50 Best Japanese Restaurants in San Diego

Hidden Fish Sushi
4764 Convoy St ste a, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Toro Tartare Uni Ikura
Scallop on the Shell
Yellowtail Handroll
Salmon Hand Roll
Bomb Fresh Fish
Cured Mackerel
Striped Jack
Sake Matinee
Sea Bream

“We absolutely loved our experience here and would come back in a heartbeat. The attention to detail, small group setting, high quality fish, and excellent service blew us away. Such interesting and creative flavor combinations without overshadowing the beauty of the fish itself. I’ve never had an omakase experience quite like this and would definitely recommend you splurge and try it yourself!“

4.6 Superb175 Reviews
Yakitori Taisho Japanese • $$
5185 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Asparagus Wrapped in Bacon
Japanese Smoked Sausage
Chicken Yakitori
Chicken Heart
Pork Neck

“My better half and I came here for a dinner date, and we had a very nice time. Oyster was fresh and large, and the yakitories were quite tasty, too. They had good selection of sakes of which we tried one and enjoyed. The only reason for the 4 stars was for a rather limited yakitory selections. I wish they had more seafood options such as shrimp or clams. Otherwise, my better half and I pigged out ($$$$, lol) and left satisfied. Reservation is pretty much required.“

4.7 Superb119 Reviews
Ichifuji Sushi Sushi
7530 Mesa College Dr B, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Dessert Home Made Houji Tea Panna Cotta
Spanish Mackerel Nigiri
Appetizer Platter
Fried Shrimp Head
Plum Wine Sorbet
Salmon Sashimi
Japanese Sake
Uni Nigiri

“What a great place! Drove by it a couple times before I noticed it, tiny parking lot and ended up parking on the street. There is seating at the sushi bar, as well as on the patio. Loved the food selections! Definitely ate things outside of my comfort zone, but everything was delicious and amazing. Showed up super hungry and left full and satiated. Only complaint was that no one ever asked me if I wanted any water (I got quite thirsty, as the course was a little over 2 hours.)Looking forward to returning for another seasonal menu!“

4.9 Superb99 Reviews
ARTIFACT at Mingei Salad • $
1439 El Prado, San Diego

“The food items were delicious, great selection of interesting dishes. The wine list was impressive (we’ve been to major wine areas all over the planet). However, what we were most impressed with was our server Olivia. She knew the menu items very well - could answer any and all questions that we had. She expressed herself very positively. Rather than ask “are you still working on that?”; she asked “are you still enjoying your meal?” Rather than reply to a thank you with “no problem” or “no worries”; Olivia replied with “my pleasure.” When we go back; we’ll make a point of asking for Olivia!!!“

4.3 Superb360 Reviews
Sushi Ota Sushi • $$$
4529 Mission Bay Dr., San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Sushi and Noodle Soup
Raspberry Pudding
Assorted Tempura
Clam Miso Soup
Salmon Sashimi
Omakase Course
Sushi Combo
Volcano Roll

“It’s the best but my God the prices have really gone up! With everything you know. Still it’s the best! No more outdoor dining though because the city is charging more for outside dining. That’s screwed up in a Covid world. The government wants to Nickle and find everything. SMH“

4.6 Superb209 Reviews
Makai Sushi Sushi Bar • $
3968 Fifth Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Ahi Burrito
Catch of the Day
Seafood Tostadas
Spicy Ahi Roll
Salmon Burrito
California Roll
Veggie Burrito
Godzilla Bowl
Gorilla Bowl
Tuna Nigiri

“Chef Matthew was extremely kind, the food was very fresh and he went above and beyond to accommodate my allergies and medical needs. this is located centrally in Hillcrest not far from both Scripps and UCSD, if you like Hawaiian/Asian Fusion and great service this is the perfect place to stop for a snack before treatment or procedures. It's always good to have something in your stomach before treatmentVegetarian options: Chef Matthew is kind and goes above and beyond to accommodate his customers.Dietary restrictions: Gluten free, vegetarian and allergy friendly. I'm allergic to citrus fruit which is a staple in this cuisine but Chef Matthew went out of his way to provide the best service.“

4.9 Superb151 Reviews


2121 Adams Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Sashimi Course
Mixed Tempura
Omakase Course
Sushi Course
Zuke Tuna

“Came here the other night for dinner.(+) Vibe. Very cute little restaurant with the sushi bar and a few tables along the walls.(+) Service. Pretty on top of things and friendly. There were a few times I think the server didn't notice something and the sushi chef said something in Japanese and she would come over quickly.(+) Food. We got the $150 omakase, and it's a great deal! You get a good amount of kitchen dishes but also a good amount of nigiri. Fish is fresh, had some cool fish types we haven't had before. Sushi chef was super nice and chatted with us a good amount.Would definitely come again.“

4.8 Superb65 Reviews
SHABU-WORKS Hot Pot • $$
9841 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Mongolian and Garlic Miso Tonkotsu
Shabu- Works Home Kit Meals
Gyoza Teriyaki Chicken
Tonkatsu & Spicy Miso
Shrimp Lobster Balls
Fresh Ramen Noodle
Shave Ice Toppings
Angus Beef Belly
Mochi and Fruits
NZ Lamb Shoulder

“Went here with coworkers to celebrate by birthday and it was DELISH! SO much to choose from- not just broths, but veggies, noodles, meats. We were so stuffed by the end we didn't even have room for the show bar! Will def be coming back next opportunity we get. Yum!“

4.8 Superb202 Reviews
Kinme Omakase Japanese
2505 Fifth Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Japanese Mackerel Nigiri
A5 Wagyu Tartar Puff
Baked Corn Hojicha
Smoked Salmon
Uni Nigiri

“I spent my 21st birthday here and I couldn't be happier with my experience! The amount of care and time it took the chefs to prepare our food in front of us was a work of art. My boyfriend and I love Azuki and it's our favorite sushi place in San Diego, so he was so sweet to book a reservation here to surprise me on my birthday. If you didn't know, Kinme is an extension of Azuki and it specializes in Omakase. If you're a fan of Azuki, or if you just love sushi in general, you need to try this place!! We had so much fun and experienced new fish that we have never tried and we were so so full afterwards. My favorites were the wagyu tartar puff pastry and the braised wagyu. The scallop with uni on top also blew me away. The nigiri was outstanding. Every bite had me closing my eyes and I really just didn't want the sushi to stop coming. The service was amazing and everyone was so attentive. I ordered a hot tea and immediately after I finished my pot I was asked if I wanted more hot water. The chefs were very friendly and asked us repeatedly if we enjoyed the previous dish (which we always nodded excitedly). Right when you come in the ambiance is very relaxing and there's more than enough space between you and the people next to you. At the end, they gave us a physical menu of all the dishes they served us, which I thought was a very thoughtful touch and a cute souvenir to remember my 21st birthday dinner. (pictures and menu was from 2/28, which is a towards the end of their winter menu. Their spring menu might be a little different!)“

4.8 Superb93 Reviews
Harmony Cuisine 2B1 Japanese • $$$
3904 Convoy St #117, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Beer Draft and Bottled
Wagyu Empanadas 2pcs
Golden Eye Nigiri
Wagyu Meatballs
Hamachi Nigiri
Salmon Sashimi
Salmon Belly
Seared Wagyu
Tuna Tartare
Sushi Deluxe

“There is no better sushi in San Diego, no exaggeration. We came in here for the first time on a whim, and now are dedicated customers to 2B1. The atmosphere is clean and inviting, the staff is gracious, kind, and professional, and the sushi is genuinely incredible. I've been to many sushi restaurants in my life and this is definitely the best in San Diego.“

4.8 Superb161 Reviews
Sushi Tadokoro Sushi
2244 San Diego Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Deep Fried Shrimp Head
Assorted Sashimi
Spicy Yellowtail
Mochi Ice Cream
Omakase Course
Hot Green Tea
Fresh Sashimi
House Hot Sake
Clear Soup
San Diego

“Went for lunch and got the omakase, it was incredible. Expensive, but the unbelievable food and unique experience justifies the price for a special occasion. Every bite of fish was unique, fresh, and tasty. Shrimp and scallop sashimi were out of this world, same goes for the marinated tuna. Even dessert was delicious. No wonder dinner reservations are so hard to get!“

4.5 Superb94 Reviews
Carmel Sushi Korean • $$
11130 E Ocean Air Dr, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Veggie Tempura Appetizer
Korean Soft Tofu Combo
Modern Sashimi Salad
Super Dragon Roll
Rock N Roll Roll
Dolsot Bibimbap
Spicy Tuna Roll
Nabe Udon Soup
Garlic Edamame
Avocado Roll

“Service was amazing. Very nice workers. Ordered a yakisoba plate which was a great choice. The beef was very tender and the portion was HUGE. Also was recommended the chirashi sushi bowl. The fish did not disappoint. Honestly felt like I was back in Japan. Highly recommend this place! You will not regret.“

4.8 Superb135 Reviews
Tenkatori Miramar Chicken • $
6780 Miramar Rd #104, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Mash Potatoes and Cabbage Salad
Fried Boneless Chicken Thigh
Chicken Boneless Thigh
Chips with Wasabi Mayo
Fried Chicken
Karaage Fries
Karaage Bowl
Karaage Don
Yuzu Aioli
Spicy Mayo

“I had the most amazing kimchi fried rice here today. The portion was super generous for the price of $12, and their chicken was so flavorful. I was able to have this dish for about two rounds of leftovers too! The staff at the front were quite warm and the food was made in about 10-15 minutes. The vibe inside is really cute, too. They have hanging plants all throughout, and they have lots of sunlight inside. Can't wait to try something else next time.“

4.6 Superb108 Reviews
The Village SD Vegan • $
2611 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Mole Enchiladas De Mole
The Village Sushi Roll
Strawberry Cheesecake
Karne Asada Fries
Vegan Cheesecake
The Village Roll
Tacos Al Pastor
Spicy Tuna Roll
Eggs Benedict
Chile Relleno

“⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ What an amazing place! Food & service were beyond great! We do not have special diets vegan, SF, GF). We just stopped in because it was a place on the way home. We knew nothing going in and came out huge fans! So much flavor & amazing staff! We'll be back for sure!!!“

4.6 Superb260 Reviews
Tabu Shabu North Park Japanese • $$
3647 30th St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Tonkotsu Broth with Veggies and Beef Belly
Gorgeous Hot Pot
Spicy Miso

“Good service is hard to find and excellent service is impossible, however the staff at Tabu Shabu delivered excellent service this evening. We were a group of 3. It was 20 min to closing and they welcomed us with a smile. The food was excellent. The flavors were on point. This was a 10 star out of 5. Great service is a lost art. This place is a gem. The staff understands the importance of creating a memorable dining experience.“

4.7 Superb67 Reviews
Ken Sushi Workshop Japanese
11375 El Camino Real #120, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Chef's Special Roll Work Shop Roll
Oysters on the Half Shell 1 2 Dozen
Ken Sushi Workshop Sashimi Plate
Lunch Sushi Combination
Amberjack Tiradito
Uni & Salmon Egg
Salmon Belly
Rainbow Roll
Crispy Rice

“This is amazing. The sushi is so fresh. Not even a hint of fishiness in any of the sushi. All you taste is the delicious fish. No weird after taste or anything like that. They have amazing specialty rolls. They've got truffles they've got smoker. They will blow your mind. I highly recommend people check this place.“

4.6 Superb75 Reviews
Uncle Tetsu Bakery • $
4609 Convoy St Suite D, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Original Cheese Tart
Strawberry Cheesecake
Oreo Cheesecake
Ube Cheesecake
Cheese Tarts

“We tried the original flavor of Uncle Tetsu cheesecake and honestly will need to return to try the rest of the flavors! Each bite melts in your mouth it’s the type of slice you’ll want to enjoy every single bite! Will definitely be returning ?. Parking can be tricky but plenty of street parking for sure. Service was above and beyond!“

4.5 Superb100 Reviews
Mitsuwa Marketplace - San Diego Japanese • $
4240 Kearny Mesa Rd, San Diego

“Love the variety in this small but big store. Service is always friendly. This is more of a note to myself for future reference than anything. Sushi: super fresh, obsessed Udon: prepackaged/refrigerated/frozen, yum Chicken meatballs: pass, ate cold and heated and neither was it Premade sandwiches: pass, semi expensive for what it is and then it was also pretty flavorless so not worth the convenience Premade rice triangles: ok but pass Pickled vegetables: yes, yum Premade curry: yum in a pinch and if already there but CoCo's reigns supreme Parking is available but wild“

4.5 Superb100 Reviews
Hakumaru Japanese • $$
16625 Dove Canyon Rd # 108, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Salmon Sashimi

“My husband and I decided to try this place on a whim since we were in the area. While it is a little on the pricey side, the food is completely worth it. They have the best spicy tuna I have ever had. It wasn't about nuking your taste buds, but a pleasant warmth that enhanced the taste of the tuna. Definitely order the Luna Lemon! We will have to come back because we saw the table next to us order some takoyaki and it looked amazing. I do recommend making reservations for weekend dinner, it was busy there!“

4.8 Superb77 Reviews
Kumi Cafe Japanese • $
4380 Kearny Mesa Rd # 300, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Teriyaki Spring Rolls
Albacore Special
Salmon Teriyaki
Chicken Katsu
Gyoza 6pcs
Miso Soup

“My husband and I rarely go to sushi. Besides our favorite place back home because it’s usually such a disappointment. We decided to give this a try and I’m so glad that we did! Stephanie was phenomenal! ? The atmosphere was great and all of the food was delicious. We got a Bento box and two rolls and will definitely be back!“

4.4 Superb134 Reviews
Hatsuzakura Japanese • $$
2123 Adams Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Tuna Mayo and Salted Plum Onigiri
Kakigori Japanese Shaved Ice
Ichigo Strawberry Daifuku
Chicken Karaage
Salmon Onigiri
Melon Soda

“This place is super cute and has amazing, authentic Japanese food! I had the Doria and Onigiri and was super excited because I haven't had Doria since I was in Japan and this was perfect. Everyone in the restaurant was very nice as well!“

4.5 Superb84 Reviews
Kokoro Restaurant Japanese • $$
3298 Greyling Dr, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Chirashi Bowl Assorted Sashimi over Sushi Rice
Housemade Panna Cotta
Omakase Course
Sea Urchin
Miso Soup
Omakase 5

“We became a big fan of Kokoro and the chef. We had Sushi Omakase. My husband and I are from Japan, but this place had the best and most authentic sushi we've found anywhere in Japan or the U.S. I chose it for my husband's birthday, and it was a hit including the atmosphere and portion! We've since recommended it to some friends, and they've all been fans as well. We will definitely be going back soon!“

4.6 Superb62 Reviews
Temakeria San Diego Japanese • $
1954 Balboa Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Deep Fried Salmon Temaki
Build Your Own Poke Bowl
Salmon and Shrimp Temaki
Grilled Salmon

“The temaki is amazing .., so taste! I had salmon and shimeji with cream cheese. They added a lot of fish on top and inside. Also the deep fried temaki.The combo came with two appetizers and drink as well.5 stars for sure! I will definitely come back. Thank youuuu Andre!“

4.7 Superb89 Reviews
Tora Tora Sushi Japanese • $
8155 Mira Mesa Blvd #3, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Salmon Belly Truffle Top Mango Habanero Bottom
Citron Yellowtail Roll
Water Dispenser

“My new favorite local sushi spot! Great selection of rolls and great quality for the price! They also have combo options. I've enjoyed everything I've gotten so far. My favorite is the Lemon Cilantro roll. Gotta support my local small businesses!“

4.4 Superb119 Reviews


CinKuni Asian Fusion • $$
3025 El Cajon Blvd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Statue of David
Matcha Tiramisu
House Sashimi
Fried Calamari
Mixed Tempura
Dragon Roll

“I recommend!! Definitely a hidden gem! ?The food and service were great! Our server Sam was very attentive and kind.We got the Gnocchi Urbino which is gnocchi with white sauce, sausage, mushroom in a thick bread bowl. It was delicious and flavorful !! Rosemary was a nice touch. Perfect for sharing ?We also got the wings for happy hour and they were soooo yummy!Love the concept and unique combinations :)“

4.4 Superb119 Reviews
Kyoto Sushi Sushi Bar • $$
3166 Midway Dr #108, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Sushi Combination
Philadelphia Roll
Teriyaki Chicken
Garlic Edamame
Crunchy Roll
Rainbow Roll
Salmon Roll
Dragon Roll
Miso Soup

“My gf and I have been here too many times to count. I love their tempura and fresh quality of their fish. Whether you decide to dine in or take out this is the only sushi place I recommend to anyone in San Diego. Great value and consistently high quality. Not to mention a family owned business, Mike and Maria are the best!“

4.7 Superb80 Reviews
CoCo Ichibanya SAN DIEGO Japanese • $
4428 Convoy St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Pork Cutlet Curry with Vegetables
Chicken Cutlet & Cheese Curry
Spicy Teriyaki Fried Chicken
Keema Cheese French Fries
Chicken Katsu Curry
Fried Chicken Curry
Garlic Cheese Naan
Extra Curry Sauce
Squid Curry Rice
Nan with Cheese

“Almost as good as I remember it in Tokyo! The wait was about 35 minutes for a Sunday evening. Once we got in, the service was quick. I love that they have a call button at each seat so when you're ready to order or ready for the bill, the staff is right there to help.“

4.3 Superb189 Reviews


Ju-ichi Japanese • $$
7905 Engineer Rd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Hastag Roll w Wagyu Steak
Warm Mushroom Salad
Yellow Tail Crudo
Dirty Croquettes
California Roll
A5 Waygu Sushi
Steak Tartare
Wagyu Tartar
Widget Roll
Bone Marrow

“Food is excellent here. It's a feast for your eyes as well as your stomach. The yellowtail Crudo is one of my favorites. Chef Nghi and his staff are top tier. One of the best sushi restaurants in San Diego. You won't be disappointed.“

4.6 Superb104 Reviews
Little Sakana All You Can Eat Sushi Sushi • $$
8270 Mira Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

All You Can Eat Sushi
Garlic Edamame Sauce
Spicy Tuna Hand Roll
Yellowtail Jalapeno
Salmon Sashimi Salad
Baked Green Mussel
Beef Gyoza Fried
Spicy Yellowtail
Spicy Tuna Roll
Deep Fried Cali

“First time there and it was packed. Didn’t have to wait as long as they told us and once seated, we were greeted by our service who was absolutely awesome. She asked if it was our first time and it was, so she gave us the run down and some recommendations. Annie was probably one of the best servers we have had dining out in a long time! I hope they know what a great employee they have with her. Food was amazing and we will be back.“

4.6 Superb104 Reviews
Buta Japanese Ramen Japanese • $
5201 Linda Vista Rd ste.103, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

House Special Ramen from Buta Ramen
Old School Ramen and Seaweed Salad
Garlic Chicken Karaage
Tahini Old School Ramen
Golden Curry Ramen
Crazy Garlic Ramen
Avocado Tempura
Soul You Ramen
Spicy Red Buta
Vegan Ramen

“Covid-19 take out can be a hit or miss with food tasting like it's container. This place did not disappoint. I ordered the Vegan Ramen for a late lunch. Inside the restaurant is following proper protocol and is very clean. I have always ordered Vegan Ramen anywhere I visit outside of California, and have ordered all over San Diego. This by far is the BEST Vegan Ramen out there. The coconut milk, chili and miso broth is well balanced and buttery, the noodles and added ingredients are well proportioned, the tofu is not at all mushy or greasy..The noodles are fresh and delicious. for a couple dollars more you can add more noodles.. Definitely a stop for some comfort food!“

4.6 Superb102 Reviews
BESHOCK Ramen East Village Japanese • $$
1288 Market St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Black Garlic Oil Ramen
Koji Chicken Karaage
Yellowtail Carpaccio
Spicy Miso Ramen
Garlic Edamame
Beef Rib Ramen
California Roll
Pork Belly Bun
Beshock Ramen
Tan Tan Ramen

“BESHOCK Ramen East Village is a hidden gem for ramen enthusiasts! The moment you step in, the cozy ambiance and welcoming staff make you feel right at home. The menu features a tantalizing selection of authentic ramen dishes, each bursting with rich flavors and made with fresh, high-quality ingredients.“

4.5 Superb137 Reviews
Azuki Sushi Lounge Sushi • $$$
2321 Fifth Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Top by the Border Bottom Kobe Roll
Buta & Nira Steamed Dumplings
Salt & Pepper Karaage
Wagyu Surf & Turf Roll
Omakase Chirashi
Ikura Salmon Roe
Omakase Platter
R U Kidding Me
Uni Sea Urchin
Wagyu Sashimi

“The service is always top notch. Discovered this place about a little over a year ago and this place never disappoints. By far the freshest sushi I've ever had! Keep up all the great work in 2023. Compliments to the Chef Kevin and the amazing hospitality by the staff and the GM - Dennis. Below are some pics of the NYE menu items I ordered. The decor /lighting allows for both intimate moments along with inviting for group celebrations. They have three seating areas: the top floor, main floor / sushi bar, and outside patio (with pleanty of heaters). *This restaurant is the place to be so I strongly encourage you try to snag a reservation.“

4.5 Superb123 Reviews
Little Sakana Sushi Bar Sushi • $$
780 Dennery Rd STE 304, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Salmon Belly and Yellowtail Belly
Salmon Belly Nigiri
Baked Green Mussel
Lotus Flower Roll
High Roller Roll
Deep Fried Cali
California Roll
Shrimp Tempura
Cucumber Salad
Fried Takoyaki

“First time there and it was packed. Didn’t have to wait as long as they told us and once seated, we were greeted by our service who was absolutely awesome. She asked if it was our first time and it was, so she gave us the run down and some recommendations. Annie was probably one of the best servers we have had dining out in a long time! I hope they know what a great employee they have with her. Food was amazing and we will be back.“

4.5 Superb118 Reviews
Sushi Deli 1 Sushi • $
228 W Washington St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Shrimp Tempura 5 pcs
Philadelphia Roll
Jalapeno Poppers
Vegetarian Sushi
Hot Wings 6 pcs
San Diego Roll
Las Vegas Roll
Sushi Platter
Fried Calamari
Rainbow Roll

“I have been to this specific restaurant once before at this location. Area is busy, parking is hard to find. I went on a Friday at around 3ish. Dining area was not full. I was seated right away. Order taken within rhe first 3 minutes of sitting down. Waitress had great attitude and checked on me regularly. Had a great time , happy, satisfied with the plate of rhe month, enough food. Same great flavor. The best miso soup in SD.“

4.5 Superb111 Reviews
Taka Restaurant Japanese • $$$
555 Fifth Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Tuna Roll Shrimp Tempura Roll
Yellowtail Kama Shioyaki
Amaebi Sweet Shrimp
Spicy Tuna Tar Tar
Rainbow Roll 8pc
Sushi and Sashimi
Spicy Tuna Tartar
Toro Tuna Belly
California Roll
Omakase Nigiri

“If you come to SD, you must try. This place is the real deal. As a self declared foodie who has travelled the world looking for the best eats, I fully endorse Taka. Sat at the sushi bar and had a great experience! They even have a bottle of Habushi from Okinawa behind the counter. You must ask them to show you! Pretty cool!“

4.6 Superb69 Reviews
Thai Island Thai • $
1134 7th Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Drunken Noodles with Chicken
Drunken Noodles Lunch Special
Spring Rolls and Dumplings
Chicken Drunken Noodles
Spicy Basil Seafood
Spicy Crispy Chicken
Spicy Fried Rice
Teriyaki Chicken
Shrimp Pad Thai
Pad Thai Shrimp

“This is my new favorite Thai restaurant in the USA. The photos is what was left of my pad see ew after eating my fill. Portions are enormous for very reasonable prices. Friendly small intimate with incredible food. I got Pad Thia to go a different night and I swear the portion was even bigger. I eat for 3 meals.Wheelchair accessibility: 1st floor roll in and out off the sidewalk.“

4.6 Superb69 Reviews
Hane Sushi Sushi Bar • $$$
2760 Fifth Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Rainbow Roll
Miso Soup

“Came here on a weekday for lunch and sat at the sushi bar. Hane Sushi closes at 2pm, but reopens later for dinner. It wasn't too busy when I walked in around 12:30pm, but they had a solid amount of tables about an hour later. Service did not appear to falter just because it was close to closing... it actually got even more attentive, but not in a pushy "we're about to close" way. Staff here is super nice and I can tell that the chefs are happy to chat with customers to find out what they like. I got the crunchy salmon roll ($24--the menu posted on their website says $19, but that's very outdated) and the special ceviche roll ($27). Based on past reviews and pics on Google, the ceviche roll has been available for several years now (and should probably be on the regular menu), but maybe they switch up the fish here and there? Mine had spicy tuna/avocado inside and was topped with seared yellowtail, cilantro and jalapeño.The fish was verrrrry fresh and of great quality. The location and ambiance is also nice, but nothing special. I will say though, that the entire place was super clean, even the bathrooms.I think that Hane's prices are a little higher than they should be, but I feel like that's most places in SD. The fact it cost me about $50 for two special rolls during lunch is the reason why I won't be back again anytime soon. I There are other places in the area that offer quality sushi with lunch specials, or just more reasonable pricing generally. I'd still recommend Hane Sushi to others based on the quality and good experience, but this place is better suited as a date night rather than a stop for lunch.“

4.4 Superb64 Reviews
Hitokuchi Japanese
4764 Convoy St suite b, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Hitokuchi Soy Sichuan Pork Belly Rice Bowl
Hitokuchi Tofu Somen Salad
Bluefin Tuna Poke Toast
King Crab & Uni Toast
Creamy Lobster Basil
Hitokuchi Kampachi
Ahi Toast

“One of the best in SD/convoy. Chef John owns both hidden fish omakase and this elevated Japanese izakaya and it hits the spot. You can order a la carte here and also get alcohol. They have everything seafood from scallops to pork belly rice bowl!!! The atmosphere is super calming and professional. The servers were very attentive and seemed like they knew what I needed at all times. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants a fancy date night or with friends who want an ELEVATED IZAKAYA experience and for those who have good taste. 10/10 would come back again, & I heard they have a chef's course menu coming up so keep your eyes peeled!“

4.4 Superb64 Reviews
moment sushi Japanese • $$$
9254 Scranton Rd Ste 101, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Choice of 5 Hand Roles
Ohishi Sushi Delight
Sushi Lunch Special
Shrimp Tempura W
Hand Roll Combo
Uni Hand Rolls
Lunch Sashimi
Sashimi Set
Salmon Oshi
Miso Soup

“Warmly greeted. Seated in a comfortable location in this cozy nicely decorated restaurant. Attentive service. Everything we ordered except for the BBQ beef entree (ok, not great) was really excellent. Our favorite was the salmon avocado roll; it had the perfect proportions and taste. Would eat here again without hesitation but focus on hand rolls, maki and appetizers.“

4.5 Superb107 Reviews
Domo Kitchen Chinese • $
9353 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Domo Kitchen's Dragon Roll & Societe Brewing's Hop Tooth Dipa
Orange Chicken with White Rice
Chicken Wings Appetizer
Cream Cheese Wonton 6
California Cut Rolls
Chicken Fried Rice
Spicy Rainbow Roll
Lo Mein Noodles
Mongolian Beef
House Lo Mein

“I cannot say enough about Domo Kitchen. The food has been great and the service is always good. The Won Ton soup on a cold night is just the right thing.Parking: There's just so much going on in the mall that parking can be a challenge some times.“

4.6 Superb65 Reviews
Oi Asian Fusion Asian Fusion • $
1985 National Ave #1133, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken Adobo Bowl
Pork Belly Umami Gravy
Karage and Rice Bowl
Tapsilog Bowl
Karaage Bowl
Jicama Tacos
Garlic Rice
Pork Adobo
Oi Burger
Pork Bun

“The customer service and the food are excellent. Service was prompt, friendly and efficient. Our 1st time here, we ordered the adobo bowl with garlic rice plus delicious gravy and crawfish bowl with garlic rice plus lumpia. Everything prepared fresh with quality ingredients. Loads of fresh, well seasoned crawfish topped our bowl. Plenty of indoor and outdoor seating available. Reasonable prices. Must try spot! You won't be disappointed.“

4.6 Superb64 Reviews
Chef JUN Sushi • $$
4033 Avati Dr, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Hokkaido Scallop Zensai
Edamame and Miso Soup
Lunch Sashimi
Tuna Tataki
Rainbow Roll
Spicy Tuna
Avati Roll
Salmon Oshi
Poke Bowl

“My friend and I always get sushi together and we decided to try Chef JUN next. This place didn’t disappoint! We got the chefs choice sushi, the dragon roll, and the salmon Oshi. Since we were splitting all fourteen pieces of sushi on the chefs choice platter, we asked them to cut each piece in two for us. All were DELICIOUS. Great quality fish with fantastic taste and flavor. The salmon oshi is a must try. I can’t even begin explaining this delectable dish. Could not recommend more! Our waitress Elena was fantastic as well. Overall great experience! And there is parking :)“

4.5 Superb99 Reviews
Full Moon SD Sushi • $$$
926 Fifth Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Yellowtail Jalapeño & Third Quarter Roll
Spicy Tuna Crispy Rice
Waxing Gibbous Roll
Sushi Restaurant
Mochi Ice Cream
Shishito Peppers
Assorted Tempura
Albacore Tataki
Full Moon Roll
Shrimp Tempura

“Okay so I found this place here on Yelp in search for a really good sushi restaurant and I believe I found what I was looking for! The ambiance is hip, modern and welcoming! The service is outstanding! From the minute we're were seated our server was extremely friendly and excited for us to try the sushi dishes! He gave us very good recommendations! We ordered the live uni and it was amazing! We continued with their spicy garlic edamame, spicy yellowtail roll, and half moon roll and all were impressively fresh! We are definitely returning to this place for good sushi!“

4.5 Superb98 Reviews


Tanuki Sushi Bar • $$$
4191 Adams Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Maguro Jalapeno Roll
Salmon Carpaccio
Tanuki Roll
Sushi Rolls
Miso Soup

“Small neighborhood sushi spot with great sushi and sake! The sake specials are something to definitely take advantage of! Unfortunately the bang bang corn was not in season during my most recent visit, but we’ll be back in no time. It would be best to call for a reservation, as they do get busy.Parking: Parking sports in front of restaurant and neighborhood parking.“

4.4 Superb56 Reviews
Shabu Shabu house Japanese • $$
4646 Convoy St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Garlic Edamame
Spicy Miso
Hot Pot

“Delicious and artful shabu shabu for a great price. I loved the sukiyaki and shoyu broths and the great dipping sauce combinations. Read the instructions on the menu for some help! The egg is pasteurized so you can crack it in the bowl and use it as a dipping sauce for your hot meat bites. The yolk is the best part .The server is very skilled but he serves many people at once so he can be a bit short but he is kind. I left my ring in the bathroom and he saved it for me so I could pick it up the next day ☺️. Don't take it personally. The shabu shabu and experience is well worth it.“

4.4 Superb52 Reviews
Temari-zushi Japanese • $$
3555 Rosecrans St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Combo Hand Roll
Chicken Karaage
California Roll
Temari Sushi
Nigiri Sushi
Rainbow Roll
Sushi Rolls
Sushi Combo
Sky Dragon
Dragon Roll

“This place received us with open arms at a very late time close to closing time. They had the best service, the best food and the bathroom was incredibly clean which I love at a restaurant. Please consider coming to this place really amazing food amazing service 10 out of 10 will recommend.“

4.5 Superb80 Reviews


Matoi Sushi
4212 Convoy St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Miso Marinated Chilean Sea Bass
Omakase Nigiri Course
Green Tea Ice Cream
Sashimi Combination
Sake Pairing
Egg Custard

“A delicious omakase in San Diego! Shoutout to our cousin for taking us here!We had a reservation at 7:30PM for a Saturday evening meal. I believe we were sat on time and we got right into drinks and the course. Staff was friendly checking in on us and Chef TJ was fun, positive, and created a great omakase environment!I won't go into too much detail of each fish (as the menu can change with each service), but for the value, I thought it was an amazing meal!Parking is relatively easy to find in the plaza.I'm headed back to San Diego next week...so I'm going to have Matoi again :D twice in 2-3 weeks is my kind of vibe!“

4.5 Superb79 Reviews
RK Sushi Japanese • $$
334 W Washington St, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Caterpillar Roll
Spicy Tuna Roll
Garlic Edamame
Rainbow Roll
Play Boy Roll
Spider Roll
Miso Soup
Eel Roll

“RK Sushi has consistently been my go-to sushi spot, and once again, it did not disappoint. I've been here multiple times, and each time I'm met with outstanding food and excellent service. Last night, I took a first date, and RK Sushi came through with flying colors. We started with edamame and the crispy rice appetizer, followed by the mission roll and the spicy albacore. The flavors were exceptional, and everything was fresh. To complement the meal, we had the nigori and a Kirin. The service was attentive without being intrusive, adding to the overall experience. I highly recommend this restaurant to anyone looking for delicious sushi and a great atmosphere.“

4.5 Superb78 Reviews


DAO Fu Vietnamese • $
3332 Adams Ave, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Complimentary Green Tea Ice Cream
Complimentary Ice Cream Dessert
Homemade Tofu Raspberry Salad
House Curry Chicken
Complimentary Salad
House Chicken Curry
Shrimp Spring Rolls
Mango Chicken
Tofu Appetizer
Vegetarian Pho

“Food was great, the Thai tea was cheap and very fresh, came with free salad and ice cream, and the ambiance was also very pleasing. But most of all the service and quality of food was outstanding. Would recommend this top tier restaurant to people looking for a good asian fusion dining experience.Dietary restrictions: I got a drunken noodle platter but realized that it had nuts, which I am allergic to. They exchanged the plate without hesitation or charge, and they were nice about it too. Great service.“

4.6 Superb52 Reviews
Sipz Clairemont Vegetarian • $
5501 Clairemont Mesa Blvd, San Diego

Customers` Favorites

Drunken Noodles with Vegan Beef and Veggies
General Tsao Double Delight
Caterpillar Roll Vegan
Sipz's Oriental Salad
Vegan Chocolate Cake
Orange Chicken Bowl
Thai Coconut Curry
Veggie Pad Thai
Salt and Pepper
Thai Curry

“Best vegetarian Chinese food I've had! Really good fake meat, the flavors are spot on, and the portions are really large. It's nice that steamed rice comes with your meal. Highlights are the shrimp, Kung pao chicken, sweet and sour chicken, and the chow mein. Everything was so good, and we couldn't finish it all. Order at the counter and food comes out quickly. Inside is very casual, nothing special, but plenty of seating.“

4.5 Superb76 Reviews