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HalalStreet Hot Pot & Xinjiang Cuisine 5605 Mowry School Road, Newark Halal • $$
5605 Mowry School Road, Newark

“Newly decorated place under new management. Labels to identify food in English and Chinese. Choose your broth from 6 options. Buffet includes vegetables, fish, noodles, bao buns tofu, sushi etc deserts and tea. Meat choices- lamb, beef, chicken. Xinjiang cuisine has additional menu optionsAmple ”

4.6 Superb150 Reviews
Hinodeya Newark 5724 Thornton Ave B, Newark Ramen • $$
5724 Thornton Ave B, Newark

“It's a small place but very delicious. We got some edamame, gyoza and the spicy miso ramen. SO good! Oh, and you can make modifications to your ramen easily, such I thought was neat. Nice workers.”

4.5 Superb190 Reviews
Jack's Restaurant & Bar 1029 Newpark Mall Rd, Newark American • $$
1029 Newpark Mall Rd, Newark

“Such a wonderful experience all around! Perfect for dinner & dessert for our leadership workshop! Thank you very much. Cheers to accommodating our group and making it such a positive event!Vegetarian options: Big portion, but delicious!”

4.5 Superb119 Reviews
Wakatobi Japanese Grill Hibachi and Sushi 35201 Newark Blvd F, Newark Japanese • $$
35201 Newark Blvd F, Newark

“Great food, clean and nice place and warm staff. I ordered it for lunch on door dash and I liked it so much that I brought my kids for dine in the next day. The steak, curry noodle soup, shrimp plate, their salad and the peanut butter dressing were amazing. The plates are decent size and heartily.”

4.5 Superb102 Reviews
Kong Sarang Tofu & BBQ 6180 Jarvis Ave suite a, Newark Korean • $$
6180 Jarvis Ave suite a, Newark

“Cocurry was here forever, but even the last time we came, it wasn't the same. Kong Sarang, on the other hand was hopping! The place quickly filled up after we arrived. That always happens to us. We ordered the seafood pancake and the combo of pork belly and tofu soup. They quickly served us with 8 varieties of banchan. I was a tad disappointed that we didn't get asked like the tables around us if we wanted any refills on the banchan. I felt like once we ordered and our food came out, we turned into red-headed step-children, and they forgot about Dre. The food was good. Comparable to Tofu House in Newark. The seafood pancake was hefty. She's a big girl. One could get full just off of that. We probably would return if in the mood for Korean food.”

4.7 Superb53 Reviews
Pocha K Newark 39055 Cedar Blvd STE 198, Newark Korean • $$
39055 Cedar Blvd STE 198, Newark

“Second time trying this place and this time it was better. Still sad not about the banchan but I'm just spoiled being from Koreatown LA. The food was really good, super clean place, portions are still big and shareable. Service was fast and friendly, bathroom was very clean and place was still insta cute. Definitely coming back when getting a craving for some Korean food.”

4.2 Good183 Reviews

Restaurants by Cuisine

The Breeze Cafe 39698 Cedar Blvd, Newark Breakfast • $$
39698 Cedar Blvd, Newark

“Randomly found this unassuming place in a shopping center. Everything we've tried has been outstanding, and they'll do a half order of most things so you can try even more. Service was great and the wait went faster than they said. Shout out to Andrew, it was like he could read my mind. I'll definitely be coming back.Kid-friendliness: Separate kids menu and they'll do half orders of anything”

4.1 Good479 Reviews
Jade Palace Restaurant 36601 Newark Blvd #64, Newark Chinese • $$
36601 Newark Blvd #64, Newark

“Vegetarian options: I LOVE to eat vegetables. I’ve never had any problems ordering MANY delicious vegetables dishes there!Parking: I’ve never had any problems finding a parking spot whenever I got to this restaurant, In fact, I could always find a parking spot very close to the entrance of the restaurant, in a handicap-parking space.Wheelchair accessibility: I’m handicapped with a walker or wheelchair whenever I go out of my house. This restaurant is 100% wheelchair/walker accessible for their customers.”

4.2 Good22 Reviews
O' Sushi Newark 34940 Newark Blvd, Newark Sushi Bar • $$
34940 Newark Blvd, Newark

“My brother and I ordered rolls,Hamachi Kama, and Toro. All are fresh and big serving. The toro was so good my brother ordered it twice. Service is also great. Definitely worth the price. Highly recommend.”

4.3 Superb65 Reviews

Restaurants with Delivery

Customize MaLaTang 39135 Cedar Blvd, Newark Chinese • $$
39135 Cedar Blvd, Newark

“Tasty and custom malatang - you choose what you want in your bowl. You also get to choose the style of cooking (soup or stir fry). There is also an a la cart menu you could order from. The fries are to die for and are a little spicy.”

4.4 Superb43 Reviews
Tasty Pot - Newark 34909 Newark Blvd, Newark Taiwanese • $$
34909 Newark Blvd, Newark

“One of my friend celebrated her birthday and this is her blowout celebration. Everybody got their own version, I got the Lamb Hot Pot, my wife got Japanese Miso, the celebrant got All Vegetarian, a couple shared Curry Beef, the celebrants husband got Beef Sacha and our last friend got Seafood Lobster Pot. The serving is generous and very good tasting hot pot soups, lots of vegetables and condiments. Very good for a winter December dinner. Everybody enjoyed their dinner and had an excellent dinner experience. Will visit again given a chance.Vegetarian options: There is an All Vegetarian hot pot soup that every vegetarian would appreciate and enjoy.”

4.3 Superb53 Reviews
Isla Restaurant 5720 Mowry School Rd, Newark Filipino • $$
5720 Mowry School Rd, Newark

“Had a minor issue when we first arrived, but once we were served, I forgot all about it. This place had the best Sinigang I've ever had at a restaurant. Thick, tangy, and savory soup--tender pork belly with delicious purple eggplant and okra. The taro is also a nice ingredient, not normally in Sinigang. The rice was great too.”

4.2 Good70 Reviews

Outdoor Dining

Mingala Restaurant 39055 Cedar Blvd #108, Newark Malaysian • $$
39055 Cedar Blvd #108, Newark

“Very smoky and hot noodles, good sauce and bite. Especially chow kuey teow. Seafood curry was luscious and sweet with a lot of shrimp.Tea salad solid, fair price.Roti too thick dont recommend, chicken of the noodles was a little old but well cooked.”

4.2 Good69 Reviews
Pan Fried Dumplings 6180 Jarvis Ave, Newark Asian • $$
6180 Jarvis Ave, Newark

“Some of the best casual dining Chinese food I have ever had! The soupy pan fried pork buns are a must get. Everything looks and smells great. Look forward to working my way through the menu.”

4.2 Good61 Reviews
Vinum Japanese Fusion & Bar 2025 Newpark Mall Rd, Newark Japanese • $$
2025 Newpark Mall Rd, Newark

“Vinum is one of the best places to hang out or go on a date any night. We went there on Friday and met Henry, our server. He was super nice and attentive. Henry went over the menu with us and recommended a few drinks. The food was delicious and came out quickly. The prices were decent, and the portions were good for sharing. The restaurant wasn't noisy, and there was a good view near the window. Henry always checked on us and was very friendly. Even though Friday was a busy night for him, he still constantly checked on our table to make sure we had everything we needed. We loved the place and the service so much that we came back on Tuesday night. We met Henry again, and once again, he gave us excellent customer service. I would highly recommend this place for the food, drinks, ambience, and of course, the customer service. Check them out if you're undecided on where to go for a date night!”

4.1 Good87 Reviews

Online Reservation Available

“Saw smokehouse the band there so awesome I had the greatest time. I'm going there to see smokehouse this Friday March 29th again. This place is so much fun I'd recommend it to ”

4 Good127 Reviews
Chef Cho 六合夜市 6180 Jarvis Ave suite c, Newark Taiwanese • $$
6180 Jarvis Ave suite c, Newark

“Best Taiwanese food in the Bay Area! My husband and I eat here every week because there are so many choices and they are all authentically delicious. I gathered my 9 foodie friends, including my husband, when I saw their Chinese New Year banquet menu. The ten of us sat at their brand new big round table, we stuffed ourselves with amazing traditional Taiwanese banquet gourmets, (totally different from the regular menu.) We also had boxes of leftovers for another meal. $600, 12 dishes, more than enough for 10 people; it equates to $5 per dish per person! After 10.75% tax and 20% tips, it's still less than $6.54 per dish per person! Plenty of food for 12 (or more if you're watching your weight. ) We ate 12 incredible dishes (see menu and food photos,) and we were 10 happily stuffed foodies wanting to do this again. The proprietor said to please give them at least two weeks notice for them to make a new banquet menu and buy the fresh ingredients anytime we want to taste another special meal. They are ready now for you to make a reservation and come enjoy the wonderful Chinese New Year banquet meal. Happy Eating!”

4 Good104 Reviews
Bistro 880 39900 Balentine Dr, Newark American • $$
39900 Balentine Dr, Newark

“Dining in the Bar was the right choice! Excellent service and conversation from the Bartender. He also provided great recommendations. I'll be back for more!”

4 Good84 Reviews

24 Hour Restaurants

Ray's Crab Shack 5989 Mowry Ave, Newark Seafood • $$
5989 Mowry Ave, Newark

“Wow! This is the best bagged seafood place I have ever been to! The prices are extremely fair and the seasoning they use is perfection! We always get medium spicy with intimate power, which is all the flavors. The shrimp and crab are a must. Today we tried the muscles and clams and were both great additions since we had more people in our party. The fried oysters are also good. Definitely come here if you want yummy seafood!”

4 Good68 Reviews
Ace King Bbq 6062 Mowry Ave, Newark Chinese • $$
6062 Mowry Ave, Newark

“Very good! I was missing Woodhouse BBQ in Union City and found this to be very close! But, no BBQ pork intestine on a stick? Even though we didn’t find that, everything else was excellent. We especially come to here for the BBQ skewers. I was introduced to them by my partner, who is of Chinese descent, and am hooked. I have had, and recommend, the Lamb, Beef tendon, Chicken gizzard, Octopus, Chicken hearts, coriander rolls, and thin Tofu wraps, though the rest are also great! Highly recommended and thanks to the staff we got more good ideas!”

4 Good50 Reviews
Chuck E. Cheese 39839 Mowry School Rd, Newark Pizza • $$
39839 Mowry School Rd, Newark

“Great place for the kids only wish it was bigger. Customer service is awesome especially with manager on duty Friday. Only bad part was bathrooms were gross. Had to ask someone multiple times to clean bathroom. Other than that no complaints really.”

3.9 Good42 Reviews

Takeout Restaurants

Hay Tea

Hay Tea 35284 Newark Blvd, Newark Bubble Tea • $$$
35284 Newark Blvd, Newark

“Quick service on a late night, super spacious to hang out with friends and get some work done! I'd like to try a few more drinks before I rate how consistent they are, but I really liked my matcha with purple rice! A bit overpriced for the cup size IMO but popcorn chicken was good”

3.9 Good35 Reviews
Newark Buffet 35201a Newark Blvd, Newark Buffet • $$
35201a Newark Blvd, Newark

“The food is excellent, but they don't let you chat comfortably and rest the food, they start cleaning you and sometimes the waiters come across you to remove your dirty dishes and they don't even say permission, they take your bill and you're barely halfway through the meal.”

3.8 Good110 Reviews


TIT BBQ 39257 Cedar Blvd, Newark Barbecue • $$
39257 Cedar Blvd, Newark

“My boyfriend and I always come to this place whenever we crave skewers. There's no fancy decoration, it's just like eating at a house of a Chinese family. But, their skewers are really good. I do love the eggplant and steamed bun slices. It's a small mom-and-pop restaurant. They always try to communicate with us in English as much as they can. And they always welcome us. One thing that I like is that it opens until 1AM. So whenever we are hungry and want spicy skewers, we always come to this place. I wish they keep this business as long as they can.”

3.8 Good24 Reviews

Drive-Thru Restaurants

Flaming House 5498 Central Ave, Newark Hot Pot • $$
5498 Central Ave, Newark

“All-you-can-eat hotpot place. They have a variety of spicy broths, and a decent variety of meat. They have self-service for stuff like noodles, vegetables, tofu, spam, etc. Busy on weekends.”

3.7 Good12 Reviews
Seoul Tofu & Korean B.B.Q 6050 Mowry Ave, Newark Korean • $$
6050 Mowry Ave, Newark

“Not a formal setting, this place reminds me of a simple cafe in a suburb of Incheon or Daejon. That being said, the flavors here are all there. Arrived very hungry after lunchtime and we were quickly satiated. Food was delivered fresh and quick by a wonderfully friendly Korean lady. Happily when I asked for extra Gochujang - she brought a whole squeezy bottle full for us to enjoy. Abundant banchan rounded off this very satisfying meal. So much so that we totally didn't want to go back to work afterwards - lol. Come here if you want a quick, simple, no-nonsense Korean feast. Will definitely recommend to all my friends in the Freemont area.”

3.6 Good41 Reviews
Nijo Castle Japanese Restaurant 39888 Balentine Dr, Newark Japanese • $$
39888 Balentine Dr, Newark

“Their seafood udon was good, lot of actual seafood ingredients, unlike many places where they put mostly noodle and miniscule amount of actual seafood and serve.”

3.6 Good67 Reviews

Cheap Eats

Harumi Sushi & Tofu House 5790 Jarvis Ave, Newark Sushi • $$
5790 Jarvis Ave, Newark

“The #5 Bento box is great! The food here tastes delicious. Also The Bomb (jalapeño bomb) is really good. The service is great also. I will definitely come back and recommend this place.”

3.5 Good39 Reviews
Legend Hot Pot & Grill 35233 Newark Blvd STE A, Newark Hot Pot • $$
35233 Newark Blvd STE A, Newark

“All you can eat hot pot plus $5 each person for grill. Meat quality was pretty good. Ordered all wagyu and angus to try. Overall, medium quality. I didn't expect much. They also have the conveyor belt for sides that aren't meat. Service was ok. They seem to be looking at which person they would like to talk to instead of talking to everyone. They will ignore the person who they do not like.”

3.5 Good108 Reviews
Mehran Restaurant & Catering 5774 Mowry School Rd, Newark Indian • $$
5774 Mowry School Rd, Newark

“I went for the buffet today since it's a Sunday. The food was better than I anticipated. The halwa puri was really good and so was the nihari and achar aloo. Also, I was impressed with the customer service!!! Normally Indian/Pakistani restaurants have bad customer service, but not here. Both waiters that served us were both very polite and friendly! So major Kudos to Mehran for the customer service experience!”

3.2 Average30 Reviews

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