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You'll Be Thrilled with Anything Grilled!

Hands down, when it comes to feeling satisfied with a meal, choosing a grilled item is a sure bet. Perhaps the flavors and smells that come with grilled food are part of our ancestry and subconsciously take us back to when fire was discovered, but regardless, we haven't met anyone yet who doesn't like a dish that's been grilled. Here are 3 signature grilled dishes that promise to please every time:

Grilled Steak

Unless you are a vegetarian, no matter what country you are in, steak is a near-universally- favored dish. Whether you're ordering grilled beef Kabobs, or a grilled Filet Mignon, or a stuffed and rolled grilled Flank Steak, you will be salivating once you place your order. The flavor that is imparted through grilling (whether by charcoal, propane, or wood) is like no other cooking method, not to mention that the texture of steak (often no matter what the cut) is always pleasant. The high heat of the grill gives steak its recognizable markings and coloring, which also is a sign that the juices have been "locked in." Basically, it's pretty hard to go wrong with Grilled Steak and sometimes we just want something we can truly count on to be really good!

Grilled Salmon

For anyone who favors seafood over other meat offerings, Grilled Salmon is not only a premium choice but it is also "a nice change" for the typical beef or chicken eater. While Grilled Salmon can be made on any type of grill, it is most especially tasty if wood chips have been used (such as alder wood) to enhance the already unique and delectable flavor of this fish. The wood chips add an element of smokiness to the overall flavor of Grilled Salmon, and when grilled to perfection (meaning not too dry, and not raw) a salmon fillet can be an unforgettable dish that you'll definitely order again.

Grilled Vegetables

There really is "just something about grilled food" that lights people up and gets their mouths watering. And Grilled Vegetable are no exception, most especially to the person who typically is NOT a fan of vegetables. It's even been said that some vegetables that are grilled (for example a portabella mushroom) actually taste like a steak! Regardless, not only do beautifully sliced vegetables that bear the tell-tale grill marking taste wonderful, and add color and a contrasting visual to other parts of a meal, but they are healthy, filling, and just plain yummy! Grilled Vegetables can definitely take you from a veggie hater to a veggie lover in no time!