21 Best Chinese Restaurants in Burnaby

“It is a family business. Restaurant is not very big but we were lucky to get a table. We enjoyed the homestyle cooking. We ordered the beef noodle soup, pork ball soup, salt and pepper chicken and seasonal vegetables stir fry. All the dishes are very tasty.”

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“The Missus and I hadn't visited Double One since 2020 covid. We shared a combination dinner and a Hot & Sour soup. The food is always consistent and decently priced relative to other restaurants. On this occassion, we found the chow mein and beef & broccoli to be a bit salty. The sweet & sour pork was very good but would have liked the soup a bit more on the spicy side versus sour. We will try again if in the area.”

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“Ordered the House Hot Noodles #7 twice and I absolutely love it!I love spicy foods and I had medium spicy and it’s still tolerable for me (almost too spicy lol). I like the crunchiness of the peanuts combined with the spicy noodles.When you do take outs, ask to separate the noodles and the sauce. They’ll charge for extra container but it’ll be worth it!”

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“I've been to their Richmond location before and absolutely loved my time there! Wanted to check out the Burnaby location and see how the food, service, and atmosphere held up.The interior of the restaurant is definitely more modern compared to their Richmond location. I found the food to be amazing as always. The meat is extremely high-quality and the veggies are always fresh.However, I found the service to be less attentive compared to the Richmond location despite it being pretty busy at both locations.Love the food, but I'll stick with the Richmond location next time!”

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“Came for all-you-eat with my husband. It was only my 2nd time here, and as the first time, it was awesome! The broth is delicious! We just got the classic broth, which was amazing before we even started adding our meats and veggies to it.At the beginning, of both our visits here, the service was mediocre at best at the beginning, but we were lucky to end up with a GREAT SERVER! I don't remember her name, but she took really great care of the two of us. She was super attentive, and so friendly. And my husband and I are new to hot pot, and she was so patient with us and took time to explain all the options and how everything works.The food was great, and worth going back for, but she made our night memorable, and makes me want to go back just to have her serve us again.100% recommend this place!Kid-friendliness: They offer a kids price for all-you-can eat, and it makes it fun for the kids to be able to take part in adding ingredients to the soup broth.Parking: Directly underneath Shoppers, which is underneath the restaurant. Also plenty of street parking free after 8pm.Wheelchair accessibility: Elevator from underground parking directly to front restaurant door. Restaurant is upstairs, so need to use elevator for restaurant access.”

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“Late night ayce was a great deal starting at 9pm. They do last call for alcohol at 12am and food at 12:30am so be mindful of when your reservation is. Service is great, the staff are very kind and attentive to the point where a server came by to replace a fallen chopstick before we had even asked. The only down side for late night was that the premium meats were not discounted which the regular Dolar shop had. Would do this again after a concert or event.For soups, the spicy can be done in normal spice which is spicy enough to get the tingles but not enough to completely overpower the flavour of the food. Would recommend a half and half to dilute it even further.”

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“This is a restaurant that serves more fast food Chinese-style food. They have an area by the cashier where you can select one/two/three items with fried/steamed rice or fried noodles. They have a decent selection for vegetarians and if you want, you can order full-sized dishes from the menu. The portions and prices are reasonable. The ambiance is quite casual and overall a decent place for fast-food western Chinese-style food.”

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“Fun place! Inside decor a lot of thought was put into it.The prices were very reasonable!You can get a half and half pot so if some people in your group aren't good with spicy they can use the non spicy side.I'd definitely recommend coming here with a couple of people and you can all enjoy the food together!For some items the skewers you get only contain 1 piece (ie. Pumpkin, beancurd, etc)Will be coming back!”

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“Menu clearly marks what is gluten free with many options available. I am not celiac but need gluten free for Chinese food. It was so good. Hot and tasty. Would be 5 star except it's take out only. I would love to bring our whole extended family and share plates as we do other places. Will definitely be back when in the city!Parking: Located in a small plaza of about 6 or 7 stores.”

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“Always amazed how many items are on the Myst menu. There are pages to choose from so you'll most definitely find something you like. I was craving grilled meat and decided on the 2 meat/protein + carb combo. It was around ~$25 and I chose pan fried chicken with black pepper sauce (choice of sauce), fried squid, and spaghetti noodles (your choice of carb). It came with a fried egg on top as well. Definitely satisfied the craving. Sauce was a bit rich but had good flavour. Around 8:30pm there was a short wait (5 minutes). Nice friendly service.”

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“Was there for dinner on August 4. Good selection of Cantonese and Szechuan dishes. Good taste and big portions on all the dishes we ordered. The only complaint is the lack of parking in that little strip mall in which all four tenants are eateries. My guests have to park in the Staples parking lot which is about 5 -7 minutes walk away.”

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“MaMa Rich is the hidden gem near Metrotown that you didn't know you needed to try. Serving the Chinese dish from Guangxi "River Snail Noodle" (luosifen/螺螄粉), this slightly pungent but delicious dish is quite unique. The base of the soup is made with escargot and then has actual escargot, meats and other vegetables inside with a dazzle of spice. Protip: you can customize the spice level to your liking! I also recommend the mouthwatering chicken (koushuiji/口水雞) which also has a delicious chilli oil spice. Service wise, this restaurant is pretty small and is more of a no-frills service. There aren't a lot of tables so things shouldn't take too long but the usually aren't to many staff on shift. For the price, I think the value makes sense for a rather uncommon dish. Overall, a great choice if you're in the Metrotown area and want to try something new!”

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“Really interesting tastes and flavours! The fellow who owns the restaurant is really kind and very informative about his food! It is wonderful to be able to try such unique dishes. There is only one small table so I would consider this more a take away place.”

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“This restaurant has long history in the neighborhood. The food is okay. We ordered 3 combos and one extra beef plate. We had a whole table of food and drinks. Good amount of veg and mushrooms coming with each combo. The beef was fresh and well shaved. Our server is very friendly. We had a great meal in a cozy setting.”

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“Very nice and lovely girls serving us. From Monday to Thursday, the promotion price of beef is 1.99$ , recommend. Very happy to have LIUYISHOU in Burnaby. Clean and comfortable environment, topical Chongqing flavor Hot Pot. If you like spicy food, come and try. You’ll never be disappointed.?️?”

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“This noodle place is a hidden gem in the plaza. I have not tried noodles that can be so different from typical noodle houses. Flavored but not overpowering. Tried their cold noodle with chilli sauce, lamb with noodle soup, and stir fried noodle with beef. Have to go there again.The restaurant only takes cash, be prepared before going.”

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“Nearly a decade ago, as a student at SFU, I discovered this gem of a place. It quickly became my top choice for Chinese food. Their lunch specials never disappointed, especially the Mongolian beef — so tender and flavorful. Today, 10 years later, I returned. To my delight, it’s still run by the same wonderful family. The little girl who once served our food is now a tall teenager. While the ambiance might carry a vintage charm, the delectable taste of their food and the heartwarming vibes remain unchanged. I can’t wait to come back!”

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“This is a great spot for Sichuan cuisine. The boiled fish was excellent, and the spicy cold chicken is a must try. The service here is also excellent. The waitress was extremely nice and accommodating and gave some great suggestions for dishes to try. This no-frills restaurant is a must try if you’re in Burnaby”

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“Located in the crystal mall food court by metro town, we decided to give their noodle a try and we kind of liked the taste. Being not too familiar with Malaysian cuisine we didn’t know what to expect but we enjoyed our first time experience though we thought we would have more prawns in their prawn noodle soup. There were only 2.”

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“Really nice neighbourhood gem. We have been going there since they renovated and took over the previous restaurant. The food is consistently good but it can get very busy on the weekends. Reservations are definitely recommended. The menu has classic Cantonese favourites but the chef has brought some modern flair to some traditional dishes as well. If you go for dim sum, the lobster rice is a must-try!”

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“Put some respect on Ipoh's name. It's a holy establishment in the most dilapidated mall... to all those who gave this place 3 stars or less FOH. You come here for one reason and one reason only, to wait 15+ min for the fried kway teow with the creamy-egg gravy. If you ever enjoyed Chinese peaches and cream corn soup then you will enjoy this overly starchy sauced fried noodle. The added pickled jalapeños just takes it over the edge. All the weird texture matched with the wok flame flavour.... makes sense just like when Jay Z did that weird mashup with Linkin Park. Side note, there's always this older Asian couple with 3+ heavy bags of grocery and like 5 take out boxes occupying the handicap table. Say hi to them when you see them. They a hoot.”

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