5 Best Bakeries near Pacific Grove

Rudolfo's Café Italian • $$
543 Lighthouse Ave, Pacific Grove

Customers` Favorites

Louisiana Hot Fried Chicken Sandwich
Roasted Half Chicken Risotto
Build Your Own Pizza
Macaroni and Cheese
Bees Knees Pizza
Margherita Pizza
Pistachio Cake
Arugula Salad
Garlic Bread

“My appetizer (artichoke) was disappointing. My entree, a vodka sauce rigatoni, was good because I chose the option to add burrata cheese at extra cost (actually the waiter misheard me but I’m glad he did), and the temperature difference between the cold cheese and piping hot pasta made it a unique (in the best way) and rewarding dish even if the value wasn’t great. Why then do I give five stars? The desserts are out of this world. Their mixed berry cake is one of the best things I’ve ever eaten. If it weren’t for dessert it would probably be a 3-4 that I’d want to give another try; with desert it is a 5.“

4.7 Superb141 Reviews
Cafe Guarani Cafe • $
111 Central Ave, Pacific Grove

Customers` Favorites

Variety of Empanadas
Breakfast Empanada
Empanada De Jam
Smoked Brisket
Pork Empanadas
Lemon Delight
Yerba Mate

“It was their Traditional Yerba Mate service that caught our attention and then coincidentally reading a little of their backstory brought us in. Once settled, we instantly felt at home and couldn't have enjoyed our visit(s) more. Clearly locals love the spot for its relaxed atmosphere and food...Ok I mean absolutely fantastic food. You simply have to try all their empanadas, the mind-blowing Sopa and Lemon Delight. Don't miss out on their gem offering... Yerba Mate!Mate: really is a way of life (relaxed). It takes a little time, make the time, it's so worth it. The staff were surprised/delighted by my order of a traditional (hot) Mate service, and the owner came out with an exuberant "You're drinking Mate!?!" We had a nice conversation about the ritual of drinking Mate, Paraguay and some of her experiences with the cafe. Our second visit though, led to a lengthy discussion with a knowledgeable staff member about more advanced techniques for Yerba Mate preparation, character of the various brands, etc...I've been casually enjoying Mate for twenty years and still came away with a better understanding. They're so kind and pleasant, you'll enjoy the experience whether you're a newbie needing to be walked through the process or a budding connoisseur.“

4.5 Superb109 Reviews
Patisserie Bechler Bakery • $
1225 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove

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“This is one of my favorite places to get coffee with friends of a date. Service is quick. The dining room is super chill and cozy and it feels like a greenhouse. Their coffee selection is simple but well done. Their pastries are pretty good too-- I've yet to try much, but I'm excited to try more.“

4.5 Superb60 Reviews
Pavel's Backerei Bakery • $
219 Forest Ave, Pacific Grove

Customers` Favorites

Chocolate Croissant and Cream Cheese
Cinnamon Rolls and Raspberry Tart
Farmers Breakfast Brötchen
9-Grain Farmers Bread
Croissant and Danish
Fresh Baked Delights
Almond Bear Claw

“This is not a bakery.This is a European pastry shop with culinary elevated types of desserts, breads and cookiesAfter finally making my way into the shop around 2pm on Saturday, I was fortunate to purchase a chocolate croissant filled with chocolate. It was the most savory tasting croissant I have ever eaten. With a little bit of salt to bring the whole thing to another level.I want more.I also bought the Cinnamon roll which makes other cinnamon rolls put to shame. One of the lightest, airiest rolls that I've ever experienced.While I was in line, a Gentleman was there for the chocolate chunk cookies which they sold out of before we both got there.The shop is only open on Saturdays as I spoke with the owner and she said that her husband and her wanted to retire but, could not find anyone suitable to learn the recipes of the shop.This shop is amazing, please encourage the owners to keep it alive.“

4.4 Superb75 Reviews
The Bagel Bakery Bakery • $
130 Country Club Gate Center, Pacific Grove

Customers` Favorites

Cheddar Cheese Bagel
Premium Bagels
Honey Butter

“I love coffee… I have two toddlers, so drink way more caffeine than I should, and consider myself kind of an expert in that field. I already loved the bagels, but decided to give me Vietnamese coffee ago. Let me say I will never be back to Starbucks although I love our local Starbucks customer service. I can get an eight dollar humongous coffee that taste way richer than anything I've had at Starbucks lately.Update: been back every day since this review and omg the coffee “

3.6 Good28 Reviews