29 Best Greek Restaurants in Vancouver

Nammos Estiatorio Greek • $$
3980 Fraser St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Patates Fournou Baked Potatoes
Kalamari with Beet Dip
Roasted Lamb Shoulder
Vegetarian Moussaka
Grilled Octopus
Lemon Potatoes
Pita Bread
Beet Salad

“Nammos Estiatorio is a beloved Greek restaurant that consistently impresses its guests. The staff is amazing and welcoming, providing exceptional customer service. The food is consistently delicious, with standout dishes like the tender Lamb and the best tzatziki the reviewers have ever tried. The restaurant accommodates various dietary needs and offers a lovely atmosphere. Nammos is highly recommended for an authentic Greek dining experience.“

4.2 Good130 Reviews
Skewers Souvlaki Pita Bar Greek • $$
26 Powell St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Platter with Greek Salad
Just Fries Mixed Salad with Feta
Greek Salad and Chicken Skewers
Crunchy Chocolate Cream Caramel
Fries with Feta and Oregano
Chicken - Platter for Two
Chicken Skewer with Fries
Lamb and Chicken Platter
Chicken and Lamb Wraps
Mixed Souvlaki Platter

“Skewers Souvlaki Pita Bar is a popular spot for delicious Greek cuisine. The restaurant serves generous portions of juicy and flavorful skewers, including chicken and lamb, which are well-seasoned and paired well with a refreshing drink. The friendly and patient staff ensure a pleasant dining experience. While it may not be a high-end culinary experience, the food is amazing and served quickly. The restaurant has a cozy atmosphere, despite being a bit small. However, be prepared for a possible wait and price increases. Overall, Skewers Souvlaki Pita Bar is a great spot for a satisfying and flavorful meal.“

4.6 Superb187 Reviews
The Greek - Broadway Greek • $$
382 W Broadway, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Mousse with House-Made Caramel Sauce & Pistachio Crumble
Lunch Spanakopita and Salad
Lunch Vegan Greek Salad
Assorted Warm Olives
Lunch Calamari Meal
Lunch Gyro Platter
Grilled Keftedes
Souvlaki Platter
Long Grain Rice
Avgolemono Soup

“The Greek - Broadway is a fantastic Greek restaurant in Vancouver, hidden behind skytrain construction but worth the visit. The service is outstanding and welcoming, making diners feel special. The food is delicious, with big portions, especially for the platters. Highlights include the best souvlaki, Keftedes, and Lamb Youvetsi. Drinks are pretty and up to standards, and the Baklava with vanilla ice cream is a good size. Despite food sometimes arriving mildly warm, the overall dining experience is wonderful. Don't miss their happy hour and remember to make reservations due to the smaller venue.“

4.7 Superb96 Reviews
Mnimes Restaurant & Bar Greek •
6459 Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Lamp Chops 2 Minimum Order
Kalamari with Beet Dio
Manos Famous Meatballs
Fried Halloumi Sticks
Grilled Pork Slices
Octapodi Keftedes
Watermelon Salad
Manos Meatballs
Halloumi Fries
Share Platter

“Mnimes Restaurant & Bar is a hidden gem serving the best Greek food in Vancouver. The dishes, including lamb chops, taramasalata, spanakopita, moussaka, octopus, and desserts, are authentic and delicious. The service is friendly, with vegetarian and pescatarian options available. A must-visit spot with a fantastic dining experience.“

4.6 Superb119 Reviews
Takis' Taverna Greek Restaurant Greek • $$
1106 Davie St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Spanakopita with Greek Salad or Soup
Takis’ Greek Platter for Two
Taki's Greek Platter
Roast Lamb Shoulder
Vegetarian Moussaka
Chicken Souvlakia
Full Rack of Lamb
Athenian Chicken
Roasted Potatoes
Grilled Calamari

“Takis' Taverna Greek Restaurant offers tasty takeout and dine-in options. Popular dishes include chicken souvlaki, calamari, and saganaki. While the potatoes and Greek salad could benefit from more lemon and dressing, the portions are generous, and the service is friendly and attentive. The restaurant's decor is also charming, making it a pleasant dining experience.“

4.5 Superb192 Reviews
Apollonia Greek Restaurant Greek • $$
1830 Fir St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Lamb and Chicken Souvlakia Dinner
Apollonian Platter and Calamari
Lemon Roasted Potatoes
Lamb Chops You Can
Grilled Kalamari
Lamb Souvlakia
Garlic Prawns
Roast Lamb
Lamb Chops

“Apollonia Greek Restaurant offers an authentic and lively Greek dining experience. The menu features a variety of traditional dishes, including saganaki, spanakopita, keftedes, and chicken souvlaki, all praised for their delicious flavors. The staff is described as polite and friendly, providing attentive service. While the cozy atmosphere can feel a bit crowded on busy nights, the restaurant is praised for its charming ambiance and ability to transport diners to Greece.“

4.5 Superb155 Reviews
Four Olives Restaurant Greek • $$
4510 W 10th Ave, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Beetroot & Arugula Salad
Grilled Striploin Steak
Three Cheese Baked Penne
Baked Seafood Skillet
Chocolate Lava Cake
Chicken Souvlaki
Greek Souvlaki
Lamb Souvlaki
Garlic Prawns
Steak &Fries

“Four Olives Restaurant is a neighborhood gem, offering outstanding food quality, friendly service, and great value. The atmosphere is superb, and the prices are reasonable. The menu features a solid spinach salad and a delicious beet salad with fresh beets and cheese. Calamari lovers will enjoy the crunchy starter. With plenty of free street parking nearby, it's a great spot for a solo dinner or a night out with friends.“

4.5 Superb79 Reviews
Mediterranean Grill Restaurant at Denman LTD.. Greek • $
1152 Denman St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Royal Kabob Plate Chicken and Beef
Box Chicken Shawarma Rice
Beef & Lamb Donair Pita
Chicken Shawarma Plate
Chicken Souvlaki
Beef and Lamb
Falafel Plate
Chicken Wrap
Greek Salad
Beef Kabob

“Mediterranean Grill Restaurant at Denman LTD offers guaranteed satisfaction with their fantastic chicken shawarma plate and fresh salads. While the chicken wings may not be as good, the overall vibe and food quality are top-notch. The protein is fresh, falafels are crispy, and the chicken is tender with perfect seasoning. Perfect for anyone craving savory and filling Mediterranean dishes.“

4.4 Superb155 Reviews
Nostos Taverna Greek • $$
3162 W Broadway, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Portokalopita Orange Cake
Lemon Roasted Potatoes
Meat Platter for 2
Zucchini Keftedes
Chicken Soulvlaki
Grilled Octopus
Grilled Prawns
Eggplant Dip
Chicken Wrap

“Nostos Taverna is a charming Greek restaurant that offers a truly authentic dining experience. The menu features a variety of dishes, including souvlaki, breads, salads, and desserts. The food is fresh and delicious, and the staff takes great care in preparing each dish. The ambiance is beautiful, with natural flowers on every table and a tasteful decor. The service is also excellent, with friendly and attentive servers. Whether you're looking for a quick lunch or a special dinner, Nostos Taverna is a great choice.“

4.4 Superb116 Reviews
Maria's Taverna Greek • $$
2324 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Your Choice of Souvlaki
Combination Platter
Chicken Souvlaki
Hummus and Pita
Kalamari Dinner
Avgolemono Soup
Seafood Platter
Maria's Platter
Fried Calamari
Greek Platter

“Maria's Taverna in Vancouver offers delicious Greek cuisine, including standout dishes like perfectly cooked moussaka, tender chicken souvlaki, and exceptional Kleftiko with aromatic rice and potatoes. The restaurant is suitable for gluten-free diners and provides fresh, high-quality food. While prices are standard, be aware that some sides may incur additional charges. Service is commendable, making it a recommended spot for authentic Greek flavors.“

4.4 Superb94 Reviews
Minerva’s Restaurant Greek • $$
2411 W 41st Ave, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Honey Garlic Chicken Wings
Meat Balls Three 肉丸
Minerva's Half Chicken
The Meat-Tastic Pizza
Pita Bread and Hummus
Sticky Toffee Pudding
Chicken Mediterranean
Chicken with Lasagna
Garlic Tiger Prawns
Roast Lamb Shoulder

“Minerva's Restaurant offers a delightful dining experience with its Greek-inspired menu and generous portions. The Chicken Mediterranean and Chicken Cacciatore are standout dishes, praised for their tenderness and authentic flavor. The restaurant boasts a family-friendly atmosphere and attentive staff, making it a popular choice for special occasions and return visits.“

4.3 Superb115 Reviews
Sprig Contemporary Greek Kitchen Greek • $
1689 Johnston St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Classic Falafel Wrap

“Sprig Contemporary Greek Kitchen is a delightful lunch spot at the public market, offering quick service and delicious food. Their classic falafel vegan wrap and calamari platter are popular choices, known for their generous portions and affordability. Vegan options, like the huge falafel plate with various sides and a big tub of hummus, are also highly recommended. Additionally, the restaurant is eco-friendly, using hefty containers that can be reused at home.“

4.4 Superb27 Reviews
The Greek Gastown Greek • $$
221 Carrall St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Souvlaki Platter for 2
Half Chicken Plate
Hummus and Pita
Beyond Souvlaki
Vegan Moussaka
Lemon Potatoes
Lunch Souvlaki
Lamb Youvetsi
Beef Souvlaki
Lamb Shoulder

“The Greek Gastown offers an exceptional dining experience. The country lamb is praised as one of the best in life, and the rest of the plate is equally impressive. The atmosphere is lively, with traditional Greek music playing in the background. The service is also top-notch, with friendly staff like Adam providing excellent service. The menu features delicious dishes like Moussaka, and the desserts are a highlight.“

4.2 Good104 Reviews
Double DD Pizza Greek • $$
3510 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Pizza Ham Pineapple
Greek Salad Small
Chicken Souvlaki
Hawaiian Pizza
Greek Fries
Roast Lamb

“Double DD Pizza is a highly-recommended establishment on the west side of Vancouver. The restaurant is bustling with activity, even on a Thursday evening. The pizza is a standout, with some customers deeming it the "best of their life." The service is also praised, with friendly staff and efficient check-out processes. While parking can be a challenge, with limited spots available behind the restaurant.“

4.2 Good58 Reviews
Olympia Pizza & Pasta Restaurant(Denman st) Vancouver Greek • $$
998 Denman St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Large Chicken Souvlaki
Olives & Double Cheese
Meat Lovers Pizza
Calamari Dinner
Baked Spaghetti
Baked Lasagna
House Special
Greek Pizza
Greek Salad
Roast Lamb

“Olympia Pizza & Pasta Restaurant on Denman Street in Vancouver offers a casual and easy-going dining experience. The restaurant serves a range of dishes, including the popular Roast Lamb, which is described as having massive flavor and tender meat. The ambiance is cozy, with a small shielded patio area. Prices are reasonable and affordable, with lunch specials available. The restaurant offers excellent service, with friendly and attentive staff. Overall, Olympia Pizza & Pasta Restaurant is a great spot for a meal out, with plenty of options to choose from.“

4.1 Good96 Reviews
The Greek Yaletown Greek • $$
1043 Mainland St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Lunch Country Lamb Platter
Lunch Souvlaki Platter
Kolokithakia Crisps
Lunch Calamari Meal
Grilled Octopus
Chicken Souvlaki
Lunch Moussaka
Calamari Lunch
Lemon Potatoes
Mezze Platter

“The Greek Yaletown is a noteworthy restaurant for Greek cuisine enthusiasts. The food is highly praised, with perfect cooking and delightful flavors, comparable to an authentic Greek restaurant. The baked feta and Helen's Sangria are particularly enjoyable. Service is exceptional, with staff going above and beyond, creating a fantastic atmosphere. The prices are reasonable, making it an excellent choice for a pre-event dinner or a casual visit. The venue has a great vibe and look, making it a welcoming spot for any occasion.“

4.1 Good167 Reviews
The Hide Out Diner Greek • $
1951 Glen Dr, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Spaghetti Meat Ball
Chicken 'N' Waffles
Chicken Souvlaki
The Christopher

“The Hide Out Diner is a hidden gem offering friendly staff, great food at reasonable prices, and a variety of options, including short ribs, cheeseburgers, fries, avocado toast, and vegetarian or carnivorous dishes. Customers highly recommend this hidden restaurant for its amazing quality and service.“

4.8 Superb79 Reviews
Donair Dude Mediterranean • $
1145 Granville St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Beef Donair Rice Bowl with Tzatziki Sauce
Small Lamb Donair Pita Wrap
Chicken Pita Donair
Donair Rice Bowls
Lamb Doner Wrap
Grilled Pita
Falafel Pita
Onion Rings

“Donair Dude is a local restaurant offering a variety of donair and shawarma dishes. While the online ordering process is smooth and convenient, and the staff are friendly and attentive, the overall dining experience is mixed. The lamb donair is praised for its excellent taste, but the chicken donair and pita wraps are described as lacking in flavor. The garlic parmesan fries are just average. Despite some room for improvement, Donair Dude remains a reliable option for late-night cravings in the area.“

3.8 Good84 Reviews
Simpatico Ristorante Greek • $$
2222 W 4th Ave, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Pan Fried Goat Cheese
Pita Bread w Homous
Hummus and Pita
Mixed Souvlaki
Roast Lamb

“Simpatico Ristorante offers delicious food, with the roast lamb being a standout dish - tender, well-cooked, and flavorful. The portions are generous, perfect for taking leftovers home. Despite some issues with service, guests can enjoy live Turkish music. The attentive servers make dining a pleasant experience, with tasty options like avgolemono soup. The restaurant can be a bit chilly, so wearing layers is advised. With a long history and reasonable prices, Simpatico Ristorante is a recommended spot for a casual meal.“

3.6 Good53 Reviews
Sahel Market & Restaurant Persian/Iranian • $$
3207 W Broadway, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Eggplan Dip Kash-O-Bademjan کشک بادمجان با نان
Boneless Chicken Kebab Jujeh
Lamb & Beef Donair Plate
Tahdig VA Khoresh Mix
Chicken Donair Plate
Chicken Donair Wrap
Vaziri Kebab Meal
Saffron Ice Cream
Jujeh with Bread
Roasted Potatoes

“Sahel Market & Restaurant is a wonderful eatery that serves delicious food in a unique and cozy atmosphere. The menu features a variety of Persian-inspired dishes, including the popular mixed wrap, Ghormeh Sabzi stew with saffron rice, and juicy vaiziri platter skewers. The restaurant's decor is nicely set, although the bathroom could use some improvement. The service can be slow at times, but the friendly staff make up for it. Take-out is a great option, offering generous portions at a good value. Be sure to try their authentic yogurt drink, but beware it might not be to everyone's taste. Overall, Sahel Market & Restaurant is a great spot for a satisfying meal, whether dining in or taking out.“

4.5 Superb227 Reviews
Hydra Estiatorio Mediterranean • $$$
475 Howe St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Lamb Chops and Baked Potatoes
Hydra Signature Tomato Salad
Hydra Signature Lamb Chops
Ice Cream and Baklava
Fresh Catch Ceviche
Souvlaki Platter
Grilled Octopus
Spreads Platter
Lamb Meatballs
Lamb Keftedes

“Hydra Estiatorio is a must-visit restaurant in Vancouver, with excellent service and delicious food. The staff is attentive and delightful, creating a cozy and romantic ambiance, perfect for a date night. The menu offers a variety of options, including the highly recommended lamb, chocolate olive oil cake, and tartar. The baklava with pistachio ice cream is a must-try for dessert. The prices are reasonable, considering the high quality of food and ambiance. The restaurant has a great Happy Hour menu, making it a great spot for any occasion. Whether you prefer a brighter, energetic atmosphere upstairs or a more intimate setting downstairs, Hydra Estiatorio guarantees a memorable dining experience.“

4.4 Superb380 Reviews

Customers` Favorites

Best Neighbour's Veggie Lovers Special
Chicken or Beef Souvlaki
Ham and Pineapple Pizza
Cheese Cake of the Day
Greek Platter for Two
Salt and Pepper Wings
Sweet Potato Fries
Baked Spaghetti
Baked Lasagna
Stella Artois

“Johnny's on Oak Restaurant in Vancouver offers an exceptional dining experience. The menu features delicious dishes, including Wagyu pasta and hamburgers, all made with fresh and tasty ingredients. The pizzas are highly praised, with some considering them the best in Vancouver. The service is consistently great, with friendly and attentive staff providing fast and excellent attention. The restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere, making it an ideal spot for events like bridal showers. With a perfect beer selection and generous portions, Johnny's on Oak is a must-visit destination for a satisfying meal.“

4.5 Superb112 Reviews
Trocadero Pizza & Steak House Pizza • $$
2411 Nanaimo St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Greek Appetizer Platter for Two
Beef Souvlaki Platter
Trocadero House Pizza
Calamari and Hummus
Baked Spaghetti
Calamari Dinner
Mixed Souvlaki
Steak and Fries
Cheese Pizza
Meat Lovers

“Trocadero Pizza & Steak House is a family-run business serving a variety of Greek dishes, including souvlaki and pizza. The restaurant is known for its friendly and helpful staff, big portions, and flavorful food. Parking can be tricky, but it's worth the effort. A great spot for families and large groups.“

4.5 Superb65 Reviews
Mr Greek Donair Town Middle Eastern • $
1173 Granville St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Donaire Platter
Pasta Salad Hummus
Lamb Shank Plate
Chicken Plate
Lamb Plate

“Mr Greek Donair Town is a popular restaurant in Vancouver, known for its delicious and varied menu. The restaurant offers vegetarian options such as falafel, as well as a good environment for families. The wheelchair-accessible entrance makes it easily accessible for all. Customers praise the restaurant's late-night availability, consistent quality, generous portions, and excellent value, making it a highly recommended dining destination.“

4.4 Superb88 Reviews
The Main Greek • $$
4210 Main St, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Chicken or Lamb Souvlaki Pita Wrap
Mediterranean Pizza
Souvlaki Platter
American Burgers
Tuscan Nachos
Greek Salad
Pita Pizza
Roast Lamb

“The Main offers a fantastic atmosphere, great meals, and friendly service. The staff, like Sasha and Robbie, make diners feel welcome and cared for, providing excellent recommendations and ensuring a memorable experience. This restaurant is a good option for sharing meals with friends and family at affordable prices, although there may be room for improvement in service with the waitresses. Cheers from The Main!“

3.6 Good134 Reviews
Olympia Express Pizza Pizza • $$
911 Granville St, Vancouver

“Olympia Express Pizza is a popular restaurant in Vancouver, known for its delicious and authentic food, generous portions, and reasonable prices. The restaurant is usually busy with a steady stream of locals, takeaways, and delivery drivers. The team works efficiently, providing excellent service. The menu offers a wide variety of options, including pizzas and pasta dishes, all of excellent quality. The restaurant is especially known for its friendly and helpful staff, including John, who is known for his great hosting skills. The atmosphere is warm and inviting, making it a great value for anyone in the area.“

4.7 Superb7 Reviews
Neighbour's Restaurant & Pizza House Pizza • $$
5108 Victoria Dr, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Baked Lasagna Above and Bake Spaghetti Below
Pepperoni Classic Pizzas Small 10
Chicken Souvlaki Platter
Roasted Lamb and Sides
New York Steak Combo
Fettucini Alfredo
Calamari Fritti
Caesar Salad
Garlic Bread
Greek Salad

“Neighbor's Restaurant & Pizza House is a popular spot, known for its busy atmosphere and delicious food. They offer a saucy and delightful pasta special on Mondays, and their Greek-style dishes, such as Chicken & Beef Souvlaki, Tzatziki, and Greek salad with Pita bread, are highly praised. Their takeout pizza is a local favorite, with standout Tzatziki sauce. The service is attentive, and food is served promptly, making it a great option for both dine-in and takeout.“

4.1 Good82 Reviews
Loula's Taverna + Bar Cocktail Bar • $
1608 Commercial Dr, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Deconstructed Chicken Gyro
Chicken Boutakia
Grilled Octopus
Rotisserie Lamb
Lamb Meatballs
Spicy Feta Dip
Whole Chicken
Saffron Rice
Seafood Orzo
Fried Cheese

“Loula's Taverna + Bar is a lively spot serving creative drinks and Greek-inspired dishes. While some dishes may not meet expectations, the service is prompt and friendly. The atmosphere is great, with ambient lighting, and there are options for those with dietary restrictions. However, some dishes may have inconsistencies in quality, such as undercooked rice or overcooked kalamari. Overall, it's a fun spot for a casual dinner or drinks.“

3.9 Good154 Reviews
Dallas Pizza Ltd. Pizza • $$
613 E Broadway, Vancouver

Customers` Favorites

Hummus with Pita Bread
Small Chicken Souvlaki
Vegetarian Pizza
Slice of Pizza
Beef Souvlaki
Garlic Bread
Small Pizza
Meat Lovers
Roast Lamb

“Dallas Pizza Ltd. is a well-known restaurant in Vancouver, highly regarded for its delicious and massive food portions. The owner is known for their friendliness and warm greetings. This spot is a favorite among locals and visitors alike, offering great value for meals. Particularly popular are their souvlaki and late-night options, making it a top choice for food delivery.“

3.5 Good46 Reviews