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Chinese Restaurants in Oakland

4.5 - 331 votes

Hours: 11AM - 9:30PM

5620 College Ave, Oakland
(510) 601-9888


I go to Becky's Chinese regularly and the food is good. They are very consistent with quality and preparation. I believe it's a family restaura... More reviews

4.3 - 256 votes

Hours: 11AM - 3PM

328 10th St #101, Oakland
(510) 839-2299

Shan Dong

Best hand pulled noodles in the bay! Whenever we are in Oakland we try to stop by and pick up some noodles - so chewy and delicious More reviews

4.4 - 178 votes

Hours: 9AM - 6PM

940 Webster St, Oakland
(510) 918-8988

Ming's Tasty

MY HUSBAND LOVED MING's. He loves Dim Sum. Always wants Dim Sum. Would eat Dim Sum every day. Well... he'd eat at Ming's Tasty Restaurant ... More reviews

4.2 - 203 votes

Hours: 12 - 9PM

4080 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
(510) 652-9678


too long does not give the necessary attention to customers takes more than 30 minutes at the scheduled time the delivery More reviews

4.4 - 160 votes

Hours: 7:30AM - 3PM

712 Franklin St, Oakland
(510) 465-5938

Vien Huong Restaurant

Food still good, but they let other people cut in front of you sometimes and still ask if you were in line first, even though they already let other peop... More reviews

4.6 - 112 votes

Hours: 11AM - 7:30PM

723 Webster St, Oakland
(510) 893-2288

Imperial Soup 皇帝湯

My friend and I each got combo H! So so good! He got the pork dumplings and I got the steamed garlic shrimp. Both got the chicken soup with mushroom (num... More reviews

4.2 - 184 votes

Hours: 10AM - 9PM

911 Washington St, Oakland
(702) 481-3124

Huangcheng Noodle House 山西刀削面

Fantastic restaurant. Only discovered them after they relocated after the fire. Great noodles, solid service, and I like the location. More reviews

4.2 - 181 votes

Hours: 8AM - 8PM

4045 Broadway #101, Oakland
(510) 929-0510

Brenda's Oakland

I feel sleepy just thinking about my last brunch here... (but in the best way possible). My body is just not used to the heaviness of this kind of food, ... More reviews



4.8 - 78 votes

Hours: Closed today

398 3rd St, Oakland
(510) 763-8336


Love this place. Family owned and run. Delicious fresh and consistent. It's all about that chili sauce!!! More reviews

4.5 - 117 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 9:30PM

4871 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 653-2288

Chef Yu's

Yu Yu Za Zang is inside H-Mart along with several other food businesses. I have driven to YYZZ in Cupertino (from Hayward - yes, I knowwww will drive for... More reviews

4.4 - 133 votes

Hours: 9AM - 3:30PM

989 Franklin St B, Oakland
(510) 459-6265

Tian Jin Dumplings

The dough of the jianbing was done perfectly right, I’m more used to having crisps inside instead of youtiao though. And could probably use some cilantro... More reviews

4.2 - 165 votes

Hours: 11AM - 7:30PM

1116 Franklin St, Oakland
(510) 238-9688

Nature Vegetarian Restaurant

Mmmmmmmm!My best friend brought me here and I loved it.We ordered vegetarian dim sum (shrimp dumpling, pork dumpling, mushroom dumpling, turnip cake) spi... More reviews

4.4 - 129 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 9PM

3437 Lakeshore Ave, Oakland
(510) 835-8322

Lin Jia Asian Kitchen

Get to eat here about once a year. Still the best restaurant I have ever visited in Oakland. More reviews

4.3 - 144 votes

Hours: 11AM - 10PM

2033 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland
(510) 530-0681

Flower Lounge

Still not reopened for in resturant dining yet, even though they say they are working on it. Service can be good depending or who helps you. Food is stil... More reviews

4 - 193 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 10:10PM

370 12th St, Oakland
(510) 625-8889

Spices 3

Our go to delivery - tasty and open late. My favorite is cumin lamb, but we also have ordered the Shanghai fat noodles, dry fried green beans and orange ... More reviews

4 - 185 votes

Hours: 10AM - 3AM

389 8th St, Oakland
(510) 465-1940

New Gold Medal Restaurant

We drove from LA to SF.And we are starving at 10pm! And this Chinese restaurant still open. We order Shrimp wonton soup and roasted duck with BBQ pork.It... More reviews

4.3 - 126 votes

Hours: 12:30 - 9:30PM

4871 Telegraph Ave, Oakland
(510) 653-2288

Yuyu Za Zang

Their tangsuyeok and jjamppong is my favorite of Oakload/SF area. The jjamppong has a delicious depth in flavor, I think the extra sear on the seafood do... More reviews

4.4 - 106 votes

Hours: 1 - 9:30PM

6928 International Blvd, Oakland
(510) 569-8888

Lucky Dragon Cafe

The menu is available online. Great prices! Call restaurant directly to order. The food arrived hot and was amazing! The hot and sour soup was mild for m... More reviews

4 - 164 votes

Hours: 10AM - 2:30PM

388 9th St STE 288, Oakland
(510) 286-8866

Peony Seafood Restaurant

We arrived about an hour after they opened looking forward to dim sum. The main dining room was already full so we agreed to sit in the tea room. Ordere... More reviews


Gum Kuo

4 - 163 votes

Hours: 8AM - 7PM

388 9th St STE 182, Oakland
(510) 268-1288

Gum Kuo

I have been coming to this place since I moved to Oakland. Authentic Chinese food with great bbq selections. We ordered the roast pork, boiled chicken, r... More reviews

4.2 - 131 votes

Hours: 9AM - 6PM

888 Webster St, Oakland
(510) 839-2010

Yung Kee

I came before the man n order mine first but got my last. Very long wait. You should order ahead over the phone. More reviews

4 - 161 votes

Hours: 12 - 9PM

3300 Grand Ave, Oakland
(510) 823-2082

Qi Dumpling Lounge

Yum Yum Yum! Delicious veggie dumplings and more. If you’re vegetarian and want good Chinese food, go here.Seem to be doing to-go only during the pandemic. More reviews

4.2 - 125 votes

Hours: 8AM - 4PM

659 E 12th St, Oakland
(510) 763-8801

Thanh Ky Restaurant

They have remained open during the pandemic and I always got the fried chicken rice plate. Sometimes the chicken can be dry but overall not bad. Friendly... More reviews

4.3 - 106 votes

Hours: 4 - 8:15PM

4112 MacArthur Blvd, Oakland
(510) 482-3988

Happy Garden

While you can't eat indoors during this covid protocol era their takeout service is pretty good get your order in before the dinner time starts and ... More reviews

3.8 - 161 votes

Hours: 11:30AM - 9:30PM

4258 Piedmont Ave, Oakland
(510) 658-9799

Little Shin Shin

Their website says to call in your order, but the line has been busy for the last 20 minutes More reviews

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