Outback Steakhouse in Colorado Springs

Outback Steakhouse - 2825 Geyser Dr

Rating: 3.9

2825 Geyser Dr, Colorado Springs CO 80906
(719) 527-8745

Holy moly, I forgot how good this place is for the price. I try to avoid chain restaurants but my dad and brother were insistent that we try this Outback on the way back from a rafting trip. We were all starving from being on the water for so long and happy to be dry and have food. Our waiter did a wonderful job and gave...read more

Outback Steakhouse - 7065 Commerce Center Dr

Rating: 3.7

7065 Commerce Center Dr, Colorado Springs CO 80919
(719) 590-6283

Every year we come here when we're on vacation. It's easily within our walking distance from the Embassy. This year we were lucky enough to have a wonderful server named Maggie. She was very attentive and an exceptional server. Good help is extremely hard to find these days, particularly in this profession. Steaks...read more
Outback Steakhouse
Outback Steakhouse

Outback Steakhouse Colorado Springs

2825 Geyser Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80906

7065 Commerce Center Dr, Colorado Springs, CO 80919