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How Many Thai Restaurants Are There in the US?

Thai food is quite popular and widespread in America - according to Restaurantji, there are over 10,000 Thai restaurants in the United States. California is a state with the largest number of Thai food businesses - almost one in five Thai restaurants in the country is located in California (17,9%). Following California are Florida (7%), Texas (6,9%), New York (6,6%), Washington (5%), and Oregon (3,7%). At the bottom of the list of red curry lovers and pad thai enjoyers are Montana, Wyoming, Delaware, West Virginia, and both Dakotas - none of these states has more than 20 Thai restaurants.

There are 7 cities in the States each with over 100 Thai establishments - Los Angeles, CA; New York City, NY; Portland, OR; Chicago, IL; Seattle, WA; San Francisco, CA and Las Vegas, NV.

Americans love Thai food not only for its unique combinations of flavor but also for its pricing - 97% of all Thai restaurants are in the $ or $$ price zone, according to Restaurantji.

History of Thai Cuisine in the US

Thai people started coming to the United States after the Vietnam War ended in the 1970s, since Thailand was an ally of America during the war. Around 5,000 Thai immigrants had moved to the US by 1970, bringing their unique food with them.

Los Angeles became a hub for Thai food as many Thai immigrants settled there after Americans got interested in Thai culture in the 1960s. Thai students and restaurant owners flocked to LA. In 1972, the parents of the famous chef Jet Tila opened the first Thai grocery store called Bangkok Market. Before that, Thai cooks had to use Chinese ingredients for traditional dishes like Pad Thai and curries.

Why Thai Food Became Popular in America?

Thai cuisine's popularity greatly grew in the 1980s, partly because the Thai government promoted it worldwide. They trained chefs to open authentic Thai restaurants abroad to match the real flavors from Thailand. Marketing Thai food as an exotic experience with contrasting sweet, sour, salty and spicy tastes also made Americans want to try it as they looked for diverse foods. The Thai grocery in LA provided access to real ingredients. More cultural interactions between Americans and Thailand during the Cold War exposed people to Thai traditions and flavors too. Celebrities endorsing it in Hollywood helped make Thai food popular across the country.

The 4 Main Thai Cuisine Categories and Regions

Traditional Thai dishes fall into 4 main groups:

1. Tom (boiled dishes)

2. Yam (spicy salads)

3. Tam (pounded foods)

4. Kaeng (curries)

Techniques like deep-frying, stir-frying and steaming came from Chinese cuisine.

Thai food also has regional styles: northern, northeastern, central and southern. The north has milder flavors influenced by Burma with a preference for sticky rice. The northeast is very spicy with influence from Laos, often using fermented fish and shrimp. Central Thai food mixes north and south styles with the elaborate royal cuisine from the palaces. The most popular southern style uses lots of coconut milk and seafood.

What Makes Thai Food Unique?

Thai cuisine is known for contrasting hot and cold flavors, pairing spices with sweet citrus like lime and mango. The signature peanut sauce tastes sweet and savory.

Thai meals have many small shared dishes like salads, appetizers, curries, soups and a main dish with seafood, veggies or meat, then dessert. It's relatively healthy using fresh produce, meat and seafood, so it works for diets like vegan and vegetarian.

Most Popular Thai Dishes in the US and Canada

We at Restaurantji took every single positive review on every single Thai restaurant profile and counted which dishes people commend the most:

Red Curry

Red curry is a medium-spicy curry with a bright red color. The red color comes from red chili peppers. It also has garlic, coriander, shallots, cumin, lime leaves, and peppercorns. Like most Thai curries, it has creamy coconut milk, which gives it a sweet taste.

Users recommend these restaurants:

Thai House Mesa in Mesa, AZ

Thai Villa in New York City, NY

Thai Spice & Sushi in Lakewood Ranch, FL

Yellow Curry

Yellow curry is the richest and creamiest of the 3 main Thai curries. Coconut cream makes it less spicy, so it is the most popular curry outside of Thailand. Thai yellow curry is very old, from the 1300s. It was first made with beef or chicken and rice. Later, it had seafood, vegetables, and tofu added.

People suggest to try these places:

Thai Delight Restaurant in Springdale, AR

Thai Better in South Jordan, UT

Kaitod Thai Kitchen in Laredo, TX

Green Curry

Green curry gets its flavor from green curry paste. This paste has green chilies, garlic, shrimp paste, shallots, peppercorns, lemongrass, limes, and cumin seeds. The curry is not sweeter than others, but it can be more flavorful than mild red curries.

These places are named the best:

Isan Zaap Thai Cafe in Orlando, FL

Atit Thai in New Rochelle, NY

Bua Thai Ramen & Robata Grill in New York City, NY

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is maybe the most famous Thai dish. Pad Thai has stir-fried noodles, vegetables, and eggs. It often has tofu, chicken, or shrimp plus peanuts, onions, fish sauce, and sprouts. Pad Thai is sweet and sour, not spicy, so most people like it.

According to Restaurantji, the best Pad Thai is served here:

Pattaya Thai Kitchen in Stephenville, TX

Phayathai in Lake Ronkonkoma, NY

Pan Asian Thai Cuisine in Las Vegas, NV

Mango Sticky Rice

This is a beloved Thai dessert! Sticky rice is naturally sweet. Restaurants serve it with sweet coconut cream sauce. The key part is fresh mango slices, so it is often seasonal.

The best rated Mango Sticky Rice according to Restaurantji restaurant reviews:

Soothr in New York City, NY

Larb Thai-Isan in Fort Lauderdale, FL

Street to Kitchen in Houston, TX

Drunken Noodles

This dish is from central Thailand. People debate why it's called "drunken" noodles. Some say it's good with beer, others say it cures hangovers! The main ingredients are wide, flat rice noodles, chicken or beef, onions, garlic, chili peppers, basil, fish sauce, and oyster sauce.

People suggest to try these places:

Tum Pok Pok in Chamblee, GA

OBAO Midtown East in New York City, NY

Omaha Mercy Thai Restaurant in Omaha, NE

What is Royal Thai Cuisine?

Royal Thai cuisine follows strict rules with the freshest premium ingredients and perfectly balanced, not extremely spicy, flavors. Historically it used exclusive rare spices, fruits and herbs for the royal court. It originated in the ancient Ayutthaya kingdom and survived political changes, becoming an important diplomatic tradition.

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“Hands down best Thai food I've had. Fish and pork dish were cooked perfectly. They also aren't kidding around with the spice level here either....”

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“Been coming here for years (both in person and via Uber eats). Always a happy and full belly.”

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“Perhaps the best Thai restaurant you can find in DC, it is run by the founder's family, its dishes are made with love and passion. Lisa, the daughte...”

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“The place is pretty, and the service is very fast.The food wasn't great. We had the Japanese Curry Ramen which was not good, the egg rolls were better.”

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“Believe what everyone says! This place is it! Food is 10/10 across the board! Service is courteous and efficient! Although the Lychee Martinis contain no...”

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“The place is very modern and there is a lot of yummy food options here. This place is very clean and the service is very good.”

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“Went for vegan food after a 10 mile hike and they delivered. Staff was well informed about the menu and all vegan options including how to make one that ...”

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“It's some of the best, most tastiest, non traditional Thai food I ever had... No extra change for Rice... garlic fried rice wld be enjoyable on it own.”

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“Came here with my wife, toddler, and wife's friends. Wait staff was super accommodating of our family despite my toddler being determined to make as...”

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“We love this place. The food is excellent and the owner is so nice - especially to our two dogs. It's great to be able to call when we leave camp a...”

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“The first time we ate there it was WONDERFUL. Our group got a variety of dishes and it was all excellent. The second time we went it was still very good....”

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“The food, ambiance, and service in this restaurant makes for extraordinarily superb dining....Lunch or evening meal. Speaking with the owner I was warmly...”

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“The best Thai food around the one that does not give me a stomach ache fresh and clean and delicious and I love Anne the owner”

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“Chicken was overcooked, like cardboard, with hard sticky toffee glaze. Vegtables were not edible. The food always looks good, but after several meals ...”

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“We love this place. The food is excellent and the owner is so nice - especially to our two dogs. It's great to be able to call when we leave camp a...”

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“This is my all time favorite place to get pho. Their thai tea is amazing. If youve never tried it, you definitely should”

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“It's one of my all-time time favorite places for comfort food. The atmosphere is super mellow, and the service is consistently excellent. The food i...”

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“Food was fantastic, service was great, and the ambiance inside is very nice as well, and sitting outside on a not so hot day is perfect!”

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“I haven’t been to this place in a while but quality has really gone down. The service was not the best and the waiter didn’t even give us water and had u...”

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“This place is great. The food is delicious, very clean & well decorated restaurant. The food is reasonably priced & so delicious. Highly recommend.”

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