50 Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Toronto

Hem Social Vietnamese • $
1424 Dundas St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Vermicelli Salad Bowl with Saute Garlic Beef
Deep Fried Wontons
Summer Rolls

“This is a go-to for my partner and I. We have been going since we moved to the neighborhood and they are so lovely and accommodating. Plus, the food is amazing!Vegetarian options: Basically every dish has a veggie alternative!Dietary restrictions: Vegan friendly“

4.9 Superb86 Reviews
Nang Saigon Vietnamese • $$
450 Bloor St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Vermicelli with Shrimp and Spring Roll
Vermicelli with Chicken Spring Roll
Fresh Rice Roll with Shrimp
Pho Satay with Rare Beef
Deep Fried Spring Roll
Shrimp Vermicelli
Vietnamese Pho
House Special
Beef Rib Pho
Pho Poutine

“This new place is fantastic.Excellent friendly and fast service.The House special Pho was delicious and flavourful, but the Pho Poutine was a step above all other restaurants in the area.Everything on the menu looks great, and can't wait to return to try them out.HIGH recommendation!!“

4.8 Superb117 Reviews

Pho 90

Pho 90 Vietnamese • $
90 Weston Rd, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

- Vegan Crispy Spring Rolls - 2 Rolls
- Chicken Rice Noodle Soup Phở GÀ
Fresh Spring Rolls
- Hu Tieu Nam Vang
Bún Bò Huế
Fresh Rolls
Bun Bo Hue
Beef Pho
Bun Cha
Pad Thai

“We drove 5 hours to Toronto for a weekend break, arrived at the restaurant at 9:25pm. They showed their welcome greetings, settle everyone in a table with hot tea. Their hot and aroma pho soup was really a rejuvenation for us. They have a cleanest rest room, just like a home. Highly recommended.“

4.7 Superb199 Reviews
Viet Chay Vegan Cuisine Vegan • $
768 Wilson Ave, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

MI Xao Don Fried Yellow Noodles with Assorted Mock Meats and Veggies
Bun Bo Hue Spicy Vegetarian Noodle Soup
Thai Salad Rolls
Fried Sticky Rice
King Mushrooms
Lobster Rolls
Fried Rice
Pad Thai
Vegan BBQ
Duck BBQ

“Step into a world of tantalizing flavors at this vegan Vietnamese gem, where Vicky's warm hospitality elevates the dining experience. From savory pho to mouthwatering banh mi, every dish bursts with authenticity and plant-based goodness. Don't miss out on this culinary adventure – it's a must-try for vegans and foodies alike!“

4.8 Superb113 Reviews
88 Foods Fast Food •
55 Sherbourne St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Lemongrass Chicken on Rice with Egg
Steam Pork Roll with Ground Pork
Lemongrass Chicken Banh MI
Honey Sausage Banh MI
Cold Cuts Sandwiches
Chicken Sanduíches
Rice Paper Salad B
BBQ Pork Banh MI
Lemongrass Tofu
Avocado Shake

“88 Foods is my neighbourhood go to takeout. Super affordable, the portions are pretty big for the prices you pay. Dinner for two will run you about 20-25$. Daisy is a great and her service is on point! Def recommend the fried rice and the lemongrass chicken “

4.9 Superb77 Reviews
Saigon Lotus Vietnamese • $
6 St Andrew St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Lemongrass Tofu Seiten and Crispy Roll
Steamed Rice Roll with Fresh Wild Mushroom
Crispy Vegetable Spring Rolls
Golden Curry Vermicelli Soup
Pan Fried Vegan Phở
Mango Sticky Rice
Exotic Fried Rice
Butter Chicken
Pan Fried Pho
Vegan Combo 1

“Great place for vegetarian viatnamese food!if you like faux meats- this is your place to go!Good portion sizes for the priceHad the rice with black bean tofu and garlic veggies- very tasty and well balanced mealVegetarian options: its a complete vegetarian place“

4.6 Superb166 Reviews
Green Bamboo Vietnamese Cuisine Noodles • $
1266 Bloor St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Thai Style Beef Noodle Soup
Beef Brisket Carrot Stew
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Thai Style Rare Beef
Rare Beef and Tendon
Honey Chicken Wings
Shrimp Fried Rice
Special Combo
Grilled Meat
Spring Roll

“Every staff member was very friendly and efficient. I got a warm welcome the second I stepped in. I ordered a chicken noodle soup which was very nice. The portion size shocked me a little. I ordered a regular but what I got was huge. I thought it was a mistake for a second. I enjoyed the broth. The price was also very reasonable. I will be returning to try other dishes!“

4.8 Superb63 Reviews
Rustle & Still Café Cafe • $
605 Bloor St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Deluxe Rustle and Still Banh MI
Lemongrass Chicken
Purple Sweet Potato
Char Siu Banh MI
Banh MI Skillet
Tofu Mushroom
Adobo Banh MI
Iced Latte

“This is one of those cafes that ticks all the boxes! Tasty coffee, affordable, great ambience to sit and work, the friendliest staff I’ve ever met, great food!!! I’m vegetarian and I love their gochujang tofu and mushroom bahn mi! Their cookies and pastries are absolutely amazing! Try the pandan cookie it’s lovely! I’m a student and I love working here! Just good things to say, I’ve been visiting for over a year now.“

4.7 Superb70 Reviews
Viet Thai Kitchen Vietnamese • $
1468 Victoria Park Ave #1, North York

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Lemongrass Pork Chop on Rice - Com Suong
Pork Fresh Rolls and Crispy Spring Rolls
Northern Spare Ribs Soup
Chicken Wing Thai Style
Veggie Spring Rolls
Pad Thai Chicken
Pho Beef Special
Satay Chicken
Mango Salad
Bun Bo Hue

“Some of the best Pho in the city! So happy the pandemic didn’t impact their recipe. Perfect dark brown, clear and fragrant broth containing tender rare beef, noodles and I add veggies. This was what I’d been craving during lockdown. As usual Viet Thai Kitchen didn’t disappoint! 10/10 recommended!“

4.7 Superb60 Reviews
Madame Saigon (Midtown) Vietnamese • $
2038 Yonge St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Beef Pho Special Noodle Soup
Crispy Pork Spring Roll
Fresh Rolls with Shrimp
P10 Plain Pho Plain Pho
Spicy Beef Noodle Soup
General Tao's Chicken
House Special Pho

“The food is good, I tried pho and some fried rice and vermicelli dishes so far. The restaurant has the potential to give you a fine dining experience, but servants are a bit mechanical and the service definitely lacks any emotion for that type of experience. But the food is good, price is reasonable and it is usually busy.“

4.6 Superb77 Reviews


PHO OK Vietnamese • $
4664 Yonge St Unit 21, North York

Customers` Favorites

Grilled Chicken and Pork on Rice
Ps1 Phở Gà Nướng One Size
p1 House Special Pho Medium
Gỏi Xoài Tôm Thái Lan
P4 Phở Tái Bò Viên
Ps4 Bún Bò Huế
Beef Noodle Soup
Fresh Rolls With
Bun Bo Hue L
Shrimp Roll

“Unbeatable Pho Quality: As a pho enthusiast, I'm always on the hunt for the perfect bowl, and I've finally found it here. The broth is the heart and soul of any good pho, and this place nails it every time. Paired with tender cuts of meat and expertly cooked noodles, every bite is a symphony of flavors. With reasonable prices and generous portions, this establishment has secured its spot as my go-to pho destination."“

4.5 Superb146 Reviews
Banh Mi Huy-Ky Vietnamese • $
1046 Gerrard St E, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Vietnamese Sandwich
Chicken Sandwich
Pork Spring Roll
Pork Skewers
Steamed Buns
BBQ Pork

“Hole in the wall, family run shop. The bread was a perfect level of crusty/soft. The filling was generous and fresh. Prices are going up to $5.50 in March, but I'll definitely be back for more. Super excited that they sell nem chua (cured pork)!“

4.6 Superb60 Reviews
Le's Sandwich Vietnamese • $$
1119 College St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Assorted Sandwich

“While I wouldn't agree that this is the 'best in town,' they offer really good, reasonably priced sandwiches that are interesting for sure. The vegetarian is a bit richer and denser than most in downtown Toronto, probably due to the tomato sauce and cooked onions which are quite good. I'll amost always pick one up if I'm in the area.“

4.6 Superb58 Reviews
Saigon Sandwiches Vietnamese •
675 Lansdowne Ave, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Chicken Banh MI
Fried Chicken Banh MI
Popcorn Chicken

“10/10, soooo flippin’ good across the board! My girlfriend and I were in the west end shopping all day and randomly stumbled on this place because we were starving and it was unreaaal. Definitely will be back! Quick and super tasty, thank-you so much again!!“

4.6 Superb53 Reviews
Que Ling Vietnamese Cuisine Vietnamese • $
248 Boulton Ave, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Banh Cuon Steamed Rice Rolls
Rare Beef Rice Noodle Soup
Bánh Cuốn Thịt
Chicken Noodle Soup
House Special Pho
Bun Bo Hue
Bun Rieu

“The pho here was genuinely one of the best I’ve had with its perfect balance of savoury notes with a touch of sweetness. The grilled pork and rice dish was delicious as well. I have no complaints on the food. I wish I could have it everyday. I also ordered the iced coffee which I would caution others who may be more sensitive to caffeine since it was very strong.I wanted to give this restaurant a 5 stars since the pho was one of the best I’ve had. However, the server was quite unwelcoming and abrupt which made my experience less enjoyable.“

4.5 Superb72 Reviews
Konia Kitchen and Bar Vietnamese •
403 Roncesvalles Ave, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Konia’S Style Beef Steak Bo Bit Tet
Tossed Jackfruit Salad Goi Mit Chay
Imperial Veggie Rolls Cha Gio Chay
Banh MI on the Gang Banh MI Chao
Tossed Mango Salad Goi Xoai Chay
Pork Patties Platter Met Bun Cha
Pork Patties Vermicelli Platter
Vietnamese Pork Sausage
Grilled Pork Banh MI
DIY Rolls Platter

“Had a great time at Konia! Zoey, our server, was super friendly and knew her stuff. She skillfully walked me through the menu, taking the time to ask about my flavor preferences to ensure the perfect cocktail choice. The Nirvana's Sunset cocktail she suggested was a real standout. Also the tossed beef salad was a delightful pick, filled with fresh ingredients and fantastic flavors. Konia's service and food were top-notch. Can't wait to go back!“

4.5 Superb70 Reviews
Basil Box Thai • $
200 Elizabeth St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Coconut Curry Tofu Box
Lemongrass Chicken
Chicken Pad Thai

“This is an awesome BASIL BOX! I would say it's the best one, but I haven't been to many before. The staff are incredibly kind and provide exceptional service. And the food is delicious with great vegan options, definitely a top-tier fast food place. Highly recommend!“

4.6 Superb39 Reviews
UFO Restaurant Vietnamese • $
241 Niagara St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Deep Fried Pork Spring Rolls
Grilled Pork Vermicelli
House Special Breakfast
Vietnamese Banh MI
Shrimp Fresh Rolls
Special Pho
Beef Pho

“Family run business that makes delicious authentic Vietnamese food without breaking the bank.This is not a place you go to for beautiful atmosphere/vibes but it has its charm. The portions are great! The fresh rolls and spring rolls in particular are massive!Growing up in a Vietnamese household meant that I got spoiled with the best pho all the time. I was also in Vietnam earlier this year and can attest that this place has the best pho broth I have tried. The Pho broth isn't clear so you know its not watered down and done properly. Its super flavourful.We also tried the breakfast here. Nothing fancy. But you can get a whole breakfast (toast, eggs, sausage/bacon, big homefries, with coffee for $12)! That's almost unheard of in Toronto!I hear their homemade burgers are amazing--have yet to try.Great quality food, portions, and price.Please support this place!“

4.5 Superb58 Reviews
Anh Dao Restaurant Vietnamese • $
383 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Fresh Shrimp Spring Rolls
Lemongrass Grilled Pork
Deep Fried Spring Rolls
Grilled Pork Sausage
Lemongrass BBQ Pork
House Special Soup
Vermicelli Bowl
Betel Leaf Beef
Fresh Rolls
Spicy Beef

“The best pho and Vietnamese cuisine in Toronto! I make sure to always stop here for a meal when I'm in Toronto. Sometimes I drive more than an hour JUST for the food ! The food is always fresh, delicious, and customer service on point! Their specialty rolls are sooooo good! I highly recommend this gem in downtown Toronto, you won't be disappointed!“

4.4 Superb113 Reviews
Basil Box Thai • $
200 Bay Street, Unit LC-F1, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Spicy Eggplant & Tofu on Rice Vegan
Signature Thai Iced Tea
Lemongrass Chicken Box
Coconut Curry Tofu Box
Peppers and Edamame
Nutty Chicken Box
Tofu Delight Box
Hearty Steak Box
Zesty Steak Box
Carrot Pickles

“Discovered this hidden gem of a Yogurt Drink store in Basil. Tried mango yogurt and It was absolutely fantastic! The flavors were on point, and I can't wait to come back for more. A must-try for yogurt enthusiasts! and for sure Chicken pad Thai is amazing as always!“

4.5 Superb54 Reviews
Baguette & Co. Sandwich Shop • $
2772 Dundas St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Seoul Food
Banh MI

“This is such a gem of a place. The best banh mi I've ever had! I'm supposed to be on a bread free diet, but this is the exception, I can't stop coming back!The balance of ingredients is perfect and delicious, the grilled pork is perfectly seasoned, and the texture is sooooo good.The staff here are total sweethearts, they take a lot of pride in their food & service.Do yourself a favor and get the Banh mi with grilled pork!“

4.7 Superb26 Reviews
Pho Lang Van Vietnamese • $
958 St Clair Ave W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Rare Beef Pho
Grilled Pork
Fresh Rolls
Spring Roll
Pho Lang Van
Pho Seafood

“We went in at off-peak hours and basically had the whole place to ourselves. The restaurant was clean. We were served jasmine tea while browsing through their menu.Our fresh rolls were made fresh as the battered shrimp was still hot to touch when it arrived at our table. The stock in the chicken pho was amazing and well flavored. The beef stock for the rare beef pho was average but still very good (just didn't stand out from other shops). Portions are more than fair - the regular bowl has really large portions in my opinion. I would definitely come back and enjoy another bowl on a cold winter day.“

4.6 Superb28 Reviews

Pho Xua

Pho Xua Vietnamese • $
1768 St Clair Ave W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Bún Chả Nem Cua Bể Special Crab Spring Rolls with Vermicelli
Spicy Huế Styled Vermicelli Soup
Pho Beef Rice Noodle Soup
Fresh Spring Rolls
Bun Rieu
Bun Dau

“Clean, calming atmosphere, server had amazing positive energy, food was tasty and fresh. Will be going back!Vegetarian options: A separate section on the menu for vegetarian options; offer vegan broth for pho.Dietary restrictions: Lots of vegetarian optionsParking: Free parking on street after 6pm“

4.6 Superb27 Reviews

Pho VP

Pho VP Vietnamese • $
351 Jane St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Chicken and Shrimp Pad Thai
Beef & Spring Roll

“We went for dinner with my family for the first time and I’m SO glad we did! The pho was absolutely phenomenal and the spring rolls were delicious. Our server was so kind and even topped off my left over pho with more broth so that I could have a full lunch the next day. Overall a fantastic experience. We’ll definitely be back!!“

4.5 Superb31 Reviews

Mi Mi

Mi Mi Vietnamese • $$
688 Gerrard St E, Toronto

“Been coming for years and never disappointed, one of the best, simple and never overpriced, seriously these days it's hard tonfind. Everything is amazing, mango shake, the traditional pho both beef and chicken broth, and my absolute favorite- BBQ beef with egg noodle, soup on the side absolute heaven. Do also try the BBQ lemon grass chicken thigh with rice, noodles in soup or soup on the side. Please try them out and do report back here .“

4.5 Superb30 Reviews
Komi Banh Mi Bar (Danforth) Sandwich Shop • $
467 Danforth Ave, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Honey Garlic Chicken and Mango Green Tea
Komi House Style Pork Sandwich
Honey Garlic Chicken Sandwich
Lemongrass Chicken
Grilled Pork

“The food is always good here! The service is hit or miss and they still don't have washrooms available for customers, they've been "under construction" for months now.Vegetarian options: Tofu banh mi is pretty good and you can add habanero to it!“

4.4 Superb48 Reviews
Phở Hưng Restaurant Vietnamese • $
350 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Special Deep Fried Spring Roll for Vegetarian
Hung's Special Beef Rice Noodle Soup
Special Fried Chicken Wings
Deep Fried Spring Rolls
Fresh Spring Rolls
Large Rare Beef Pho
House Special Pho
Vermicelli Bowl
Chicken Curry
Grilled Pork

“Stopped in for lunch and got some fried tofu and pho. The tofu was meh, and the side sauce my partner didn't like too much. The phon was good however. The broth was flavourful and not too greasy, with fresh additions on the side (sprouts, Thai Basil, lime, etc.) Complimentary tea is always welcome. The rest of the food seemed authentic. They take cash only so beware. Service was fast and friendly.“

4.3 Superb111 Reviews
Flower Lantern Vegetarian Restaurant Vietnamese • $
2437 Finch Ave W #1, North York

Customers` Favorites

Vegetarian Stir Fried Rice Noodles with Assorted Mock Beef
Fried Rice with Mock Meats
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Vegetarian Mock BBQ
Hot Pot Ingredients
Style Fried Rice
Banh MI

“Friendly service with tasty food :”) We tried the Imitation Duck & Vegetable on Pan - Fried Noodle and the Veggie Salty Fish & Soy Chicken Fried Rice. The Noodle won us over and the Fried Rice was also delicious. The secret is that they have marinated bean curds and were skillfully processed to create a chewy and mouth-watering flavour.Honestly speaking, similar to what other reviews stated, the dishes are indeed pretty oily, however the green bean sprouts help balancing the taste so it’s not too bad. If you are used to Southeast Asian dishes then this would be right up your alley.“

4.4 Superb40 Reviews
Silver Chopsticks Vietnamese • $$
621 Dixon Rd, Etobicoke

Customers` Favorites

Hue Spicy Beef Noodle Soup - Bun Bo Hue
Banh MI - Vietnamese Sandwich
Thai Pineapple Fried Rice
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Pho Rolls - Pho Cuon
Tom Yum Noodle Soup
Mango Sticky Rice
Thai Mango Salad
Red Thai Curry
Tom Yum Soup

“This is some of the standout the dishes that we’ve tried. We are from Burlington but any chance we got we would try to make it there. We own a business too and it is a hard time right now to spend so much for eating out but really treat yourself with a good meal after your stressful or hard working day and support other business would make us feel so much better. Actually the price is not too high with such a high quality and tasty food. The customer service and the environment really make me feel like come have a meal at a friend’s home. The owners extremely friendly and seems very passionate with his cooking and serving. The staffs are all nice and caring. What’s else do you asking for. Highly highly recommended!“

4.3 Superb103 Reviews
Fresh Rolls Restaurant Asian Fusion • $$
1830 The Queensway, Etobicoke

Customers` Favorites

Thai Curry Fried Rice Chicken and Sgrimp
Stir Fried Vegetables with Noodles
Fried Banana with Vanilla Ice Cream
Grilled Chicken on Jasmine Rice
Marinated Jumbo Prawn & Chicken
Vietnamese Fresh Shrimp Roll
Crispy Spinach with Shrimp
House Special Noodles
Basil Fried Rice
Beef Fried Rice

“It has become a tradition to enjoy dinner at Fresh Rolls after getting my hair cut (nearby). Love their fresh rolls so much! Yesterday I had one of their curry dishes and coconut rice and it hit the spot. Always clean, prompt nice service. Their mango smoothie is also fantastic!“

4.3 Superb97 Reviews

Vit Beo

Vit Beo Vietnamese • $
858 Bloor St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken Banh MI
Brisket Croquettes
Banh MI Sandwich
Vegan Banh MI
Pork Congee
Fried Squid
Turnip Cake
Pho Bo Kho
Vegan Pho

“TLDR: Great service. Soup kinda cold.Cozy beer-friendly ramen-shop style pho place. Soup was cooling off fast when we got it, so I inhaled it like ramen. Don’t expect your usual hoisin sauce/sariracha on the side, but ask for their chili oil. They also blast city pop, which I am privy to.“

4.3 Superb84 Reviews
Vietnam lovely noodle Vietnamese • $
378 Bloor St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

1301 Hue Style Noodle Soup Miexed Spices w Raw Beef &Cooked Beef
Lemongrass Chicken Noodle Soup
Vietnamese Spring Rolls
Vietnamese Rice Combo
Rare Beef Noodle Soup
Lemongrass Pork Chop
Lemongrass Chicken
Grilled Pork Neck
Lemongrass Beef
Fried Rice

“Located near the west side exit of Spadina Station, Vietnam Lovely Noodle offers a warm, quick and satisfying bowl of noodle soup! The restaurant has a lot of coat racks along the walls and offers tables with bench seating format. Their noodle soup portions were decent.When we went, the restaurant closed at 11pm which was great to know for a quick pitstop from the TTC subway line in the evening. There were a lot of options on the menu. Their 'pho' lacks cilantro and the soup base is a bit generic. It was still tasty for their version of pho and provided bean sprouts. However, the small size bowl of soup is surprisingly filling and still delicious! The staff are attentive and accommodating. Plus, they accept credit cards and bring the machine to you to pay the bill. Do note, that they only take debit/cash under $25 and they have WiFi in the restaurant.“

4.3 Superb69 Reviews
Kim Vietnamese Restaurant Vietnamese • $
546 Dundas St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Spring Roll & Shredded Pork on Vermicelli
Grilled Pork and Spring Roll Cold Noodles
Bún Bò Huế
Bun Bo Hue

“This place is a hidden gem! I had such a lovely, delicious, soul warming time here. It is owned by the two sweetest people, she was practicing her calligraphy while we ate and it was beautiful. The food is beyond delicious and so well priced. This place deserves all the love in the world!“

4.4 Superb30 Reviews
Oxtail Pho - Bánh Mì - Phở Đuôi Bò Vietnamese • $$
814 Dundas St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Banh MI Thap Cam
Oxtail Pho
BBQ Duck
Pho Tai

“Cute small locally owned restaurant. The food was good and well thought out. The portions were quite sizable too! Unfortunately they only take cash or debit and encourage one bill per table. The service is also a bit slow and you often have to call the waiter over to get their attention. The seating was cute and fairly “

4.3 Superb67 Reviews
LA LA Bakeshop (Annex) Bakery • $$
346 A Bloor St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

salted egg roll cake 肉松咸蛋黄蛋糕卷
Vietnamese Coffee Tiramisu Mini Cake
Pandan Matcha Tiramisu Mini Cake
Lava Salted Egg
Mango Mini Cake
Tiramisu Cake

“A delightful local business bakery which offers unique flavours in a classic way.The selection of mini cakes ? with their unique flavours are wonderful in taste and the presentation looks appealing and appetizing.The assorted flavours of the classic buns were wonderful as well.It is not cheap however … but if you want good and honest good cakes and assorted baked goods with distinct new bold flavours. Then you have try their menu at least once.Happy eats everyone ?“

4.3 Superb62 Reviews
Banh Cuon To Thanh Vietnamese • $
1772 St Clair Ave W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Hến Xúc Bánh Đa
Spicy Beef Noodle
Bún Măng Vịt
Bánh Cuốn
Spring Rolls
Bun Bo Hue
Pho Tai

“My family and I used to go here all the time, they have new owners now but they’ve kept the delicious flavours and authenticity alive. The Banh Cuon Dac Biet with the fried shrimp cupcake is so good, made so fresh. The Bun Mang Viet (bamboo and duck soup) is incredible. The sauce it comes with to dip the duck is full of flavour. One of my fave viet spots in Toronto.“

4.3 Superb62 Reviews
Huong Viet Vietnamese • $
1750 St Clair Ave W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Fried Pancake Bánh Xèo
Deep Fried Squid Cakes
House Special Pho
Rare Beef Pho
Pho DAC Biet

“Check out @bredgyeats for more delicious food pics!Bun Cha Ca - The fried dill fish cakes are the star of the show in this one. A savory, oily fragrance paired with the bounciness of the fish paste, with the freshness of the dill alone makes the dish worth it.The pho is also no slouch either as the broth perfumes with a beefy aroma and a classic rice noodle texture.“

4.4 Superb27 Reviews
Cafe Pho Nho Vietnamese • $$
2060 Dundas St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Chicken Pho with Chili Sauce
Bahn MI Sandwich
Pho DAC Biet
Spring Rolls
Pho Bo
Pho Tai

“Delicious Vietnamese cuisine with lots of selection. First time dining in at this hideaway restaurant. We tried the pan fried meat and seafood chow mein, grilled beef on French bread, baby clams with dried pancakes and Vietnamese sticky rice pudding with black eyed peas and coconut cream. It was sooo delicious! The restaurant opened from 4 pm to midnight on weekdays and 2 am on weekends. Their menu was full of delicious dishes. They also have a great selection of vegetarian dishes. The only downside was they only accept cash no cards:)Vegetarian options: Great selection of vegetarian dishes“

4.3 Superb54 Reviews
Pho Rang Dong Pho • $$
1193 St Clair Ave W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Pad Thái with Lemongrass Chicken
Pad Thai with Curry Tofu
Rare Beef Chicken Pho
Noodle Soup
Spring Roll
Mango Salad

“My experience here is always amazing and always consistent. Definitely would recommend the deep fried pork spring rolls and I gotta say the vegetarian option is just as good. I always go for the #12 Pho special that has all the meats you need in a pho. It’s pretty much their house special pho and a Large fills me up just as well and perfectly every time. Sometimes I leave with some leftover for home. I come here with my husband all the time and a 10/10 experience. The lady that is front of house always has a smile on her face and enjoys seeing regulars for sure.Vegetarian options: They have vegetarian options for a lot of their dishes from pho, spring rolls, pad Thai and more.Parking: Always depends on the time of day and what day of the week. Could be spotty but there’s also a paid parking lot a bit north of Dufferin st. But still walkable to locationKid-friendliness: Very kid friendly. They even have a booster seat. I would say they are very accommodating.“

4.3 Superb52 Reviews
Hanoi Restaurant Vietnamese • $$
1285 Queen St W, Toronto

“The food is fresh and delicious here. I’ve had the banh mis, the bun, and the bun rieu. The baguettes they use are perfectly crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. Salty pate that compliments the rest perfectly. Fresh veggies in the bun, delicious broth in the bun rieu. Gotta try the pho next. The cat is adorable and the Buddhist shrines are a bit extra but compliments the authenticity of the place. the only thing is the service is hella slow but it’s two elderly Viet guys running the show and the cheap eats and quality of the food makes up for it.“

4.3 Superb24 Reviews
Banh Mi Boys Sandwich Shop • $
392 Queen St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

5 Spice Pork Belly and Kimchi Fries
Five Spice Pork Belly
Grilled Pork Banh MI
Fried Chicken Bao
Banh MI Sandwiches
Sweet Potato Fries
Braised Beef
Grilled Pork
Club Banh MI
Tofu Bao

“banh mi boys is still as good today as it was 10 years ago. the OG location is no exception. lemongrass pork banh mi was fresh and delicious and prices have remained reasonable.owners need to address the smell in the dining area though. smells like a washroom at the moment. otherwise thank you for keeping the city fed!“

4.2 Good83 Reviews
源香 Banh Mi Nguyen Huong Sandwich Shop • $
322 Spadina Ave., Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Vietnamese Three Colour Dessert
Veggie and Meat Options
Tofu Lemongrass Banh MI
Lemongrass Saussage
Honey Garlic Banh MI
Vietnamese Dessert
Vietnamese Sausage
Assorted Cold Cut
Cold Meat Banh MI
BBQ Pork Sausage

“Cash only spot (which can be inconvenient but there are many ATMs nearby).Came here to buy ingredients to make a “banh mi board” - prices were inexpensive and reasonable, we were able to put together a small board for ~$20 which could somewhat feed around 2-3 people. Food or ingredients itself wise, everything was delicious.Atmosphere is admittedly a bit daunting if you speak English only, but the staff is simply direct and “matter of fact”. If you ask for something (ie. I asked for a smaller tub of butter / beef fat instead of their standard containers), they will provide.“

4.2 Good74 Reviews
Phosome Restaurant Vietnamese • $
482 Parliament St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Crispy Veggie Spring Roll
AAA Rare Beef Pho
Jicama Cold Rolls
Grilled Chicken
Vermicelli Bowl
Special Pho
Vegan Pho
Pad Thai

“Banh Mi was on point. Fresh bread, overflowing ingredients, sizeable portion of BBQ pork and it all came together so nicely.Raw beef Pho also good with noodles perfectly done and a nice clear beef broth with mellow but distinct flavor.Nothing overly fancy and it really hit the spot. Came on a lazy Sunday early afternoon with expected quick service.Atmosphere is a bit dated with a counter that looks catered to the delivery/takeout crowd, but not expecting anything super nice if you just want a nice and delicious meal.“

4.2 Good63 Reviews
Banh Mi Boys Sandwich Shop Sandwich Shop • $
2365 Yonge St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Fried Chicken Steamed Bao
Kimchi Fries with Cheese
Five Spice Pork Belly
Fried Chicken Banh MI
Pulled Pork Sandwich
Grilled Chicken
Braised Beef
Grilled Pork
Duck Confit
Pulled Pork

“This location is great! I come here for my lunch breaks and the service is great, location is clean! The food is always on point, I usually eat there and they bring you the order and it’s a great affordable lunch meal! I def recommend and will always come back!“

4.2 Good56 Reviews
Mama's Tofu Vietnamese • $
1635 Lawrence Ave W, North York

Customers` Favorites

Vegan Chicken Caramel
Sweet and Sour Tofu

“OMG! Best vegetarian spicy chicken banh mi anywhere. Didn't even have it this good in Hanoi!?! The tofu chicken pulls, shreds, and taste better then real chicken! Their vegetarian bun rieu is good too--especially over the weekend.Jan, 2024Owner change alert! Business has changed hands. The menu hasn't changed, but the flavors have fewer of the true complex authentic ingredients in their dishes. Woe!“

4.2 Good40 Reviews
Pho Saigon Pho • $
1921 Eglinton Ave E Unit 8C, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Spring Roll with Beef on Vermicelli
Grilled Chicken and Beef on Rice
Curry Chicken Rice Noodle Soup
House Special Beef Noodle Soup
Vegetarian Spring Rolls
Chicken Noodle Soup
Fried Spring Rolls
Pho Noodle Soup
Grilled Chicken
Finished Pho

“It's a lovely place with a very nice ambience to try out some Asian cuisine.Will definitely recommend the curries, it was rich and creamy and very tasty.Do not try the Tofu fry, it was really tasteless.The service was good but our server seemed a bit impatient with us placing our orders even as we asked for some time to decide. She arrived to take away my plate while I was eating, asking if I was done. That was very weird and annoying and felt like we were rushed right from the moment we entered.The ambience and service was speedy, and food was good so I will definitely recommend the place.Vegetarian options: There were some nice vegetable and tofu options. The curry was really good. Would NOT recommend the Tofu fry. Really tasteless.“

4.2 Good40 Reviews
Pho Asia 21 Vietnamese • $$
1208 King St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Rare Beef & Tripe Rice Noodle Soup
Vegetable Tofu Pho Soup
Shrimp Spring Rolls
Chicken Pad Thai
Special Pad Thai
Rare Beef Pho
Chicken Wings
Beef Stew
Pho Tai

“Excellent food! This place is a Toronto fixture, almost legendary. Phad Thai, pho, spring rolls, fresh everything made to order. The interior is a journey back in time but classic in its own. Old school numbered menu ordering system, so classic. The traditional picture menu, it's all here in its glory. Great service! Fantastic food to dine in or take out. Lots of room for group or family dining(for best experience with large group, just let them know in advance). Lots of dishes to explore so you can go back again and again. Set your clock back 10 years because the prices are from a long gone era, very wallet friendly. Clean and organized and you will not wait long. A must try for any person living in or passing by the neighborhood. You'll love it and come back again. The menu caters to all diets.“

4.2 Good38 Reviews

Pho 369

Pho 369 Fast Food • $
113 McCaul St, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Pho 369 Special Noodle Soup
Pork Banh MI

“Found in the food court in the Village by the Grange is a classic Pho place. Friendly staff, caring and the most tasty and delicious Pho in the city. The beef Pho was my favourite but other dishes are really well made. You can place your order at the counter and find a seat in the food court and they bring the dish fully prepared with all the fixings! It is not fine dining , and the atmosphere is a food court but Pho 369 has good service that comes with a smile. I highly recommend this place for a quick meal with excellent service.“

4.2 Good25 Reviews
Banh Mi Ba Le Vietnamese • $
538 Dundas St W, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Fried Spring Rolls
Shredded Pork Roll
Cold Cut

“The Pho and Banh Mi here is delicious and very affordable! The lady who works here is the sweetest and honestly is the major reason I go back every week. She is always so kind and makes a wonderful atmosphere in the restaurant. Cannot recommend more, one of my fav Toronto spots!“

4.1 Good41 Reviews
Hanoi 3 Seasons Vietnamese • $$
1135 Queen St E, Toronto

Customers` Favorites

Fish and Dill Noodle Soup 19₫ Now
House Special Pho
Pho DAC Biet
Shrimp Rolls
Spring Roll
Fresh Rolls
Bun Bo Hue
Rare Beef
Pho na17
Goi Cuon

“I never thought I could find a pure Vietnamese restaurant with a Northern style like this in Canada. Strongly impressed by the way they decorate and furnish. I've been to Hanoi once and never thought I would see that image in this place. The food is 10/10, I can feel how they cherish and take care of each ingredient, even the dishes, bowls they imported from Vietnam (according to what they say). The shop owner was extremely enthusiastic and cheerful, I was treated kindly like a family member.I was even more impressed when I went down to the washroom, because the LGBT-friendly decorated made me feel very warm. If you are truly a lover of food and cozy luxury restaurants, you definitely have to try it once.“

4.1 Good44 Reviews
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