21 Best Southern Restaurants in New York

“Visited here while on a trip with my family and it was AMAZING. The food was SO good, make sure you come hungry because the portions are huge! Great service with the nicest waiter we had in the city. The atmosphere is cool and trendy, and the drinks are great. Do yourself a favor and get the Mac and cheese, it’s to die for. Thanks for the great dinner and night out! Can’t wait to come back.”

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“I really can’t understand how this place isn’t rated higher. As we ate our way through the city this place stood out as an absolute star.Let’s set a few things. First, have a reservation. I feel like that goes without saying but it’s a smaller place. Do yourself that favor. It’s a smaller menu but there’s plenty to try.The food is amazing. I can say that the fried green tomatoes and the buffalo mushrooms and waffle were highlights, but everything was delicious. The service (Tito) was excellent and I’d definitely go back.”

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“Friendly service, tasty food! The Chorizo Empenanda was super delicious! I definitely recommend! I had the Oyster Asada, it was flavorful, but I don't know if I would order it again! The black beans weren't as soft as I like! I had the mudslide pie and the blueberry coconut ice cream at $16, small portion, but just enough for me! It was super delicious! I also had the sparking non alcoholic white tea with ginger. It's served in a champagne glass, but I definitely recommend! For the cost of 2 glasses, you might as well get a bottle! It's really tasty! I 10 out of 10 recommend!”

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“4.5 stars. Guy at counter and the price was cool. Tried every chicken, no sides. Food was wavy, sauces too. Biscuit is aight. My favorite is the spicy chicken sandwich with honey. Only bad thing is food was not as hot as it should have been. Regardless Id definitely come again.”

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“I’ve been here twice and will be coming back. The reason why is the food is delicious and great customer service. I feel it’s rare getting a smile and caring counter service in NYC. With that being said the Mac and cheese, fried chicken, greens, and yams are delicious. The prices are reasonable as well.”

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“The biscuits are no joke! We hade the bacon, egg, and cheedar biscuits, and the sausage, egg, and cheddar biscuits both were amazing. We received a warm and friendly greeting when we arrived. Then placed our order via the kiosk which was easy to use. The food arrived hot, fresh and looked delicious. I look forward to going back asap.”

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“Wonderful Italian restaurant with great, lively atmosphere in NYC. Servers were very friendly and attentive. Dishes were excellent right down to the salads. We loved the dressings, as well as the Chicken Piccata, Chicken Marsala, Chicken Parmigiana, and other dishes we were served. Great portion sizes and not at all bad prices. Would visit again!Vegetarian options: YesKid-friendliness: YesParking: Parking GarageWheelchair accessibility: YesDietary restrictions: Options”

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“Walked in without a reservation on a weekday for brunch. We were seated right away. It's a casual brunch spot. The staff was friendly and welcoming. The food took a while to come out but it was delicious.Vegetarian options: Several vegetarian options on the menu. I ordered the French Toast with chocolate chips.Parking: This is a small busy street. Sometimes you'll get lucky to get a parking spot out front like we did but otherwise you'll have to drive around to find parking and then walk to the location.”

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“Bird Dog Restaurant is a culinary gem that stands out for its dedication to crafting exquisite dishes, particularly its homemade pasta creations. The commitment to making their own pasta speaks to their pursuit of culinary excellence, resulting in dishes that are cooked to the perfect "al dente" texture. This attention to detail and quality sets Bird Dog apart, as they eschew pre-cooked pasta for a truly authentic and flavorful dining experience.A distinctive feature of Bird Dog is their reservation-only approach, creating an exclusive atmosphere that caters to patrons seeking an intimate and personalized dining occasion. This approach suggests a focus on providing attentive service and ensuring that each guest's experience is both exceptional and tailored to their preferences.The restaurant's wine list is a testament to their commitment to curated excellence. With a very good selection of wines, Bird Dog has thoughtfully considered the wine recommendations that accompany their dishes. This attention to pairing enhances the dining experience, ensuring that flavors harmonize and elevate the overall enjoyment of each course.In conclusion, Bird Dog Restaurant is a standout establishment that excels in the art of crafting homemade pasta dishes cooked to perfection. Their reservation-only concept adds an air of exclusivity, promising a tailored and attentive dining experience. The noteworthy wine list and expert wine recommendations further elevate the overall dining journey. For those seeking a refined and truly exceptional culinary adventure, Bird Dog is undoubtedly a destination worth experiencing.”

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“Happy hour - great drinks, and fabulous wings, especially the white sauce.We stayed for dinner and shared The Smoke Show which was an amazing, generous sampler. Plenty of leftovers to take home too. Great vibe. Indoor and outdoor seating.Kid-friendliness: Had two toddlers - totally at ease.”

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“For Breakfast, I bought French Toast and an Omelet.Most bodegas in the area don't make French Toast (a few don't know what French Toast is), so I was fortunate to discover that this place makes French Toast.There isn't much room to eat inside the place, so I think it's mostly take out orders.My food was ready relatively quickly. Approximately 5 minutes and the food itself was fine in a basic way.”

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“Biscuits are top notch. Very fair prices-especially for the West Village. A Lincoln for a biscuit? It's cheaper than that Sbux that you are drinking right now. Butter options were insane-BACON BUTTER!!! C'mon man. Had the sausage and egg. Stop reading this review and go get one immediately!”

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“Awesome Tenders! The truck was close to my job and needed a quick late lunch. The 3 piece hit the spot. Flavorful with a crispy outside and moist. Just enough breading! The staff was kind and friendly with great suggestions of customer favorites. Will definitely have it again.”

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“TLDR: I am from the south. This place puts most southern restaurants to shame. Everything in here was amazing. 11 out of 10. We will be back even though we are only in New York a couple of days.As a preface, I see 3 stars as an average. I only use 5 stars for something that goes above and beyond. 1 star is reserved for not good but doable in a pinch. I put 0 stars in some reviews in this section. If there is a 0 star it is explained. The lowest rate I give Charles Pan-Fried Chicken is a 5.Let's start with the food. The chicken was perfect. Juicey on the inside with a perfect level of crispness on the out. Flavor like you wouldn't believe. The collard greens are not comparable to any I have had before. The mac and cheese was perfect.The black eye peas and lima beans went so far as to be better than my father-in-law's. Most places in the south can serve decent to great soul food. The best always come from a home kitchen. These were still better. The ocra and rice were on par with our home cooks. That's still leaps above most restaurants.The employees working made us feel like we are regulars. Friendly and helpful doesn't even start to describe them. After my mother finished her meal she was chatting it up with the founders granddaughter. Communication is a skill they have in abundance.The atmosphere of the place is great. I enjoyed seeing the pictures of the founder and reading a little piece of his story while eating. The saddest part was we were at the only sitting area in the place. Three stools at a bar to the side. All their plates are made to go so as not to encourage people to eat in. I don't blame them for it but I like the experience we had with the decor.All in all I give the place an 11 out of 10. Would recommend. We will be back. They say hunger is the best spice but I dont want to have to wait that long to get another of their drumsticks.Vegetarian options: They have a large selection of veggies as side dishes.”

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“Bondurants is almost everything you want in a bar. The food is a cut above normal bar food, but still bar food; the beers are great and a good selection; it’s almost always medium crowded but not packed. Getting a table will take you a few minutes at most if one isn’t available. It’s everything you want and nothing extra that you don’t need. 10/10 bar.”

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“That Rasta pasta was sooooo good will be coming back. I was a little confused at first because I thought it was a restaurant where I can dine in but it’s fine it was really late anyway I’m glad I tried it now I have a new spot to get soul food on a late drunk night Lmaooo”

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“The food at Melba's is consistently good; some dishes are quite good. However, they have a signature dish, the ASAP Yams, that is without flavor. They are disappointing and tastes nothing like southern candied yams would normally tastes. But don't let that stop you. All of the other dishes on the menu are very good.”

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“The food is delicious and authentic. If this were just a take-out establishment I'd give it five stars.The service is the slowest I've seen. We go there every few weeks, so it wasn't an off night. Even when we're there off-peak and it's half empty, the wait staff seems to be busy elsewhere. (It seems an intentional understaffing)Finally, the check comes with the customary assistance to figure out a 17% and 20% tip. But the math is wrong. So, if you're not doing the math, you end up paying overinflated tips! They suggested that 20% of my $59 bill was $21. It's a built-in scam to cheat the math impaired.Enjoy the food, be prepared for a long wait, and if you can't figure out a 20% tip, in your head, use the calculator on your phone.”

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“Staff were all so wonderful-welcoming, gave great suggestions when asked menu questions and beers offered on tap. The place was very noisy - should have availed myself of the outdoor seating. But it was a very pleasant dinner experience overall.”

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“As a Texas born NYC transplant, I have been dying to get a taste of home in the city since I moved. This place is the real deal!! The food and atmosphere gave me a wonderful feeling of nostalgia; it was just like being back in Houston. An amazing place; Michael and Brad were AWESOME! I can’t wait to go back!!”

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“Absolutely amazing!! Highly Recommend!! I recently moved to Morningside Heights, I love to go to restaurants to try SOMETHING GOOD around my area. I was walking on the street with my friends and we finally found here. They played good music and the vibes were just right. I also got 1/2 lb of shrimp and 1/2 lb of snow crab in their delicious Capt Lou sauce, Mild spiciness with Lemon pepper fries . Let me tell you this, I nearly died and went to food heaven! and it was our first time trying to SEAFOOD BOIL so we didn't know how to order and how to eat. They explained literally everything. I also asked many questions, they kindly answered me whatever I was curious about. Their servers and manager(or owner I'm not sure) have TOP-NOTCH hospitality. They were so nice to us! We literally were able to see that they are so attentive. The staff there were all great My waitress (who I can’t remember). I’ve never had costumers service this good at any other restaurant ever! I'm not a person who leave a review on online, But I really want everyone to go and try there food. This place owes me NOTHING and I will happily tell all my people about this place. I will be def coming back soon!!”

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