24 Best Sandwich Shops in Cincinnati

“I went in tonight and was flustered getting my five family’s specific orders placed. But all three employees were patient, kind and helpful. I ended up getting two of the same sub by accident and they were so kind in encouraging me to get the order right. It was just really nice. I don’t know their names, but a blonde young adult, brown haired young woman and a brown haired young man. Just wanna say thanks!”

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“This place was okay. I ordered their famous reubon sandwich and it honestly was nothing special.I came in here at around lunchtime and there were a lot of people getting takeout. With that said, it's not that favorable to sit and eat as there are quite a few people standing around waiting for their order.When I ate my sandwich, the bread was a little too soft. As for the meat, it seemed kind of average. Not bad, but just not a lot of flavor. The potato patty was a bit dissipointing as well. It was not really flavorful at all.Overall, I really didn't enjoy the food. It was okay, but nothing really much more than that.”

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“We chose to go on thier "Day of Giving" it was super busy! But they seemed to have it all under control and the customers were dealing. As we were leaving I heard the young lady at the counter inform the newest customer that they had run out of bread...."so if you wanna wrap or a salad we can help you". Like I said they were busy. They gave us our cold sammys with very little wait, our hot ones (we ordered 6, 4 cold/ 2 hot) took awhile longer they ended up calling my name ( I enjoyed the first name basis) to inform me I'd have to pick a different kind of bread which was fine. We got home and the sandwiches were great. Exactly what we asked for and very tasty.”

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“Red Fox Grill is a wonderful, time-tested restaurant that has stayed true to what it does best for almost 60 years. Mr. Bill and his team offer a delicious and widely customizable menu with the customer service that you'd expect from an invested small business owner that cares!As someone who does not frequent downtown, but makes it a point to order here whenever I can, I will say that it is well worth the detour on your lunch break to experience the BEST double-deckers, sandwiches, and burgers that Cincinnati has to offer.”

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“The online service ALWAYS gets our order wrong. When I picked up yesterday, I asked the manager if my chips and cup were in the bag. She responded- well of course they are. I opened the bag and they were not there. The subs were made incorrectly as well. So frustrating because this is the 6-7th time in last few months. For the best experience- go inside to order!”

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“The food was great it was awesome the people that were awesome got me and it got me out was having a bad day and that really made my day thanks a lotVegetarian options: It's on the menu if not you can just ask for what you need on a Sandwich and they'll do it for youKid-friendliness: Great place for kids cause they're small enough subs They got chips sometimes they've got cookies brownies and then you have a multiple choice of soda popParking: Bend to plenty places Where I had a hard time A my vehicle and did not have trouble getting the vehicle in thereWheelchair accessibility: There is will terror accessibility the little tricky but not bad at all And that is not their fault that is because it's a multiple business complexDietary restrictions: What is it to say you ask they'll make it for you”

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“Izzy's is one of our guilty pleasures! Since we're both retired and we don't eat out as often, we'll stop in to Izzy's occasionally. Hubby loves the beef barley soup and I love many of the sandwiches and potato cakes. It's a bit more than we like to spend for lunch but we consider it a great treat for all of our years of hard work! ?”

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“First time visitor. I’ve never had a Reuben before and I’m not a fan of sauerkraut… but when I tell you I ate and left no crumbs! I got the full Reuben sandwich grilled and ate half there with the potatoe pancake and took the other half home and THOROUGHLY enjoyed it reheated in the air fryer. It was hot, flavorful, and delicious. The sauce is good on everything as well. And our server was amazing. Very kind and attentive.Kid-friendliness: Very welcoming / accommodating staff”

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“Drive through at Red Bank Road location was a little slow but service was friendly and the order filled correctly. For the price I have to say the sandwich has seemingly shrunk over the years. Potato pancake is a staple and the Matza ball soup is a Friday-only specialty.”

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“The service was on point. The restaurant was clean and presentable. It was pretty busy but luckily they had plenty of employees to keep the food rolling out the door. We ate in and they brought the food to our table. It was presented in a very nice way. It was fresh and made exactly to our request.”

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“The sub was great ! the 2 gentleman ( I'm guessing 1 was a manager ) were very friendly & friendlier with the quantity of meat.The big sub way more than I could handle. Had to take the rest home.Place was very clean, especially behind the counter.Not much to say, very good lunch meat sandwiches kind of food.Will be back & will recommend.Wheelchair accessibility: Street level .”

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“Just the other day when me and my fiance and our daughter went to Penn station I had the small Philly steak and cheese my fiance had the extra large Philly steak and cheese with fries we really enjoyed the Philly steak sandwiches ......... My fiance is taking me to Penn station a few times and I've enjoyed every time I have went to Penn station before that I had never been to Penn station but the food is amazing especially when it comes right out and it's extremely hot it was really amazing there was only a couple error issues that they made especially with my debit card and the transaction but it'll all work itself out but other than that the food is excellent”

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“I enjoy every time I walk in because they are always ready to make you a Sandwich and they're so pleasant to talk to and they take pride in making a Sandwich. I can would recommend them to anybody.Kid-friendliness: I love how they let the children pick out their own toppings and make it fun for them.”

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“This was my first time visiting this location of Tom & Chee and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. In fact, I like this location better than the downtown location... When I first walked in, I noticed how clean the store was. Then as I got closer to the counter I was greeted by both the young lady at the register and Erica the manger on duty. Moreover, Erica and her team were pleasant and accommodating throughout my dine-in experience, bringing my food to the table, checking to make sure everything was okay, immediately cleaning the tables of other guests after they finished dining, and wishing me a good day when I left... If only all establishments could offer such positive experience!!!Dietary restrictions: Gluten- free options are available”

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“The staff is always nice and it is always clean..love their food and strawberry tea. Lunch 1/2 sandwich and soup broccoli cheddar my favorite is ideal. Potatoes are huge, side options of cucumbers, tomatoes and onions or chips.Kid-friendliness: Kid portionsDietary restrictions: Salads and wraps, they are very accommodating”

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“First time I tried this place and it was delicious! I got the brisket sub. My friend told me they were doing free subs for anyone with the name Asia, Linda, or Thomas and I happen to be named Asia so I stopped in to try one and I was not disappointed! Also was happy to see my name included in something. Delicious!”

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“I accidentally ordered to pick up from the Eastgate location at 12:15 today. Went to Milford and realized my mistake. Called Eastgate and told the girl I had made a mistake and wouldn't be able to pick up my order they already made. She was very friendly and refunded my money on my card which was unexpected and really nice since I messed up. I appreciate the great customer service and always love the subs, service and clean restaurant when I go to both locations. Thank you!”

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“Traditional sandwich shop. Standard dining fair, clean and well maintained interior, but what pushes this establishment into 5 star service is the antics of one Robert. This kind individual plays the straight man to the comedy stylings of the local law enforcement. His smile and personality could fill a room. I plan on visiting again just to sample the chicken club, a few laughs, and stories about Robert's bowling teammates Moses, Lazarus, and Ruth.Pro Tip. Robert is hard of hearing he like it when you shout at him.”

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“Christian was nothing but smiles and high spirits while receiving my order. Also I’ll like to add due to his exceptional customer service skills he upsold me on a drink and cookie. I interrupted my diet plans without hesitation lol!! Having a cookie was the furthest thing from my mind. Also I noticed that Dan and Josh were actually wearing gloves while preparing and cooking the food!! I had to go and thank them immediately for this conscious gesture!! They care enough about the people to conduct safe practices. That means a lot to me. Hannah was very polite as she was helping package the food. The entire team was outstanding. Will definitely make this my go Penn Station going forward!! Thank you team!”

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“This is a must stop for food in the University of Cincinnati area. I absolutely love thier turkey with avocado sandwich. There smoothies are delicious as well. There a re a few places to sit, but this is primarily a grab and go store. The staff are very friendly. They have a big menu.”

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“So I’m sorta new to the potbelly wave and ive got to say the veggie has me in a major chokehold! As wel as the friendly customer service I receive here. Marcell has went above and beyond to make sure that a simple mistake on my end fromOrdering online was handled in a professional manor. I’m big on customer service and the customer service here as well as the veggie and the lemon cheesecake cookie keep me coming back.Vegetarian options: Love the veggie!! Really wanna try the Mediterranean veggie style but I’mNervous”

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“If you have not been to Jersey, Mike’s, I don’t really know what you’re waiting on, this place does not mess around sandwiches are there game and they play well! I’m not gonna tell you what to get. That’s a decision that you have to make, but I will give you some options, the big kahuna, if you go that way add bacon you’re not gonna be upset. Maybe you want something cold not a problem make sure you get it loaded down Mike’s way. It’s gonna change your life! The sandwiches are incredible. The guys an gals that make them are incredible. They always do a great job no matter where you’re at no matter what state! Jersey Mike’s is onto something and it’s a good sandwich that’s for. Damn sure!”

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“Tasty, never had an incorrect order. A little slow for carryout (orders are never on the carryout shelf if you order during lunch) but it beats waiting in the main line. Would love to see cucumber and spinach come back on the menu, it's a little depressing having lettuce as the only green on my sandwich.”

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“Best jersey mikes in the area. We eat here at least once a week. Whether we do carry out, delivery, or eat in the food is always top notch. They are always super friendly and never get our order wrong. Incredible service. An amazing crew and great food!”

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