121 Best Bars in Washington

“Took my mother here on her 1st visit to DC. The online booking service was easy and table was ready bang-on 7pm. Service was excellent with very good recommendations for dishes, drinks etc. The waiter knew the menu so could give advice on entrees, desserts etc. Food was delicious. Price was high but worth the experience of eating at this establishment.”

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“Went here for spontaneous date night. We chose to go with the Restaurant Week menu. The appetizers were delectable! Raviolis for moi and Waygu tartare for him. Followed up by even more delicious entrees. Short ribs and then the brioche halibut. The brioche halibut changed my life, y'all!!! It's crunchy, sweet, and the fish is tasty tasty!!! A killer combo. My boo and I were disappointed by the desserts. We concurred that both of our desserts tasted like Bath & Body Works in edible form. This did not really take away from our excellent experience. Between the attentive, speedy, and lovely staff and the quaint and historic ambiance...we enjoyed ourselves 100%.”

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“Busboys and Poets is a culinary gem that left me speechless! Their Pork Vegan Rolls and Fried Cauliflower were absolutely phenomenal. The rolls were a perfect balance of savory vegan pork wrapped in a crispy pastry, while the cauliflower was crispy on the outside and tender inside. An outstanding experience all around!”

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“Went to celebrate my boyfriends birthday here and it was perfect. If you're not a drinker i wouldn't go all they serve us water and drinks. The food was amazing and for the setting and amazing service the food was reasonably priced. They even do free desert and shots for birthday, and anniversaries. This place was perfect definitely would come back again”

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“I LOVED it here! Went with 4 friends for a couple drinks and the vibes were so cool! Inside, there's a ton of framed art and seating both down and upstairs plus the dance floor. Music was loud enough that you could have fun but not so loud you couldn't hold a conversation. They have 4 single stalled bathrooms, all gender neutral which I loved! And their outside seating is huge. We sat outside and enjoyed the quiet and the pretty rainbow string lights under the tent.I got 2 ciders and they were delicious. I don't drink very much, partly because I don't like the taste of most alcoholic drinks, but when I told the bartender what I normally like, she gave me the perfect rec.I loved my drink. All my friends did and we all got different things so we were able to try a decent part of their selection. One of my friends got a frozen marg and it was strong and really good! You can open a tab or just pay for one drink and a 20% tip is included, and the bartender told me upfront that was the case. I never mind when places include tips, but its always frustrating to me when I feel like they're doing it covertly to get another tip on top but she was just like "this includes tip already" and it prompted me to tip more but it wasn't weird to click no tip! A small thing I appreciated.My only con is that it's like, in a weird location. There's nothing around and it's a 10 min walk from the Rhode Island metro. I liked that this meant it was quiet, though. Feels like a DC secret, only the cool people know about haha. Highly recommend this place. I hear they have dyke nights and trivia nights, so I'm excited to return for one of those!!!”

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“Cute theatre with great movie selections! The bar downstairs is super adorable and makes tasty cocktails. Would recommend as a date spot! Looking forward to checking out more movies here! I do wonder if they take movie recommendations at any point.”

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“Great food, lots of veg options, very flavorful and affordable! Highly recommend the missir wot and shiro wot. The injera is so soft. We got the family vegetarian combo with an additional order of missir wot and it was a good amount of food for 4 people. If you like spice, ask for the Mitamita powder on the side!”

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“I wish my memory was better because the bartender here was fantastic, she was truly an expert at her craft, great recommendations and very friendly. The food and drinks were fantastic, high end and a touch pricey (appetizers, lunch for two and 6 drinks ended up being about $400) but it felt worth it as we really enjoyed the afternoon there. The creative cocktails really were fun to try (the photo is of a mushroom cocktail, crazy right) and it made it interesting and different.”

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“I loved the vegan ramen option. Usually that means bland broth but the broth was rich and very flavorful. The eggless noodles were chewy and wonderful. Very satisfying dish! Also had the ceviche with purple Japanese sweet potatoes. Yum! Server was very nice.”

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“We had such a wonderful brunch at The Pembroke. We were running ten minutes late, I texted the hostess thru the app and she immediately replied letting us know our reservation was still good despite our delay. We were seated right away. The lady who sat us was very sweet and made sure we were comfortable where we sat. Our waiter was outstanding and they even remember to bring out a lemon tarte dessert with a candle for my boyfriend's early birthday celebration. This was just such a great experience and we will definitely be back again!! :)”

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“Enjoyed playing games. Food was a step above what I'd expect for a bar where I'd go to play games. Staff were all very friendly. I usually add remarks about accessibility. I didn't see any way for someone in a wheelchair to get into this place. If you need such access, call them and ask. As for other issues, more lighting in the otherwise clean bathroom would be nice.”

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“The perfect neighborhood haunt. The food is better than it has any right to be. The drinks are *chef’s kiss*. And the people. Let me tell you that the people form a company that any bar would envy.I almost don’t even want to tell you google hacks about this place. But I will. Because I support the business. Enjoy MFers.”

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“Exceptional food and staff make this a place worthy of 5 stars. Our Server was very helpful and knowledgeable regarding the menu selections. The escargot was exceptional, and our entrees were outstanding. Very reasonably priced; I would rate it as one of the finest restaurants in the city. We will definitely be back. Convival has our highest recommendation.”

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“I love Red Derby for a night when I'm looking to have a few beers and catch up with friends. Their all-day lucky pick beer is a great deal - $3.50 for a surprise beer, which in my experience leads to getting a good variety of different kinds of beer. I went the other night and got a Narragansett and a Tecati, and before I've received Miller Lites, Budweiser, and even IPAs before. The service is quick, and you can either order at the bar or when the server comes to your table. The downstairs is pretty grungy but I love sitting on the rooftop, which has a great ambiance with colorful string lights. Definitely recommend for a cheap drinking night!”

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“Giving this place a 5/5 because it's been so good everytime we've been in person. Just ordered to go on UberEATS though and if that's the first time I tried their food, maybe 3.5/5. Go to this place in person, it's really a great restaurant and great food. (Maybe turn your music down though? Hah)”

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“The food here is so good, I had the gnocchi with ribeye and it was on of the best gnocchi I ever had. The service was amazing, the staff were very attentive to every detail, and the location is very pretty if you wanna get that insta pic. You will definitely not regret eating here!”

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“Cute, dim spot - very busy and noisy. Go early to get a decent seat. The hostess was kind enough to let me sit at a reserved table until the party arrived.Deviled Eggs - bland. No ma'am. Gran Tapete - citrusy, mezcaly and refreshing w/ a kick Tyme shrub. Delicious. Coco Went Bananas - chocolatey with banana notes. Creamy, I like it.”

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“Visited last weekend as our daughter is doing an internship in DC. It was close to our Airbnb and just wanted to stop for drinks. Next think we knew we were having the best time with both the fellow customers and bartenders. Good folks. Also had some great drinks. We only ate the fried pickles were typical, but fine.”

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“I had a great brunch this weekend. The red snapper and grits were divine. The grits were creamy and flavorful and the fish was fried superbly. I had enough for leftovers. Brian our server was down to earth and funny. There's parking on the street and metered parking in the front. Free on Sundays. I'd suggest making reservations as the inside seating area is not large but the atmosphere is very pleasant. I look forward to returning.”

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“Honestly by far the best bar in DC! Tiny hole in the wall place with great deals, fresh popcorn and a pup named Astro! We asked the locals where to go for good beers and they pointed us to here and every DC trip will now consist of a stop here! Service was amazing and the added bonus of seeing Astro the lab made our day!”

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“We ordered spaghetti with sausage and a vegan burger. Both were delicious and the wine I ordered, Pinot Noir, was light-bodied and good. The prices were very reasonable. The waiter was courteous. The outdoor seating was the way wanted. Overall, a good eating experience. Will go there again!”

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“The food was so delicious, and we were starving so I only took a picture of my cider that I enjoyed too. Definitely order the baked chickpea and feta dip to start and any pizza because the crust makes every type with your favorite toppings dynamite. I would love to come back any time I visit the area again. The only downside was when we first arrived there was a large group and the volume was pretty hard to conversate while dining in. It would be great to sit outside on a nice night right when the sun is setting.”

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“such a cute coffee shop! it looks small from the outside but is very large on the inside and has a huge outdoor patio in the back as well as seating upstairs. there is wi-fi and more than enough places to sit to do work. they have a great coffee selection, delicious looking pastries, beer/cider, and sandwiches. i ordered the lavender mint latte, as i was curious about that flavor combo. it was fantastic! very well balanced, the mint really added to the lavender flavor so it wasn't too floral or soap-like. it was also really affordable, it was around $5 which for a speciality latte in the city is a fantastic price! the service was also LOVELY. we chatted with the sweetest barista and everyone we ordered from was super helpful and so kind. we sat out back, which is this large lot with lots of picnic tables. really fun spot to go with friends or to WFH!”

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“Great service and food, per usual. I asked for us to be moved from our table in the center row, as the table to our east was very loud. We were quickly accommodated, which I greatly appreciated. I had the chicken, which is always excellent. My friend had the steak frites, which she loved. Very big compliment for her to like the steak frites, and she lives in Paris, and is married to a native Parisian.”

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“I wasn't expecting haut cuisine during restaurant week. But, the menu was very varied. I chose a glass of Chef Geoff chardonnay rather than an appetizer - very smooth. Certainly worth having again. I chose the scallops and broccolini for my main course. Excellent and excellent. Decadent dessert of Chocolate and ice cream. All in all a lovely experience.”

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“We had a great time. Nice space, food and drinks easy to access, and just the right amount of time. The nachos took me back to 90s movie theater dates in junior high (in a good way). Rae (not sure spelling) was our instructor and she was fantastic. Can’t wait to go again.”

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“We had a great dinner at District Kitchen! The service and the food was very, very good. The server immediately greeted us and brought water for our dog. He was super friendly and very attentive. The food was delicious — we highly recommend the brussels sprouts. All around a great experience!”

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“We enjoyed some craft cocktails here during a recent visit to DC. This bar has laid back vibes & a cozy ambiance. It was not too crowded when we were there. Love the interiors, very thoughtful in the details. The paint color (slate blue) with floral accents adds a unique design. Bartenders were friendly. Will visit again for HH!”

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“Y'all... I came here just for a friends birthday party, and the pastrami sandwich took me by surprise. My boyfriend ordered it and I ended up having half because it was the best pastrami sandwich I'd ever had. The wings were average, but the service was excellent. They were extremely attentive and even went out to the patio periodically to take our orders and make sure we were ok. The space was great for a birthday party, they were extremely chill and people were able to come in and out of the patio as they pleased. Not a huge space but enough for a 20 person get together.”

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“I had the tako wasabi and crazy Philly. Both were nice. Service was a bit slow and the waiters and staff were teens and young folks and it was hard to get their attention at times. That said, it wasn’t the best sushi I’ve had but it wasn’t the worst and hit the spot.”

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“I'm a kaiju fan from way back. So, this place is right up my alley. There are Godzilla and Ultraman toys on the walls and kaiju artwork everywhere. I love it.But you don't want to hear about my geekdom. You want to hear about tasty, tasty ramen. The ramen was great! I had the Kaiju Tonkotsu Ramen and gyoza. The ramen was full of flavor and really filling. The gyoza had a nice tasty crunch. All of it was fantastic.Don't miss out on the Tokyo-styled speakeasy downstairs. There's a great atmosphere of neon and art down the stairs that is very cool.”

4.6Superb113 Reviews

“Amazing drinks, definitely worthy of their Perrier top-50 status. While cocktails were moderately expensive ($12-18 each), they were inventive, unique, smooth, and flavorful. The food was standard but tasty and very reasonably priced. Even on a hot day, the reservation to be on the relaxed patio is worth it compared to the extremely loud indoor seating.”

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“You have to come here! At the very least for the vibes, atmosphere, and attention to detail they paid when curating this speakeasy. We only grabbed drinks but everyone enjoyed what they ordered. If you have to wait, it’s worth checking out the rooftop bar while you wait!”

4.6Superb112 Reviews

“Even though I live only a few blocks away, it’s taken me a while to try out this spot. I’ve been away a lot! Was VERY happy to finally stop in this evening. The drinks are fantastic and it’s super cozy. Meaning it’s small. It’s usually packed on weekends! The outdoor tables are nice. Literally tiny bites so it’s the perfect place to stop for a drink before dinner. The cocktail list is impressive.Just went back and had the pimento cheese. Very tasty! And the cocktails are still fantastic!”

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“A nice little bar just off the beaten path. Good tap beer selection in addition to the full bar. We didn't get to experience the roof-top-bar as we had kids with us, but the indoor space was also nice.We ordered the Maverick, American Honey, and the CBR, and each one was delicious. Baked on thin pita bread and smothered with delicious toppings, this was excellent and unique pizza.The whole family enjoyed the meal as well as the old brick building atmosphere.”

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“I really enjoyed the food, but the place to order & pick up wasn't a pleasant atmosphere. While I ordered and waited by the door, I got tons of bites from unknown insects & there were a lot of people hanging around the area that made me uncomfortable. Food wise, I ordered the Happy Santa roll, Mackey, & peanut & avocado rolls. I enjoyed them all. I also got edamame & shrimp Udon soup noodles. Tasty! I'd likely order online or via a delivery service next time. Service was very polite, patient, & friendly.”

4.4Superb234 Reviews

“This is a great high end bar near the White House. We arrived around 5pm on a Saturday and we're seated in booth surrounded by caricatures of politicians. The service was excellent and the food and drinks were delicious. We tried the octopus, flat bread, lamb meatballs, and lobster roll. This may be the best lobster roll I have ever eaten! The reason I am giving it 4 instead of 5 stars is due to extremely high pricing of the cocktails. They were $28 and up! For one drink. They were tasty but wow, those are crazy prices.”

4.4Superb228 Reviews

“I loved the decor here, and many of the dishes were really yummy. I especially loved the potato and cheese dumplings. We got the mushroom khachapuri, but I would get the classic (with the egg) next time. The service was a bit slow, but everyone was really kind.”

4.4Superb225 Reviews

“Great service. A welcoming atmosphere. Chill, but just lively enough to feel like a solid night out without tipping over into mixing in with the sloppy early-mid 20s crowd. A late night respite from the other 14th st business. And, excellent for FnB industry folks, bc after a certain hour, the crowd turns into FnB, and the others just sort of go away. Love this place.”

4.6Superb105 Reviews

“Wow! That's all I can say after experiencing this amazing place. The food was absolutely delicious, and the service was top-notch, deserving of a 5-star rating. If I had the option, I would give them even more stars. I highly recommend this place to anyone looking for an exceptional dining experience.”

4.4Superb220 Reviews

“These people take their cocktails seriously. I asked for a vodka soda and they made sure I knew that I should order something different, in the best way. Best old fashion's around. Also love when they have comedy in the basement. It was really high quality for an open mic night.”

4.7Superb82 Reviews

“Had a chance to drop by Free State Bar the other evening and found it to be a nice spot to relax and catch up with friends. The bar has a welcoming ambiance, paired with a diverse drink menu that caters to different preferences. The staff was approachable and provided prompt service. I particularly appreciated the comfortable seating and the background music, which set a good mood without being too loud. It's a place I'd recommend for those looking to have a pleasant time in a laid-back setting. I'll certainly consider returning the next time I'm around.”

4.5Superb138 Reviews

“Just had a great meal at Sospeso. The food was fresh and distinct. Had a few mezze items and they were all good. Drinks were great as well. Fardi was a lovely server. He was very responsive to everything we needed and gave good recommendations too. We will be back!”

4.4Superb207 Reviews

“My favorite local bar! Drive 15 mins to get there because the staff is great!Have Annie, Tommy and Chelsea to make you a paper plane! The tater tots are the best!! Just ask for them!Parking: Parking is easy! Generally space on H st or the side street.”

4.5Superb132 Reviews

“I arrived solo and somehow felt out of place. My drink was amazing. Ordered 12 wings with 2 different flavors but I couldn't tell if they were actually 2 different flavors because they tasted the same. Neither was the flavor I ordered. Then again, I'm from Memphis, TN home of south and flavor is a must. According to reviews I was excited to go but unfortunately it was not a friendly environment in my opinion. My drink was good though.”

4.5Superb128 Reviews

“First off, I ordered 1- Spicy Salmon Avo roll and 1-Crunchy Shrimp and they put both of them in the same dish which I thought was a bit odd. The Crunchy Shrimp was MID and had no taste to put it mildly... HOWEVER, the Capitol Roll was ridiculous! I mean seriously, it was one of the best sushi dishes I've ever had. I'd go back just for that Capitol Roll”

4.3Superb393 Reviews

“The food here was delicious and I loved the vibe of the outdoor seating. We had a round pepperoni pizza and it was one of the best I’ve had in DC. My only complaint is that they do not serve square pies on the weekend, so I’ll have to head back another night to try the square! Overall this is a great place and I would definitely recommend.”

4.8Superb60 Reviews

“I have been eating at Satay for more than 20 years. But, the last two years have been eating there every few weeks and meeting my fiends there for lunch. The food is very flavorful, looks mouthwatering and such a nice group of people. I am a French chef and very picky about what i eat.”

4.4Superb179 Reviews

“St Arnold’s is extremely consistent. We go here often on Monday evenings for Trivia. The food is overall really good, and the service is really lovely with a kind staff. I do get frustrated about the amount of money I have spent when leaving. The beers are mostly really pricey as is the food. I feel the price point should be a bit lower for the atmosphere to match (more bar/pub).”

4.4Superb178 Reviews

“This is a great bar! It was surprisingly quiet at 10 pm on a Friday night, but got a bit busier by midnight or so. The staff were really welcoming and fun, the decor on point, and the drinks strong and tasty. I had the Saturn and my boyfriend had the Planters Passion -- we really enjoyed them, and the Planters Passion even came flaming! The passion fruit cheesecake was also yummy. We'll be back!”

4.8Superb59 Reviews

“We've photographed weddings at a lot of luxury venues around the DMV, and we can say with certainty that the Cosmos Club can go toe to toe with any of them when it comes to elegance. The bridal suite has all the amenities of a room in a five-star hotel, the Warne Ballroom has gold accents and huge mirrors inspired by the Palace of Versailles, and the various libraries decorated with nods to scientific achievement and local DC history combine to give every wedding there a sumptuous, luxurious feel. What's more, the small garden in the back offers couples a little bit of outdoor space -- a rarity at most DC wedding venues!”

4.7Superb70 Reviews

“This was some of the best food my boyfriend and I have ever had! The food was bursting with flavor, portion sizes were huge, and the service was amazing! We were almost in tears to how good the food was! Our server Hector did an amazing job and truly described the food so well when he said Mandu is like a perfect home-cooked meal! If you are looking for AMAZING Korean dishes or just good food in general PLEASE TRY OUT MANDU!”

4.3Superb334 Reviews

“Nice place for a coffee and lunch in Capitol Hill. Also, has a good selection of healthier options with large portions. We ordered the Nachos and Tuna sandwich. Was plenty for two people, we honestly could have shared just the Tuna sandwich or nachos by themselves.Would recommend if in the area and want a quick, easy, sit-in lunch. Seems like it would be a fun place at night as well.”

4.7Superb66 Reviews

“Fantastic food!!! We tried multiple things and the only thing I wasn’t thrilled about was the tuna crudo. I dined with a pescatarian and there were plenty of options for him. The space is cozy and cute. Little on the expensive side so I’ll go when I feel Like treating myself. Our server was aggressive and arrogant, which gave us something to laugh about behind his back like maybe he was doing a poor imitation of a real Parisian waiter?, but also left us with an unpleasant feeling. Otherwise, superb food in a superb space and I highly recommend!!!”

4.4Superb159 Reviews

“The carbonara was... could be better? Its very pretty but the prosciutto on top does not replace the pancetta and/or bacon adequately in terms of flavor. The egg is nice but again, not much flavor added. Just do it the right way. Don't be fancy.”

4.3Superb280 Reviews

“This place is truly a hidden gem, I was hesitant at first, but as soon I stepped foot in the door, I felt the vibe. I got the shrimp and grits with the poach egg. Never had a poach egg before so the experience of that was really good. In exchange for the sausage soffrito I got steak. The steak was really good, got the Medium well with Minimal pink and my oh my was I so happy eating the food 11/10. Had to get the beignets to go of course?. Definitely would recommend to try. Great first experience.Vegetarian options: Has a vegetarian burrito and tofu as an add on protein.Kid-friendliness: Offers a few kid options for the little ones.”

4.3Superb264 Reviews

“The food was so good The presentation of the food was carefully plated-Pretty lolThe Shrimp Linguine soo good Nice sized ShrimpThe 5 Cheese MAC n Cheese yummyTried the blackened wings-best wings Someone ordered the TomatoSalad-3 kinds of tomatoes fresh mozzarella I saw a plate of Meatloaf & Mashed potatoes-next on my list well or the Shrimp TacosGreat Service from Bartender -Stephanie Fresh Brewed Iced TeaEveryone sat talked laughed No drama Like Cheers”

4.2Good1571 Reviews

“We randomly stopped by because of the nice patio ambiance. With much skepticism I ordered the Braised Lamb Cavatelli- Sunburst Squash, Za’atar tomato sauce, capers, parm. It was absolutely fantastic. The ambience is very laid back. We will definitely return!!!!”

4.3Superb255 Reviews

“Ok, this is hands down my new favorite spot…especially for summer! I went twice last week!! Haha! It’s an outdoor venue with psychedelic paintings and fun dance music with a big connect four game and magnetic word wall. The service is SO FAST - you order with the QR code and literally wait maybe 1-2 mins… the frozen drinks are all AMAZING. SOOOO YUMMY. The frozen Irish coffee with an added shot of coconut rum is my absolute fav - definitely my summer 2023 drink! Can’t wait to show all my friends this place! I’ll be back for sure!!!! Oh and don’t miss the hilarious sign at the entrance HAHAHAHA!”

4.5Superb95 Reviews

“Hosted an event for ~30 people on part of the rooftop. Wonderful service and great communication from staff. Huge shoutout to Megan and Demetrius for facilitating a seamless experience. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to host a private event.”

4.3Superb245 Reviews

“Great small bar. Went with some friends. Sat at the bar. Service was kind and swift. Had wings and lumpia. The wings were good. I loved the sauce that comes on it. The best thing was the chicken lumpia. It was soooooo good. Crispy. Just how I like it. It was so good I got 2 orders. I had the best of both worlds drink. It was tart & refreshing. I will be going back to try the other drinks and the adobo.”

4.8Superb48 Reviews

“I recommend the WAGYU BEEF BURGER and the shareable size Fries as a side order. I had to ensure that I specified for the meat to be cooked well done. This location is walkable from the Metro stops. Happy Hour Monday - Friday 12:00 - 7:00 pm. Only reason why it’s not a 5-star is because when my friend and I paid- the server said they could only split in the check in half but not by item.”

4.3Superb242 Reviews

“We have had the pleasure to partner with Blue 44 for a large event at Escher apartments, a luxury community in the Washington metropolitan area, and we have been amazed by the attention to detail, quality of service, and deliciousness of the food options offered. We worked closely with Chris, and he went above and beyond our expectations. He has managed to put together a fantastic menu in just a matter of days, personally delivered and staged the event, and made sure everything was in place for our residents to enjoy. So many compliments for the food that night, and we owe it all to Chris and his team at Blue44!”

4.4Superb132 Reviews

“Fantastic dive bar. Really eclectic decor, variety of pinball machines, and good selection of beers. Bartender was very attentive and the doorman was friendly and a joy to chat with. All in all my only complaint is that this establishment is 6hrs away from me so I can't frequent it as I'd like. Definitely a must visit for me on subsequent trips to the DC area.”

4.4Superb128 Reviews

“Been here a couple of times with my friends for happy hour before COVID-19 situation. This is a hidden gem, the dry rub wings are to die for and the old fashioned is perfect. Mostly neighborhood clientele. The bartenders are very nice, friendly & kind. This is definitely a place to go chill with your friends, usually only one person running this small joint, so be patient. The sliders were really good too. Once they had ladies night, live music & in was fun! Praying they survive the pandemic because I cant wait to go back there.”

4.5Superb88 Reviews

“Had a birthday brunch set up this past weekend for a group of 30. The basement was set up perfectly for my party. The margaritas and mimosas were too notch. Don’t forget about the food, no one left hungry and unsatisfied. Definitely will be back and will pass along the great service and hospitality 10/10”

4.4Superb126 Reviews

“Excellent food and beverages! Fun vibes and Val, Ashley, Malena and Dejana made our experience outstanding. It is especially nice when they remember us, take time to chat and prepare our beverages! Their food recommendations were spot on as well. Thank you!”

4.3Superb223 Reviews

“Highly recommend for a meetup with friends, especially their happy hour! Fun environment with a huge selection of boardgames, board game-themed decor everywhere & friendly chill bartenders. The drinks are good & strong.My only suggestion would be some soundproofing materials would do them good. It gets loud with everyone talking, and the space isn’t really setup in a way to absorb any noise.Still, I’m a fan. If you like a game night in with friends, but also want to go out? Games are $3 (free until 7), so also a good spot to try out a new game”

4.3Superb214 Reviews

“The best part about this place is that it is not the other places that are near it. Kingfisher is local quality and most of all it is chill. It is the last vestige of quality booze without exorbitant prices or douche bag clientele. It’s real hard to find something like that on 14th St., in 2023. Jackie is amazing!!”

4.4Superb116 Reviews

“Calm and lowkey spot that serves solid standard North Indian fare as well as some Southern classics such as fish-coconut curries. Price is mildly high but not outrageous, and their naans are freshly made in a tandoor you can see from the dining room and they're incredible.”

4.3Superb201 Reviews

“We just went for dinner, did not do a tasting. Very nice view of the river, outdoor seats are under cover from rain. Food was a real treat. Only 5 entrees on the menu but lots of appetizers, shareable dishes, and two large boards, one charcuterie and one Farmers board (all vegetables), each serves 2-4. So we just got the charcuterie and two delicious sharable plates great variety and unusual preparation, not your typical starter menu. We went on a Sunday and the bottle of wine we ordered was half price.”

4.2Good757 Reviews

“If I had one word, it would be... obsessed! Was here for a work dinner. This was a fantastic experience. I loved it! Service was impeccable, but not pretentious. I had the branzino, stuffed squash blossoms and the vanilla meringue for dessert.”

4.2Good755 Reviews

“This was, by far, the best Restaurant Week Lunch value so far! The Onion Soup was excellent and cheesy, the Steak Fries also included Asparagus Spears that were wonderfully cooked (al dente), all in a beautiful presentation. The flourless Chocolate Cake was very good as well. For $25 for this 3 course lunch was an incredible value. Well done to the Teddy team!!”

4.2Good746 Reviews

“A great little cafe to help you live your best quaint Capitol Hill life! We headed here after a sunshiny stroll through this historic DC neighborhood, and it fit in perfectly with our chill, wholesome plans for the day. I ordered the grain bowl with some potatoes on the side, and those potatoes were incredible. Incredible! I truly wish they were bottomless. The grain bowl was also delicious and helped me recover from eating some not so healthy food the night before. I also had a bite of the French toast, which was thick and sweet! Plus, they've got a coffee punch card. Doesn't get much better than that!”

4.4Superb112 Reviews

“You seat yourself but there is wait staff for the table. The cocktails are incredible, the beer list is extensive, and the food was good for the most part.My favorite bite was probably the fish & chips.Service was friendly, but could be more attentive.I would definitely recommend this place for the beer lover in your life.”

4.3Superb193 Reviews

“Gustavo and Kaila were outstanding and gave us one of the best dining experiences ever. The evening started with being greeted by Mike Irving who is most hospitable and fun people to speak to. The service overall was truly memorable and a birthday celebration for my fiancé she will never forget.”

4.2Good675 Reviews

“Black owned business - Food was great tasting with good prices for DC. Their drink deals and large patio with fire pits make it a good spot for groups. owners and staff are chill and attentive. AND they serve special Uncle Nearest cocktails.”

4.6Superb59 Reviews

“Chances are high you'll get arrested not long after hanging out at this bar. It's not the bars fault necessarily. It's a great spot. It's just, it gets you in a kind of mood. Gets you revved up. A funky vibe and a the right kind of beer selection to get you started in on poor decision making.”

4.4Superb104 Reviews

“Great little bar/restaurant in Petworth! The vibes are chill. Drinks are strong. Food is absolutely amazing. They have great specials and an amazing happy hour. If I lived closer, I would go there at least once a week but probably even more. Black owned too!!!! How can you beat that? You can't. My friend and I left feeling perfectly tipsy and definitely full. I will be back as soon as I'm in DV!”

4.5Superb73 Reviews

“McClellan's is a very unique cocktail bar, in DC or anywhere. Highly creative cocktails that are expertly crafted and served in equally differentiated glassware, and guided by highly knowledgeable staff often involved in the menu curation. The vibe is always energetic but not overwhelming, with Christmas lights adding a playful contrast to the dark and classic speakeasy decor.”

4.3Superb161 Reviews

“I loved this place! Drinks only so don't go expecting food. The bar tenders were awesome and helped m pick out a great restaurant. They also make a pretty good Martini. Careful, its small, so you would be best served to get a reservation - even at the bar.”

4.6Superb53 Reviews

“Chuck n Billy's is officially open. It was nice to get back hand dancing and line dancing . Saw alot of regular hand dancers in the house great customer service ,security was on site food was fresh and hot. Thanx for opening back up nice environment clean also. ?☕”

4.6Superb53 Reviews

“It was the first time I’ve been to this restaurant the waitress was very nice she welcomed me in with a very nice smile, the menu is very good and simple which is what I like to see when I go to a restaurant, the food options are great nice burgers and subs and drinks the restaurant was very neat and clean I will definitely go back next time I’m around the area.”

4.6Superb53 Reviews

“Went here for brunch on a Saturday recently. It wasn’t too hot then but we’re seated outside. It was okay but stuffy. Had a lovely selection of fresh juices to have for mimosas. They brought out the bottle which was nice for self pouring with juice. I had the skillet as my entree and it was tasty.”

4.3Superb154 Reviews

“What a beautiful restaurant by the water!We planned a birthday dinner here before heading out to Kennedy Center and it’s only 12-15min walk from Fiona Mare to Kennedy Center.Service:Very attentive staff, we had no delays with our orders for drinks and food. I had a few questions about the menu and was walked through everything.Food:We ordered Burrata and they finish the dish in front of you and use liquid nitrogen, so get ready for a show!Porchetta was tender and it was a pretty big portion too.Liquid Cacio E Peppe was also delicious and a good choice if you want your main course not to be too big. I believe out of all entrees (Porchetta, seafood pasta)Liquid Cacio E Peppe was the smallest dish.We had a birthday desert (fresh lemony cake) and chocolate cake that reminds me of Ferrero rocher but also better. If you like chocolate then it’s a great choice.”

4.2Good444 Reviews

“Great cocktails. Known for their old-fashioned (claiming history back to Henry Clay introducing the drink to the bar that stood there in the mid 1800s), other mixed drinks were very flavorful. Pricey (think $20 and up for a cocktail), but worth a stop into the Willard Intercontinental for a drink at The Round Robin.”

4.3Superb149 Reviews

“Honestly, the vibe was café meets bookstore meets upscale bar. The drinks were amazing; our last two rounds we just told the (almost problematically attractive) bartender, Marco, to bring us whatever... and they were the best two drinks.Lovely place to spend an afternoon getting a little boozy and waiting for the rain to stop.”

4.6Superb50 Reviews

“If you're in DC, this is the place to be. Convention Center parties make for a wild range of good times. Top notch DJs and bands, 3 serious bars, best outdoor deck in the area, multiple level happenings. Great lots of times, late night rocks, lovely welcome.”

4.3Superb145 Reviews

“We went for dinner and were greeted by an awesome server who took time to answer our questions on the menu selection. We decided to order the brisket and boy were we impressed. Honestly the best meat I may have ever eaten! No joke. Along with the tangy Texas sauce it was heaven on a plate. Most and tender and so flavorful. The Brussels sprout side dish was also amazing. The service and attention was great throughout the meal. We will be back!! Kudos to Cinder BBQ!”

4.3Superb144 Reviews

“Love the vibe here. Young professionals looking for a good time to mingle and dance to music from the 90s to today's latest. The drinks are priced around $13+. If you plan to go for live music get a ticket or an employee will abruptly stop you to make sure that you have one. The DJ takes over around 10pm. He was great. They have waiters navigate the crowded dance floor to get you drinks but be patient because it's warm on the dance floor everyone wants something from the waiter so you'll have to wait. There wasn't a cover charge. There is a bouncer at the door letting people in a little at a time but it's pretty quick. If you're looking for a low key party then head here. And ladies I'm sure you would appreciate that most people had on a flat or low heels. Dress code was pretty comfortable, but stylish and cute.”

4.4Superb83 Reviews

“This is a chill lil local bar. The vibe is cool. Good conversations were had with strangers. Jokes were thrown around. Laughs went on all night. Service was good. Drinks were good and a good price. They kept your cup full. This place has an outdoor spot. They have hooka.”

4.3Superb130 Reviews

“Trusty's is a neighborhood gem. The food is bar food, but solid and there are lots of options. The drink options are good. The vibe is wonderful always. Tuesday trivia is always a fun time! Plus dogs are welcome. What isn't to love??”

4.3Superb129 Reviews

“Visiting from California, we stopped in to P.J.’s for cocktails and appetizers before dinner. We were impressed with the service, and the upscale atmosphere. Initially we sat inside and quickly realized the view is much better outside on the covered patio. It was the perfect day for cocktails and small bites. Bre and Katie were absolutely wonderful in making our dining experience memorable.”

4.2Good333 Reviews

“Absolutely an amazing great rooftop bar!. Follow the chicken feet. If you like Gin, this is the place to be. The food was Great! The service was good. The atmosphere was incredible. Just go up those short long stairs and it's amazing at the top.”

4.3Superb126 Reviews

“This was the most unexpectedly wonderful experience! I brought a friend here for a birthday lunch and was COMPLETELY blown away. From the moment we walked in I couldn't get over the architecture of this beautifully maintained gem, the Italian tile floors and Frankie singing softly in the surround sound.After taking forever to decide over the abundance of choices, our meals were authentic and divine. This restaurant is over an hour from my home and I will still become a regular.MANGIA❣️Wheelchair accessibility: All one level straight off the street.Dietary restrictions: Menu states you may state any dietary concerns”

4.2Good304 Reviews

“Went here with family for dinner on a Friday night, and was surprised there was no wait around 6:30pm. It’s Yard House, so music was loud enough and the vibe was pretty cool. Menu had plenty of options as usual. We shared the Ahi Nachos appetizer (delicious!), I had a classic cheeseburger (medium) with the house IPA, while wifey had the shrimp tacos. Burger was filling and the beer was a good match. Little man had the tenders and fries.Service was quick and servers were courteous and checked on us appropriately. We were treated decently. Place was clean and so were the bathrooms. Being in downtown, lots of tourists (families with kids) showed up after we did. Seems like a pretty decent spot for dinner with drinks.”

4.2Good293 Reviews

“Was in town for a work trip. My phone ran out of battery and I was sweatin like crazy. Walked around looking for places for awhile, ended up at the bar (it’s connected to the Indian place downstairs; my receipt had ‘Taste of India’ on it)—despite being understaffed, they were amazing. Bartender was running orders downstairs while taking care of the few ppl at the bar up top. Thanks so much for having me & charging my phone!”

4.5Superb53 Reviews

“I threw a surprise party in the carriage house at Hill Prince and we had an amazing time! Rock and his team were so accommodating and made it such an easy process to book and set up. The back is such a beautiful space that it doesn't even require any additional decorations. Everyone kept telling me all night how beautiful of a venue it was. Would highly recommend to anyone thinking of booking an event!”

4.3Superb112 Reviews

“was it pricey? yes. but this was one of the first good pies I’ve had in DC. perfectly crisp crust, delicious cheese, high quality ingredients. the hot dip is seriously hot but definitely worth getting to go with your pie and the lamb hummus!!! wowowow— perfectly whipped hummus with the most delicious savory lamb topping, served with “pita” which was basically the sourdough pizza dough but it was perfection.one caveat— perhaps request the front dining room instead of the back if going for dinner when it’s still bright outside. the main dining room is dimmer and better lit for an intimate setting.”

4.3Superb109 Reviews

“I booked the after party for my wedding at Tall Boy and it was perfect. Elliot the manager was super responsive and helpful throughout the entire process. The night of the event went very smoothly–the bar tenders and food were great and the space was perfect. Would definitely recommend!”

4.3Superb109 Reviews

“Even if you don’t eat… the atmosphere and layout of this place is so beautiful. I love just sitting and having a drink with friends here. It’s small inside… so MOST DEFINITELY call in advance if you’re coming with more than 10 people.”

4.3Superb107 Reviews

“Didn't have food here and I'm not if they serve food. The setup is really cool. You start a tab at the registers when you walk in and they give you a card that's used to activate the pouring system. They have beer, cocktails, shots, mixed drinks and wine. The pouring system allows you to select a 1oz pour to try the drink or 6oz pour. I had the maple old fashion, strawberry mohito, rum runner and spiked palmer. They were all really good. When you're ready to leave, you bring the card back to the register and cash out. Definitely plan on going back.”

4.3Superb103 Reviews

“Mumbo bun was delicious. Spicy and flavorful at the same time! Braai fries were on point too. The Sichuan ginger beer was my favorite item - Def recommend. All meat is halal. Service was a little slow but not too bad. Overall a 5 star experience. Would totally come again and recommend to friends!”

4.2Good239 Reviews

“First meal I had in DC. We know a bit of Korean food and it was a lovely meal.The owner couldn't be better , she was charming and treat us like kings, she told us about her trips in Spain and made us feel at home, thank you for being so kind to us.We will spread the word about your place in Spain.”

4.2Good236 Reviews

“We definitely had an amazing time. The drinks were good but the food that was there was un promising. They had oysters but unfortunately the vendor sold out 5 hours before closing. There was a good truck with Jamaican eats, but I didn't really hear any positive feedback. Hopefully they will have better food options especially since the drinks and DJ were beyond a 10!!!!!”

4.3Superb100 Reviews

“Eat Brgz in West End is a great burger spot that is accessible and convenient for large groups! With its happy hour and food choices, Burgz is an amazing restaurant to grab beer and greasy food. Their frozen margaritas deserve a shout-out, too. I wouldn’t come here expecting to be blown away though. Expect a Buffalo Wild Wing spin off. I wish their seating was a bit more comfortable but otherwise, a solid option for a quick American bite.”

4.3Superb96 Reviews

“Solid dive bar near union market. Prices are decent, the atmosphere is chill, and there is a bathroom right next to the dart throwing area which makes for some exciting antics. The service was solid even though it was quite busy, and the music wasn't too loud. I would recommend checking this place out if you are in the area.”

4.3Superb89 Reviews

“Shelter is a beer lover's paradise. With its wide selection of craft beers, it offers a diverse range of flavors to satisfy every palate. The relaxed and inviting atmosphere provides the perfect setting to enjoy a pint or two. The added advantage of being connected to a food court allows patrons to explore a variety of culinary options, ensuring there's something for everyone. The knowledgeable staff is always ready to provide recommendations and help navigate the extensive beer menu. Whether you're a beer aficionado or just looking for a casual spot to unwind, Shelter offers a fantastic beer bar experience with the added convenience of easy access to a delicious food court.”

4.5Superb42 Reviews

“Went for the reopening and it did not disappoint! All the bartenders were kind and attentive. The food was delicious with authentic flavors that made me feel like someones abuelita was back there cooking. The bathrooms were super clean and even tied to the bull theme with their cow print walls. Will definitely be back!”

4.6Superb33 Reviews

“We set down reservations for 4, which I recommend as we got a little alcove that offered just the right amount of privacy so conversations sounds don’t bounce around to other tables.The vibes and decor are on point. Big thank you to the team for offering us a complimentary mini coup glass cocktail as a warm welcome. I had the Sakura (sorry no pic), and was greeted with an edible glitter cloud to accompany it!Our server added a level of whimsy to the service that kept us laughing every time he stopped by.They alerted us that a 22% gratuity is already included into the bill. Pricing specified is the ballpark for one drink each (many we’re about $16)”

4.4Superb56 Reviews

“Listen. This food was fantastic. I love soul food and have been to many a soul food spot. This was the best cabbage and greens I've ever had. And my daughter said the wings were divine. And Charlene herself came out and showed love. Def check this joint out.”

4.5Superb41 Reviews

“Cash only hidden gem in Mt. Pleasant. This is definitely not the place to try and order a cocktail, enjoy their cheap beers instead. Seating is entirely smallish booths or at the bar so don’t bring a party of more than 4. I love that the music is kept to an appropriate volume and all the board games they have available. There is an ATM located inside”

4.5Superb41 Reviews

“Ivy & Coney is a great dive bar on 7th St NW near Dacha and The Passenger, among other bars. Pretty cheap beer, but not necessarily anything to write home about. Service is usually pretty nice and quick. It can get pretty packed on weekends, but with three different rooms you can usually find a good spot to sit or stand. Definitely a great spot to stop if you are bar hopping in the area.”

4.2Good184 Reviews

“Good quiet bar with nice and respectful staff.Beer selection is not huge but enough for regular "good time" event. Also you can order any kind of cocktail you want. There's happy hour deals provided as well.Food menu is decent and dishes are delicious. Kitchen works till 8 pm I believe. 3+ TVs are located in the main bar area with different channels / sports streaming.So it is a great bar to go to after a long day or for have a chat with friends.”

4.3Superb76 Reviews

“Great venue, great staff, decent beer selection. The instructors were friendly and helped us learn and refine our technique, and the games they showed us were easy to understand but challenging and fun.One thing that I didn't like was the slightly heavy-handed requests for tips, both for the bar staff and for the instructors. I get that tipping is a thing we have to accept nowadays, but one simple "Just a reminder, tips are not required but are very much appreciated" would have sufficed, instead of hearing it several times. It felt like I was being guilted into giving a tip before we even started playing.”

4.3Superb72 Reviews

“This bar offered a comfortable, welcome experience. It’s clearly beloved to a large group of regulars, many of which brought their adorable dogs.We had a great time chatting with local regulars and unwinding in a comfortable, safe environment.Surprisingly, the drinks were not the usual strength expected at most gay bars. Not at all a detractor for us, just worth mentioning if you’re expecting a heavy pour.”

4.2Good139 Reviews

“We love tiki bars, and came here on a friends recommendation. I’m so glad we took the time to head here. The drinks are so good and the happy hour specials include a lot of classics. I really enjoyed the pina coladas and the Captain Cody. The food was also VERY good but do know it’s about appetizer size. Our server was also really nice and attentive to our large party.”

4.2Good138 Reviews

“We stopped in because we had the Guide to Imbibe and it was such a great way to kick off our afternoon! We got aperol spritzes and they were so good! The food looked like it was good and most menu items sounded great, we just weren't hungry when we stopped in. It's definitely on our list to visit again when we're hungrier!”

4.2Good136 Reviews

“One of my very favorite bars in DC! Funky, fun and gorgeous. Bartenders are all FANTASTIC. And you can count on a good dance party upstairs on weekends, with a rotating selection of DJs. Really great spot if you're looking for options - spaces you can enjoy a (strong) drink and catch up, and spaces you can get your groove on. If you're looking for a private event space - I also hosted my birthday here, and they helped make it the best night!”

4.2Good131 Reviews

“We came for the food but stayed for both the food and the drinks. Every cocktails is as pretty as it is tasty. By the time we finished eating we were too full for dessert. The fish shrimp, Khao suew and meatballs were all particularly tasty. The only miss was the veggie fritters. We'll definitely be back.”

4.4Superb43 Reviews

“Absolutely incredible… we got the Elfgene special golden tibs and the 50/50 with doro wot, key wot, collard greens and cabbage. The special tibs were mind blowingly delicious and flavorful, though everything was great. I quite liked the selection we got for 2. It was more than enough food! We also had the spiced tea and it was a very satisfying end to the experience.”

4.4Superb37 Reviews
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