17 Best Burger Restaurants in Glendale

“Fantastic breakfast. The staff was extremely nice and friendly. Everyone here is so cheerful. The owners must treat them well. They all had a smile on their faces and greeted everyone as you walked in and left. No one seemed cranky here. So tip well!This is a great place to eat. Get the special it was amazing. Will be coming back soon.”

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“A Hidden Gem (5/5 Stars)Aiden's Grill is truly a hidden gem that offers a delightful array of authentic Armenian cuisine to-go. The inviting atmosphere and the aroma of delicious food greet you as soon as you step in.The menu boasts an excellent variety of traditional Armenian dishes that cater to all taste buds. Their perfectly grilled meats, such as the succulent lamb kebabs and tender chicken, are cooked to perfection and seasoned with a blend of aromatic spices. The selection of appetizers and salads complement the main dishes, providing a well-rounded and satisfying meal.What truly sets Aiden's Grill apart is their commitment to using high-quality ingredients and maintaining a strong connection to their culinary roots. The flavors are rich and well-balanced, showcasing the best of Armenian cuisine.For our 20-person party, Aiden's Grill ensured that our to-go order was prepared and packaged on time, allowing us to enjoy a seamless dining experience with our guests. Whether you're well-versed in Armenian cuisine or trying it for the first time, Aiden's Grill is an exceptional choice that will leave you thoroughly satisfied. With its enticing food, attention to detail, and mouthwatering dishes, this restaurant has quickly become one of my all-time favorites. I wholeheartedly recommend Aiden's Grill for a memorable and delicious to-go meal.”

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“This place has very good quality food, this is my 5th time that I have been here and will go there with my family and meet with friends to enjoy our time with nice and clean place. There is also TV that you can listen nice music and have a good vibe!”

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“The food and the service was great. My grilled salmon salad was excellent. The salmon was perfectly crispy on the outside and nicely cooked on the inside. The salad greens tasted fresh without it being drowned in the dressing. Overall a very pleasant experience and will definitely come back for more!”

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“Amazing restaurant! Love coming here for brunch - the service, staff and food is all top notch. I have been returning here time and time again because it's simply a great restaurant! I'll order delivery too sometimes and the quality of packaging is great as well.Parking: Parking both on the street and a huge parking in the back. Parking is not a problem!”

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“Great burger very tasty, but I feel like maybe the prices a slight bit higher than I would expect for a similar burger elsewhere. Perhaps it's just the reality of the economy we live in so I wouldn't knock it down a star for pricing alone. It was good burger ?”

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“1st time coming here with my Son and his Mom And I'm a tell you Something my Son LOVED the Arcade Machines They had Here FREE CREDITS... And the food was Good ? I had the Asada Burrito ? and 2 Asada Tacos ? I'll Be Back Soon...Parking: It has a beautiful mural L.A Legends...”

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“Absolutely love the food!!! Food was fresh and warm and oh so juicy. Definetly gonna force my parents to take me here atleast once a week <3 100% recommend this. All the negative reviews are paid actors from opposing businesses coz they wrong. Keep being great guys.”

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“One of the best burgers around town! Great customer service every time, cool vibe with ample seating inside and outside of the establishment. Their patty's and fries are perfectly seasoned and taste fresh. I would've attached a photo of my food but I stared digging in as soon as I sat down. Oh and they're generous with their portions!!”

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“Amazing! I prefer local family owned businesses such as Lucky 7 Pizza. The food is delicious. I love the pizza, sandwiches and borscht. Valeriya, the owner, has great customer service skills and welcomed me like family. My coworkers raved about this restaurant, so I had to try it. Thank you for making my stomach happy! I highly recommend Lucky 7 Pizza.”

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“Its In & Out, i only come here every now and then because its always so full of customers that i just dont feel like waiting a long time to get my food. However the food taste great and if it wasn't for the drive thru traffic, i would come here often. 5 stars to these guys.Updated: 7/27/2023I Came back again for a visit via drive thru and brought the wife and the kids. Even though the line was long again and practically blocking the exit, we got assisted pretty quickly and in about 3 minutes we reached the pay window and in another 2 minutes we got our food. It was a great experience.We had our food at home and everything was given exactly as ordered.We are all very happy with our experience and will be back soon.”

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“My family and I lived close to Lucy’s and we came 4 times, we tried the burgers, wings, pasta, pizza and lasagna every dish was amazing! Everything is freshly made and the owner Isabel had been so nice to us, she’s such a sweetheart. Definitely recommend it and absolutely deserves 5 stars.”

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“I recently visited In-N-Out in Glendale and was impressed with the quality of their food. The burgers were juicy and flavorful, and the fries were crispy and delicious. However, the only downside was that the place was overcrowded, which made it difficult to find a seat. Despite this, the staff was friendly and efficient, and the food was worth the wait. Overall, I would give In-N-Out in Glendale a four-star rating for their delicious food and friendly service, despite the overcrowding.”

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“Karas was recommended to us by a friend. We stoped by for a dinner while visiting LA/Glendale and had very good time. The weather was excellent and we chose to sit outside.Once we ordered the food, it came out pretty quickly without a delay. Dishes we got were mostly delicious. We liked everything we ordered.The waitress was very nice and pleasant. Prices are good too. All in all excellent experience.Kid-friendliness: We sat outside and were happy with amount of space for stroller. Plenty of guests with kids while we were there.”

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“This is a great hamburger joint. The location is nice, plenty of parking. Interior is clean, food is as you would expect. Seating is fine, though if you have a large group you will have to sit at multiple tables. Burgers and breakfast burritos are good.Parking, entrance, seating, counter, and restrooms are accessible.Kid-friendliness: They have items that picky eaters will be able to eatParking: Dedicated parking, shouldn't have an issue finding a spot. If you can't find a spot then they are likely very busy inside.Wheelchair accessibility: Parking, entrance, seating, counter, and restrooms are accessible.”

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“I love eating here the food is amazing the service is amazing but one thing I do recommend is getting 2 phones so when u guys are out of the restaurant u could still take the calls overall this restaurant has a really high potential of being big”

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“Tasty, and great portions of food for the money. We enjoyed the teriyaki bowls (chicken, and beef)! They offer a lot of chicken/beef in the jumbo size; and it is the best value per dollar. We elected for the cabbage rather than the potato salad. That was good too. The teriyaki sauce was a great one, not too thick, and pretty damn tasty. The fries were solid texture, not too flavorful…we added seasoning salt at home and they were perfect! We also got the fried pudding dessert…unlike anything we had had before, but not sure a staple. The spot has indoor and outdoor seating. Def some strange decor. Pretty solid staff. Order was up in about 6min.. right on foothill, small parking east of the restaurant, and some curb side upfront. There menu has a ton of options…burgers, fries, and other non-teriyaki items. We are not sure what the “box” charge was, but we incurred it on all our teriyaki bowls; still pretty reasonably priced. Reminded us of the Gushi Teriyaki spot in Westwood with less teriyaki/traditional menu options (kolbi, Kim chi, Korean short ribs, bulgogi, etc.).”

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