 N Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Half Dozen of Oysters
Grilled Calamari
King Crab Legs
Snow Crab Legs
Garlic Butter
Build Your Bag
Lobster Tails
Fried Calamari
Seafood Feast
Garlic Rice

“A solid 4.5 experience! It’s crab in a bag, if you’re expecting a fine dining experience then you’re in the wrong place. Highly recommend the Garlic Cajun option. Service was so friendly! $90 total for two pounds of seafood, an app, and two sides. Very much appreciate the hand wash station in the back - it’s a messy (but fun!) dining experience.“

3.6 Good121 Reviews
Eggs with Benefits Asian Fusion • $
6441 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago

Customers` Favorites

Soft Scrambled Egg
Steak and Egg Bowl
Sausage Sandwich
Japanese Curry
Apple Fritter

“Best breakfast sandwich around. The eggs are cooked to a fluffy perfection, the bacon with just the right amount of crunch, and everything else in between makes for a savory bite. I rarely finish breakfast sandwiches, but I devoured the smoked bacon sandwich wanting more. DefinitelyBringing my family here when they come to visit. The service was quick and the owner and workers are very friendly.“

4.9 Superb149 Reviews