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Best Tasting Fast Food Meals

There's a time and a place for fast food and that's when you are hungry and you need to eat now. Fast food often has a reputation for being greasy and unhealthy. And while that is somewhat true, it's not always undesirable eats. Here we've picked the best tasting fast food meals that you can drive on through and get today.

Original Chic-Fil-A sandwich

Maybe it's that pickle that wedged in there with that juicy fried chicken breast, but whatever it is, this sandwich has got it going on. Order with waffle fries and a milkshake for the best fast food of your life.

Chicken cantina burrito

Taco Bell doesn't have the best reputation of the drive-thru restaurants, that's for sure. It typically comes to mind after a late night of partying and is usually regretted the morning after. However, the chicken cantina burrito is surprisingly different. Chunks of chicken, black beans, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, avocado ranch sauce, pico de gallo and fresh lettuce abound.

Tuna sub

Subway has quite the handle on fast food subs. While the meat sandwiches can be a bit on the skeezy side, don't overlook the tuna sub. The tuna is expertly melded with the perfect blend of mayonnaise and other ingredients, making it the ideal base to hold your other veggies intact.

Beef n'cheddar sandwich

Arby's has always been known for its handle on meats. You can't ever go wrong with a classic beef n'cheddar sandwich. Just don't forget to get the curly fries with it and be sure to snag some packets of horsey sauce to dip those in. And if you're going to go for it, just remember these two little words: Jamocha shake.