27 Best Vegan Restaurants in New York

“Cuban sandwich good - would have preferred plaintain chips instead of taro chips. Shrimp wrap tasted odd to my son but fine with my wife. My other son liked their arroz con pollo. Fried yucca was OK. Tables and seats are too close to each other.”

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“Dominican Restaurant in Washington Heights that my local friend takes all of her friends and family to that visits. She loves their whole chicken both take out and dining in. The portions are huge! We got rice, rice and beans, potato salad, fries (papas fritas), and ended with tres leches. Can't forget to get started with a pitcher of sangria for the whole table. It has freshly cut fruit in it too. We went there on a Monday for an early dinner and it got busy super quick. There is a wide range of food on the menu and arrive is quick. I believe there is street parking and there is indoor and outdoor seating.”

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“This is true Spanish cuisine. The highlight for me was the pulpo, many times places don’t properly know how to season octopus as less is more and it doesn’t hold onto seasoning very well. They found a way though. It was prepared very well and complemented by the potatoes too. My friend also enjoyed his meal, good sangria as well!”

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“I'm British, my boyfriend's Spanish.We have no damn clue on how tipping works in the US, especially if you pay on card and the payment has already gone through...So everything was amazing up until that point. I get that tips are a huge deal for people who live here (politically i don'teven understand why...but that's another story I guess), but the attitude my boyfriend received completely ruined the mood for us. Especially when he asked how it was done since we genuinely didn't know and to be hobest, we still don't...Talking to Patrick kinda saved the night. LOVELY man!The music was on point. The food was fire, except the fact we only received 3 slices of plantain each...that was a bit painful. But overall it was a lovely experience for us...up until that point”

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“Very cute restaurant, drinks were really good, wait staff was really nice and they treated me well for my birthday! Our only thing which is not too big of a thing is our food was a little salty. We had the oxtail and coconut Salmon. Not too salty where we couldn't enjoy our food but it was salty. The jerk chicken could have been cooked a little more but it still taste good!”

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“Food was amazing, so delicious and flavorful. We got the jollof rice and egg stew, and vegan egusi with plantain fufu. The rice was great, just wish it were a little spicier but the hot sauces we were given made up for this. The egusi was unlike anything I’ve ever tried before, and the fufu was such a fun texture to eat! Definitely some of the best dishes I’ve had in a while. The guy at the register was helpful in helping us choose what to get, but the place itself is quite small and not conducive to sit and eat.”

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“Je conseille ce restaurant, vous ne serez pas déçu, les plats sont équilibrés et délicieux, le concept est novateur, écologique et surtout aucun gaspillage.I recommend this restaurant, you will not be disappointed, the dishes are balanced and delicious, the concept is innovative, ecological and especially no waste.”

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“As soon as I heard "elevated Afro-Caribbean", I believe I rolled my eyes and walked away from whoever was speaking. Up to this point, the world of fine dining has either ignored African cuisines or whitewashed them--and I wanted no part in that.But one recent night, I found myself here for dinner thanks to reservations I didn't make. So I figured I'd make the best of the whitewashing and just be happy I got into one of the hottest spots in town. I didn't need to try that hard. The Curried Goat Patties were crisp and decadent, while the Black Bean Hummus was bursting with berbere goodness. I didn't care for the too-sweet Braised Oxtails, but the Curried Snow Crab was great for my pescatarian heart. Even the mocktails delivered, though the Pineapple Daiquiri was much, much better than the Passionfruit Orange Guava.Bottom line: I don't like paying $50-85 for entrees I grew up eating at 1/10th that price. But I do like that the amazing spices, flavors and textures of these cuisines have managed to carry through in an upscale Lincoln Center restaurant--something I've not seen successfully done in most upscale "ethnic" restaurants. I still wouldn't pay that much again, but on pure cooking principle, it's nice to know that a change of price, clientele and scenery doesn't have to compromise taste.”

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“I’ve been here twice and will be coming back. The reason why is the food is delicious and great customer service. I feel it’s rare getting a smile and caring counter service in NYC. With that being said the Mac and cheese, fried chicken, greens, and yams are delicious. The prices are reasonable as well.”

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“I want to say I came here on a Friday night while I was in Dubai in June. By the time I got there, there were no more tables available, but I was able to put my food order in before the kitchen closed. They held my food for me until I was ready to go. I stayed and danced a little bit since it had turned over to the club part of the night. They did play some good music, and it was a good little vibe. The staff was friendly enough to me as well. I met some people while I was there and enjoyed myself. The food seemed a little expensive to me coming from the states, but they did give large portions, though. It didn't taste like any jerk chicken I've ever had before, but it was still seasoned well. I would come back here the next time I'm in Dubai, but I would be sure to get there earlier the next time.”

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“This place was a recommendation from a friend and a good one. We came for breakfast and this is not your typical breakfast place. Our order of crab cakes, fish, fritters, eggs, grits, cheese and chive biscuits and coffee was delicious but also every plate that passed by us looked good. I will definitely come back to try more things. Follow them on Instagram to see daily specials and more photos.”

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“First and foremost I have to say that I have never in my life been to a Caribbean restaurant and the service was outstanding! The bartender was awesome the drinks were on point. The atmosphere was so welcoming. I wish I would of taken a picture of my food but we were to drunk by the time we got home and bodied that food!!! The rasta pasta was so fresh my man had chicken I had it with oxtail and it was great!!!This place is definitely a hidden gem!!!”

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“Their jerk chicken and jerk shrimp are simply delicious. I also highly recommend the banana plantains. The service is incredibly quick and efficient. I had the chance to chat with the owner and his mother, and they are both so lovely. I recommend this place 100%.”

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“I come here every time I want some good Spanish food they never miss nor disappointed. Everytime I come there very friendly , the service is fast and the food always tastes great. I highly recommend been eating from here for about a year now ?”

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“For any occasion, date night, birthday, or anniversary, visit Omar's Kitchen. You will not be disappointed. We ordered a smorgasbord of apps ( which I can't remember, lol). I do remember having fish as an entrée which was absolutely delicious. A dj is usually there on the weekends to create that perfect island vibe. Although the seating area is somewhat tight, we didn't feel overly cramped. Service is first class, and food came out quickly. I have told all my friends about this eatery and will be visiting soon before summer ends. Omar's Kitchen comes highly recommended.”

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“Flavor's house is not an eat in Restaurant but rather a spot to go for breakfast and lunch take out. The food isn't bad but it's not as good as it's previous owners. Nevertheless, it's convenient for the nearby workers in the hospital, schools , security staff and construction workers.”

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“Although they sadly are closed for now as a restaurant, it has been a delight to host my wedding and baby shower here. Marisol is very accessible and accommodating. The prices per person are absolutely reasonable, and she makes sure you get a say in everything she does when it comes to the organization of the event. I would truly recommend this place: their food tastes amazing and the service is excellent. 5+ stars!”

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“9'2022My gf and I stopped here for drinks prior to leaving New York.Super cutesy, clean, and spacious. This place did not disappoint. We had great service by the bartender whose name has escaped me. He was a young/ middle-aged aa male. Super beverage engineer talented. LolHmmm, I am thinking his name was Hilton.We ordered...Strawberry DaiquiriBlue BreezeApple FelliniThe beverages were amazing!!I look forward to returning for this same experience as well as trying their brunch !!”

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“This is a great place to eat. Vendors are friendly and food is really good. The j*** chicken was my favorite (really hot, yes!) and the rice is soft, well cooked. They also have a variety of salad mix. The potato salad was really good. I'm not a fish eater but even the seafood smell good. Price is reasonable, I think it's 9$ a pound but less money if the weight is less. It's definitely worth it.Vegetarian options: They have a variety of mixes for salad.”

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“Great place to go. Had a DJ on Sunday because I guess it gets pretty packed for brunch. Had a security guard and a lot of tvs to watch sports. Also, tables in the back with a little separate staircase section. Maybe bottle service or it's a lounge/ club Friday/ Saturday. The drinks were awesome (you can build them), we will definitely be coming back. It's hard to find parking on Sunday, but once you are in, you are good to chill.”

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“I drove by yesterday and needed to check this place out I am soooo glad I did J*** chicken patty’s off the chain I wish he had more I tried to go back Today and was late! The man had a good spirit the patty’s are good you won’t regret this place I promise.❤️??”

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“Fabulous food+ beverages - highly recommend their Amsterdam restaurant !! Their pernil is delicious-tender+tasty!! Their Guanabana shake is beyond perfection+ their iced espresso is fabulous-strong+ rich+ without sugar - it's is divine coffee + equal to any great Italian!! Amazing people take your order+ great deliverymen too!!”

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“I stopped in mid afternoon because I was in the neighbourhood and looking for something to eat. The staff seated me immediately and were very friendly and offered helpful suggestions. I had the pork sliders and a side order of mac n cheese. The sauce was quite spicey but at Eric's suggestion I got it on the side and I was able to control the spice level. It had some heat and it lingered for a short time, but not unpleasantly. The mac n cheese was excellent, and the cocktails are delicious.”

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“Food was gone before i could take a pic ? DELICIOUS! music was on point! -1 star because there was no liq served but you were allowed to bring your own liq and make a mixed drink with theirs. Servers were very attentive to our large party will def go again!”

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“Baby. They never ever disappoint. Servings large and satisfying, food fresh and delicious, ox tail tender and flavorful…It’s so delicious that I ate it at 3 pm but I’m up at 2 am daydreaming about it. It was GREAT, and it always is. They cook this food with love ?That Haitian patty! Li telman bon!”

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“The j*** chicken and rice was amazing. It had a sweet but savory taste to it which was great. It is a little spicy so if you don’t like spice I would recommend a different food item. The guys working were really nice and I throughly enjoyed my experience!”

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“Food was delish! Very friendly staff. It was clean. We had the Cuban, beef, and chicken empanadas and a chicken salad. The salad was so good. Chicken was very juicy and hot on the salad! All the empanadas were tasty, chicken and Cuban was our favorite. We topped it off with an apple pie empanada and churros. The apple pie one was nothing special and tasted a lot like McDonald’s apple pie but the churros were HOT and fresh and were great. Would go back again. Really enjoyed.”

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