29 Best Sushi Bars in Boston

“Amazing! Go on and treat yourself. Douzo simply has some of the best Japanese cuisine in New England. Don't be afraid to splurge on the specials. Japanese Uni Shots and the A5 Wagyu will give you some of the best tastes you've ever dreamed about. The wait staff are knowledgeable and can guide you to some of the best food choices you will ever make.”

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“I celebrated my birthday yesterday at this place. We were a bunch of 9, they were very accommodating in arranging the chairs around so we could all sit together. The place was small for a large group, they were very accommodating and we had a blast. Thank you very much. The food was great if you like creamy ramen soup, it could have been a little more spicier or maybe that's just my asian taste buds. Great location, awesome service, good food. Miso and ginger curry were the best.”

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“Visiting from Toronto and decided to stop by this place on a rainy Friday morning. Toronto is known for having good asian cuisine but I have to say this is right up there with some of the best chinese I have ever had.I only got the dan dan noodles since I came by myself and was blown away by how good the the dish was. Perfect spice level, generous portions, and the meat/noodles left me happy. Would come back again for sure and highly recommend this place.”

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“I’m extremely picky about Boston restaurants because I generally think every place is overpriced and overrated. Tora….is worth it. Seriously I think about this dish all the time. I love the location and the atmosphere, I felt super comfortable eating alone here. The food is so fresh and it’s such a chill dining experience.”

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“Wonderful experience dining at The Laughing Monk Cafe! We had a cozy table inside with a lovely jazz music video playing behind us on the wall behind the Sushi chef and the service and staff were exceptional. And the food was absolutely delicious!! 10 out of 10 for presentation! We will definitely be back!❤️❤️”

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“Made a reservation for 12 people- a mixture of adults and children. We ordered a variety of things off of the menu and ALL of it was SOO delicious! I tried a drink special they were offering and that was wonderful as well. Our waitress was so kind and efficient. Great job Fuji!”

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“Overall very good food. Nigiri and maki were very fresh and tasty. I wasn't the biggest fan of some of the sashimi though, some were a little thick and chewy. The flavor of the hamachi sashimi was a little off, but not nigiri or maki which was strange. Loved the Hokkaido uni and ikura.”

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“Honestly the best sushi I’ve had in a LONG time. Got the spicy salmon avocado roll, salmon avocado roll and the crazy salmon maki roll. The salmon was so smooth and delicious you could hardly tell the texture between the avocado and the salmon. The price was also amazing. This is definitely a new regular spot for me!!”

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“I celebrate my anniversary here, we order signature omakase and it’s 138 each. It’s a bit different than I thought when served. I thought each person have their own course and food, but it turns out that everyone share the same set. The appetizer, I recommended salmon tartar with the lotus root chip, it’s very unique(could consider to order). I feel like they add too much sauce on most of the dishes, which cover the taste of original ingredients. The deep fried shrimp tempura have shells in it, I almost swallowed the shell. The yellow tail sashimi are above standard, but tuna and salmon it’s not really surprising. The nigiri is baby size, I didn’t know why it shrinks. Spicy tuna roll and miso soup taste cheap, which I believe are similar to standard Japanese restaurants. I highly recommend to order both of their signature dishes black miso cod and steak with asparagus. The cod fish is over beyond, it’s very juicy and fresh. Next, the steak is very stuff(I believe they put in the pressure cooker), the scallops as you can see it’s nearly the same size of my fist(adult fist). However they put too many sweet spicy sauce on the steak, so I can’t really taste the original flavor of the steak, just sauce and steak texture. I also recommend their dessert, there’s at least 10 types of fruits, 3 types of ice cream, especially guava flavor, I believe it’s hard to have it outside. Some of the fruit are quite sour, but it’s fine. The crème brûlée and the passion fruit mousse taste the best(can consider to order). Overall, the dinner was nice, and I have a good time celebrates my anniversary, but pricey. It suit for special occasions, but not daily.”

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“Perfectly located downtown Boston became one of the most favorite kosher joints in the area. Great for breakfast and lunch for both local businesses and tourists. Two eating areas provide perfect separation between dairy and meat dishes. You can sit outside along Milk Street as well.Dietary restrictions: Kosher”

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“Came here on a whim for dinner Wednesday night, and it was just the two of us around 6pm. More and more people trickled in but we were given our choice of seating. It's a unique space with different seating options and lots of window seats.We ordered the Party Boat, which was more than enough for the two of us. Each piece of sushi tasted fresh. Next time we probably would opt for ordering smaller dishes to share, but the boat was pretty good value for the amount of food we got.The service was also very friendly and attentive. Every time my water got low, it would get filled back up right away. Would definitely come back for a casual meal!”

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“my go to for sushi every time. i love the staff. if you luck out and have V helping you out, he knows the best dishes, has the best recommendations and you are in for a treat. also, the tenders make amazing drinks (esp Jessie). stop reading! go! now! reserve!”

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“Top notch place. Love their food and especially poke bowls. Posting this review because I am very impressed with their customer service. I placed an online order and must have accidentally clicked the wrong protein. I went in and they rectified it and gave me a whole new bowl even though I insisted I paid and it was my fault. Normally I would have eaten it but I really dislike salmon. Very impressed with the customer service as I was already a big fan of the food the couple times I had tried it.”

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“Definitely a great place to get your sushi craving satisfied. I ordered the salmon complete and the pink roll. All the fish tasted fresh and delicious and the prices are good. The staff are all super nice as well. The atmosphere was pretty basic, definitely going back for the food but not the vibes. The total cost after tip and tax was 58$ for two people.”

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“I love stopping by here for a quick treat or meal. However, the "makirittos" that I get 99% of the time are kind of expensive-- ~5.30$ a pop feels like a lot, especially for what you are getting (as someone who's on the petite side, it feels like a bit less than a normal serving for me--I would imagine it's pretty small for larger, normal people) but on the occasions where I can afford it, I am welcomed into a relaxed atmosphere alongside some amazing food. Also, the staff are also super lax, especially when the place isn't too busy. So yeah, give it a try :)”

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“my friend and i stopped by for a late dinner and it wasn't too busy. zen japanese grill has yummy sushi and noodle selections. their sushi wasn't the best i've had, but still pretty decent. their rolls range from about $6-$15 and in general, the items on the menu are affordable and decently priced, considering that it is located in downtown boston. the arrangement of the food was aesthetically pleasing and it was prepared quickly. the servers were nice and friendly. there are two floors with a decent amount of seating, but the restaurant as a whole is quite small. parking may be hard to find, but there are garages nearby. overall rating: 8/10”

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“Best sushi I have ever had in Boston. I have been living here for 20 years and used to go to Fugaku but this place is amazing. The maki rolls were fresh and the combinations were original and delicious. Also the makis were worth every penny, it was not only a bulk of rice, it was real fish, real crab and real caviar. Highly recommend this place. Also the service was great! I will definitely go back!”

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“Loved everything about this find. Food was wonderful - flavorful, beautifully presented, and interesting. Our waiter (Solomon?) was attentive without being overbearing, and very knowledgeable about the offerings. Decor is fun to look at and atmosphere was perfect for an early family dinner. Didn't have a single negative in the 1.5 hours we were there... Try it!”

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“For a newly opened handroll bar, this restaurant shows promise, but there are a few improvements that I hope they'll consider:1. Given that it's a handroll bar, having wet napkins to clean customers' hands is crucial, especially on rainy days.2. It would be helpful if they could double-check and repeat the order list to ensure accuracy. I found myself waiting for my last handroll while everyone else had already finished their meal. Initially, we each ordered three handrolls and planned to order a second round once we had a better sense of the portion sizes. However, due to the initial order being missed, it caused a delay, inconveniencing everyone as they had to wait for my order to arrive.3. The handrolls were too large for their design. With open-ended handrolls, smaller portions would be more manageable, allowing for 1-2 bite servings. I noticed ingredients spilling out as everyone tried to eat due to the oversized rolls. Alternatively, sealing one end of the handroll could make the dining experience less awkward when trying to enjoy the food.”

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“Boston outpost of this great NYC sushi spot. Excellent sushi - very fresh and well prepared. Services was very helpful and efficient. Nice space - but did not particularly like our spot towards the back. Price was just nuts - but a good overall experience.”

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“Our "Go-To" spot for quality food and sushi. They have a great menu with lots of variety. I've never had a bad or even mediocre meal here - it's always good! The sushi tastes fresh and has great quality and flavor. When dining in, the service is always good and fast. Love going here and can't wait to go again!”

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“Always an incredible experience to come here for dinner. The fish is incredibly fresh, the flavor combinations are uniquely delicious, and the atmosphere makes you completely forget you're in a basement in the South End. The current sommelier, Ada, is super knowledgeable about all of the wine and sake offerings and has an impeccable sense of customers' preference to recommend the perfect pairing(s) during the meal. My wife and I cannot wait to go back!Dietary restrictions: As long as you provide the restaurant advanced notice, they will substitute components of dishes or entire dishes to accommodate dietary restrictions”

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“I love Moko! While it is not actually a hidden gem (they are consistently busy with takeout orders) the real gem is their restaurant itself! You can easily grab a table most nights and get to enjoy their delicious food and awesome wait staff. They always play good music as well! Their new truffle toro roll (pictured) is amazing and hopefully will stick around on their menu for a long time. Always a 10/10 at Moko.”

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“Delicious, fresh, high quality sushi with options including unique combinations you don’t see often. Service was quick & kind! Would recommend if you’re looking for good sushi in the area.I was nervous to try this place because of the branding alone (we’d had a bad experience at a restaurant with a similar vibe a few days prior), but the food was excellent and the atmosphere comfortable.My only critique was the music. House music played the whole time, which is a genre I enjoy, but was a strange fit for a sparsely populated area of the restaurant in the stark light of day. Could see this turning off some patrons.”

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“Was excited for a solo dine in Boston while my wife and her friend attended a show. Reviewed other reviews online and made a reservation. Didn't really need to. Maybe it was a rainy Wednesday but the place was pretty empty. The music was loud and a bit dated. Staff was good, tolerant of my slow repast, but attentive nonetheless. Everyone eating there seemed happy and well fed. My food was delicious and was exactly what I ordered. The kimchi jiggae was delightfully spicy with a strong kimchi flavor which I liked. Overall I would go back. I hope it is busier on the “go out” nights because it is very good.”

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“Located in a timeworn mall of Downtown Crossing, Sushi Time may initially be overlooked. Yet, it's a good haunt for any sushi enthusiast looking for a quick but delicious fix.Craving for some sushi burrito, I recently got a takeout from this place. The value of spicy salmon sushi burrito was immediately apparent – the amount of salmon generously loaded in the burrito was quite impressive, considering the price. Every bite was filled with layers of good flavors, which included avocado, crunchy pickled cucumber, fresh lettuce, and masago. Embellished with spicy tuna, masago, a scattering of tempura crunch, and spicy chili sauce, the Crazy maki was also quite good. It delivered quality on par with typical sit-down sushi venues in the neighborhood, surpassing my expectations.On the other hand, the curry shrimp tempura don was a bit of a letdown. It fell short in depth and complexity compared to the other offerings. The curry was underwhelming, and the tempura lacked crispiness. An average dish, but not something I’d actively steer clear of.Overall, Sushi Time exceeded my initial expectations. It's not gourmet dining, but it's a lovely spot to satisfy your sushi cravings without breaking the bank. Despite a few minor misses, the hits certainly make Sushi Time a worthy dining destination.”

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“We stopped for a very late dinner. We had the Chillis Gueritos, San Felipe, and the Tampico. The food was creative and good. It was not really sushi. The rolls we chose lacked real fish, and we did not see much sushi fish on the menu. But, the flavors and preparation were excellent. Wanted to try their civiche, bet it was great. The ambiance was excellent.Kid-friendliness: Yes, but we were alone in the restaurant.”

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“Symphony Sushi holds a special place in my heart as a cherished culinary haven that defined my college years. Living right next door during my college days, I found myself drawn to this gem multiple times a week, especially during those groggy hungover mornings when nothing else would suffice.The staff at Symphony Sushi were not only incredibly sweet but also impressively efficient. They always greeted me with warm smiles, making me feel like a valued regular customer. Their attentive service combined with the mouthwatering sushi spread created an unforgettable dining experience every time.One of the highlights that set Symphony Sushi apart was its bangin' soundtrack. The eclectic tunes played in the background added a lively touch to the dining ambiance, making every visit feel like a delightful symphony of flavors and melodies.Even though my college days are long gone, the allure of Symphony Sushi has stayed with me throughout my travels. No matter where I find myself in the world, a craving for the classics they serve always takes over. Whenever I'm back in town, it's an absolute must-stop on my itinerary, as I know I'll be welcomed with familiar flavors and unmatched hospitality.Symphony Sushi's menu boasts phenomenal classic sushi, prepared with finesse and served with love. It's the perfect spot to unwind, crack open a cold supporo, and savor the simplicity and authenticity of well-crafted sushi.The only tiny wish I have is for Symphony Sushi to consider offering outdoor seating during the summer months. I can only imagine how delightful it would be to enjoy their delectable sushi creations under the open sky, making it an oasis of pure bliss.Symphony Sushi is more than just a restaurant; it's an oasis of nostalgia and culinary delights. With its warm and efficient staff, delectable sushi offerings, and an atmosphere infused with wonderful music, this place has left an indelible mark on my heart. For all those who appreciate classic sushi and an unforgettable dining experience, Symphony Sushi is an absolute must-visit destination.”

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“This was my first time trying a sushi burrito and it was so delicious. I wish I took a photo but I devoured the food so fast. First off, I ordered a Kappo burrito to go and it came with free miso soup. $13 for a filling burrito and soup, totally worth it. I wasn’t expecting much but it was so delicious that now I’m planning when I can go again to try the rest of their menu. The store was so clean and pretty and seems like a nice place to hang around. Definitely recommend. Delicious!Edit: went back a couple days ago and snapped some photos”

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