72 Best Mediterranean Restaurants in Toronto

“Had my wife's birthday dinner here. The atmospheres was very nice, servers were very friendly. Foods were delicious; my wife had a steak and she absolutely loved it. The special birthday dessert was great idea. Mission accomplished, made my wife happy.”

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“Terrific Middle Eastern restaurant long a fixture in Toronto. All dishes are meant to be shared. Beautiful industrial design. We sat on the 2nd floor near the bar in a nice private settee. The table was a bit small, but the dishes came out well spaced so there was no problem. We especially liked the Turkish dumplings, pear and arugula salad, and eggplant.”

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“Friendly, Authentic, Delicious.Delicious homemade food served by friendly staff. The lahmajoun is authentic and emerges memories of when my grandma used to make it. Tried their pizza and was impressed by the generous toppings including real pieces of meat.Keep it simple with just cheese or try authentic Armenian sojouk, either way you will not be disappointed.Support a small business by heading to Mamajoun!”

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“Delina is an amazing Ethiopian-influenced shawarma joint. But they have so much more than shawarma and falafel (although those are both really good picks here).Lots of curried pulses (chick pea, lima bean, lentil), salads (Greek-ish, roast veg, and Tabouleh) - you can pick any when you order a plate. Other proteins too (seabass, Cabbage rolls). I haven't had anything here I didn't like.The ladies who work here are really friendly too; they're always smiling! It looks like a family operation :)My fav's are the Lentil soup, and the beef shawarma wrap (wild Ethiopian seasoning on the meat, very unique for shawarma), though the falafel is hard to beat (moist inside, crispy outside).Seating is limited, so get it to go and hit the beach!”

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“Two of the most amazing brothers i have ever seen, they have the best food in Toronto. They have the tastiest and best syrian food compared to the size of their shop. I cannot describe the taste. You have to try it!!. You will not regret it. They are among the best local Syrian food. If I can give them 10000000/10 i won't hesitate to do so. 100% i will come back again and again. I highly suggest everyone try it out and their prices are acceptable. Never leave with out trying their "KARAK TEA" it is the best. I wish you all the best guy's and looking forward to meet again soon. All the best!!.”

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“First time here with a group of 7. Few of us arrived early to our reservation thinking we may need to wait. But the floor just happens to have a large patio table open and the waitresses are super accommodating and nice to seat us earlier. Nice music building to the atmosphere. Food presentation is outstanding with the colors of various ingredients each demanding your visual attention.Personally I do find the taste and flavor of humus rather ordinary. In attempt to bring twist to plain dish humus, the addition of pickled veggies on top unfortunately didn’t add drama, but that may be the intention.On the other hand the herb falafel and Parallel salad are both delights. Then the kabob lies on the dry side and tastes indifferent. Lastly there are plenty of mushrooms on the fungi mix dish.Parking: Lots of curbside parking nearby. But may be hard to find a spot when there’s a nearby event.”

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“This is an amazing spot with excellent food and ambiance. So fortunate to have such a great patio for the beautiful weather and it's got a cover in case it rains and I see there are heater there now for the cooler times. The staff is amazing and you will always get great service and almost always be greeted by the owner. The food is an absolute pleasure to look and and devour. I highly recommend it.”

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“Fast service and delicious well seasoned poutine.I initially visited to dine in, but then opted to dine out for comfort.The interior was spotless, the cashier efficient, and the dining area functional yet spacious.If you're looking for a good spin on the traditional poutine, I'd definitely suggest the Chicken Shawarma poutine at this location.It was so good and the portion sizes were larger than I expected.”

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“We ordered the kale salad, burrata salad and pasta with saffron and veggies, the pasta was not good it didn’t have much flavour but the salads were AMAZING. I will definitely come back and order a different main. Their dessert was delicious. The service and vibes of the restaurant is so good. Overall loved it!”

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“My family and I have been going to Pantheon for years, as our choice to dine on the Danforth. There are many quality Greek restaurants in the area and I would encourage everyone to try as many as possible to support local businesses. However, Pantheon goes a step above and they serve a high quality menu, especially the beautiful seafood (my favourite is of course the grilled calamari), but also very good lamb chops/leg. Their service is prompt and efficient; they make sure you are taken care of and always give you a complimentary Greek cake for the table on the house - have some coffees after your meal and unwind. Make a reservation as it might get busy especially in summertime if you want a seat inside for a larger party.”

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“The restaurant was lovely. It was a very relaxed atmosphere. The food was quite good. I was a little disappointed with the service. I believe if you are a server and get overwhelmed with a busier crowd, you should perhaps consider writing things down. If one person’s order is not totally ready don’t take half their order out. I slowly ate my meal waiting for my fries and had to ask the wait staff twice for my fries and some ice water. By the time the fries came out I was basically done eating. I do realize that the wait staff doesn’t have control of the cook’s preparation time. Other than that my meal was good, and everyone else in my group enjoyed their meal.”

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“Amazing food, service, and atmosphere.The Fried Calamari, Duck Confit, Tagliatelle (mushrooms), Bouillabaisse, and Braised Beef Short Ribs are perfect.The Duck Confit is perfectly crisp on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. You won't need a knife.The broth for the Bouillabaisse is infused with saffron, which gives it a very rich aroma and taste.Every bite of the Tagliatelle (mushrooms) is underscored with truffle, which balances really well with the mushrooms.Their Braised Beef Short Ribs are so fall-of-the-bone tender that you won't need a knife. And the Potato Gratin that accompanies the dish bursts with flavour.”

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“We booked a private tent for a friend's Bachelorette and had an amazing time! Food was great, show was fun and our server Tamara was an absolute joy! Even when their systems were given them issues with splitting the check she still had a smile on her face. She was just a delight!The food itself was delicious. The braised beef was so tender, and the maftoul was exactly what I hoped it would be. Overall great experience!”

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“First time at Mamakas and Rachel, our server, truly made it outstanding! Wine suggestion on point, highly recommend the Savatiano! The eggplant dip is smoky, fresh & savoury. The spanakopita is perfectly crisp & buttery. The lamb neck is braised the perfection, crispy on the outside, in a nice lemony sauce to brighten it up. Great vibes, great food, TOTALLY worth it. Thanks again, Rachel, for a terrific night.”

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“Tried the Beef on Sticks/ Fries and the Chicken Shawarma. Absolutely brilliant both. Just the right mix of spices and sauces. The vegetarian options need a bit of work (Falafel wrap), though that may be due to low demand for vegetarian options.”

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“Such a good find!!! So many vegetarian options. The crispy fried potato was done to perfection, soft on the inside, well seasoned, perfectly cooked. We tried the “broken heart” eggplant which had nice Smokey flavour. And that Laffa - was probably the best I’ve every had in my life! Baked fresh with fermented dough in-house, just melts in your mouth and a great side kick to any dish on the menu.The kitchen team, the server, and the owners were such a delight to interact with.Bonus: they made a special plain grilled chicken breast for our fur baby that she enjoyed on the patio with us.”

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“I have been 3 times to Luna for dinner. Each time was a great experience. The service was attentive and friendly. The food was totally delicious! We’ve tried the Arctic char, the chicken livers, okra, eggplant, a salad (I can’t remember the name), octopus and several others. They were all very tasty. We look forward to going back to try others and for brunch. So lucky to have Luna in the neighbourhood! ??”

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“If you’re looking to fill your belly with a good homemade food this is the place to go, it’s a little tucked in diner run by these beautiful people who put their heart and soul into what they serve you and you can taste it if you ever get a chance to check this place,bring a doggy bag or ask them for one you’re gonna need it. 100% top 10 unknown diners to check out in Toronto.”

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“super welcoming funky tea house. atmosphere is what you would expect from a tea house. wide variety to choose from. an interesting system for teapots based on the hour. there is also a bar. super relaxed approachable staff. if i lived in the area id frequent this place often. the tea however is on the lighter side. i wonder if its really loose leaf tea. the tea is brewed then poured into a cast iron pot which all of them are beautiful and easy to handle.”

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“This place is the bomb dot com. I walked by many times but have never gone inside. My friend finally invited me to go there and I’ll be going back all the time food is sooooo good and so affordable. The owners are so nice so sweet!! :) also the fruit they gave with my meal is my favourite watermelon and pineapple! Thanks so much I’ll be coming back many times!”

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“Been here on a few occasions and it hasn't disappointed yet!! The food is super fresh and flavourful. The service is also amazing throughout my dining experiences. I haven't had the opportunity to explore most of the menu as of yet but everything was great.Facility is clean, prices are fair and portions sizes are quite good.Definitely a spot to try if you wish to have some authentic Egyptian food.”

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“Awesome Greek in downtown Toronto. Good portions and authentic tic tasting food. Could use a few more choices for the Greek food and deserts but the mousaka is worth the trip. Pricey but hey it's dow town Toronto. Pic is the appetizer trio and traditional Greek salad. Could have been the whole meal!!”

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“Update to my original review today is aug 16th 23. I have been ordering from here for a few years now. Today was my second order I had hair in my donair. The first time I didn't leave a bad review, but this time now I'm just appalled. I don't know if it's new owners new cook or what have you but I will not be ordering from here again. I am quite sick to my stomach.I have to say the best donair in Ontario hands down. I'm from nova scotia and this bring back so many yummy memories. Delicious a must try”

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“Great place for a quick bite. They had 10% student discount which is thoughtful. The prices are decent and the quality of food met expectations. I recommend this place if you are in the area. The only thing was that the washrooms were very dirty and off-putting. Overall in terms of food though, it was decent.”

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“Had dinner with a friend. Shared 4 plates and a dessert. Everything was really delicious. You can tell the chef pays attention to detail and has a great palette. Beautifully combined flavours…Sadly I’m not a big picture taker, but we did manage to take a few shots.”

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“Bro, this is the greatest restaurant of all time. You can sit in and eat and take out. Both work with this restaurant. Not fast food and not expensive fancy. All the prices are more then perfect for the high quality food that you receive. The student specials are the cheapest anywhere and the lunch specials are not different. The owner and manger are extremely nice and respectful. He will always be friendly and gets your food in a short time. 10/10 I cannot stop going back.????????”

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“Do I think the food quality at Casa Madera is on par with the cream of the crop, Michelin-level restaurants in the city? No, although I have no particular complaints at all either.But do I think the combination of the food, the cocktails (that taste terrific and are so well-presented as well), the atmosphere, the vibe and the thoughtfulness that has gone in creating a great experience makes this one of the best nights out at a restaurant in the city? Most definitely.”

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“This was one of the absolute best restaurants we have been to in a long time! We had various appetizers, Jon Dori fish and souvlaki! All amazing! The chef and staff were so amazing and Jason our waiter was definitely one of the best waiters we have had! Thanks for the Baclava Ice Cream recommendation Jason!”

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“This place is a fabulous middle eastern inspired brunch spot right in the heart of downtown Toronto. The weekend was pretty busy, but as I was dining alone I was able to score a seat by the window. I went with their shakshuka and it was out of this world. The flavors really came together. I liked it so much I went back for dinner and had the Chicken Shawarma which was delicious as well. Trust me, this place is well worth the wait!”

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“Hottest shawarma boys in the country!! And their food is incredible! So fresh, fast, delicious, it’s healthy and they will cater to all your needs and requests. They always remember our orders, and they make you feel like the most important customer. Highly highly recommend!!!!”

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“What a pleasure to eat from here.First time trying it, and now our go-to spot for Greek cuisine.Finally, a great Greek spot in the area to go to for authentic Greek cuisine.No longer have to travel a distance to get Greek food.Portions are very good and substantial. Service was phenomenal, and the price was very reasonable.If you are looking for a good hearty meal, this is the place.Ladies who served me at the counter thank you for giving me a phenomenal experience, and thank you for the tzatziki, my family, and I really enjoyed it with our meal, it was more then enough.”

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“Extra large portions. Barely got through half my serving. We got the light menu selections. My penne was well put together and the pasta was perfectly cooked. My wife had the chicken shish-kabob and it was worth the wait. Great location and a nice street side patio. Oh, super nice complimentary bread and dips!”

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“We were visiting from out of town and looking for a place that could cater to our pescatarian diet and found Piri ?. Having never been here before we were not sure what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised. The food was packed with flavor!!! ? I truly appreciate a restaurant that is not afraid to enlighten my taste buds. To say the least our meal was absolutely delicious ?. Whenever we are back in Toronto this is going to be one of our first stops!”

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“The ambiance is perfect. Amazing interior which feels luxurious but cozy. The breakfast deal $10 before 10am is great value. My egg Benny was a little too undercooked (the whites were runny) but it was still delicious. I would definitely go back to check out the other menu items!”

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“Nothing can beat this villa madina. The owner is amazing, lovely, friendly and care about his business. His ingredients are always fresh. His restaurant is always clean Mashallah. My partner and I are obsessed with villa madina. The owner treat us with love and respect wallahi. We will always come here and support your business.”

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“We had catering provided by Abdul - the owner of Kababia for our firm's lunch. The whole process from the ordering to delivery went very smooth, with his assistance till the last minute. The food was delicious and I was congratulated for choosing such a great restaurant :) . Abdul, thank you again for your support and for the amazing and wholesome food, and know that I am so grateful for having so much patience with all my questions. I highly recommend this place to anyone interested into getting a glimpse of the authentic Middle Eastern food. Thank you !!!!”

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“Food was fantastic, ambiance inside was very nice, and the staff were very friendly and very helpful!!! Two of us came in for a light lunch, starting off with the 4 dip plate and calamari (pictured) and shared the chicken souvlaki lunch (which was so good we forgot to grab a picture!). This lunch was delicious and filling. Parking was also easy to find ! Thanks again :-).”

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“Been here yesterday for my birthday dinner and should say it has been a lovely menorable dinner.. The staff are well spoken warm and explained about the tapas menu items.. Everthing was tasty good quality and quantity.. must visit place in toronto for great middle eastren cuisine.. Definitely going back again with friends..!!”

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“This place is super cute on the inside with really friendly and nice service. They also had live music when we came back a second time with a pianist playing. He sounded lovely.The food was all delicious. I highly recommend getting an appetizer to get things started to go with a main. The portions aren't huge (but not tiny either). An app with a main will leave you plenty full but not over full!”

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“The best shawarma in town. Tastes so right with the saj wrap, and the garlic is actual garlic not tzatziki like other shawarma shops serve.A quick recommendation for anyone who wants to try a Shawarma and is not a middle eastern/Arab, you need to trust that the chicken is good, and don’t splatter veggies all over the plate/wrap just because it’s free. Enjoy it with garlic, pickles and tomatoes and keep the rest for falafel.Great staff, great food, this place is a must try if you love shawarma.”

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“The best pita lite location I have been to in Toronto! The staff are sooooo friendly, they bring your food to your table and are so so accommodating. The lady who runs the place is literally the sweetest human being ever and makes sure all the customers are cared for. The food is high quality and portions are also very generous. Highly recommend!!! Will be back 1000%”

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“Busy parking lot but if you have a reservation you can park for $10 - great for TO!!Love the vibe of the restaurant however staff is too slow & seemed impatient.Some basic training might go a long way!! :)Yum cocktails and peri peri chicken was amazing.Will I come back? Probably for the atmosphere/ drinks.”

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“Absolutely delicious!Best chicken souvlaki we've ever had. We picked up lunch here, and were so happy with the food that we went back after work to pick some up to take home.Great price for the quality as well.HIGHLY RECOMMEND!❤❤❤❤”

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“I first went to pita boss maybe a year ago and I was left speechless. The food was spot on, and the store itself had this amazing feeling. Me my brother and some of our friends sat down and decided what to order, everything that we got was amazing! I prefer this restaurant to other places like ozmos or lazees, Just because of how underrated it is!”

4.4Superb83 Reviews

“Category: Fast food/takeout/middle Eastern.What a fantastic place this is! I'm a huge fan. The food is absolutely amazing. We get take out from here often and they always impress. Last time we got chicken shawarma on fries, mixed shawarma (chicken and beef) on salad, and veggie combo on rice. The last two combos came loaded with a variety of tasty salads. The rice itself is a festival of flavours with many spices and aromatics. You must try the rice! Each plate is drizzled with a variety of different sauces each one uniquely delicious. Best of all, the portions are humongous and are very reasonably priced. The highlight for us was the vegetarian dish. It was loaded to the brim with beautiful roast cauliflower and peppers. I can't wait to try their other dishes like falafel and humus.”

4.6Superb42 Reviews

“Would absolutely recommend again!! It’s my first time eating out somewhere that isn’t close to home, and honestly? I couldn’t have chosen any place better.I have terrible social anxiety, but the staff were SUPER nice, and were very affable. Very easy to talk to!! While I did get rice instead of fries, that’s entirely on me lol. I didn’t speak loud enough to clarify.But the rice was delicious!! And the chicken souvlaki pitas? AMAZING. I love the variety of vegetables too! It was very filling, and I had to save most of it for later, but this was some of the best out-of-town food I’ve had. 10/10, would come again. Prices are great, actually!!Really affordable, and I’m glad that I could get something for under twenty dollars. Glad I tipped too <3”

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“Food is amazing but last three times I have been server always forgets to put in an order. three times in a row we didnt get what we wanted and had to ask again if the order has been submitted and it wasnt. needs to improve on service part.”

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“Went out for a triple birthday celebration with my family at Reyna. It was absolutely incredible from the food to the service… big shout out to the whole Reyna staff they were so warm and friendly. Thanks to Matt and Carrie for taking such great care of us. We pretty much ordered the whole menu and was not disappointed. This Mediterranean tapas place blew our minds from small apps, shared plates and the most delicious desserts. The music was such a vibe playing amazing hip hop… I would 100% recommend checking this place out. What an experience. Much love !!”

4.3Superb137 Reviews

“The restaurant is good for a casual outing with family and friends. The staff is friendly, good food and pleasant atmosphere. We dined-in several times and also catered a party. Everyone enjoyed and complimented the food, the portions were generous and very tasty and appetizing.”

4.3Superb128 Reviews

“This people at this location are very friendly and welcoming. They work very efficiently to deliver their delicious food. The restaurant itself is very clean and tidy which provides a pleasant environment to eat. I have been to this location in the past and I will continue to come in the future due to these reason, very good service overall.Parking: Lots of parking spaces making it easy to visit this restaurant”

4.3Superb121 Reviews

“Just googled shawarma near my work place and tried. The chicken shawarma wrap was tasty. Weirdly liked the French fries inside the wrap. Meat was well cooked and juicy. Sauce amount was less than conventional shawarma but it was just enough good for me. Interior was very beautiful. The middle eastern art and culture was well presented.”

4.3Superb113 Reviews

“I was very impressed with the quality of food and service. The standards are high here and the atmosphere is cozy. We did the tasting menu and enjoyed every bite. We did not leave hungry and left with the warmth of the hospitality. Thank you to the team for a wonderful experience.”

4.6Superb34 Reviews

“I honestly don't even know how anyone can badmouth this hidden gem. I was actually really surprised to only be the third review about this spot. My first takeout order here was right around their opening and still today it is absolutely fantastic. The two women there are so friendly and happy. The food is extremely fresh (the pickles are 10/10 crunch and just perfect) salads are so fresh. And the chicken is seasoned to perfection. Pleasantly surprised that it's still hidden gem, shocked it's not more popular..”

4.5Superb42 Reviews

“Great place. One of the best back patios on the city, super cool cozy interior and bar. Amazing food. You really can’t ask for more. They do happy hour with cheap oysters earlier in the day. The burger and the Greek fries is a vibe. Great date spot. Everything is good here, go to this establishment!”

4.3Superb98 Reviews

“If you are like me you might take a glance at Hungry Jacks large and diverse menu options and think, they can't be doing all of this well? Well think again! Every dish I've tried off their menu has been an absolute delight. The prices are so reasonable, a hard find today, and each dish is obviously made with love and care. Whether its a late night visit to their patio or picking up one of their awesome lunch specials do not miss this st clair staple!Thank you for everything Hungry Jacks!”

4.4Superb57 Reviews

“One of the best spicy grill kababs i have tried recently in Mississauga. Must try their Spicy Chicken Tikka Kabob,Lamb Shank Dinner and Waziri Kabob. Their dessert Firni is one of the best. This place is a value for money, and good for take out. If you like kababs this is the place to go. This has become my favorite place for kababs. They also serve in real plates than to go containers, the food tastes great when it is hot and served in ceramic platesVegetarian options: Falafel Plate”

4.3Superb94 Reviews

“Food was amazing!! Looooooved the rice, chicken, and garlic sauce!! Wasn’t a fan of the potatoes, which surprised me, but the standout for me, by far, was the service. I tried this place for the first time a month ago and I’m still thinking of and remembering how kind, warm, and welcoming the workers here are! Would 100/10 go back JUST because of how much I liked them!”

4.3Superb83 Reviews

“I was at this food court and hungry after a long walk. I was expecting a mall food court meal but this was way better than that. The food was flavorful and a good combination of a lot of items. The salads were my favorite part. I would definitely eat here again if I were in the area.”

4.4Superb43 Reviews

“Your quick stop to pick up something fast but tasty. I tried both the sharwarma and gyro. The Sharwarma was a bit disappointing as it lacked flavors. Preferred the gyro. Also wrap sizes felt a bit small. Fast and friendly service. A good snack option to hold you over to your next meal.”

4.4Superb41 Reviews

“I purchased the ramadan special and it was the only thing I would get and it's so good that I don't want to venture away from it. The special included a large habibi bowl, with lentis soap and two samosas.The habib bowl is incredible and in the large size, it can last you for a meal and a half. The lentils soap was not to my liking, however, I think that has more to do with pallet, more than quality of the soap.The two samosas were good, not the best I had but respectable.This was all for about 20$ I believe, however now that ramadan is over, you must purchase the items separately, which is more expensive. However, I occasionally purchase the habibi bowl on it's on.The staff are quite friendly. I have never seen it full but there usually is someone eating there. It is located in a plaza so there is plenty of parking, however it does get full by other shoppers.Tip: download their app for your purchase, it gives you quite a discount on your first order.I recommend you try it”

4.3Superb55 Reviews

“My favourite place to eat. The vibe is amazing and the food always delicious and such great portions. Never disappointed. Everything I have tried, I have loved. The manager goes above and beyond to make all customers happy. The waiters so friendly and caring.”

4.2Good70 Reviews

“I had a falafel wrap with spicy fries and a bottle of Aquafina. The falafel wrap was nice and crunchy, the fries were well seasoned, and the bottle of water was very refreshing. The place had a wonderful atmosphere, the staff were very friendly, and the price was not bad at all. Best eats on the west side???Wheelchair accessibility: The place has a giant stair before the main door. NOT wheelchair accessible”

4.2Good46 Reviews

“Rudra was an exceptional waitress! Her energy was infectious, and her sense of humor added a delightful touch to our dining experience. Beyond her efficiency, it was her personable nature that truly set her apart. Every establishment needs a Rudra to brighten up the atmosphere and ensure customers leave with a smile. Highly recommended!”

4.1Good313 Reviews

“I tried both the meat and the chicken, both are delicious and the sauces are great. The portions are quite filling. It's a good place for takeaway or stand-up dining. But if you want to have a sit-down meal, there is no place to sit inside. There are only 3 tables outside.”

4.1Good197 Reviews

“I stayed her for 3 nights. I had dinner lunch and breakfast here. I really liked the variety of items on the menu and all the food I ordered was delicious.The servers were all super friendly and helpful. Especially Aaron who went above and beyond to make sure I enjoyed my experience. The atmosphere was also very nice. I loved sitting by the window in the comfy chairs and gazing outside the window. All and all a terrific place for breakfast lunch or dinner.”

4.1Good170 Reviews

“If feel like a really good salad with big portions come here. Get their mix and match salad large. This may last some people two days but not me as I eat a lot. If you add meat gryo is good its only around 17.00 dollars. So good and you leave feeling content. Way better then salad places in Eaton centre”

4.1Good25 Reviews

“We recently had the pleasure of dining at this Turkish-style restaurant. The menu offered a wide variety of delicious options. The flavors were fantastic, and the portion sizes were also generous. We highly recommend the food, especially Adana kebab!”

4Good46 Reviews

“Shawarma West is a go-to spot for me when it comes to satisfying post-bar cravings, thanks to its weekend closing time of 3am. What makes it even better is the generous portion size of their chicken on rice dish, which offers excellent value for the price (around $10). I must admit that I have only tried their chicken on rice so far.”

4Good51 Reviews

“Whenever I'm at Mt. Sinai, Me Va Me is always a place I stop at. I love their koftas, and I really think the restaurant has some of the best value and best food in the whole hospital's food court. I've never had anything I didn't like, but my favourite thing to eat is the kofta plate with rice. The dill wedges are delicious, too, especially if you like the flavour of dill pickles! The staff are also very friendly and kind :)”

4Good58 Reviews

“Food was so tasty and Salad was fresh. My favourite type of food so I am easily disappointed of it doesn't deliver but this was a whole experience for my taste buds. Will definitely be looking for Pita Lite in the future to order from!”

4Good73 Reviews

“Outstanding, delicious and fresh schwarma, overstuffed into large white or whole wheat pitas. And at $16 for 2 wraps it's a fantastic value!The two brothers and their team provide excellent service, generous portions and the place is very clean.I have also picked up catered platters for 8-10 dinner guests. They couldn't be more accomodating with my orders!Thanks, Mo for providing the best downtown schwarma! Highly recommend!”

4Good86 Reviews

“Paramount has amazing food thats no doubt, We got in touch with the manager Hala at this location to arrange a family dinner, and we were blown away. 500 stars! It felt like we were genuinely in the middle east again with their hospitality and exceptional service. Hala made sure we got everything we needed and more! service like we have never experienced in Canada, she made sure everything went smooth and had the biggest smile on her face. Special thanks to the owner Makbul who was present with a smile and asked us regularly if it was going well. Honestly i can keep on going, bottom line is we are very happy. Hala went above and beyond to make sure everyone had a good time. Thank you so much!”

4Good88 Reviews
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