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Sizzler 2228 S Mountain Ave, Ontario Seafood • $$
2228 S Mountain Ave, Ontario

“Everyone here is so nice and helpful. The restaurant looks so clean and is kept up beautifully. The manager was so kind to my whole family. She was so accommodating and gave us ideas for what my son could eat because he has a food aversion. Thank you for a wonderful experience.”

4.8 Superb189 Reviews
Bubba's Tacos 402 S Milliken Ave STE B, Ontario Tacos • $$
402 S Milliken Ave STE B, Ontario

“Bubba's Tacos is a lunchtime lifesaver! Their amazing food is a flavor-packed for your taste buds, and the speedy service ensures you can enjoy every last bite without sacrificing your lunch break. Even during the busiest hours, they manage to get you in and out in no time, leaving you satisfied and ready to tackle the rest of your day. Whether you're a taco aficionado or just craving something delicious, Bubba's is the perfect spot for a quick and satisfying meal.”

4.8 Superb122 Reviews
Panda Inn 3223 N Centre Lake Dr, Ontario Chinese • $$
3223 N Centre Lake Dr, Ontario

“Great place, great food, good drinks. Had very low expectations but they for exceded them. Would definitely come back again. Only reason 4 instead of 5 stars is because service was not very good.”

4.5 Superb135 Reviews
Heroes Restaurant and Brewhouse - Ontario 950 Ontario Mills Dr, Ontario American • $$
950 Ontario Mills Dr, Ontario

“Cool place. We sat outside and we able to see a few high end cars drive by. As a gearhead, that was a plus. I ordered the Guilty Pleasure fries. The were piled high and the topping were somehow completely dispersed throughout the entire pile. There was a good balance of toppings as well.The soft drinks were a little pricing at $5.50, but they came in huge mugs eliminating multiple refill needs.My colleague ordered the Tractor burger and it was piled high. Looked good to me and he had no complaints.The desert cookie was huge, tasty and baked just how I like it; just a bit soft in the middle. It was not doughy at all.The service was great. We were seated straight away, drink and food orders were promptly taken and the food did not take long to come out. Oddly enough we had a server change during our visit which was at the dinner rush. No problems, the next server was just as friendly as the first and the transition was seamless.Parking: During the dinner rush, there were no spots in the restaurant lot but plenty available in the adjacent shopping center lot. Not a far walk at all.”

4.4 Superb178 Reviews
Hamburger Mary's Ontario 3550 Porsche Way, Ontario Bar & Grill • $$
3550 Porsche Way, Ontario

“Bring your friends, family and coworkers and come have a great time at Hamburger Mary’s Ontario.This place never disappoints with their food, drink and fabulous queens. You get what you pay for in top notch quality in all aspects.Come out and support your local drag!Parking: Plenty of parking, large lot and free.Kid-friendliness: The day time shows are more than welcoming for all ages.Wheelchair accessibility: Ramps are provided inside and out. Accessible seating and parking is also available.”

4.5 Superb110 Reviews
Take Ur Seat Too 4275 Concours St Suite 130, Ontario Brunch • $$
4275 Concours St Suite 130, Ontario

“No, wait time, but it got busy really quick. Service was friendly and fast. Foost came out quickly and was tasty. Cloud pancakes were yummy, and they have different seasonal flavors. Will come back to try more items.”

4.4 Superb152 Reviews

Restaurants by Cuisine

Bengee Sushi 1953 E 4th St, Ontario Sushi • $$
1953 E 4th St, Ontario

“First time here. My friend and I were looking for a new sushi spot to try, and we both found this hidden gem ?. The reviews look great, so we decided to check it out for ourselves. First and foremost, the place is elegant and very clean. Great environment, music, and friendly staff. We were greeted and seated by Markus. He explained the menu very well and gave us great recommendations! The food came out promptly with great attention to detail! Our order was very delicious! This place is a gem! I live in riverside and I'll make the drive to out come here! Bungee Sushi truly merits 5 stars!”

4.5 Superb88 Reviews
San Antonio Winery - Ontario Wine Tasting, Gift Shop & Event Center 2802 S Milliken Ave, Ontario Wineries • $$
2802 S Milliken Ave, Ontario

“Went here for one of their events and had so much fun. I also ended up buying a lot more wine than I ever thought I would. The prices were great and it tasted amazing. It's a lot smaller than others I've been to, but it was cute and the staff was all super friendly. 10/10 would go to another event there.”

4.5 Superb61 Reviews
Boiling World 4431 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario Hot Pot • $$
4431 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario

“I just finished eating here and it’s definitely going to be the new spot!! I LOVED this place! My friends and I could not stop talking about how great the food was and how nice everyone was here! We came a bit late so we expected the food to not taste fresh, man, were we wrong, everything tasted very fresh and other items looked fresh! We also loved how everyone was so nice to us and our waitress came back multiple times to make sure we were good, we loved that! I would highly recommend this place to anyone that loves hotpot and is ready to eat!”

4.3 Superb102 Reviews

Restaurants with Delivery

Eureka! Ontario 900 Via Piemonte Suite 101, Ontario American • $$
900 Via Piemonte Suite 101, Ontario

“From the moment you step through the doors, you're welcomed by an ambiance that exudes warmth and charm, setting the stage for an unforgettable dining adventure. Let's dive straight into the highlights of our culinary journey at Eureka, starting with their tantalizing Mac N' Cheese Balls. These little pockets of joy are a true testament to comfort food done right. Crispy on the outside, yet wonderfully gooey and creamy on the inside, each bite is a burst of cheesy goodness that leaves you craving for more. Whether you're a die-hard mac 'n cheese fan or just looking for a delicious appetizer to kickstart your meal, these Mac N' Cheese Balls are an absolute must-try. Next up on the menu are the Truffle Cheese Fries – a gourmet twist on a classic favorite. Picture perfectly crisp fries generously topped with decadent truffle oil and a generous sprinkling of cheese. Every bite is a symphony of flavors, with the earthiness of the truffle perfectly complementing the richness of the cheese. It's a dish that elevates the humble fry to new heights and leaves you wondering why you haven't experienced this culinary masterpiece sooner. And let's not forget about the Double Smash burger – a carnivore's dream come true. Juicy, flavorful, and cooked to perfection, each bite is a celebration of all things meaty. With two perfectly smashed patties sandwiched between toasted buns and topped with all the classic fixings, it's a burger experience that's hard to beat. Pair it with a side of those addictive Truffle Cheese Fries, and you've got yourself a match made in burger heaven. Now, while the food at Eureka is undeniably top-notch, it's worth mentioning a quirky aspect of the dining experience – being carded for a drink that contains no alcohol. Yes, it might seem a tad odd at first, but it's all part of the charm of Eureka. Their dedication to ensuring a safe and enjoyable dining experience for all their patrons is commendable, and it's just one more reason why Eureka stands out from the crowd. In conclusion, Eureka is more than just a restaurant – it's a culinary destination that's sure to leave a lasting impression. From their mouthwatering Mac N' Cheese Balls to their indulgent Truffle Cheese Fries and mouthwatering Double Smash burger, every dish is crafted with care and precision. So, if you find yourself in Rancho Cucamonga craving a dining experience that's equal parts delicious and memorable, look no further than Eureka. Your taste buds will thank you!”

4.2 Good150 Reviews
Market Broiler Ontario 4553 Mills Cir, Ontario Seafood • $$
4553 Mills Cir, Ontario

“I was in town from Nebraska and our waitress Kayla was amazing, prompt and very fun. Old fashions and blackened salmon ocsar style was on point! High recommend and please ask for Kayla!”

4.1 Good251 Reviews
Gloria's Cocina Mexicana 401 N Euclid Ave, Ontario Mexican • $$
401 N Euclid Ave, Ontario

“I was excited to finally have Gloria's."Since I have a friend who speaks highly of the restaurant and drives from Moreno Valley with his family for the food and atmosphere on the weekends.This was a reception for a family friend who wanted to share good memories about her family member who had passed away.Service wasn't going well after 30 minutes gone by, and half of the guests had drinks while we waited patiently.I asked the waiter at our table if we could have our drink order taken.He walked away and brought back out crushed up chips and salsa.We ate them because we were all hungry after the funeral service.I asked again for our order to be taken.He was going to walk away until I spoke up.Restaurant manager, I am assuming they caught on to what was happening at our tables.We ended up receiving our service with the others, and chips were replaced.All I ask for is improvement with large parties, especially when family and friends are mourning a loved one.This family should have been discounted from their bill. At least to make it right from the service they received in the beginning 45 minutes is a bit too long to be sitting without service.The food was great!”

4.2 Good127 Reviews

Outdoor Dining

Sumo Sushi 1520 N Mountain Ave bldg d, Ontario Sushi • $$
1520 N Mountain Ave bldg d, Ontario

“First off food was great. The only problem was it was a full house and our service was slow. I’ve been there several times it’s like they didn’t have enough cooks so it took a while to get our orders.”

4.3 Superb84 Reviews
Olive Garden Italian Restaurant 4403 Mills Cir, Ontario Italian • $$
4403 Mills Cir, Ontario

“My mom and I had the soup, salad, and bread sticks. We had not had for a long time, I enjoyed mine but my mom didn't like the minestrone, all beans mostly...”

4.1 Good137 Reviews
Taco Hut 1150 E Philadelphia St #106, Ontario Mexican • $$
1150 E Philadelphia St #106, Ontario

“In town for the weekend and looking for quick dine-in dinner. Chrissypoo was our server lolReally good food for casual Mexican restaurant. I was shocked how fast the food came out, large portions and for very decent price. Overall great experience and good food, fast. Friendly staff and atmosphere”

4.2 Good73 Reviews

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El Pescador Mexican Grill 2322 S Mountain Ave, Ontario Mexican • $$
2322 S Mountain Ave, Ontario

“Good vibes. Loud environment for dinner party. Great service . There always friendly. Food is good even special request. Carne asada is good when they serve it hot. A few times had to send it back . But only that plate seems to get warm quick.”

4.1 Good104 Reviews
The Original Graziano's Pizza Restaurant 3060 S Archibald Ave, Ontario Pizza • $$
3060 S Archibald Ave, Ontario

“I haul cows into this area once every week or 2. This pizza joint has always delivered my food to my Cow truck and never said no to me. Food is outstanding and I've eaten a variety of the menu. Thank you to all the staff.”

4.2 Good68 Reviews
Big Catch Seafood House 765 N Milliken Ave, Ontario Seafood • $$
765 N Milliken Ave, Ontario

“Food and service were great! The reason for the 4 stars is due to the portion size of our crab legs. They were small in size and overall didn't appear to be an entire pound as advertised; however this is based on appearance only. The chairs were very hard, petite and uncomfortable as well.”

4.2 Good67 Reviews

24 Hour Restaurants

Jikan Japanese Restaurant 3495 Concours St Suite E, Ontario Japanese • $$
3495 Concours St Suite E, Ontario

“This was one of the first restaurants me and my wife went to and we fell in love love. The food is really and the staff are always friendly with us. I highly recommend this place of you ate in the mood for sushi or anything.”

4.1 Good80 Reviews
Outback Steakhouse 4492 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario Steak House • $$
4492 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario

“The service was good. The food was ok. Like everywhere the prices have gone up. Not to bad for what you get, but not like we would make this a regular stop. The steak I had was good. Just don't know how you can cook a steak medium, pink in the center threw out and still have it come out chewy and a bit tough. Price was $100 for 2 people.”

4 Good136 Reviews
Compadres Cantina 2250 S Euclid Ave ste E, Ontario Mexican • $$
2250 S Euclid Ave ste E, Ontario

“First time coming hereLadies!!! OMG, the food was DELICIOUS compliments to the chef that Thursday morning ? and the drinks were good too. I had 3 mango vodkatinies. Dangerously good. I thought the guacamole n chips were complimentary til I saw my bill lol whatever, tho even that was fire ? get the shrimp tacos!!”

4 Good113 Reviews

Takeout Restaurants

Black Angus Steakhouse 3640 Porsche Way, Ontario Steak House • $$
3640 Porsche Way, Ontario

“Lisa H was exceptional. We Came to Black angus for our wedding anniversary and Lisa treated us like royalty. Here is the thing she was not aware of the anniversary. Her service was beyond great just because that is how she is.and my gosh the food was wonderfully perfect..thanks Lisa H. Appreciate you adding to the making of the night wonderful.”

3.9 Good245 Reviews
Popping Yolk Cafe 3420 Ontario Ranch Rd Suite 1, Ontario Brunch • $$
3420 Ontario Ranch Rd Suite 1, Ontario

“It was our very first time here ever since we moved to Eastvale..The best French toast I've ever had! Most of the dishes were good but Nashville Hot Chicken Benedict..Chicken was too dry and rough but it had good flavors..and also glass of Mimosa was on a higher price..other than that I really liked French toast..we ordered toffee banana french was very crunchy and yummy!”

3.9 Good131 Reviews
Bombay Restaurant Cuisine of India 405 North Vineyard Avenue Suite: A, 405 N Vineyard Ave Suite B, Ontario Indian • $$
405 North Vineyard Avenue Suite: A, 405 N Vineyard Ave Suite B, Ontario

“Felt like we were treated like royalty.Parking: Parking lot somewhat packed due to customers plus other businesses I'm the same lot. Note: we had 3 different entries and ALL were great!Kid-friendliness: Families there with their children.”

4 Good67 Reviews

Drive-Thru Restaurants

Hooters of Ontario 725 N Milliken Ave, Ontario American • $$
725 N Milliken Ave, Ontario

“So far its been great, service is what you Will expect, beautiful ladies and beers are the best lmao as always music is too loud sometimes but it balances having a pool table, in general is great, Will go there to have diner as often as possible.”

3.9 Good103 Reviews
El Torito 3680 Inland Empire Blvd, Ontario Mexican • $$
3680 Inland Empire Blvd, Ontario

“I had a great experience at El Torito. Took my brother for his birthday for the Sunday brunch. There was so much food and all kind of drinks. They had Cadillac margaritas for $5 which I thought was great and they had them in all flavors. The food has great taste also their deserts. My favorite was the carnitas tacos and their waffles with apple butter and warm syrup. They also have a kids station which was great for my kids. The service was amazing. My server was Maria, she was excellent. Overall a great experience will definitely return here. 10/10”

3.8 Good257 Reviews
chaffey's restaurant 3663 E Guasti Rd, Ontario American • $$
3663 E Guasti Rd, Ontario

“Pretty decent hotel bar located in the Embassy Suites. I didn't eat here, but I did have some drinks that were good and the service was decent. Of course it was pricey, but it is located in a hotel. I would've tried some food if I had more time to visit.”

4.1 Good34 Reviews

Cheap Eats

La Vaca Brazilian Grill 1 Mills Cir, Ontario Brazilian • $$
1 Mills Cir, Ontario

“The sirloin is so delicious. The chicken breast empanadas are very tasty. The selection on the hot and cold dishes are decent. The Mac and cheese is yummy with a great panko crust. The staff works hard and are kind. This is my favorite place in the food court. The plates are very large ( you pay by weight) , so be careful not to get more than you can eat. Your mouth might say yes because it is down right yummy for Mall food, but your stomach can only hold so much. ?.”

4 Good46 Reviews
Big Al's 4120 E 4th St, Ontario Sports Bar • $$
4120 E 4th St, Ontario

“Good for during the day with the kids. Gets too rowdy at night for me to feel comfortable hanging out there with them. Arcade is pretty large and bowling is always fun.”

3.8 Good167 Reviews
Mariscos Mexico Lindo 239 W Francis St, Ontario Mexican • $$
239 W Francis St, Ontario

“Great quality, good prices.Fantastic selections of all of the Mexican food recipes you love.Parking: AccessibleKid-friendliness: Great Kids menuWheelchair accessibility: Accessible”

3.9 Good49 Reviews
Tokyo Wako Ontario 4472 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario Japanese • $$
4472 Ontario Mills Pkwy, Ontario

“The gentleman that cooked our food was great. I purchased the Udon and it took a long time to come out and the chicken that was added was dry. Everyone else seemed happy with theirs. The waitress didn't update me on my food to let me know why it took about 45 minutes to come out. Could also check on drinks. Very pricey and have gone to other restaurants with better food.”

3.8 Good101 Reviews
Porter's Prime Steakhouse 222 N Vineyard Ave, Ontario Steak House • $$$
222 N Vineyard Ave, Ontario

“Had a lovely dinner at this restaurant. Enjoyed a variety of dishes including Chilean sea bass, filet mignon, mashed potatos, green beans, shrimp cocktail, broccolini. Everything was fantastic, with the exception of the chicken breast which was dry. The server compensated our table with lovely desserts. Ambiance was relaxing, nice experience overall.”

3.8 Good99 Reviews
Zaky Mediterranean Grill 4323 East Mills Cir #102, Ontario Mediterranean • $$
4323 East Mills Cir #102, Ontario

“We have been to Zaky’s several time and each time the food is exceptional and the owner is amazing. She really goes out of her way for her customers she has such a vibrant personally.We will continue to come back. This place is amazing!!!Parking: Plenty of parkingKid-friendliness: The owner is kind and very friendly.Goes above and beyond.Wheelchair accessibility: Open concept for wheelchair”

3.8 Good78 Reviews


Players 11001 Central Ave, Ontario Sports Bar • $$
11001 Central Ave, Ontario

“Had an amazing first time experience here. Pool tables are built to roll the balls back to you. Inside there is a bar, ATM, and a machine that turns bills to coins. When I went, they were closing at 2am, which gave us plenty of time to play 5 rounds.”

3.9 Good30 Reviews
La Isla Yokomo 2435 S Grove Ave, Ontario Seafood • $$
2435 S Grove Ave, Ontario

“Good place to grab Sushi, waitress was very attentive, food was fresh and very tasty. The establishment itself could use a bit of a makeover but otherwise I'll definitely come back to eat here.”

4.1 Good15 Reviews
Via-Mar Grill & Bar - Cantina 201 N Vineyard Ave, Ontario Mexican • $$
201 N Vineyard Ave, Ontario

“Excellent food and service! I had the Cielo Mar y Tierra fajitas. They were a little light on the steak so the waitres took care of it and brought some more. Great chips and salsa with bean dip as well. Oh, and excellent strawberry margaritas!”

3.7 Good123 Reviews
El Pescador 636 N Euclid Ave, Ontario Mexican • $$
636 N Euclid Ave, Ontario

“The truth is that today I was completely satisfied. The food is good, the service is good, and the music according to the place is Mexican music from yesteryear.Congratulations ? ? ?”

3.7 Good110 Reviews
Il Toro Rosso 960 Ontario Mills Dr Suite A, Ontario Italian • $$
960 Ontario Mills Dr Suite A, Ontario

“They had just opened a month prior to my visit. I was there with a coworker on a business trip. Ordered steak and lobster. The steak was wonderful and tender. The lobster was a little on the dry side. All in all, a little pricey but I'd definitely go again.”

3.7 Good49 Reviews
Bento Box Japanese Grill 2910 S Archibald Ave, Ontario Japanese • $$
2910 S Archibald Ave, Ontario

“I always get takeout and it's usually bento, gyoza and butterfly shrimp. Just fantastic taste and you can ditch the salad on bento and get more rice for free.”

3.7 Good26 Reviews
The Bucket Crab & Crawfish 612 N Euclid Ave, Ontario Seafood • $$
612 N Euclid Ave, Ontario

“We first walked in and were welcomed right away. Service here was fast and kind. Food was delicious and made very quickly. 100% would be back to eat more delicious crab, shrimp, and crawfish.”

3.6 Good66 Reviews
Wabi Sabi Teppanyaki Steakhouse & Sushi Bar Restaurant 2200 S Grove Ave Suite 102-103, Ontario Japanese • $$
2200 S Grove Ave Suite 102-103, Ontario

“We found out about this place because my husband works a few blocks away from it and ever since we tried their food we haven't had sushi anywhere else. The food is very affordable, delicious and fresh. The customer service is exceptional! Definitely worth a visit!”

3.6 Good56 Reviews
Restaurant Enrique's 812 S Mountain Ave, Ontario Mexican • $$
812 S Mountain Ave, Ontario

“Just want to say is this an amazing place to eat and amazing customer service Diana was great server she's always great and the owners are super humble love that Don enrique and Jr amazing place been a customer for 15 years +”

3.4 Good12 Reviews
Red Lobster MILLS MALL, 4413 Mills Cir NEAR, Ontario Seafood • $$
MILLS MALL, 4413 Mills Cir NEAR, Ontario

“The food, as always, is a delight... But the waiter who served my family and me, the service was terrible... He took a while to serve us, he brought the salad to us until the end of the main course... And glasses and dishes that we did not use that were already dirty, it was never worth lifting any....”

3.5 Good134 Reviews
Rainforest Cafe 4810 Mills Cir, Ontario American • $$
4810 Mills Cir, Ontario

“I went here on March the 24th to celebrate my birthday with my family had an amazing time food was good waitress was amazing!! Sierra thank you!!! and thank you Rebecca for covering for Sierra when she was on her break you were also amazing ? and thanks to all the staff that sung happy birthday to me at my big age of 41?”

3.5 Good239 Reviews
Mantra Indian Cuisine 990 Ontario Mills Dr # H, Ontario Indian • $$
990 Ontario Mills Dr # H, Ontario

“My first time having Indian food I had Chicken tika masala, Daal Makhni, Goat curry, Garlic naan, Conduri fish and it was amazing I can’t recommend this place enough!”

3.4 Good48 Reviews
Round Table Pizza 1020 N Mountain Ave, Ontario Pizza • $$
1020 N Mountain Ave, Ontario

“Always get the gourmet veggie with anchovies or chicken on skinny crust. Cracker-type crust, white garlicky sauce and lots of veggies. Simply delicious. Expensive for a pizza but well worth it. I've introduced this pizza to friends. They love it, across the board. Antipasta salad good too.”

3.1 Average15 Reviews
Applebee's Grill + Bar 1021 N Milliken Ave, Ontario American • $$
1021 N Milliken Ave, Ontario

“The waitress was very informative about the food and drinks. She recommended great choices the new mexican quesadilla salad and mai tai was on my table. Great place to go with family, friends and coworkers.”

3.4 Good98 Reviews
ZERO& Ontario Mills (in the food court) 1 Mills Cir Unit K125, Ontario Bubble Tea • $$
1 Mills Cir Unit K125, Ontario

“If you happen to be at the Ontario mills mall this was located in the food court. They serve drinks, sweets, and some savory foods. To get your order it's all by kiosks and you customize your drink whether you want your drink to be overly sweet or nothing at all the choice is all yours. I order the taro and ube milk tea with a Korean bagel. The drink was ok the bagel was similar to monkey bread it was ok as well. Environment 6/10 your in a mall so chances your table is filthy or clean especially on a weekend Taste 7/10 they're just ok nothing special Price 8.5/10 good prices for what your paying for”

3.3 Good43 Reviews
Las Islas Marias Ontario 1133 W 6th St, Ontario Seafood • $$
1133 W 6th St, Ontario

“Best Mariscos In Ontario CA don’t fight meI get the Langostinos plate every time.This place is the best place to go to when wanting to have a good time. Even going on a date is perfect too.So many options to choose from.I ordered langostinos for takeout on this lazy sundayOrder came steaming hot & ready to eatGreat place for mariscos ?Tip : If you are going with a group of plus 3 remember this place gets completely packed so have patience.They always do a great job”

3 Average40 Reviews
The Luxe Buffet - Seafood & Grill 701 N Milliken Ave, Ontario Seafood • $$
701 N Milliken Ave, Ontario

“Very nice buffet. This restaurant has a great selection of seafood, Chinese food, and other delicious recipes. Large dining areas and waiting times can be short if you arrive at the right moment. However, it can be pretty pricey. Around $45 per person, and this does not include drinks. Overall, it is a great choice if you are looking to eat a large variety of meals under one roof.Parking: Good parking area for small very and large pickup trucksKid-friendliness: For kids, all you can eat has a lower cost and there is plenty of food to grab for them.Wheelchair accessibility: This restaurant is wheelchair friendly and accessible.”

3.2 Average123 Reviews
NORMS Restaurant 4551 Mills Cir, Ontario American • $$
4551 Mills Cir, Ontario

“Great deals, especially for families :)My family and I were passing through after snowboarding and we stopped by for dinner. It was cold outside so I really appreciated Norms for having the heater on and serving us hot water & tea :) We were seated immediately and everyone was really welcoming and kind. We ordered a four course meal for under $25 which is incredible pricing. It comes with a soup, salad, entree, and dessert! For a family of 3, ordering two of the 4 course meal deal was perfect. Amazing deal!”

3.2 Average172 Reviews
Sushi Kingdom 2550 S Archibald Ave Suite O, Ontario Japanese • $$
2550 S Archibald Ave Suite O, Ontario

“Just had an amazing birthday celebration at Sushi Kingdom in Ontario, CA! ?✨ The food was amazing – fresh, flavorful, and beautifully presented. The variety of sushi options delighted my taste buds, and the accommodating staff made the experience extra enjoyable.Huge thanks to Chef Kang for adding special dishes and making my celebration memorable! We'll be back for sure! ??#SushiHeaven #OntarioEats #FiveStarExperience ??”

3.1 Average88 Reviews
Urban Crave E Airport Dr, Ontario American • $$
E Airport Dr, Ontario

“Really good burger, fries, and beer. Had 4 hours to kill and this is the only restaurant for the Southwest terminal in the Ontario airport. I was pleasantly surprised. Cheeseburger with fries was $17.99 which is really decent for an airport sit down restaurant. I think my beer was $11 or so. Nice facility and the service was good too. Highly recommend checking this place out if you have time to stop for a drink or food.”

3 Average65 Reviews
Pizza Hut Express Travel Centers Of America, 4265 E Guasti Rd, Ontario Pizza • $$
Travel Centers Of America, 4265 E Guasti Rd, Ontario

“Mathew who was on nights this day. He has the best customer service skills I’ve ever had the pleasure of encountering. The whole night crew work hard and you can see that.”

2.6 Average37 Reviews


Subway 936 N Mountain Ave, Ontario Sandwich Shop • $$
936 N Mountain Ave, Ontario

“Very pleased!Staff was in a good mood and very energetic, perfectly toasted my sandwich even though my order is a little picky, place was clean and the fridge was stocked up well, will be returning.Vegetarian options: I can't do meat so the veggie delite is a great optionParking: Huge parking lot in a nice plaza”

1.9 Poor21 Reviews
Culichi Town 4423 Mills Cir, Ontario Mexican • $$
4423 Mills Cir, Ontario

“The steak was awesome, if not PERFECT! Music, a bit too loud (cutting in/out) and a kinda interruptive. Yet, overall the food and drink kept the place on a very appreciative note...did I mention the steak was friggin perfect!”

2.9 Average119 Reviews
Burnin Mouth Ontario 1 Mills Cir, Ontario Food Court • $$
1 Mills Cir, Ontario

“We have eaten here three times and it's always good. Not sure why they only have 2.5 stars. We've had an array of sandwiches, chicken and waffles, fried, etc. All very good. Everything is made to order so it does take some time but it is well worth it! Looking forward to coming back again.”

2.6 Average85 Reviews
Sam's Club Cafe 951 N Milliken Ave, Ontario Cafe • $$
951 N Milliken Ave, Ontario

“Love this store. I visit once a week. However my one criticism is everytime Monique is working self checkout her attitude is terrible, and has non urgent approach to register technical errors.”

2.3 Poor51 Reviews
Benihana 3760 Inland Empire Blvd, Ontario Japanese • $$
3760 Inland Empire Blvd, Ontario

“Our chef was cool, he was personable and funny. The food was great. I had a really nice experience here. That's about it. Oh yeah they give you ice cream at the end which was a pleasant surprise. Hell yeah.”

2.9 Average899 Reviews
Wingstop 2252 S Euclid Ave A, Ontario Chicken Wings • $$
2252 S Euclid Ave A, Ontario

“I’ve ordered 2x from this place and they always deliver! I think I’ll make this my go-to place because the Montclair and Pomona location have horrible service.”

1.8 Poor45 Reviews

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