McDonald's in Charlotte

McDonald's - 7735 N Tryon St

Rating: 4

7735 N Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28262
(704) 549-0203

Love the Buttermilk crispy chicken. The way the they did is awesome.

McDonald's - 8560 Park Road

Rating: 4

8560 Park Road, Charlotte NC 28210
(704) 553-3738

McDonald's - 2625 South Blvd

Rating: 4

2625 South Blvd, Charlotte NC 28209
(704) 523-7391

It's a McDonald's and all of them are the same, excellent quality control. You always know what you're going to get! This one has a great staff to!

McDonald's - 1035 N Wendover Rd

Rating: 4

1035 N Wendover Rd, Charlotte NC 28211
(704) 362-3748

I was very impressed. This place was very busy when I walked in. I received my food quickly, it was all hot and correct , The dining room was very clean and the drink station was clean and stocked.. employees that I came into contact with were attentive, respectful, and quick on their feet. If I'm in the area, I more

McDonald's - 9414 Northlake W Dr

Rating: 3.8

9414 Northlake W Dr, Charlotte NC 28216
(704) 392-6997

Made sure my order was correct. Was polite and fresh. Not every one is the same

McDonald's - 4440 S Tryon St

Rating: 3.8

4440 S Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28210
(704) 523-6334

Really good - Everything was nice, hot, fresh, and just the perfect amount of crisp. Cool people as well. Nice spot.

McDonald's - 8121 University City Blvd

Rating: 3.8

8121 University City Blvd, Charlotte NC 28213
(704) 596-0400

Normal fast food, good attention and a playground for kids. Close playground at 9 PM, so take in mind that in mind if you are going to visit this location with kids after this time or close to.

McDonald's - 7051 South Blvd

Rating: 3.7

7051 South Blvd, Charlotte NC 28210
(704) 553-8037

This is a McDonald's with the bells and whistles, as I've never seen a 3-window drive thru. I have been multiple times. Usually good, fast service.

McDonald's - 8038 S Tryon St

Rating: 3.6

8038 S Tryon St, Charlotte NC 28273
(704) 588-4478

Always get you in and out, and the food is always hot. I go to the drive through alot and never have to wait too long no matter how long the line is.

McDonald's - 5005 Sunset Rd

Rating: 3.5

5005 Sunset Rd, Charlotte NC 28269
(704) 596-0954

It was ok, not enough help but the lady handled the crowd pretty professional. I was pleased, food was good or cldve been i hadnt eaten out in awhile

McDonald's - 2745 Freedom Dr

Rating: 3.5

2745 Freedom Dr, Charlotte NC 28208
(704) 392-3694

Im not a big fan of fast food. However the customer service was extremely good the timing with well and the food was hot and enjoyable. I'm not too sure of the young lady's name that serves me but she was a well spoken person. A lot of fast food restaurants you can tell that the cashier or whoever serving you at the more

McDonald's - 1201 W Sugar Creek Rd

Rating: 3.5

1201 W Sugar Creek Rd, Charlotte NC 28213
(704) 596-7501

The drive thru member at this location was AWESOME!! She was very pleasant to speak to. She was apologetic as she explained that one of the items (carmel frappe) was not available due to the machine being down. I was so intrigued by her response that even I didnt make a fuss about it. I only gave 4 stars because they more

McDonald's - 1620 Sardis Rd N

Rating: 3.3

1620 Sardis Rd N, Charlotte NC 28270
(704) 844-9707

A good trip to McDonald's. The cashier was nice and quick to respond for my order and delivery. My drink tasted the way it was supposed to which is always desired.

McDonald's - 14110 Rivergate Pkwy

Rating: 3.3

14110 Rivergate Pkwy, Charlotte NC 28273
(704) 504-2199

I'm not a fan of McDonald's, but this is a nice McDonald's. Very modern, touch screen ordering, very clean, a lady was cleaning as soon as people left. One of the nicer McDonald's experiences.

McDonald's - 6301 Albemarle Rd

Rating: 3.3

6301 Albemarle Rd, Charlotte NC 28212
(704) 535-5355

It was very clean and very nice. The order was perfect. And the self-serve screens were clean and worked well. I would definitely recommend going again

McDonald's - 6428 Fairview Rd

Rating: 3.3

6428 Fairview Rd, Charlotte NC 28210
(704) 362-0676

Amazing! Great service at the drive thru and the food was so hot and fresh! The fries were delicious, cooked just the way I'm sure they were intended to be cooked and served at McDonald's worldwide. It would be great if you could dismantle the inoperable drive thru speaker, or get it up and running because I sat there more

McDonald's - 413 Tyvola Rd

Rating: 3.3

413 Tyvola Rd, Charlotte NC 28217
(704) 523-2779

I like McDonald's for the Egg McMuffins. That is my favorite sandwich from this fast food chain and I love the fact that you can get one any time of the day now.

McDonald's - 2301 Central Ave

Rating: 3.3

2301 Central Ave, Charlotte NC 28205
(704) 375-7587

This McDonalds consistently has awesome customer service. I never thought I would write a review for a fast food place but this place is unique. The employees are amazing

McDonald's - 9320 Steele Creek Rd

Rating: 3.2

9320 Steele Creek Rd, Charlotte NC 28273
(704) 583-9274

I love McDonald's. The food is always the same no matter where in the world you go. You can get that quarter pounder with cheese in North Carolina or the Royal with Cheese in Nice France. Get those fries and a Coke and you're set.

McDonald's - 8824 Pineville-Matthews Rd

Rating: 3.2

8824 Pineville-Matthews Rd, Charlotte NC 28226
(704) 542-2546

Most restaurants are on the other side of the road so depending on your travels this might be the stop you are looking for. Quick service and quick drive thru.


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