36 Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Hacienda Heights

Tai Ping Sa Choi Kee Chinese • $$
15848 Halliburton Rd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

traditional poached chicken half
Lo Mein w Braised Beef Brisket
Seafood Chow Mein

“Major selling point of authentic taste, and that promise was mostly delivered.Three dishes are excellent, better than anywhere else, and will return for more:Shredded chicken has very good texture and excellent flavor. No ginger dip provided because it's already mixed in.Beef offal has sweetbread (pancreas ) , tripe and stomach. Very good flavor and good sauce.Lamb hotpot is very good to excellent, miso dip will persuade people who don't like the lamby gamey to love it.Three are recommended, but similar could be available elsewhere :Stir fry pork liver has good temperature control resulting in good texture, but the sauce is a little heavy for my taste.Long beans with minced pork was good to fair.Hot pot rice was fair. Good flavor but I want more crispy burnt rice at the bottom.Only dish I don't recommend is the noodles in Peking sauce. The flavor was off, not what I expected.Also tried beef offal rice noodles soup. Good to very good. And the serving is huge. Best buy.The steamed egg white desert is fair to good. Not too sweet.The chef has a tendency for bigger flavors. Perfect for anyone who does not like blandness. Overall strongly recommended.

Vegetarian options: A vegetarian section available on menu

Dietary restrictions: Ask before ordering. Not impossible

Parking: Large strip mall outdoor parking

Kid-friendliness: Fair to good kid friendly. Not much hazard . Saw families dining. Didn't ask for or seen high chair.

Wheelchair accessibility: Ramp to curb, swing glass doors. Fair spacing between tables and clear lane to toilet“

3.9 Good43 Reviews
Happy Valley Village/ Shanlitun Chinese • $$
1655 S Azusa Ave E, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

招牌锅包肉 fried pork with sweet sour sauce
fried pork w sweet sour sauce 招牌锅包肉
chicken stewed with mushrooms 小鸡炖蘑菇
five vegetable with noodle 五彩大拉皮
sweet and sour pork tenderoin 糖醋里脊
Fish in Iron Pot 铁锅炖活鱼
stew lamb spine 铁锅羊蝎子
Inner Mongolia Boiled Lamb
Fried Pork Slices
Flower Pancake

“This place is sooo authentic for Chinese northern food, both the environment and the food. I can tell the they made the environment just like in China. We ordered the lamb bones with authentic wide green beans and some other dishes including the fried sweet pork, bean curd, meat ball, fried mushrooms, etc. The pot is really big and the amount of food is very good. You will have a feeling you are actually eating at there. The big pot came with the lamb, fungus, cabbage, etc. The corn bread on the side of the pot was very cool and also delicious. The only thing I would say the taste is slightly strong, got a little thirsty afterwards. I guess that type of food is just that way.“

4.7 Superb231 Reviews
Akasaka Restaurant Sushi • $$
14926 Clark Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Hamachi Kama Grilled Yellowtail Collar
Uni Sea Urchin Sushi
Rainbow Cut Roll
Kumamoto Oysters
Chirashi Bowl
Sake Salmon
Miso Soup

“Japanese style restaurant and outing. Seafoods already fresh and delicious here.

Vegetarian options: Limited but still have some veggie options.

Wheelchair accessibility: Space is limited inside the dining area. Too narrow for wheelchair.“

4.6 Superb115 Reviews


Tamaya Japanese • $
17142 Colima Rd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Kotteri Tonkotsu Ramen
Pork Katsu Curry Ramen
Spicy Chicken Ramen
Kotteri Spicy Beef
Side of Fried Rice
Pork Cutlet Curry
Beef Ramen
Miso Ramen
Beef Curry

“nice little place... friendly staff... good food.“

4.7 Superb63 Reviews
Sushi Land Sushi • $
2129 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Tempura with Chicken Teriyaki Bento Box
Tempura Udon Noodle Soup
Blue Crab Avocado Roll
Lunch Special Chirashi
Kakifry Fried Oysters
Suzuki Sea Bass Jpn
Chicken Bento Box
Salmon Skin Roll
Udon & Sushi Set
California Roll

“Sushiland was an unexpected surprise. It is truly a hidden gem. A Latino sushi chef and woman sushi chef (sorry didn't get their names) working it making delicious sushi and sashimi. The prices are very reasonable. They should be charging more for the quality of product they are using. The sashimi so fresh... I know it's summer time but I got the yosenabe udon seafood soup. It's was very delicious I tasted a hint of yuzu..it was super hot (temperature ? ) and I couldn't finish all. The biggest deals are their happy hour menu $5 mixed tempura (shrimp and vegetables) so good and spicy tuna roll. Not your typical Sriracha mayo mix...there was a different type of spicy. So good and I think that was $5 too.Try to make it out to this amazing hole in the wall. It will be worth the trip“

4.6 Superb50 Reviews
Happy Morning(早点) Noodles • $
2130 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Beef Offal & Noddle
pork rice roll
Needle Noodles

“Hidden gem of a chinese restaurant that serves great chinese breakfast/lunch items. This place had two very specific items that you do not often find in many chinese restaurants. One which my gf really enjoyed was called needle noodles which are noodles that are short about 2 inches in length and are pointy on both ends. It was nostalgic for her eating those noodles from her childhood which her grandparents made.As for me my nostalgic dish was snails, yes you heard it right. It brings me back to childhood too. Not french escargo, but fresh water snails that has a hard plate in front of the shell that protects them from predators. Of course you would eat it picking out the meat with a toothpick. There very limited amount of meat since part of the body contains sand and baby snail shells so only the small bit between the hard plate and the before the twisty bit is edible. Don't eat the sandy part or the consequent snail baby shells which won't taste food. It was funny hearing the neighboring tables inquire the staff about the snails which I guess makes sense since not a common dish.It's an acquired taste here in the states, but in chinese supermarkets they sell snail noodles that will have the flavor of the snails, but no meat since it's laborious to pick out the meat ergo pricey. Give it a try if you are brave enough! There was quite a bit of left over snails so I brought it home and made prepacked snail noodles with actual snail meat which was great!“

4.5 Superb65 Reviews
World's Best Pizza Pizza • $
3142 Colima Rd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Pepperoni Sausage Mushrooms Pizza
Pepperoni & Cheese Pizza
Pepperoni and Sausage
Pepperoni Pizza
Buffalo Wings
Honey BBQ

“This place was referred to me by a co-worker, since I don’t know the area very well. What a great referral the pizza is like you build it how you want, but with an old skool pizzeria. It isn’t like Pieology. They have canned soda drinks, or two liter bottle soda, no alcohol. Vito the guy who made my pizza to perfection was telling me they have a really good Sunday BBQ from ribs, Tri-tip, 1/2 chicken, etc. They are only open in the evening hours, and the pizza is good size portion. Their small is the size of most mediums at other places. I highly recommend this place. A little more in price, but well worth the fresh ingredients and they won’t take tips.“

4.6 Superb48 Reviews
Cocoin Kitchen Chinese • $
3180 Colima Rd # G, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Sauteed Assorted Vegetable
House Special Fried Noodle
Halnan Chicken Rice
Hainan Chicken Rice

“Hainan chicken was really good! We also ordered seafood fried noodles and seafood fried rice. The shrimp was pretty fresh. They were kind enough to accept our special requests for reduced sodium. The staff are very friendly despite being busy.“

4.5 Superb46 Reviews
Casa Blanca Mexican Restaurant Mexican • $
15922 Gale Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Burrito De Chile Verde
Burrito Combination
Carne Asada Burrito
Huevos Rancheros
Chips and Salsa
Caldo De Rez
Menudo Soup
Steak Picado

“we've been coming to Casa Blanca for many years.... it's our famy go to for authentic Mexican food!!! we love the owner and the whole staff!!!“

4.3 Superb90 Reviews
Garden Fresh Vegan Restaurant Vegan • $
16034 Gale Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Tangy Mushroom Chicken

“The best Chinese vegan restaurant around here!“

4.5 Superb38 Reviews
Ostioneria Colima Seafood • $
1136 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Tostada De Ceviche De Pescado
Camarones a La Diabla
Tostadas De Ceviche
Camarones Costa Azul
Tostada De Camaron
Ceviche de Camarón
Filete de Pescado
Tacos De Pescado
Shimp Ceviche
Pescado Frito

“Shrimp ceviche tostada and a fish taco, both pretty good and filling. Be aware when ordering the fish taco, it's not ensenada style (battered) so don't be surprised, haha... Would definitely this place, been coming here for over 20 years...“

4.3 Superb54 Reviews
Cindy's Kitchen Chinese • $
16409 Colima Rd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Beef Noodle Soup Meat
Beef Noodle Soups
Braised Pork Rice
Smoked Duck

“I have come to this locally run restaurant many times now and their food has always been consistent and cooked on time for pickup or dining in. Prices are still reasonable here and it will feed you for multiple meals for the week. My favorites here are the braised pork belly with tofu, the garlic eggplant and also now the cumin beef is very tasty. Their beef noodle soup and dumplings are also solid and will fill you up. I'm definitely a fan of the braised or stir fried dishes here. I have yet to try some of the preserves items here, but I will in the future.“

4.3 Superb48 Reviews
Popping Yolk Cafe Brunch • $
15840 Halliburton Rd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Classic Breakfast and Avocado Eggs Benedict
Nashville Hot Chicken Benedict
Norwegian Egg Benedict
Strawberry Cheesecake
House French Toast
Popping Yolk Burger

“staff very friendly and food was fresh, plus made to order“

4.2 Good75 Reviews
Wazabi Sushi Sushi • $$
3107 Colima Rd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Tempura Green Tea Ice Cream
Poke Salad - Salmon
Lobster Dynamite
L 8 Sushi Special
North Shore Roll
Sashimi Platter
Snow White Roll
Salmon Sashimi
Spicy Edamame
Sweet Shrimp

“Excellent sushi. Creative menu. Great wait staff.“

4.2 Good70 Reviews
Foo-Foo Tei Japanese • $
15018 Clark Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Omelet Rice Plus Pork Cutlet w Curry Sauce
Omelette Rice with Tonkatsu Curry
Home Made Taro Chips & Salsa
17 Nanchatte Tonkotsu Ramen
Omelet Rice w Curry Sauce
Chicken Teriyaki Plate
Nanchatte Chapon Ramen
Fried Chicken Wings
Umani Ramen Shoyu
Shin-Shin Ramen

“Some of the best Ramen I've had in the entirety of Socal. In fact, I'd dare say Foo foo tei was better than some of the ramen joints I've been to in Japan! I've been coming here regularly since 2015... highly recommended, it's a hidden gem of a restaurant buried in the suburbs near City of “

4.1 Good76 Reviews
Hao Jing Seafood Restaurant (好景海鲜烧腊酒楼) Chinese • $$
2111 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

BBQ Box Combos 拼饭

“Decided to visit to this spot-on Thanksgiving Day 2023! Honestly, not sure what to expect, as soon we walked in, we were happily greeted and seated right away! I noticed there were a ton of to go orders. Partner and I were craving our typical Chinese food orderSalt and Pepper Calamari – Crunchy, seasoned well, not too spicySzechwan Eggplant – hint of spice, stayed hot (temperature wise) the whole timeBeef Chow Fun w gravy – Tender beef, flavorful noodsDuck – typical, very good except, it came out room temp.BBQ Pork – Typical and just like the duck – room temp.If you are in or near the area and can’t get to Alhambra or Rosemead, let’s say you live in Whittier, City of Industry, Avocado Heights then this is your spot. =)Missing star – I was quite surprised at the price of 2 Bbq item combo $31? Check out how small the portion was.“

4.2 Good36 Reviews
El Curtido Salvadoran • $
16048 Gale Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Pupusas Revuelta Aka Mixed
Pupusa and Fries
Yuka Frita

“Best popusas ever... made freshly everyday. Took the family here and my kids liked it they have a range of what they can choose and eat.

Kid-friendliness: Pupusas and French fries ?Chicken nuggies and French fries, hamburgers and French fries ?“

4.1 Good58 Reviews


BMC PHO Vietnamese • $
1104 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup
Shrimp Fried Rice
BBQ Pork Sandwich
Spicy Beef Soup

“Convenient place to come for grabbing a quick bite to eat for lunch or dinner. Reasonable prices. If you order 2 sandwich baguettes you get one free. I really like their BBQ pork and shredded chicken baguettes. They also have ready to go meals such as fried rice, chicken with rice and pork chop with rice.“

4.1 Good47 Reviews
Sunset Room Bar & Grill • $$
2029 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Steak and Lobster with Stuffed Potato and Vegtables
Steak and Lobster with Baked Potato and Salad
Sunset Room Cheeseburger
Torta Cubana
Onion Rings

“Great drinks and bartenders.“

4 Good61 Reviews
Los frijolitos Mexican • $
907 S 7th Ave Unit B, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites


“Usually hole in the wall places are really good. This place certainly did not disappoint. Great friendly staff. Great food. Taquitos! So delicious. Everything fresh and good. Will definitely will come back. I did not see a restroom though. Will ask next time.“

4 Good42 Reviews
Tokyo Lobby Restaurant Sushi • $$
1683 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Teriyaki and Tempura Dinner
Beef Teriyaki & Tempura
Green Tea Ice Cream
Crunchy Shrimp Roll
Teriyaki Beef
Crunchy Roll
Lunch Sushi

“The food was good .the place very clean ,service very good ,waiter very polite“

3.9 Good62 Reviews
Hacienda Mexican Grill Mexican • $
2541 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Mexican Breakfast Burrito
Carnitas Burrito
Rice and Beans
One Beef Taco
Chile Verde

“I had the pork chile verde eggs with a flour tortilla. The food was very flavorful and the service a 10! I loved that they put cinnamon in the coffee.

Parking: The restaurant is located in a small shopping center. There was plenty of parking when I visited on a Saturday morning.“

3.9 Good52 Reviews
Phở Van Vietnamese • $
2019 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Bean Curd Skin Platter
Pho Well-Done Brisket
House Platter
Spring Roll
Pho GA

“first time coming here ...excellent food and servicepho has authentic taste and is not saltyperfect for pho loversthe appetizer are super tastyegg rolls were crunch and hoti may be biased because they also served the biggest ox tail i hadthey even gave me steak knife because te ox tail was so big“

3.8 Good50 Reviews
little skewer Hot Pot • $$
1675 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

grilled scallop vermicelli 蒜蓉粉丝扇贝
Beef Kidney w Beef Butter Skewer
Chicken Cartilage
Grilled Scallops
Garlic Shrimp
Chicken Wings
Beef Skewers
Durian Pizza

“My husband and I love going there for the lamb skewers - I personally love the scallops and enoki mushrooms. The best time to go is when they open.“

3.8 Good57 Reviews
Pepe's Mexican Restaurant Mexican • $
1135 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Carne Asada Fries with Cheese
Pepe's Chili Cheese Fries
Chicken Enchilada Plate
Bean and Cheese Burrito
Carne Asada Burrito
Shredded Beef Taco
Breakfast Burrito
Mini Taquitos
Nacho Fries
Chili Verde

“I went through the drive through, the worker was nice, this food specifically has more fresher ingredients, it’s also very worth it for the price. I went here for a 2nd time it’s a super long drive away from where my house is, so whenever we visit this area it’s our go to place now because that’s how good it is. Specifically the carne asada fries is my fav.“

3.8 Good63 Reviews
Shanghailander Palace Shanghainese • $$
1695 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Fish with Sweet & Sour Sauce 松鼠全鱼
Snow Pea Leaves with Mushroom
Shanghailander Pan Fried Buns
BBQ Spare Ribs
Fried Fish
Cured Pork

“I just don’t get it. This place should have a rating close to 5.0/5.0. The dishes are so delicious and well prepared. This is the best restaurant during our 4 day trip in LA. Btw we stayed at Anaheim. And the restaurants rated 4.5/5.0 in Ervin are nowhere near the level of this one.“

3.8 Good71 Reviews
Delicious Food Corner Cantonese • $
17170 Colima Rd H, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Chinese Donut with Steamed Flour Roll Wrap
Wonton Noodle Soup with Beef Stew
Fried Chicken Wings and Calamari
Chicken Congee
Wonton Soup

“?️✨ The food here is fantastic! You can really savor the authentic Hong Kong flavors in every dish. We were pleasantly surprised by the generous portions, especially since each dish comes with a plate of rice. We actually forgot about that and ended up packing the extra rice to take home. ? Definitely a delightful dining experience! ?“

3.8 Good80 Reviews
El Bukanas Tacos & Mexican Food Mexican • $
15914 Gale Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Chile Relleno Plate
Tacos Gobernador
Tacos Al Vapor
Carnitas Tacos
Wet Burrito

“Food is always prepared fresh and flavorful. Currently, due to COVID-19, orders are taken in person and via phone. Upon arrival, after they receive your order, you'll be asked to wait outside until your order is ready. Although a bit pricy, the quality of food is worth the added expense.“

3.7 Good30 Reviews
Northern Cafe Chinese • $
1637 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup
Beef Slice Warps
Pickles Peppers
Xiao Long Bao

“The northern cuisine has a delicate taste. I have eaten there 5/6 times. It is now one of my favorite restaurants. My daughter likes the xiaolongbao and beef burrito here very much. The side dishes taste really good, the noodles are chewy and the price is reasonable. Especially now that eating out is soaring, the portions of their noodles are also pretty good, so I highly recommend them.“

3.7 Good37 Reviews
Spicy Home Chinese • $$
1635 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights

“Delicious!!!! The food is really something!!!“

3.7 Good46 Reviews
Tasty Noodle House - Hacienda Heights Shanghainese • $
1611A S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights


3.6 Good27 Reviews
Taipan Kitchen Chinese • $$
1629 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights

“It's a delicious traditional Hong Kong-style restaurant. I had the House Special Noodle (double-sided crispy noodle). Mom and I also ordered the Singapore rice noodles, basil clams, and mixed veggies.The two noodle entrees were surprisingly delicious. The house special noodle was served with roast pork slices, chicken and fish fillet, and veggies.the clams was well flavored and with lots of fresh basil. The mixed veggies was the weakest link in this meal; it had the bean sprouts base with some snap beans, carrots, black woodears.All dishes were yummy; the only thing we would ask would be lighter sauce for our next visit.“

3.5 Good19 Reviews
Boiling Point Hot Pot • $$
2020 S Hacienda Blvd, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Beef Hot Pot and Veggie Hot Pot
Beef and Miso Hot Pot
Garlic Chili Crunch
Korean Bean Paste
House Special
Beef Soup
Hot Soup

“I recently visited Boiling Point and was pleasantly surprised by my experience. Unlike other similar establishments, this Boiling Point location stood out to me in several ways. Firstly, I found the taste of the food to be superior, which made my dining experience even more enjoyable.Additionally, I appreciated that the waiting time was relatively short compared to what I've experienced at other places. This made the entire dining process more convenient and efficient.Most notably, I was satisfied to discover that I could order unlimited rice and receive double the amount of meat. This added value to my meal and left me feeling very satisfied with my dining experience.Overall, I highly recommend Boiling Point for its delicious food, short waiting times, and generous serving options. I will definitely be returning for more!“

3.6 Good40 Reviews
Wonde Harbor Restaurant Seafood •
1655 S Azusa Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

海底椰花旗參燉雞湯 chicken soup with sea coconut& american ginseng
Lobster with Yi-Neón
Shrimp Dumplings
Sesame Ball
Congee L
Dim Sum

“Went on new year day so it was very busy. We had a reservation but it took a while for our table to be ready. Food was really good though but the servers seemed a bit confused with what we had ordered and quite a few dishes took a while to arrive.I’ve been to other dim sum places which have a huge crowd and are more efficiently run but overall, we had a good time.“

3.6 Good58 Reviews


Denny's Diner • $
1150 S 7th Ave, Hacienda Heights

Customers` Favorites

Avocado Bacon Burger with Fries
Pumpkin Cream Pancake Breakfast
Jr Chocolate Chip Pancakes
Beer-Battered Onion Rings
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks
Mile High Denver Omelette
Cali Club Sandwich
Pancakes Deluxe
Lumberjack Slam
Turkey Dinner

“This is my local Denny's and I have been going there for 45 years, breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night food. I don't think that I have ever been dissatisfied with the food or service in all those years. If you are traveling through the area and need someplace to eat, you can't go wrong by stopping here.Update: This Denny's has a banner that says open 24x7, but the hours on Google say it closes at 10pm on Monday-Wednesday (confirmed by business last week). However, I walked in at 7pm on Monday to get some dinner and was told they are closing. So take down the 24x7 banner!“

3.6 Good87 Reviews
China Wok Fast Food Chinese • $
15826 Gale Ave, Hacienda Heights

“I like this place, the food is great. It is very often that I walk in and have to wait for a fresh batch assuring I get fresh items. The customer service is not the best. They aren't very polite and are very tight on the sauces, like sriracha. The prices are a bit high but it doesn't matter since the portions served are HUGE. I do recommend cash since using card come with high fee's.“

3.5 Good50 Reviews