30 Best Bars in Grand Rapids

“This was one of the best meals that my wife and I have enjoyed since moving to the area 14 years ago. The food was delicious with many options from which to choose, very generous portions, extensive drink menus (wine and spirits), great service, etc.etc. The seating is well space so you're not on top of any other diners. It was our wedding anniversary and from the hostess to our table, there were 4 or 5 staff wishing us happy 38th; a very nice touch! And parking is right next door with an entrance directly to the restaurant. I can't think of anything they could have done better. It was terrific.”

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“Just moving to GR. This will be our go to for food and drink. We have eaten there twice for lunch. Food is great and priced reasonably. Lots of specials throughout the week. Great staff, they seem to know most folks who come. They even recognized us on our second visit. Everyone welcomed us to the neighborhood. What a great find.”

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“Service was awesome, we had a great hostess and waiter. Food came out very quickly as well. Atmosphere is comfy and has the "roadhouse" feel to it. Typical roadhouse fare, burgers and steaks and sandwiches.Parking: Plenty of free parking.”

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“This is a really cute brewery. We sat outside- nice umbrellas to provide shade. The beer was really good- had a flight. And we split pizza, really recommend the garlic knots, and split some salad. The bartender was so nice and friendly. Would definitely come back!”

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“Five star dive bar. Service was good from the get-go, drinks were cold and served with a smile, and the place was comfortable overall.I was visiting Grand Rapids to attend a concert the night before visiting The Derby. I was about to head home back to Dearborn but decided I wanted to stop for a shot and a beer before ending my weekend. I was out and about hitting up thrift shops and saw this bar was nearby.We were immediately welcomed upon taking a seat at the bar. We ordered our drinks and they came up quick. A big football game was about to start, so the place filled up not long after we got there. We were never given a food menu, but we saw an ad for hot dogs on the wall. They also had a bunch of snack food available. We noticed Keno, a pool table and a few gambling entertainment machines. There's a lot more to this space than the initial bar area you see when you walk in. Bathrooms were clean, the bill was cheap and the company was great. I'd definitely stop into The Derby again.”

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“Nice "neighborhood " place! Had the fish and chips. I've been to England, eaten it in many places and this topped the list! Fresh cod oh so good and fried to perfection. No grease or oil. My wife had casa Dias that were also very good. Great prices on both food and drinks. Service spot on. Can't wait to return”

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“My first time trying Big Bob’s, ordered a large vegetarian pizza, and I have to say that it was delicious. No shortage of veggies, thin crust, short wait time even though it was 6:30 on a Saturday evening. What’s not to like. Highly recommended.Vegetarian options: Vegetarian pizza is loaded with veggies!”

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“Loved the space, beer, and service. Maybe the best beer we had in our grand rapids tour. They had live music. It was too loud and obnoxious for me and not my cup of tea. Couldn't talk to anyone through it. But I recommend this place if you love beer”

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“So I had never been to this place and went up to see my partner's in crime. And they took me here period Had a great time met this beautiful lady her name was erica with a k. So Erica with AK. If you read this review, you need to get back with shasta and Corey and get my number from them, you stole my heart.”

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“It doesn't look like much, but the food and drinks will surprise you. Solid on both counts. Plus the live music makes for a fun night out. Stop driving by and stop, already!Vegetarian options: There are salads.Parking: Plenty of on site free parking”

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“1st time here, on a Tuesday night about 730p. The place was packed. Surprisingly, we got sat right away. The waiter was attentive. We had Tuesday's special 'wet burrito' and the chicken and waffles. Both are very good. Definitely a place I'd go again.”

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“First time Fowling, and it was a hit! Atmosphere is fit for groups with or without kids. 1 side has more of a kid feeling (pool table, photo booth, etc) and the other end has just a bar. You get to know your neighbors pretty well due to the unpredictable flight path of the footballs. Lol”

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“Was fantastic food. Went on a date with my wife here for her birthday. They gave us special birthday menus and a free dessert. My wife still talks about the goat cheese cake with blueberry days later. I got a burger it was fantastic. Honestly top 10 (5?) Burgers I've ever eaten. My wife got the orecchiette. It was good, but I think she liked my burger better.”

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“We've gone here twice and not only did our server remember us. He gave us the best service each time. It was dead one day and busy the other and there was no difference in how fast our service was. Very friendly, very good atmosphere. Will be going back.”

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“Great happy hour! Food and drink specials. It was also a burger and a beer night, which we were able to combine with happy hour. Smash burger was very tasty as well as the BlackBerry bourbon sour cocktail! They also validate parking if you park in the adjacent ramp. Great experience, we will definitely be back!”

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“In addition to tastings, great cocktails and knowledge bartenders. 3rd wave Craft cocktails all fresh ingredients. They've got all the bitters. It was nice and quiet when I went, with staff of 2. A little dark for my eyes but it's a cool place; no reason to rate it any less than 5.”

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“one of my the best pinball bars in the nation! (my opinion). the only other one i think of is paranoia pinball in charlotte north carolina (AS OF WRITING THIS i have learned that paranoia pinball in north carolina is either closed or moving locations, let's hope the latter). ..... most "arcade bars" are overpriced in the machines and drinks, cater to kids or nerds, put more effort into the video games (pinball is the only thing i care about), or have some kind of gimmick ie. cidercadr in austin tx (only thing to drink is stupid cider) or the circuit in richmond va that is pour-your-own beer (which leads ofc to people who don't know how to pour paying $15 for a tap modelo). anyways this place doesn't do any of those things and actually rocks. smoking area outside, there are bums but most are friendly. they have ginger beer and tequila (my favorite drink). the best machines are 50c and give matches. the lotr machine is the best running and most fun of that particular game i've ever played! i played it all night! i don't remember leaving but i made it to where i needed to be. no food served here. also they have some really great bands that i respect love and trust play here. highly recommend this business.”

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“Really great drinks and really great vibe, I just wish they had more snack and food options. But otherwise, great service and drinks and strongly recommend! Good thing is that you can bring in your own food during the weekdays, but I'd honestly rather just order through them if I could.”

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“This place has a great menu! Every dish is described well. I found myself reading through the menu even after we ordered because of all the personal touches. It also has a visual of all the ingredients that come with the ramen, which I found super helpful!We got the Miso ramen, and it was great! Next time, I think we'd add some spice to it for some more flavor, but that is a personal preference.Three things I noted that I really loved:1. The menu said that every bowl you purchase feeds two children... one child locally and one abroad. Seriously, how amazing is that.2. They have a tip pool. So all the tips get evenly distributed between everyone who's working - including the cooks! As someone who's waitressed before, I've seen firsthand how the back of the house staff goes unnoticed and underpaid, so I love that they do this!3. I listened as the owner patiently explained the menu to some new customers and happily took their order even though they were 20 minutes from closing. He was also super friendly as he went around to everyone in the restaurant to make sure their food was good.Loved this place and all that it seems to stand for. Support a local business with some delicious Japanese food!”

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“Vinny's is exactly what you think it is and it makes it a perfect dive bar full of lovely people and western Michigan culture located on the northeast side of Grand Rapids. Vinny's provides a down home spirit and a great place to grab a PBR and test your luck playing a little Keno. Come to Vinny's where you are sure to make a friend and have a good heartfelt conversation about the philosophy of life. Vinny's, it's exactly what you think it is where community is always on tap, even if the beers aren't.”

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“Very nice place to get a burger. Everyone was friendly, even the owner who came out and chatted with me. Didn’t have a drink but understand that they are reasonably priced and good. Burger and fries cost a little more than those at the other nearby bars, but they were exceptionally good. I can definitely recommend.”

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“I saw a show here which was amazing but the drinks were good. I asked for the closest thing to bud light feeling like an idiot but he gave me something I drank three of and didn't make me feel like one. Thanks guys.Parking: There is a lot with roughly 10 spaces then parking lots around the block that have a ton. I wouldn't use those because it's another business but I could of without issues that night.”

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“Atmosphere and service were excellent! Great drink and beer menu. Had bang shrimp app and goat cheese... both very good. Our table had the burger, fish and chips, Shepards pie, grilled cheese, Brussel sprouts and onion rings. Everyone was very happy with their food. Definitely would come back to this place.”

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“Great drinks and appetizers. The price point is a little over the top compared to other locations that provides a similar food and cocktail experience, however the atmosphere makes up for it. A good place for celebrations or a date night, will definitely be a treat.”

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“It's a local watering hole (meant in the beat way) and the cutest little dive bar. It has well poured drinks that won't break the bank and is open until 2am. It's super chill, not judgmental, and the type of place where everyone knows everyone else.There is no food but you can bring in outside food.”

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“Went with friends to grab drinks after a class we are all taking nearby since many of us preferred non-alcoholic drinks and they have about five mocktails.Everything was great, food, drinks, staff, service, speed of service, cleanliness, atmosphere, highly recommend, I'd definitely go again. :)”

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“Greeted with handshakes and good hospitality. Menu was simple but good. The atmosphere was great, so inviting! This is an amazing little hole in the wall bar with Nepali style food and games plus karaoke!Decent selection of beer and drinks to choose from and prices aren't too bad either. Got some table games you can play too. I will definitely go again!”

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“Honestly speaking, in the 2023 all-around bar scene, Glass House Bar is thee BEST bar out of all the Michigan Street bars! Keith is truly the definition of a good man! Jess cares, pays attention, and respects literal all guest that visit, and Nicole shows so much love to me & other guests, especially after a long day at work! OH and my guy Mike, simply put a Real One! ☝?”

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“Step right up, you merry wanderers for a rollicking good time awaits you at the legendary Putt Putt's Bar! From the first sip to the final putt, this place has got the mirthful magic that turns an evening into a jovial escapade. Hold onto your pints, folks, 'cause we're diving into a tale of tantalizing burgers and tots that'll make your taste buds dance a jig!First on the stage, the Olive Burger struts in with a charismatic flair, offering a harmonious blend of succulent beef and olives that waltz on your palate in perfect symphony. The buns cradle this masterpiece like the hands of a caring tavern keeper, ensuring each bite is a melodious medley of flavors.Next up, the Original Burger takes center stage, with ketchup and mustard oozing like a well-tuned duet, hitting all the right notes to transport you to burger paradise. It's the kind of burger that'll have you singing its praises with every messy, glorious bite.And hold onto your hats, folks, for behold the colossal bin of tator tots! A cornucopia of crispy, golden tots that beckon like treasure chests waiting to be plundered. If you're in pursuit of comfort food with a side of nostalgia, these tots are the chest of gold at the end of the bar rainbow.But let's not forget the true gems of this joint—the friendly souls who roam these hallowed halls. The staff, as warm and inviting as a well-stoked fireplace, ensure that your tankards are filled and your laughter never runs dry.So, to all you merry souls seeking merriment, make your way to Putt Putt's Bar. As their slogan proudly proclaims, it's a haven for those who know that life is best lived with a drink in hand and a song in the heart. Raise your glasses high, for Putt Putt's is dedicated to turning every moment into a rollicking good time that'll leave you grinning from ear to ear!”

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“Strong drinks...but in the good way. I didn't try the food but I rated it 5 stars because the guys next to me ordered something and it smelled so good. I am super hungry and I haven't eaten but I'm drinking my calories. It's been a good day. Maybe I have been a little cranky but it's only cuz I am a little hungry... Ok a lot hungry. I will probably get some 5 layer burritos on the way home, if my boyfriend lets me. I know he will cuz he never says no to me. Even tho he should. He treats me so good and I'm not worthy. But here I am at the anchor bar drinking a very strong gin and coke having a great time. I had. A gin and coke.Vegetarian options: The alcohol is almost exsclusivly vegan so that's a plus.Kid-friendliness: There are 3 toddlers and they know how to pour a beerParking: Valet was super friendly even though I didn't tip. It's been 45 minutes of waiting for my car again but the unlimited drinks after I spent 30 dollars was well worth it. The waiter spent a lot of time singing karaoke and didn't really like it when I called out to get a drink. But I did slip a 50 in the bra of the guy doin karaoke. He seemed to appreciate it. He kinda reminded me of Shrek but if he was a saviour to the brave workers at Starbucks that are unionizng. I really appreciated the guy who came around asking for left over pizza crust. It was so convenient to get rid of the rind of that pep monstrosity. I would love to be the change that I see in the world, but I'm just drinking at a bar after pre gaming at home so what do I know really?”

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